I accidentally created an iCloud account using the wrong email address for my username - I already have an iCloud account with a different email address username. Is there any way I can merge these accounts?

I just upgraded my MacBook from OS X 10.6.8 to Mountain Lion so that I could stream from my other devices (iPhone and iPad) to my MacBook.  After making it through the upgrade process, I realized that I used the wrong email address for my iCloud username when starting up on the MacBook.  My iPhone, iPad, and iTunes are under my Hotmail email address and I accidently used my Gmail email address for the MacBook.  Is there any way I can merge these two icloud accounts together? I tried changing my account information to add the other email address, but wasn't allowed because another account was using the name (duh).  If I can't merge them, how could I change the MacBook from the Gmail address to the Hotmail address so that all my devices are on the same icloud account?  It'd be nice if I could keep the free 5GB of storage that comes with my purchase of the software, but I'd rather lose the storage than not be able to stream.

To change accounts on your Mac, go to System Preferences, sign out of the current account, then sign into the new account.  When you sign out of the current account it will delete synced data from your Mac.  Assuming your data (such as contacts, calendars, etc.) is in the other iCloud account, it will be synced to your Mac when you sign into this account.

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