Hyper Link With Parameters

I have an display item on Page 1, which is a link.
In the default box of its attributes I have
@a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:197:&SESSION."@@font color = 'Red'@My [email protected]/[email protected]
In the post I have replaced the < and > with a @
This works perfectly well
What I would like to do is when the link is clicked, go to Page 197 and set the Search field to equal a value from Page 1.
ie, where :P197_SEARCH = :P1_TEXT
Can I put this in the link ?

Hello Gus,
Yes, you can - http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B31036_01/doc/appdev.22/b28550/concept.htm#BEIJCIAG

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  • Download link with parameters.

    I've created a generic download function that takes a couple of parameters. The function works but now I'm trying to find out how to provide a download link that has the parameters filled in based on some page items.
    Page items:
    P38_export_type: The user can select what kind of data to download
    P38_filename: The user can provide a filename
    What I've tried is to create a button: Redirect to URL
    Although this creates a link, the parameters are filled on page load. This is to early, I need the values at the time the button is pressed.
    Any ideas how to do this?

    Hi thanks,
    In the meantime I figured out something similar.
    function my_redirect ()
    } I struggled a bit with the owner value before I decided to put it in a hidden field. Passing it as a variable is a better idea.
    It seems that accessing the item values can be done in several ways.
    redirect or location.href=URL ? any preference?

  • Problem to create a link with parameters using a PL/SQL function body

    Hi everybody,
    I need some help to create a link on a SELECT statement.
    I have a region report with type "PL/SQL function body return SQL query".
    I would like to use a link using HTML tag <a href>.
    I know how to do the link, but I don't know to pass a parameters in <a href> statement.
    Always I tried it doesn't work well.
    My PL/SQL anonimous block is, (just with link) :
    q vARCHAR2(4000);
    q:='select     "INDICADOR"."NRINDICADOR" as "NRINDICADOR",';
    q:=q||'''<span style="font-weight:bold;">';
    q:=q||'''||TO_CHAR("TOTAL_INDICADOR"."VL_INDICADOR", ''999G999G999G990D00'')||''</span>''';
    q:=q||' as "VL_INDICADOR",';
    q:=q||'     "TOTAL_INDICADOR"."VL_META" as "VL_META" ';
    q:=q||' from     "TOTAL_INDICADOR" "TOTAL_INDICADOR",';
    q:=q||'     "INDICADOR" "INDICADOR" ';
    RETURN q;
    Thanks for any help,

    Your code is in a default value for an item, right?
    You need to make sure :P33_YEAR is not null and handle the error in the PL/SQL if it is.
    How is P33_YEAR populated? do you pass it in? check to see if it is making it there..
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    Bill Carlisle

  • Trying to use form or dynamic link with parameters in a portlet

    I have created a dynamic page and published it as a portlet. The dynamic page is my own customization page for a chart.
    Ont he same page as the portlet I have the chart I want to customize. I have tried defining the form action as the page itself with the extra custom parameters in the url and I have tried just building up a url and callong that url (if we have a link on the chart names that is what happens and it works). However, it doesn't work.
    It should read (and does when I use a javascript alert): http://ogg:7777/servlet/page?_pageid=134,148&_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30&_mode=3&city=Berlin
    but instead using a form it reads:
    and using the link building method it reads:
    What is happening to the link in either case? Why is it being altered? I've left the form action blank and also tried hard coding the URL but still get the same response.

    We are doing something similar with our own customization form and the report it affects on the same page. We will also be doing the same thing with charts in the future. It took a great deal of trial and error, but we finally have a technique that works (even if it isn't ideal).
    1. The following is entered in your form in the "On successful submission of a form, execute this PL/SQL block or PL/SQL procedure" (this will retrieve your parameter value from your form and then call the page your form and report (or chart) are on):
    hv_myvariable varchar2(2000);
    l_store portal30.wwsto_api_session;
    -- Note that you have to add the 'A_' in front of your form field name!
    p_block_name => 'DEFAULT',
    p_attribute_name => 'A_MYVARIABLE'
    -- call the url of the page
    go ('http://host:node/servlet/page?_pageid=65&_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30&_mode=3&myvariable='&#0124; &#0124;hv_myvariable);
    2. The following is entered in the report's "Additional pl/sql code- Before displaying page" to retrieve the parameters from the url:
    l_arg_names, l_arg_values, p_reference_path&#0124; &#0124;'.myvariable',
    3. At this point, the process should work, but it will clear out your form fields when you refresh your page. To prevent this, enter the following for the default value of your form field:
    Let me know if this works for you or if you have found other ways to accomplish some of these things. If anyone else can show us a better way to do this or any other useful techniques, we would greatly appreciate the help!

  • JSF and links with parameters to restore jsf page state

    I've been developing a forum using JSF. It's going to be something similar to the one we are just using.
    If a user, while browsing forum, find something interesting he should have a possiblity to copy URL form his browser and give it to his friend.
    The URL should contain all necesary parameters to restore a same view (a subpage of a forum etc) a first user had. What's best approach to do it ?
    Say, I have a few AJAX components on a forum page, how can I restore their states ? What's even more interesting how can I generate add parameters to URL in a browser ?
    I've found a good solution for my problem:
    "PrettyFaces is an OpenSource extension with enhanced support for +JavaServer
    Faces+ - JSF 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 - enabling creation of bookmark-able,
    pretty URLs. PrettyFaces solves the "RESTful URL" problem elegantly,
    including features such as: page-load actions, seamless integration with
    faces navigation, dynamic view-id assignment, managed parameter
    parsing, and configuration-free compatibility with other web frameworks"

    best approach would be http://www.phpbb.com/ :-)
    seems crazy going to all that hassel, phpbb is so simple, infact a lot of jsf forums such as primefaces [http://primefaces.prime.com.tr/forum/] use phpbb, as you can have your fourm up and running in no time
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  • A Link with parameters to another page in a report

    Hi, I need to pass a link to another page with parameter, all in a report - But I can't use the column link because I already use to another link.

    Hi, I need to pass a link to another page with
    parameter, all in a report - But I can't
    use the column link because I already use to
    another link.
    Help!!Why not read the values from the calling page in the new page? They are there and available.. If you call page 2 from page 1, all the items on page one are available to page 2...
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller

  • Af: richTextEditor is hyper link addition

    can we create hyper links in af:richTextEditor without appending the http://www protol to link ?, since i have created link with www.google.com it is not working but when i create hyper link with http://www.google.com its working is this expected behavior or can we make it work in any way. we are showing the data as af:OutPuttext in the respected .jsff page.
    could you please help me out from this issue.
    Edited by: 902796 on Sep 27, 2012 4:02 AM

    I think that the component don´t have any listener for this
    I just think that you can create your own button to insert link
    check this:

  • Problem with making remote toppics when linking with external chm

    Hi to everybody,
    i m novice to robohelp html when i am creating chm files from
    my exsisting project that is a robohelp word project which take
    input doc file in Robohelp word and create .hpj poject and then i
    open this .hpj project into robo help Html to create chm file .
    when i m opening this project into robohelp html it is making .xpj
    project from the hpj project .
    but at this time poject has some links with external chm but
    when i m making hyper link with external chm using Remote toppic
    option this option i couldn't unable to found any where in robohelp
    html plz anyone can know help me out from this
    probelm....................plz...................i need help
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if anyone know how to remote toppic occur in
    such situation plz let me know,......

    Hi Ruziyo and welcome to the RH forums.
    If you are opening up your project via the XPJ file in
    RoboHelp HTML the remote topic should be able to be found by:
    - Highlighting what is to be hyperlinked.
    - Clicking the Insert > Hyperlink menu item (or use the
    toolbar icon or Cntl + K).
    - Click on the arrow to the right of the "Link To" field.
    - Select the Remote Topic option.
    - Select the CHM file that contains the topic to which the
    hyperlink is linked to.
    - Select the required topic.
    You will be asked to copy the CHM into your project
    directory. Hope this answers your question. If not, please do come

  • Disabaling hyper links in Rfx Dsiplay

    Hi Friends,
    I want to disable hyper links [ in Display Rfx Scree,  there is one tab RFx Information , under this tab there are  8 hyper links
    Rfx Parameters   Questions   Notes and Attachments  Conditions Table Extension   Payment    Synposis    User specified status
    i want to disable
    Table extension, Payment , Synposis and user specified stats  hyper links
    Can one  give me an idea on this
    Thnx and regards
    Kumar Srini

    ...Table extension, Payment , Synposis and user specified stats hyper links...
    For table extension link, you should be able to delete the tab by enhancing the component configuration.
    For Payment and Synopsis, you can go to IMG: SRM Server > Display Status of Customizing Switches and disable those two.

  • How to open an external link with NTLM authentication

    My customer needs to open a link with parameters, and go directly to a specific page. The problem is the application uses NTLM to get the session first. After silence login, the parameter value is lost. Here is the link look like:
    After authentication, it gets session and becomes:
    Can anybody help me with this?
    Edited by: user8991541 on Apr 20, 2011 5:57 AM

    A UDL is technically a text file, so you could open it with "Read Characters from file", put the result string into a string control, edit it and save it back using the "Write Characters to File".
    UDLs however have their own configuration dialog embedded in the Windows OS. You can use this dialog in your LabVIEW application. The attached VI shows how to create a new UDL. You can edit an existing UDL by switching the method node to PromptEdit and wiring in an open ADO connection reference.
    ConfigureDatabaseConnection.vi ‏26 KB

  • I created a word document with hyperlinks. When my default browser is Chrome the hyper links work. When the default browser is Safari, the hyperlinks bring to pages that just lines and lines of symbols. I need these links to work in both browsers.

    I created a word document with hyperlinks. When my default browser is Chrome the hyper links work. When the default browser is Safari, the hyperlinks bring to pages that just lines and lines of symbols. I need these links to work in both browsers. Any ideas?

    version 10.6.8

  • In browser editing: Can my client add new images with hyper-links to their websites without having to replace images already there?

    My client would like to be able to add new images to their site themselves and use them as hyper-links to external sites without having to replace an old image with the new one (or blank place holding images - far from ideal). Is there ANY way that this is possible? They do not wish to update and add new images/links regularly and it is certanly not intended to be used as a blog or way of being able to constantly keep content new and fresh otherwise I would set them up with a blog account and add that to the site. It is merely a way of adding links to other local businesses every once in a while.
    Please see the page they wish to update... Friends. (Please excuse the layout... the customer will not be able to resize or edit the images themselves and wishes to add them as-is!)
    Thanks in advance for any help. If anybody knows how I can ask an Adobe official mod, that would be great... that, or make a request for a future addition in an update?
    Warm regards,
    Ben Gathercole

    Hi Andria,
    Changing links is currently not possible with in-browser editing.
    Please post this as a feature request in the following feedback form :

  • I'm having problems with the hyper-links and footer

    I'm having problems with the hyper-links (they flicker and also highlight other text on the page) and also the footer space goes on forever in preview site mode, even though I have made it small in the master and homepage and subsequent pages.  This only happened after I loaded a MUSE file into the current version of Muse CC as it runs upgrades on the imported Muse file.  Please Help Me Adobe Community.

    Hi Brad,
    I'll do what you mentioned about republishing all files, what Adobe Muse seems to to is run and upgrade when you open an older version .muse file, optimising it.
    Hopefully republishing it rather than syncing with the new version might help.  I'll do this Tuesday evening when I am back from my client meeting.
    I was thinking, is there a way of me rolling back to a previous version of Adobe MUSE CC ?  I'm using build Adobe Muse CC (2014.3) but I wish to roll back to Adobe Muse CC (2014.1), as this was the version the site was working properly with.
    Thanks Brad.

  • Hyper links are gone when i sync with ipad

    hyper links are gone when i sync with ipad2????

    Currently, the iOS version of Keynote does not support hyperlinks.

  • Quotes in a page level item not showing up as " when used in a hyper link

    Hi all,
    In my app, I need to hyper link to a crystal report application with parameters from my page. I have a page level item that puts my parameter in quotes, but when the item is utilized in the hyperlink, the quotes come across as & q u o t ; (spaces were put in to the post to avoid html conversion) how can my string be used to appear the way I want?

    I don't use Crystal Reports, but, in general, you should encode your URL. When you create your link, run the URL through utl_url.escape() first. Put it in your select statement.
    select utl_url.escape('http://oracle.com/foo"bar') from dual;
    will escape/encode the quotation mark and give you:
    This translates the " into a URL-safe escape code, %22, that should (I hope) be understood properly by your Crystal Reports server.
    Good luck.

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