I am a resident of Canada. I cannot purchase any items from ITunes Store because I cannot update my billing address correctly. It is always default to US address. Why?

I am a resident of Canada. I cannot purchase any items from ITunes Store because I cannot update my billing address correctly. It is always default to US address. Why?

iTunes Store: Changing Account Information
iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
Apple ID Support - Manage Account
Switching an iTunes Store account to a different country
http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/switching-an-itunes-store-acc ount-to-a-different-country/
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  • I cannot purchase anything at the itunes store because I am being ask for my security questions, but I don't remember them. How do you change you security questions with out knowing them?

    I cannot purchase anything at the itunes store because I am being ask for my security questions, but I don't remember the answers. I tried going to appleied.apple.com but I won't allow me to change my security answerswithout answering the original questions. How do you change you security questions with out knowing them? I need help.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Start here, and reset your security questions, you will receive an email to your rescue address, use the link in the email and reset your security questions.
    If that doesn't help or you don't have a rescue address, you might try contacting Apple through iTunes Store Support

  • I cannot purchase any app from the AppStore because I get the "INSTALL ERROR DISTRIBUTION SIGNED BY APPLE" notice.

    Frustrating - cannot purchase from the AppStore.

    Back up all data.
    Launch the Keychain Access application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Keychain Access in the icon grid.
    From the menu bar, select
    Keychain Access ▹ Preferences ▹ Certificates
    There are three menus in the window. Change the selection in the top two to Best attempt, and in the bottom one toCRL. Log out, log back in, and test.

  • When I go to purchase an item from iTunes the wrong security questions show up so I cannot correctly answer them. What can I do to fix this?

    When I go to purchase an item from iTunes the wrong security questions show up and I cannot answer them accurately. Also it is now locked. How can I unlock my ID and get the correct security questions?

    1)  Apple ID: All about Apple ID security questions
    If necessary
    2)  See Here... ask to speak with the Account Security Team...
    Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
    3)  Or Email Here  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • I cannot download any applications from apps store. when i enter the required information to get the apps, it says that my postcode is not accuarate. i am international but i purchased my ipod from the US

    I cannot download any applications from apps store. When i enter the required information to get the app, it says that my post code is inaccurate. i am from the caribbean but i have purchased my ipod in the US. I have entered a US postcode where i stayed as well and it failed also.

    You can ONLY use the itunes store of your country of residence.
    You cannot use another countrys itunes store.

  • HT201272 I purchased a ringtone from itunes store on my I phone 5 but cannot find how to assign it to my ringtone

    I purchased a ringtone from itunes store on my iphone5 but cannot find how to assign it as my ringtone. Can anyone offer suggestions please

    Help again! lol
    tonight I tried to download a ringtone to my iPhone 5.  Picked out the one I wanted, clicked on "buy" and was asked for my p/w & if I wanted to assign it to a contact.  Yes, entered correct p/w & yes.  NO DOWNLOAD - it doesn't show up in my Ringtones under "Sounds" or "Text Tones" and a search of my phone doesn't show it.  So, even though my balance was subtracted the cost, I tried again....still doesn't show up on the phone OR in iTunes on my iMac or iPad - and I was charged for it again!!   ETA: It doesn't even show up in recent purchases.?!?
    iMatch is turned on in all devices and I noticed that in iTunes on my iMac, there is NO tab for "Ringtones" or "Tones" in the top menu across my iTunes screen....however, in my library on the Mac there IS a line item for ringtones, but it's empty when I click on it.  This is the 2nd ringtone I've purchased that doesn't show up; thrtefore I cannot use either one but have been charged for both...GRRR
    I also noticed tonight that a lot of my options in my Library on the Mac are "grayed out" so I can't even get into them. Yes, I'm signed in & all devices are
    authorized.  Can't even sync my iPhone & yes I checked that it's marked on both devices.  *sigh*
    What do I need to do?  The closest Apple store is over an hour away from me.  Should I reset iTunes or the iPhone (or both)?  Not really what I want to do on my long weekend now that I'm finally down to 2 jobs 6 days a week!
    TIA for any help anyone can give me!
    (BTW, it turned out the other ringtone I'd purchased on 12/1/11 was no longer available (3rd ringtone - actually 1st so the ones in this question are #'s 2 & 3), and Apple was kind enough to give me some free songs.)

  • Cannot add songs bought from ITunes store on my IPad. The reason given is to Run the ITunes in to remove ITune which I do not want to do

    My computer has Microsoft 8 Pavillion g 6.Dolby advanced audio, Altec.
    My I Pad is retina display 32 GB  I have IOS7 and ICloud
    I belong to ITune Store. I can add songs bought from ITunes Store to my computer but I cannot add them to my IPad. The answer given is to Run the ITunes installer which I have had no succeeded

    You don't have any choice but to restore your phone.  If the phone is still working, be sure to back up your contacts first.  Since iTunes can't read your phone you can download the app My Contacts Backup, which will back up your contacts as an email attachment.  Send this email to yourself; you can later open it on your phone and tap the attachment to re-import your contacts if necessary.  When done, click on Restore (on the Summary tab) and let iTunes do its thing.  Be careful to watch the progress information at the top of iTunes as well as your iPhone screen so that you do not interrupt the restore process until it is completes.

  • My iPad 1 cannot install any apps from apple store even though it has been updated to ios 5.1.1 which is better than 4.3 that is required by most of the apps in apple store. I reset factory settings but still to no avail I cannot install any apps.

    MY iPad 1 cannot install any apps

    A lot of apps have current versions that require higher iOS versions than 5.1.1
    But some developers allow you to download older compatible versions of their apps. If the app is free then try downloading the current version on your computer's iTunes so that it's in your account's 'purchase' history, and then in the Purchased tab in the App Store app on your iPad see if you can download an older compatible version of the app. If the app is paid-for then try contacting the developer first and see if that will work with their app (and if they have a version compatible with iOS 5.1.1 available) - don't buy the app until you know that it will work.
    There is also this page for finding current apps that require iOS 5.1.1 or lower : https://sites.google.com/site/appleclubfhs/support/advice-and-articles/finding-a pps-for-older-devices#5.1.1

  • I cannot download movies/ tv from iTunes Store and I do not have any restrictions on? Please help?

    Hope you had a great Xmas ! I got some iTunes vouchers and wanted to download some movies and music. Music was fine but can't download any movies.  The music pages are white and movies etc have black background and will not let me play previews.
    Any help appreciated
    Many thanks

    Also I forgot to mention that when all this was happening, I wanted to Retore my iPod but this option was also greyed out in the summary section and it wouldnt let me do it, therefore I hooked it up to my Windows XP machine and was able to restore the iPod. Now it was formatted for Windows. I hooked it up to my Mac machine and got all the same problems but it downloads everything from itunes to the iPod except purchased music.
    So I opened iPod Updater and it said that it cannot update the iPod because it if formated for Windows. It also says if I now want to Restore it, I need to connect using a firewire cable whereas before I was using a USB cable because it said the Nano is not compatible with a firewire cable.

  • Cannot download any app from app store on mac

    hi guys,
    i'm currnetly located in China and i found out that i cannot download any app directly from mac app store. Does anyone else also have the same issue? its been over a month or so.. Not a single app. even if it starts it shows downloading failed.
    any help please!!!

    it shows this beside the pending app "-stopped (err = -3150)"

  • HT1527 Cannot download from itunes store because store thinks i don't have 10.6.1

    I get this error saying i cannot download the requested item because i don't have itunes 10.6.1. I do have - it is the 64 bit edition, windows home premium 64 is my OS. Appears store checks for 32 bit and ignores presence of 64 bit itunes.

    However, I can no longer access the iTunes store as the PC just sits there in limbo.
    In the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you worked through the following document?
    Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store

  • I cannot purchase any music from my existing balance, i keep being re-directed to "Billing Information" can any one explain to me why i cannot purchase from my balance?

    I cannot purchase music from the balance within my account.
    I have more than enough credit but it keeps re-directing me to "Billing Information".
    My question is why cant I purchase music from my account balance?

    Thanks for the advice but i cannot conect to the support.
    I have always purchased my music from my balance which is loaded to my account via top up cards.

  • HT1657 cannot find rented movie from iTunes store

    I recently downloaded a rented movie, but was interupted durning its download. I reinstated the download but now I cannot find the rented movie to watch it.  Where is it?

    If you rented it directly on the iPad then it should have downloaded into the Videos app - if you can't find it in there then have you got a film age rating set in Settings > General > Restrictions that is hiding it ?

  • Update my ipad new to ios7 and now cannot download any app from APP store, update my ipad new to ios7 and now cannot download any app from APP store

    even free app when i start to download it s going on loading and the terminate by itself without giving me a notice sometimes also say that cannot connect to the store any advice?

    You could try deleting the app which is still installing. If it doens't work, hold power and home button together for more than 15 seconds to reset the phone. Once the phone is restarted, try deleting the app again. Hope this helps.

  • Cannot download any apps from app store

    Hello - I have the iPhone 4S & I'm unable to download any new apps from the app store.  I click on INSTALL but only indicates INSTALLING for about 2 seconds then goes back to INSTALL; I'm not prompted to enter my ITunes password; Install isn't working. I thought it was a storage issue, but I have over 3 GB of space available and I restarted the phone. Also noticing some apps that I use daily are crashing (i.e. Candy Crush).  Not sure if its only a coincidence. Any thoughts?

    do you have wifi connection?  Modem and router working and you can surf websites in safari?
    have you set up an account with an Apple ID?

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