I accidentally erased some songs from my iPhone? Can I get them back?

I accidentally erased some songs from my iPhone, but can I get them back?

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If you made a Time Machine backup before deleting the applications, you can recover them from your backup. Just go to the Applications folder, and open the Time Machine app, so you will be able to recover the applications just navigating through your backups.
However, there are some applications that won't work after doing this, because they require other system files. In this case, you will have to download the apps again from the Internet and install them using the installer

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    I accidentlly deleated some phone numbers from my account can I get them back?

    Yea, sorry.  For the future, you might want to try one of the apps in the app store that will create backups of your contacts, such as My Contacts Backup.

  • I erased some logic files ...can I get them back?

    Hi all,
    I've erased some files by mistake and I want to recover them, I managed to recover all the audio files using 'Data recover II' but I can't find the logic sequences files...
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    They might still be in the song local trash - that would explain why they don't show up in the deleted files.

  • Hi, i accidently erase my notes and settimg , how can i get them back?

    Hi, i accidently erase my notes and settimg , how can i get them back?

    If you had a back-up created you can simply restore from your back-up.
    This article may help, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414
    If you don't have a back-up you will unfortunately need to input all of your settings again.

  • All my contacts just disappeared from my iPad can I get them back

    All my contacts just disappeared from my iPad can I get them back?

    Try a reset:
    Hold the Sleep and Home button down until you see the Apple logo.

  • Itunes is not showing all my music.1000 songs have disappeared.How can I get them back.I have them all on my ipod touch.will syncing restore all music back into itunes.please help

    1000 songs have disappeared from my itunes library.How can I get them back? I still have them on my ipod touch will this help

    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash or
    Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • All my burnt songs ahve gone. how can i get them back?

    I burnt nearly 1000 songs to my iTunes account to make space in house, but since last week they are no longer in my library. how can I get them back as I no longer have the cd's.

    First it would be helpful to get more info. Do you keep your music in the default location inside the iTunes folder? Do you use iTunes to keep it organized? Do you have any type of backup of either the iTunes Library files or your entire Music folder? Before reinstalling anything, check that your actual music files are still there. Go to your_homefolder/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music and I am pretty sure that all your files are still there. iTunes keeps its library file on the root level of the iTunes folder. It is either corrupted or you somehow created a new one which subsequently is empty. Hold down the option while you click on iTunes, then choose "existing library" and browse to your iTunes folder and select the iTunes Library file and see what happens. Report back if your iTunes Library file is corrupt.

  • I accidentally deleted some purchased songs off itunes, how can i get them back?

    Can anyone help me!
    Whilst getting used to an updated version of itunes i accidentally deleted half of my purchased song off itunes. Is there any way to get them back without having to rebuy them?

    Download past purchases - Apple Support

  • I have an iphone 4 and I have just upgraded to iOS 5. I have lost my progress bar and song repeat function, how can I get them back?

    I have an iphone 4 and I have just upgraded to iOS 5. Unlike some people, I have not really had any problems but I am really annoyed with the new music feature. I have lost my progress bar abd song repeat function. Does anyone know how I can get them back?

    Glad to hear it all works for you.
    For future reference, if your iPhone misbehaves, always try a Reset. It's painless and often solves the problem.
       Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears (ignore the Slide to Power Off option that shows up first).

  • IPhone has just randomly erased all of my texts messages,can I get them back?Ask your question.

    iPhone had just randomly erased all of my texts,can I get these back?

    You are correct, they do keep a record of texts sent and received and subscribers can access this information themselves using their online account.
    They do do keep the content of text messages at all just like they do not keep copies of phone conversations. If the text message is deleted from the sending and receiving instrument it is gone. Getting a court order for the content of text messages from a provider would be a worthless endeavor as it is well known that information is not available.
    If a text message has not been successfully delivered the system will continue to try to send it by accessing the senders device and resending the message; you are right they are not from cosmic radiation or echoes from the moon, they are from the device that sent the message.

  • Updated ipod, wiped out songs, and now I can't get them back on to to it

    I updated my daughters ipod nano, not knowing that it would wipe out all her songs. Now we are trying to get them back on from her library and it only copies 1 song from her 79 and it does not give us the option to send them to it.
    Please Help !!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    When the iPod is connected to the computer and in iTunes go to edit-->preferences. Click the iPod tab. Make sure it is set to automatically update all songs and playlists. Click OK.
    If that doesn't work, try restoring the iPod...
    Restore the iPod
    Now try putting the songs on.
    Also, are the songs that are not transferring purchased (from the iTunes Music Store)?

  • All songs are gone.  Can I get them back?

    Hey everyone! O.K. My step-daughter was here for the summer, She got a nano for her b-day and I put all of my songs on her iPod nano. Then she went back to her Mom's and she pluged it into her friends computer(which had iTunes but no songs). A ballon poped up that asked if she wanted to update to new library and she ticked yes. So now, of course, all of her songs are gone. Does anyone know if we can get them back without using my computer(She's 4 hours away)? Please Help!

    If you're desperate, check out this post.
    If those songs originally on the iPod were overwritten with new songs, it's probably a lost cause.
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  • Have done the iOS 5 update and lost some of my apps now can't get them back and won't let me register my wife's card on my account

    Have done the iOS 5 update and lost half of my apps won't let me get them back and won't let me register my wife's card on my account as I don't use credit or debit cards
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    Relax, nobody's ripping you off...
    Apps are tied to the Apple ID you purchased them on and not the device so getting them all back is easy so long as you know the account details. To reinstall the apps just use the App Store and use the original Apple ID (account) that was used to purchase them, then re-install.  If you setup a new Apple ID on your device when you initialized iOS 5 then go into the App Store app and change the account back to the one that was there before. Then go to update > Not on this iPhone and start installing...

  • HT204406 I bought iTunes Match enabled it on my ipad now the 1800 songs in my library are gone and all I have is the music my daughter purchased from itunes how can I get them back. for her ipad.

    I have ipad 3 &amp; daughter new ipad mini with RD. She has nano and I have classic. Her nano syncs to her own laptop and mine to my desktop. I bought iTunes Match and authorised both iPads and both iPods. I have now enabled iTunes Match in my ipad and was warned it would replace my library. I pressed "enable" and now the 1800 songs in my library are gone and all I've got is the music my daughter bought from iTunes. What have I done wrong and how can I get my songs back. When I bought iTunes Match I got 1 e-mail confirming subscription and another providing receipt but nothing else no links etc. any assistance would be appreciated.

    You can only upload music from your computer's iTunes, you can't do it from an iOS device - when you subscribe to iTunes Match on your computer it should have scanned your music library on it and matched or uploaded any non-iTunes purchased music to it.
    Do you have copies of those tracks anywhere e.g. on an iOS device or on your backup of your downloads/library ? If they are iTunes purchases then they should be in the cloud. If they were copied from CDs or bought from other sources then if they are only on an iOS device (i.e. you don't have them on a backup) then there are some programs listed half-way down this page which should be able to copy them back : https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3991
    Subscribing to iTunes Match : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4914
    Using Match on an iOS device : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5637

  • My ipod all ready had songs on from somewhere (i can not get them back) but i syced my ipod to a different computer and all the songs were deleted ! how do i get them back ? its urgent !

    i have an ipod touch.
    i had 300 odd songs on. i do not have the songs on my laptop. i wanted to add the songs without getting rid of the currnet ones.
    without knowing , i just synced my ipod as usuall and my old songs were deleted. is there anyway in the world i could get those songs back ?!
    i am devistated! those songs bought me so many memories ! please help asap !!! x
    hannah x

    The iPod is not a storage device, all songs should reside on a computer and you can only sync to one machine. However, if these songs were purchased from iTunes you can reload them (see link). If not, and you have no backup, then they are gone.

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