HTML random question score incorrect.  SWF works fine

Question pool 25 questions. Random Question slides inserted. All questions set to score 1.  24 are multichoice, all standard.
Published as HTML
Score reported is 1 out of x. 
I have tested with 3, 5 and 25 random questions from the pool.  But the score is always 1 out of x
Published as SWF
Works correctly
I really need the HTML version.
Closed, reloaded.  Saved as - retested. Turned it off and turned it back on. Sacrificed a mouse...

Correct questions
....Should be same as total points scored anyway as there is 1 point for
each question.

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  • Text  rendering in Java swing textfield is incorrect but works fine in awt

    I am having a specific problem regarding
    Malayalam Language (An indian language) rendering in Java swing textfield rendering is incorrect for some specific malayalam chars
    റ്റ ട്ട
    But for awt text filed every thing looks fine
    Any clue regarding this issue
    Pl help
    John India

    Thank you
    I too think in the same way , but I am trying with very popular malayalam fonts and
    Windows 7 is works fine with default malayalam font karthika in apps like note pad ,word , iexplorerer
    I tried a set of other fonts also some problem or other is with swt but
    awt it works very nice
    Is there any tool available to check all glyphs are , available or not ,
    Edited by: user3656685 on Jul 20, 2012 9:53 AM

  • SWC errors, while SWF works fine, why?

    Edit: I have tried using pure theora libs (no ffmpeg) and the same result - I have created a simple app showing theora info. When launched as standalone,works (shows theora version). As  SWC, error "can't allocate encoder context". Anyone any idea why it's failing with allocations in SWC? This is really frustrating, seems I can't get anything video related to work. Is SWC able to support anything more than some simple C stuff?
    Hi, I'm trying to make ffmpeg work through my custom SWC library which would encode multiple frames to MPEG1. I was "almost" finished now -  managed to put together a test app which upon exporting to SWF displays nice progress log(I'm test encoding 25 frames in MPEG1, so it shows encoding frame 1... X bytes, encoding frame 2...X bytes etc.), all is great up to this point.
    The problem is, when I emit this to swc. When calling my magic encode test function in the SWC - first, I've got stack overflow error in "dsputil_static_init". This was already weird, but I figured out that I didn't need the static init for mpeg1 encoding after exploring ffmpeg a bit, so I tried to disable this call in ffmpeg source. Then recompiled ffmpeg, my lib, tested and SWF still appears to be working fine without it. But again, when exporting to SWC - it didn't stack overflow, but this time my library errors out with "can't find codec".
    I have 3 variants of the code actually - SWF, SWC and one executable which produces a real .mpg file so I can have better proof than "encoding frame X". And it still produces a good mpeg when executd from cygwin's command line. The only problem is the SWC.
    My basic confusion is - why if SWF/executable  with the same libs etc. working fine, and then the SWC is failing on me? I'd really need to fix this somehow, but I don't understand the reasons, I thought once it's working in SWF it will work as SWC.

    Ok, this is what I did
    1) I've got the globalplayer 11.5 from Adobe's archive, copied it to the corresponding folder(right next to 11.1 which was already included in my Flex).
    2) mxmlc -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries -compiler.omit-trace-statements=false -library-path=decoding_encoding.swc -debug=false -o swcdemo.swf -target-player=11.5 -swf-version=18 
    Where decoding_encoding.swc is my former c library, only calls one function(the encoding one). This got me the swf.
    3) I run this swf in debug player, in IE (11.6), and error is popping up.
    In flashlog.txt I found this:
    Encode virtual file             <-- this is entry point of my C function (all is fine so far, proof that it has been called)
    Could not open codec            <-- FAIL again, this fails also in theora at a similar function (register codec context..huh?)
    [object Exit]
              at global/com.ffmpeg::F__exit()
              at global/com.ffmpeg::F_exit()
              at global/com.ffmpeg::F_ffmpeg_encode_mpeg1()
              at global/com.ffmpeg::encode_mpeg1()
              at Document()
    4)  I then go to my presumably failing C library, and change this in main:
    //  AS3_GoAsync();    <-- I commented this
        ffmpeg_encode_mpeg1(AV_CODEC_ID_MPEG1VIDEO);   <-- I uncommented this
    I launch the swf just to see if it also fails, but it goes like:
    Encode virtual file
    [mpeg1video @ 0x601410] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulation
    Entering loop
    All works! So I really don't understand, how can it work in the emitted SWF while in emitted SWC it already doesn't work? Is there a different way the swc is built, is it the way it manages memory at runtime, being restricted somehow by the main SWF, or is it just some stupid switch or setting. I'd need to see a little deeper into how the SWC is build I guess to fully understand this issue. Do you have any isnight into this ilookha, or someone else?  Or perhaps any other idea.
    I'm now trying to see if I can try to trace out the exact point of the issue in theora lib, basically I included AS3.h in their source code and now placing inline AS3 "trace" commands into the register codec function.
    I have traced in theora's lib inside th_encode_alloc function where it fails, and located the first obvious reason:
      if(enc==NULL) {
                inline_as3("trace('enc is NULL!');\n");  <-- my trace
    I'm getting "enc is NULL". Which results into codec not found, because the whole function returns NULL. So it seems _ogg_malloc is failing to allocate memory. I bet the same reason goes for ffmpeg.  _ogg_malloc is:
    #define _ogg_malloc  malloc
    Just a normal malloc. Why wouldn't this work?

  • [captivate 3] random question slide doesn't work

    I'm noob in Captivate.
    I use Captivate demo (in french).
    I want to make a quizz for my students.
    So, I create a "question pool manager" with 1 pool project
    This pool project have 13 questions.
    Then I click "slides" on the filmstrip, I add a "Random
    question slide" and I click on the "Question pool menu" to select
    my pool project "reseau_locaux"
    After generating project, I have only 1 question from my
    question pool project.
    I read the help guide but it's not help me.
    It gets me crazy...
    I hope you understand my english.

    Welcome to our community, Anthony
    Basically you are doing everything right. I'm a bit unclear
    on what you were expecting to see. Perhaps it will help you if I
    explain how the Question Pools and Random Questions work.
    You define a pool of questions using the Question Pools
    Manager. You advise you have done that. So far so good.
    You then insert a Random Question Slide. When you insert one
    of these, you point the slide at a Question Pool. You advise that
    you have done that too.
    I'm guessing here that perhaps you expected that by inserting
    a single Random Question Slide you would end up presenting all 13
    questions from the pool. Just in random order?
    If so, that's not how it was designed to work. What happens
    is that a single random question from the pool is presented. If you
    desire to see all 13 of your questions, but in random order, you
    need to insert 13 Random Question Slides and point them at your
    Question Pool.
    You may wonder at this point if you do this, will it would be
    possible to see perhaps question 2 multiple times. And the answer
    to that is no. Once a question has been presented, it is removed
    from consideration in the pool. So after the first one is
    presented, Captivate randomizes from what remains in the pool.
    Hopefully that helps better explain it.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Swf works fine in flash, not in browser??

    I have a swf that has a video playlist. All the videos are
    visible at once and it will go through playing one at a time. works
    fine when I test it I test it in flash but in the browser the
    videos start playing erratically and at the same time. what could
    be causing this? Tested with ie 6,7 and firefox 2. all with flash
    By the way it is written in as3...which is the first
    actionscript I have learned so there isn't any old actionscript in
    heres the code i'm using...its supposed to place all the
    videos, stop them, and then when the first one is done the next one
    plays. what would make them all start playing when you try it
    online, but not locally?

    i think i figured it out... i have instances of the
    flvplayback component, and their autoplay was auto set to true. i
    got so caught up in the actionscript side i forgot about the
    component settings. even though my actionscript told them to stop i
    guess the flv would load after the code and play anyways. but
    locally it would work because the flvs would load instantly.

  • MBA13 turns black randomly for 15 sec, then works fine again?

    Hello there amazing apple users!
    I've just bought an MBA mid 2013, 13.3", 8 RAM, i7 cpu, and Mountain Lion 10.8.5 --- and maybe or maynot be important? using, google chrome  Version 30.0.1599.69
    Right in the middle of doing something (often surfing the webb with chrome) the screen goes dark(grey-ish), but with a sort of light behind it so you know it's not turned off.  The mouse works right over the top of it.  You have to wait and wait and eventually it goes to sleep, and then i press any key and its works fine again?
    This can happend 1 or more times each day!
    My first thought was that it had anything to do with my smartphone who often lies next to the computer. Some strange interference in some way but it keeps happening even with the phone far away.
    I've just did an SMC and PRAM -reset, recommended by the apple support - but it didn't fix the problem, first thing this morning it happend again.
    Some one who can help me with this? Is't Google chrome related ? phone related? any other software problem?
    Please help a new and first time apple user to not get disappointed

    I also have the problem, after I delet chrome, the air 2013  screen does not go black.

  • SWF works fine but breaks when embedded online - very odd!

    I encountered a really strange Flash problem and appreciate any help or insight you could share.
    As you can see on the last part of the Flash movie seems to be broken. Oddly enough, when I take the embedded SWF and view it seperately: - everything seems to be fine!
    I'm not a flash expert, I don't know what can go wrong with embedding etc. but the actual FLA file seems to be ok, the map layer that is coming through randomly at the end shouldn't even be there! The frames at this point of the timeline on this layer are actually empty.
    Has anyone ever come across a similar issue and can point me in the right direction?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Yes, I resolved the problem. It had nothing to do with layer visibility or masking. The FLA I provided had all layers visible. I downloaded it myself and checked it again and there are definitely no crossed out layers.
    The issue was a completely different one. As so often the weirdest problems have the simplest solutions. The SWF was embedded with wmode='transparent' which caused a screenshot that the client put as background of the div containing the Flash to show through a part of the SWF that didn't have a background. That's why it looked like a random part of the flash movie suddenly appears at this point, when in reality it was only an image on the site (if they had used yellow smileys as placeholders I would have noticed it a lot sooner). I didn't notice the transparent bit in the SWF because I only tested it on a white background. I have now put a white background in and everything seems to be fine.  Thanks for having a look anyway.
    take care,

  • SWF works fine in IE but not in QT COM flash player

    Dear all,
    I am writing a QT application which needs to display a SWF file. I finished and tried to display a sample SWF file (a.swf) downloaded from internet and result was OK.
    Now I started to write my own SWF file (b.swf) using Action Script 3 and compiled with MXMLC. But b.swf could not be displayed into my QT application.
    What is strange is that both a.swf and b.swf could be displayed in IE.
    Could anybody guess what the reason would be, please?  Thanks in advance.

    Problem solved. What happened is that my image was not big enough to be seen in a small window so it appears as if the image was not loaded at all.

  • 'Could not join "wireless name". A connection timeout occured.' This happened randomly and my other computer works fine and the router is fine but it comes up with this message.

    What do I need to do?

    You will find that using the YouTube app will provide a better viewing experience for YouTube videos.

  • Logout works fine on Local Machine but not on Server

    I have the following code in my backing bean:
          ExternalContext external =
          HttpSession session = (HttpSession) external.getSession(false);
         // redirect using response because logout is a HTML page
          HttpServletResponse response =
            (HttpServletResponse) external.getResponse();
          response.sendRedirect("../logout.html");The problem is that this works fine on my local machine http://localhost:8888/my-context-root
    but on the Server clicking on the Logout link gives Page cannot be displayed.
    The protocol is https://ip-address:port/my-context-root and on the local machine it's http
    Is it the https thats causing the problem ?
    I also tried using:
    external.redirect("../logout.html"); but this also didn't help.

    The URL for Login is
    https://ip address:port/my-context-root/restricted/home.facesWhen the logout link is clicked the same URL is rendered.
    Backing bean is
    public class HomeBackingBean
      public String logout()
          ExternalContext external =
          HttpSession session = (HttpSession) external.getSession(false);
          Utility.logDebug("Session invalidated, trying to redirect to logout.html");
          // redirect using response because logout is a HTML page
          HttpServletResponse response =
            (HttpServletResponse) external.getResponse();
        catch (IOException ioEx)
          Utility.logDebug("Failed to logout due to IOException");
        return null;
    }The exit.jsp is :
    <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h"%>
    <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="tr"%>
        <tr:commandLink styleClass="logout" text="Logout"
    </h:form>The server log says:
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.eds.send.common.Utility] Session invalidated, trying to redirect to logout.html
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.application.NavigationHandlerImpl] No navigation rule found for outcome nulland viewId /r
    estricted/home.faces Explicitly remain on the current view
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.lifecycle.InvokeApplicationPhase] Exiting InvokeApplicationsPhase
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.el.ValueBindingImpl] getValue(ref=restricted$home)
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.application.ApplicationImpl] Couldn't find a factory for restricted$home
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.el.VariableResolverImpl] resolveVariable: Resolved variable:null
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.el.ValueBindingImpl] getValue Result:null
    07/31 23:42:19 DEBUG [com.sun.faces.el.ValueBindingImpl] getValue(ref=restricted$home)

  • Javascript Error in IE, works fine in FF

    I have this page :
    The filters and spry data works fine in Firefox, but when using IE the page won´t load and the browser gives these errors :
    Agente de Usuário: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0;  Embedded Web Browser from:; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; HPDTDF)
    Carimbo de data/hora: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 12:35:40 UTC
    Mensagem: Objeto esperado
    Linha: 101
    Caractere: 1
    Código: 0
    Mensagem: Objeto esperado
    Linha: 47
    Caractere: 1
    Código: 0
    Mensagem: Objeto esperado
    Linha: 77
    Caractere: 2
    Código: 0
    Mensagem: 'Spry.Debug' é nulo ou não é um objeto
    Linha: 961
    Caractere: 41
    Código: 0
    I,ve checked the forums for the most usual cause of this, but found nothing that could help me.
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you.

    I really appreciate the help. But that´s not it.
    The Timer function in that example is not necessary in my page (but just for the sake of it, I´ve tested it)
    In fact, I can remove the filters functions and the call the to the DataExtensions.js file and still the page won´t work in IE.
    The problem lies in the PageView. I can make it work without it, but as I mentioned earlier I need to be able break the data into pages. My XML is quite large (almost 2MB).
    Thanks again for the reply.

  • Gmail question.  I'm getting an error message that states my username or password are incorrect.  I haven't changed anything and the gmail is working fine on the mac book.  The mail function worked yesterday on the iphone but not today - any solutions??

    Gmail question.  I'm getting an error message that states my username or password are incorrect.  I haven't changed anything and the gmail is working fine on the mac book.  The mail function worked yesterday on the iphone but not today - any solutions??

    Try Restarting / rebooting  your Mac before doing anything more drastic..

  • Why won't my SWF file attached to html play in Safari but work fine in Firefox?

    I've tested the files in dreamweaver, on all browsers, and they work fine. But when I uploaded them to my site they only work in Firefox. The crazy thing is when I check the file in file management they work just not from the main site. What am I missing?

    I have a MacBook Pro bought in 2010. I had been burning Sony DVD+R's without any problem.
    Then I ran out of blanks and bought a cake of Sony DVD-R's. Put one into the drive and the
    macbook spit it out. Launched Toast then inserted the blank again and Toast says "You can't write
    to this disk". Quit Toast and out comes the blank.
    The system info for the DVD drive says it can read/write -R, -R DL. +R, +R DL, etc. Anything.
    I don't know what the problem is, but it is not a failing or dirty drive. I don't think it is a problem with
    the blank DVDs either. It is probably a compatibility problem between MacBook Pros and
    Snow Leopard/Leopard and -R DVDs.

  • HTML Mashup works fine in Silverlight, but not in UI5

    Hello community,
    we are building an integrated Customer Service Management solution for a Client of ours, via the SAP Cloud for Customer platform (solution for Services).
    Currently, we are trying to embed some external Business Process activities in our Service Tickets UI Screens, by using HTML Mashups. Our reference has been the standard Cloud Application Studio documentation, and some well-written articles here on the SCN, such as the following: HTML script mashup - launched from an Embedded Component by Vinita Sinha.
    In our solution, the HTML Mashup has been connected via a Port Binding interface to the C4C UI Layer, in a way to pass it some relevant information such as the Ticket ID, the Customer ID and the Cause Category ID, as shown in the picture below:
    We built a custom Port Binding object, but if you use the Standard "Ticket Information" port Binding (in category "Productivity & Tools"), the effect will be the same. The Standard Port Binding we used in the Mashup Authoring configuration floorplan is the following:
    In addition, we discovered that, in our case, this Mashup development works just in Silverligh Web Interface, but not in UI5. While in Silverlight we are able to consume and correctly interact with our Mashup, in UI5 we can see just an empty pane stuck at the initial "Loading..." screen, as shown below:
    We opened an incident with the SAP Support for our system, and we have been told to try to build the Mashup can work just with no Port Binding specified. Indeed, if we remove the Input Port Binding from the Mashup configuration, the screen seems to work fine even in UI5, as shown below:
    Unfortunately, this technical constraint does not cover sufficiently our Business Scenario, because the Mashup should be initialized with our Service Ticket (and Customer) data.
    Has anybody ever experienced this kind of issue? And how did you solve it? If it has no resolutions, is there available any possible workaround?
    Thanks a lot for your contributions.

    Hi Pragya,
    thank you for the update.
    Another question: could you please give us any reference about these corrections you told about? Maybe they could be relevant in our case too.
    Our raised incident number is: 3100851983
    Kind regards,

  • A friend's eMac was working fine until the name of the administrator was changed incorrectly in Systems Accounts

    I am trying to fix a friend’s eMac. It was working fine until the name of the administrator was changed incorrectly in Systems Accounts. Upon restart the computer failed to mount. I tried to reinstall Tiger and could not. The destination to do this install could not be found. While in Disk Utilities I tried to repair and then zero out erase the hard drive, this also could not be successfully done. The hard drive was working perfectly before the name change. I may try to load Tiger from the eMac onto an external drive and then hope to erase the eMac internal drive.
    Thank you for your thoughts on this as it would be a shame to retire this trusted computer.
    Nick M.

    Thank you very much for your attention to this. Yesterday I was able to get the eMac to install Leopard onto an external drive. I had hoped that once done I would be able to initialize or erase the content of the internal drive in Disk Utility, but was not able to do so, I only received error messages telling me my request failed. This was also true when I tried to create partitions on it. So in effect, the computer runs, but only from the external drive. I could not even find the internal drive while running from the external drive. Where is it? And the internal drive only occasionally shows up in Disk Utility.
    As for holding Option and Alt, the internal drive did not show up.
    And Leopard was running on the eMac when I lost contact with it. Again, all failed when a name of the administrator was changed, but was not properly done. Or something like this.
    Is there anyway I can use Terminal to help reach the internal drive?
    I realize I am asking a lot of questions.
    And I thank you for your time,
    Nick M.

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  • Reports Queue Manager - Status Information

    Hi there, I would like to know if you can get status information from the reports queue manager. For your information: We are still using Forms/Reports 6i but looking forward to use 10g via web frontend. 1.) In detail I would like to control the 'num

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  • Photo files size when importing from camera, uploading to facebook

    When I import photos from my camera to iPhoto, then upload them to facebook, they are not the original size. This is my first mac and first time to use iPhoto so maybe that's normal. Is there a setting I need to change? How do I know if the files I h

  • Does Nokia Asha 501 comes with USB cable?

    Does Nokia Asha 501 comes with USB cable? Solved! Go to Solution.