HT5228 How can I tell if my  computer has been infected with the Trojan?

How can I tell if my computer has been infected with this latest Trojan (or with any Trojan)?  I did install the latest update to Java when I was told by my iMac that new software was available for my computer, which was just 2 or 3 days ago (first week of April).  Now it is being said that there was a Java Trojan.
Many thanks for any replies!

Log out and log back in, if you haven’t done so recently. Launch the Terminal application in any of the following ways:
☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
☞ If you’re running Mac OS X 10.7 or later, open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the page that opens.
Step 1
Copy or drag — do not type — the line below into the Terminal window, then press return:
launchctl getenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES
Post the lines of output, if any, that appear below what you just entered (the text, please, not a screenshot.)
Step 2
Repeat with this line (triple-click anywhere in it to select the whole line):
find /Applications /System/Library/CoreServices -type d -name *.app -exec defaults read {}/Contents/Info LSEnvironment \; 2> /dev/null | grep DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES
The command will take a noticeable amount of time to run. Wait for a new line ending in a dollar sign (“$”) to appear.
If you get no output from either step, you're not infected with any variant of Flashback that I know of.

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    Two Helpful Links Regarding Flashback Trojan
    A link to a great User Tip about the trojan: Flashback Trojan User Tip
    A related link in the tip to a checker: Malware Checker Dowload Link
    A Google search can reveal a variety of alternatives on how the remove the trojan should your computer get infected. This can get you started.
    For now I recommend the User Tip from etressoft to detect and remove:
    Checking for and removing the "Flashback" trojan

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    Install ClamXav and run a scan with that. It should pick up any trojans.   
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    Read Receipts
    Read Receipts (2)

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    1. This procedure is a diagnostic test. It changes nothing, for better or worse, and therefore will not, in itself, solve the problem. But with the aid of the test results, the solution may take a few minutes, instead of hours or days.
    Don't be put off merely by the seeming complexity of these instructions. The process is much less complicated than the description. You do harder tasks with the computer all the time.
    2. If you don't already have a current backup, back up all data before doing anything else. The backup is necessary on general principle, not because of anything in the test procedure. Backup is always a must, and when you're having any kind of trouble with the computer, you may be at higher than usual risk of losing data, whether you follow these instructions or not.
    There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional. Ask if you need guidance.
    3. Below are instructions to run a UNIX shell script, a type of program. All it does is to collect information about the state of the computer. That information goes nowhere unless you choose to share it. However, you should be cautious about running any kind of program (not just a shell script) at the behest of a stranger. If you have doubts, search this site for other discussions in which this procedure has been followed without any report of ill effects. If you can't satisfy yourself that the instructions are safe, don't follow them. Ask for other options.
    Here's a summary of what you need to do, if you choose to proceed:
    Copy a line of text in this window to the Clipboard.
    Paste into the window of another application.
    Wait for the test to run. It usually takes a few minutes.
    Paste the results, which will have been copied automatically, back into a reply on this page.
    The sequence is: copy, paste, wait, paste again. You don't need to copy a second time. Details follow.
    4. You may have started the computer in "safe" mode. Preferably, these steps should be taken in “normal” mode, under the conditions in which the problem is reproduced. If the system is now in safe mode and works well enough in normal mode to run the test, restart as usual. If you can only test in safe mode, do that.
    5. If you have more than one user, and the one affected by the problem is not an administrator, then please run the test twice: once while logged in as the affected user, and once as an administrator. The results may be different. The user that is created automatically on a new computer when you start it for the first time is an administrator. If you can't log in as an administrator, test as the affected user. Most personal Macs have only one user, and in that case this section doesn’t apply. Don't log in as root.
    6. The script is a single long line, all of which must be selected. You can accomplish this easily by triple-clicking anywhere in the line. The whole line will highlight, though you may not see all of it in the browser window, and you can then copy it. If you try to select the line by dragging across the part you can see, you won't get all of it.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
    PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/libexec;clear;cd;p=(Software Hardware Memory Diagnostics Power FireWire Thunderbolt USB Fonts 51 4 1000 25 5120 KiB/s 1024 85 \\b%% 20480 1 MB/s 25000 ports 'com.autodesk.AutoCad com.evenflow.dropbox' DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES\ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH -86 ` route -n get default|awk '/e:/{print $2}' ` 25 N\\/A down up 102400 25600 recvfrom sendto CFBundleIdentifier 25 25 25 1000 MB );N5=${#p[@]};p[N5]=` networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder|awk ' NR>1 { sub(/^\([0-9]+\) /,"");n=$0;getline;} $NF=="'${p[26]}')" { sub(/.$/,"",$NF);print n;exit;} ' `;f=('\n%s: %s\n' '\n%s\n\n%s\n' '\nRAM details\n%s\n' %s\ %s '%s\n-\t%s\n' );S0() { echo ' { q=$NF+0;$NF="";u=$(NF-1);$(NF-1)="";gsub(/^ +| +$/,"");if(q>='${p[$1]}') printf("%s (UID %s) is using %s '${p[$2]}'",$0,u,q);} ';};s=(' /^ *$|CSConfigDot/d;s/^ */  /;s/[-0-9A-Fa-f]{22,}/UUID/g;s/(ochat)\.[^.]+(\..+)/\1\2/;/Shared/!s/\/Users\/[^/]+/~/g ' ' s/^ +//;5p;6p;8p;12p;' ' {sub(/^ +/,"")};NR==6;NR==13&&$2<'${p[10]} ' 1s/://;3,6d;/[my].+:/d;s/^ {4}//;H;${ g;s/\n$//;/s: [^EO]|x([^08]|02[^F]|8[^0])/p;} ' ' 5h;6{ H;g;/P/!p;} ' ' ($1~/^Cy/&&$3>'${p[11]}')||($1~/^Cond/&&$2!~/^N/) ' ' /:$/{ N;/:.+:/d;s/ *://;b0'$'\n'' };/^ *(V.+ [0N]|Man).+ /{ s/ 0x.... //;s/[()]//g;s/(.+: )(.+)/ (\2)/;H;};$b0'$'\n'' d;:0'$'\n'' x;s/\n\n//;/Apple[ ,]|Intel|SMSC/d;s/\n.*//;/\)$/p;' ' s/^.*C/C/;H;${ g;/No th|pms/!p;} ' '/= [^GO]/p' '{$1=""};1' ' /Of/!{ s/^.+is |\.//g;p;} ' ' $0&&!/ / { n++;print;} END { if(n<200) print "";} ' ' $3~/[0-9]:[0-9]{2}$/ { gsub(/:[0-9:a-f]{14}/,"");} { print|"tail -n'${p[12]}'";} ' ' NR==2&&$4<='${p[13]}' { print $4;} ' ' END { $2/=256;if($2>='${p[15]}') print int($2) } ' ' NR!=13{next};{sub(/[+-]$/,"",$NF)};'"`S0 21 22`" 'NR!=2{next}'"`S0 37 17`" ' NR!=5||$8!~/[RW]/{next};{ $(NF-1)=$1;$NF=int($NF/10000000);for(i=1;i<=3;i++){$i="";$(NF-1-i)="";};};'"`S0 19 20`" 's:^:/:p' '/\.kext\/(Contents\/)?Info\.plist$/p' 's/^.{52}(.+) <.+/\1/p' ' /Launch[AD].+\.plist$/ { n++;print;} END { if(n<200) print "/System/";} ' '/\.xpc\/(Contents\/)?Info\.plist$/p' ' NR>1&&!/0x|\.[0-9]+$|com\.apple\.launchctl\.(Aqua|Background|System)$/ { print $3;} ' ' /\.(framew|lproj)|\):/d;/plist:|:.+(Mach|scrip)/s/:[^:]+//p ' '/root/p' ' !/\/Contents\/.+\/Contents|Applic|Autom|Frameworks/&&/Lib.+\/Info.plist$/ { n++;print;} END { if(n<1000) print "/System/";} ' '/^\/usr\/lib\/.+dylib$/p' ' /Temp|emac/d;/(etc|Preferences)\//s/^\.\/[^/]+//p;' ' /\/(Contents\/.+\/Contents|Frameworks)\/|\.wdgt\/.+\.([bw]|plu)/d;p;' 's/\/(Contents\/)?Info.plist$//;p' ' { gsub("^| ","||kMDItem'${p[35]}'=");sub("^.."," ") };1 ' p '{print $3"\t"$1}' 's/\'$'\t''.+//p' 's/1/On/p' '/Prox.+: [^0]/p' '$2>'${p[9]}'{$2=$2-1;print}' ' BEGIN { i="'${p[26]}'";M1='${p[16]}';M2='${p[18]}';M3='${p[31]}';M4='${p[32]}';} !/^A/ { next;} /%/ { getline;if($5<M1) a="user "$2"%, system "$4"%";} /disk0/&&$4>M2 { b=$3" ops/s, "$4" blocks/s";} $2==i { if(c) { d=$3+$4+$5+$6;next;};if($4>M3||$6>M4) c=int($4/1024)" in, "int($6/1024)" out";} END { if(a) print "CPU: "a;if(b) print "I/O: "b;if(c) print "Net: "c" (KiB/s)";if(d) print "Net errors: "d" packets/s";} ' ' /r\[0\] /&&$NF!~/^1(0|72\.(1[6-9]|2[0-9]|3[0-1])|92\.168)\./ { print $NF;exit;} ' ' !/^T/ { printf "(static)";exit;} ' '/apsd|OpenD/!s/:.+//p' ' (/k:/&&$3!~/(255\.){3}0/ )||(/v6:/&&$2!~/A/ ) ' ' $1~"lR"&&$2<='${p[25]}';$1~"li"&&$3!~"wpa2";' ' BEGIN { FS=":";} { n=split($3,a,".");sub(/_2[01].+/,"",$3);print $2" "$3" "a[n]" "$1;b=b$1;} END { if(b) print("\n\t* Code injection");} ' ' NR!=4{next} {$NF/=10240} '"`S0 27 14`" ' END { if($3~/[0-9]/)print$3;} ' ' BEGIN { L='${p[36]}';} !/^[[:space:]]*(#.*)?$/ { l++;if(l<=L) f=f"\n  "$0;} END { F=FILENAME;if(!F) exit;if(!f) f="\n  [N/A]";"file -b "F|getline T;if(T!~/^(AS.+ (En.+ )?text$|POSIX sh.+ text ex)/) F=F" ("T")";printf("\nContents of %s\n%s\n",F,f);if(l>L) printf("\n  ...and %s more line(s)\n",l-L);} ' ' /^ +[NP].+ =/h;/^( +D.+[{]|[}])/{ g;s/.+= //p;};' ' /^ +B/{ s/.+= |(-[0-9]+)?\.s.+//g;p;} ' ' END{print NR} ' ' /id: N|te: Y/{i++} END{print i} ' ' / / { print "'"${p[28]}"'";exit;};1;' '/ en/!s/\.//p' ' NR!=13{next};{sub(/[+-M]$/,"",$NF)};'"`S0 39 40`" ' $10~/\(L/&&$9!~"localhost" { sub(/.+:/,"",$9);print $1": "$9;} ' '/^ +r/s/.+"(.+)".+/\1/p' 's/(.+\.wdgt)\/(Contents\/)?Info\.plist$/\1/p' 's/^.+\/(.+)\.wdgt$/\1/p' 's/0/Off/p' );c1=(system_profiler pmset\ -g nvram fdesetup find syslog df vm_stat sar ps sudo\ crontab sudo\ iotop top pkgutil PlistBuddy whoami cksum kextstat launchctl sudo\ launchctl crontab 'sudo defaults read' stat lsbom mdfind ' for i in ${p[24]};do ${c1[18]} ${c2[27]} $i;done;' defaults\ read scutil sudo\ dtrace sudo\ profiles sed\ -En awk /S*/*/P*/*/*/C*/*/airport networksetup mdutil sudo\ lsof test );c2=(\ LoginHook '-c Print /L*/P*/loginw*' '-c Print L*/P*/*loginit*' '-c Print L*/Saf*/*/E*.plist' '~ $TMPDIR.. \( -flags +sappnd,schg,uappnd,uchg -o ! -user $UID -o ! -perm -600 \)' '.??* -path .Trash -prune -o -type d -name *.app -print -prune' '-c Print\ :'${p[35]}' 2>&1' '-c Print\ :Label 2>&1' '{/,}L*/{Con,Pref}* -type f ! -size 0 -name *.plist -exec plutil -s {} \;' "-f'%N: %l' Desktop L*/Keyc*" therm sysload boot-args status " -F '\$Time \$Message' -k Sender kernel -k Message Req 'Beac|caug|dead[^bl]|FAIL|fail|GPU |hfs: Ru|inval|jnl:|last value [1-9]|n Cause: -|NVDA\(|pagin|proc: t|Roamed|rror|ssert|Thrott|tim(ed? ?|ing )o|WARN' -k Message Rne 'Goog|ksadm|SMC:' -o -k Sender fseventsd -k Message Req 'SL' " '-du -n DEV -n EDEV 1 10' 'acrx -o comm,ruid,%cpu' '-t1 10 1' '-f -pfc /var/db/r*/*.{BS,Bas,Es,OSXU,Rem,up}*.bom' '{/,}L*/Lo*/Diag* -type f -regex .\*[cgh] ! -name *ag \( -exec grep -lq "^Thread c" {} \; -exec printf \* \; -o -true \) -execdir stat -f:%Sc:%N -t%F {} \;|sort -t: -k2 |tail -n'${p[38]} '-L {/{S*/,},}L*/Lau* -type f' '-L /{S*/,}L*/StartupItems -type f -exec file {} +' '-L /S*/L*/{C*/Sec*A,E}* {/,}L*/{A*d,Ca*/*/Ex,Compon,Ex,In,iTu,Keyb,Mail/B,P*P,Qu*T,Scripti,Sec,Servi,Spo,Widg}* -type f -name Info.plist' '/usr/lib -type f -name *.dylib' `awk "${s[31]}"<<<${p[23]}` "/e*/{auto,{cron,fs}tab,hosts,{[lp],sy}*.conf,pam.d,ssh{,d}_config,*.local} {,/usr/local}/etc/periodic/*/* /L*/P*{,/*}/com.a*.{Bo,sec*.ap}*t .launchd.conf" list getenv /Library/Preferences/\ globalstate --proxy '-n get default' -I --dns -getdnsservers\ "${p[N5]}" -getinfo\ "${p[N5]}" -P -m\ / '' -n1 '-R -l1 -n1 -o prt -stats command,uid,prt' '--regexp --only-files --files*|sort|uniq' -kl -l -s\ / '-R -l1 -n1 -o mem -stats command,uid,mem' -i4TCP:0-1023\ layer-gadgets '-d /L*/Mana*/$USER&&echo On' '-app Safari WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled' );N1=${#c2[@]};for j in {0..8};do c2[N1+j]=SP${p[j]}DataType;done;N2=${#c2[@]};for j in 0 1;do c2[N2+j]="-n ' syscall::'${p[33+j]}':return { @out[execname,uid]=sum(arg0) } tick-10sec { trunc(@out,1);exit(0);} '";done;l=(Restricted\ files Hidden\ apps 'Elapsed time (s)' POST Battery Safari\ extensions Bad\ plists 'High file counts' User Heat System\ load boot\ args FileVault Diagnostic\ reports Log 'Free space (MiB)' 'Swap (MiB)' Activity 'CPU per process' Login\ hook 'I/O per process' Mach\ ports kexts Daemons Agents launchd Startup\ items Admin\ access Root\ access Bundles dylibs Apps Font\ issues Inserted\ dylibs Firewall Proxies DNS TCP/IP Wi-Fi Profiles Root\ crontab User\ crontab 'Global login items' 'User login items' Spotlight Memory Listeners Widgets Parental\ Controls Prefetching );N3=${#l[@]};for i in 0 1 2;do l[N3+i]=${p[5+i]};done;N4=${#l[@]};for j in 0 1;do l[N4+j]="Current ${p[29+j]}stream data";done;A0() { id -G|grep -qw 80;v[1]=$?;((v[1]==0))&&sudo true;v[2]=$?;v[3]=`date +%s`;clear >&-;date '+Start time: %T %D%n';};for i in 0 1;do eval ' A'$((1+i))'() { v=` eval "${c1[$1]} ${c2[$2]}"|'${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$3]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};A'$((3+i))'() { v=` while read i;do [[ "$i" ]]&&eval "${c1[$1]} ${c2[$2]}" \"$i\"|'${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$3]}";done<<<"${v[$4]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};A'$((5+i))'() { v=` while read i;do '${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$1]}" "$i";done<<<"${v[$2]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};';done;A7(){ v=$((`date +%s`-v[3]));};B2(){ v[$1]="$v";};for i in 0 1;do eval ' B'$i'() { v=;((v['$((i+1))']==0))||{ v=No;false;};};B'$((3+i))'() { v[$2]=`'${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$3]}"<<<"${v[$1]}"`;} ';done;B5(){ v[$1]="${v[$1]}"$'\n'"${v[$2]}";};B6() { v=` paste -d: <(printf "${v[$1]}") <(printf "${v[$2]}")|awk -F: ' {printf("'"${f[$3]}"'",$1,$2)} ' `;};B7(){ v=`grep -Fv "${v[$1]}"<<<"$v"`;};C0(){ [[ "$v" ]]&&echo "$v";};C1() { [[ "$v" ]]&&printf "${f[$1]}" "${l[$2]}" "$v";};C2() { v=`echo $v`;[[ "$v" != 0 ]]&&C1 0 $1;};C3() { v=`sed -E "$s"<<<"$v"`&&C1 1 $1;};for i in 1 2;do for j in 2 3;do eval D$i$j'(){ A'$i' $1 $2 $3; C'$j' $4;};';done;done;{ A0;A2 0 $((N1+1)) 2;C0;A1 0 $N1 1;C0;B0;C2 27;B0&&! B1&&C2 28;D12 15 37 25 8;A1 0 $((N1+2)) 3;C0;D13 0 $((N1+3)) 4 3;D23 0 $((N1+4)) 5 4;for i in 0 1 2;do D13 0 $((N1+5+i)) 6 $((N3+i));done;D13 1 10 7 9;D13 1 11 8 10;D22 2 12 9 11;D12 3 13 10 12;D23 4 19 44 13;D23 5 14 12 14;D22 6 36 13 15;D22 7 37 14 16;D23 8 15 38 17;D22 9 16 16 18;B1&&{ D22 11 17 17 20;for i in 0 1;do D22 28 $((N2+i)) 45 $((N4+i));done;};D22 12 44 54 45;D22 12 39 15 21;A1 13 40 18;B2 4;B3 4 0 19;A3 14 6 32 0;B4 0 5 11;A1 17 41 20;B7 5;C3 22;B4 4 6 21;A3 14 7 32 6;B4 0 7 11;B3 4 0 22;A3 14 6 32 0;B4 0 8 11;B5 7 8;B1&&{ A2 19 26 23;B7 7;C3 23;};A2 18 26 23;B7 7;C3 24;A2 4 20 21;B7 6;B2 9;A4 14 7 52 9;B2 10;B6 9 10 4;C3 25;D13 4 21 24 26;B4 4 12 26;B3 4 13 27;A1 4 22 29;B7 12;B2 14;A4 14 6 52 14;B2 15;B6 14 15 4;B3 0 0 30;C3 29;A1 4 23 27;B7 13;C3 30;D13 24 24 32 31;D13 25 37 32 33;A1 23 18 28;B2 16;A2 16 25 33;B7 16;B3 0 0 34;B2 21;A6 47 21&&C0;B1&&{ D13 21 0 32 19;D13 10 42 32 40;D22 29 35 46 39;};D23 14 1 48 42;D12 34 43 53 44;D22 0 $((N1+8)) 51 32;D13 4 8 41 6;D12 26 28 35 34;D13 27 29 36 35;A2 27 32 39&&{ B2 19;A2 33 33 40;B2 20;B6 19 20 3;};C2 36;D23 33 34 42 37;B1&&D23 35 45 55 46;D23 32 31 43 38;D12 36 47 32 48;D13 20 42 32 41;D13 14 2 48 43;D13 4 5 32 1;D22 4 4 50 0;D13 14 3 49 5;D12 26 48 59 49;B3 4 22 57;A1 26 46 56;B7 22;B3 0 0 58;C3 47;D23 22 9 37 7;A7;C2 2;} 2>/dev/null|pbcopy;exit 2>&-
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    7. Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    Click anywhere in the Terminal window and paste by pressing command-V. The text you pasted should vanish immediately. If it doesn't, press the return key.
    8. If you see an error message in the Terminal window such as "syntax error," enter
    exec bash
    and press return. Then paste the script again.
    9. If you're logged in as an administrator, you'll be prompted for your login password. Nothing will be displayed when you type it. You will not see the usual dots in place of typed characters. Make sure caps lock is off. Type carefully and then press return. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you make three failed attempts to enter the password, the test will run anyway, but it will produce less information. In most cases, the difference is not important. If you don't know the password, or if you prefer not to enter it, press the key combination control-C or just press return three times at the password prompt. Again, the script will still run.
    If you're not logged in as an administrator, you won't be prompted for a password. The test will still run. It just won't do anything that requires administrator privileges.
    10. The test may take a few minutes to run, depending on how many files you have and the speed of the computer. A computer that's abnormally slow may take longer to run the test. While it's running, there will be nothing in the Terminal window and no indication of progress. Wait for the line
    [Process completed]
    to appear. If you don't see it within half an hour or so, the test probably won't complete in a reasonable time. In that case, close the Terminal window and report the results. No harm will be done.
    11. When the test is complete, quit Terminal. The results will have been copied to the Clipboard automatically. They are not shown in the Terminal window. Please don't copy anything from there. All you have to do is start a reply to this comment and then paste by pressing command-V again.
    At the top of the results, there will be a line that begins with the words "Start Time." If you don't see that, but instead see a mass of gibberish, you didn't wait for the "Process completed" message to appear in the Terminal window. Please wait for it and try again.
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    12. When you post the results, you might see the message, "You have included content in your post that is not permitted." It means that the forum software has misidentified something in the post as a violation of the rules. If that happens, please post the test results on Pastebin, then post a link here to the page you created.
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  • How can I count  time that a computer has been connectted with the internet

    I want to count the time which a computer has been connectted with the internet?
    I had already tried several times,
    one is socket,
    second is Runtime.exec("ping -n 1"+ip)
    I don't think they are better;
    do you have another idea?

    The internet is a conceptual entity not a physical entity so you are never connected to it.
    As a conceptual entity the internet is represented by a cloud of computing devices (computers, gateways, routers, etc.)
    Your computer connects to a another computer by being routed through various devices and then finally connecting to that remote computer.
    Depending on various thing you can measure the time that you can connect to other devices by either pinging a common IP in the internet (such as or by pinging the router that that represents the entry point for your cloud (such as the router/gateway of your ISP.)
    If you are concerned about a particular connection, such a specific remote computer, then using a socket and sending a 'keep-alive' message and recieving the response is the best way to track that.

  • How can you find out if your mac is infected with the flash back virus

    how can you find out if your mac is infected with the flash back virus?

    F-Secure's Flashback removal tool - - supposedly also works on OSX 10.5 and earlier.
    05 Apr 2012 How to Detect and Protect Against Updated Flashback Malware - - detection methods for multiple browsers and general information
    Leopard and earlier users see recommendations at:

  • HT1695 How can I tell if my message has been sent?

    I am new to iphone.  I just sent a text message - I think.  How can I tell if it actually went?

    when they respond back.

  • HT1212 how can i restore a ipod that has been disabled with a different computer

    how can i restore a ipod touch that has been disabled with a different computer

    Restore it in Recovery Mode:

  • How can you tell your iPhone 5s has been unlocked?

    Is there anyway to tell from the Settings menu on the iPhone or from a menu in iTunes that the phone has been unlocked. My wireless carrier has allowed me to unlock my phone because I will be spending an extended period of time in another country. Leaving in a few weeks. They have sent some kind of notification and bit of software to the Apple server. According to the instructions, this unlock instruction will be loaded on my phone next time I sync on iTunes.  But I won't be able to tell if the unlocking has been successful until I arrive in this other country and put another SIM card in the phone. So my question: is there a menu on the iPhone or in iTunes that provides any indication that the phone has been successfully unlocked?

    This is how the process works ,needs following to the letter
    and no there is no indication in settings since locking is a Carrier issue

  • HT4864 How can I tell if my iphone has been hacked? and how do I fix it?

    The black "border" at the top of the screen that has the signal strength,carrier name, 3g or wifi,time and battery is a extra width wide. but the extra width is totally blank.
    my phone flashes at certain times, ALL my passwords have been changes and in my email things have been moves around.. settings to do with my email where changed on my phone. i have not gone threw with a fine comb to see what else has been changed.
    I have set my setting bck to normal and changed all my passwords, I deleted my last backup to icloud, have reset my carrier and erased all content and data.
    What else can I do? its still not right.

    Restore and if that does not help replace.
    Restore instructions.

  • How can I open a project that has been created with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration software, on my trial version of Premier Pro CC?

    I'm working with a colleague who is using Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration software on his PC version of Premier Pro CC. I am using a mac and have a trial version of Premier Pro CC. When I try to open a project file that he has sent me I get an error message-
    "Missing renderer: This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA), which is either not available or not certified on this system. Mercury Playback Engine Software Only will be used."
    When I click OK and locate the files I get a message saying "File format not supported".
    Can anyone tell me what to do so that we can share project files?
    Many thanks,

    Shouldn't really be the MPE at fault here ... what is the codec of the footage/sequence/project?
    Second, can you create a new project in PrPro, then in the media browser, import that sequence from the other project?

  • How can I tell if my HD has been encrypted by a third party?

    I had someone call saying they were from Yahoo, and that one of my email addresses was sending out scam messages.they also showed me where my event log was showing several errors and where a lot of Microsoft systems were Stopped.I just found out from  Bob Headrick, in a reply to a question I had, that this is quite normal.I took his advice and installed another virus scanner program , everything checked out good.I now am wondering, since they may have been scamers, and I let them remotely into my PC. If they have encrypted my Hard drive.Is there some way I can check this? I will be checking with my bank to get a refund and I am afraid if my HD is encypted, they might be able to shut me down??? Any help would be apreciated,Thank you in advance.Biomac

    Hi, You can never to certain that the "scammer" didn't plant malware or a virus into your PC.  These types of companies have been around and claim to be representing major PC companies and ISP services and they are very careful not to inform you of the real company name. Generally they just log in, run some software and then claim to have fixed a problem (which never really existed). If you are uneasy about what happened then I would recommend that you do a complete HP recovery using the external recovery media.  Backup your data before doing the recovery.  Be sure to close down any remote log in capabilites and IDs if created. Bottom line: If some calls saying that your PC has a virus then hang up. These Norton Tools are very good at discovering and repairing malware and virus issues.

  • How can I tell if my iPhone has been hacked?

    First off, I have an iPhone 5s with the most recent software.
    Today, out of the blue, my phone started showing the cellular provider as 'Maritime' instead of AT&T. I Googled around and saw some sort of joint venture thing that AT&T has with providing cell service to ships ( but I'm not sure why all the sudden this would start showing up as my carrier. I went through the usual things to do and restarting my phone seemed to have changed it back to AT&T. I would rather be safe than sorry; I wanna know if this is possibly some sort of residue from a hack.

    I didn't think there was a way for someone to remotely change something like that but just wanted to put it out there.
    I guess I could have been near a passengar ship, being that I live in Long Beach, CA (tons of cruise ships and international ships in the port of LB) but it was showing 'Maritime' for at least 4 hours. Maybe they were just randomly parked somewhere.
    I called AT&T and they just had me reset my carrier settings (i had already restarted my phone so it did nothing). The only suggestion as to what caused it was that AT&T may have thought my phone was somewhere else. Don't know why that would show another carrier. (which is what made me think it could have been hacked or something simialr). I'm just gonna assume it had something to do with the AT&T's network and all the carriers they piggyback onto their towers.
    Thanks for the response!

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  • TS1398 iPhone WiFi Password Problem

    I have a wireless network that I connect with on my MacBook but not on my iPhone.  When I try to login to the network I get an error message saying the password is incorrect.  This is the same password that I am using on the MacBook which works fine.

  • Use of JEXC in PO

    Hi What is the Significance / use of JEXC in PO Pricing Procedure Thanks Prasad

  • Sun Application Server 8 response problem

    Hi forum. I�d installed moths ago SJAS 8 and it woks good. By any reason, I�d to uninstall it. But recently I reinstall te server, without any problem, and I can use teh "Start default server" on the Menu Start. But when I try to access the "localhos

  • CMYK to RGB conversion with icc profile. Output is too dark

    Similar question has been asked many times. But I didn't found the answer. It looks like this code cmykToRgb.filter(r, resultRaster) doesn't convert anything. But I presume each pixel from the raster "r" should be converted to RGB colorSpace and put