I am trying to update an old version of itunes, my computer says it took place, but when I hook up my daughters new ipod it says the new version is needed.  What do I need to do?

I am trying to update an old version of itunes, my computer says it took place, but when I try to sync my daughters new ipod it says a newer version if itunes is required?

In iTunes, look at Help/About iTunes and as the screen rolls up, check for the version number. Ignore the bit that says iTunes 10 in massive bold lettering, wait for the smaller text to appear as the it rolls up. The latest version (on 15th April 2012) is iTunes and the text you should see will simply state iTunes Underneath that will be "gumpf" about copyright etc.
If your iTunes does not say this, then something must have gone wrong with the update you did. How did you do it? The usual way is to simply select (in your iTunes), Help/Check for Updates. In my case, the return message I see states This version of iTunes (10.6.1) is the current version. The alternative message will state something like "there is a later version of iTunes available, do you wish to download it" or similar. Selecting "Yes" would begin the download and if you leave it to run itself, the update should take effect, providing you don't stop it or (I guess) keep iTunes so busy it cannot run the update. It may need to close and re-open before the change takes effect.
At a guess, the reason your daughter's iPod is saying it requires a newer version of itunes is either because you've just bought it, and you have a fairly old version of iTunes - AH!, that may be the problem. >>
>> If the version of iTunes you had installed was very old, then the update may have updated to something other than the latest version. So even if the update has taken place, if it only updated from, for example, iTunes 8 to iTunes 9, then it may need a further update to get to version 10 or to 10.6.1. So for you, now, check after update for the version your iTunes thinks it is until it states iTunes
Alternatively, if your daughter's iPod has been Synced with another computer (with a later version of iTunes than yours, even by one increment), then that would cause then issue you currently have, because her iPod will now only want to work the the latest version it has previously done business with, not your old version.
Note; the current version of iTunes as I've stated it, may change any day. Apple do not announce when updates will be released. Uisng Help/Check for Updates and seeing the return message This version of iTunes (10.6.1) is the current version is the only sure way of telling that you are up to date.
Additional note; gumpf = slang for "random junk".
Let us know how you get on.

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