I am unable to print articles from magazines from Google Books - the background prints, but not the article

When I try to print from "File", then "Print" only the background "stuff" prints, not the article I am trying to print from Popular Mechanics in Google books. Sometime in the past I had a program (I think it was Mozilla Firefox) which allowed me to take a "screen shot" of the entire screen, edit out the unwanted graphics, zoom in or out and then print only the edited version on a full page format. I've changed computers, and am still setting the new one up to my preferences. Can you help me print articles from Popular Mechanics on Google books?

See this: <br />
Chances are you have one of two problems; either a non-standard "Media Type" is selected or your page margins are messed up. If the Media Type is correct, try doing the '''reset''' mentioned on that support page.

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    Open Adobe Reader | Edit | Preferences | Documents: change View Documents in PDF/A Mode to Never.
    Regarding the ExportPDF problem, please start a new topic in the ExportPDF forum.

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    If it's not an Airprint enabled printer, you need apps like:

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    Is your printer one of the models listed here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4356

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    Clean your printerhesd 4-5 times until the black fully restores.  I am on my third complete cleaning and have gone from 0% black to approx. 60-70%.  So, it works just takes time.

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    Thanks for the update.
    If you can scan with the HP software then at least we know the system can see the scanner.
    Can you try the organizer to see if that works any differently. Once you load the organizer, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences -> Scanner - see if that sees it.
    Since you are on Elements 12, you still have the twain option available to try. See the following document which describes moving the twain driver.

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    Hi , and  I see you are both having trouble scanning after upgrading to Windows 10, and I may be able to help. Most products do have updated software available on HP's support website for Windows 10. I've also seen a few posts that say the Windows 8.1 driver will work for Windows 10 as well, so you could try that too.  HP provides a free tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and resolve printing and scanning problems. I recommend downloading and running the HP Print and Scan Doctor, if it doesn't fix it automatically let me know what errors or messages you receive.  Do you know if you are able to scan using Paint? To Scan from Paint: HP Multifunction Printers - How to Scan: Windows 8 
    (It's the same for Windows 10, from what I've been told)Right-click the Start button () in the lower left corner of the screen, click Search, and then type Paint.Click Paint in the results.Click File, and then click From scanner or camera.Select your printer, click OK, and then click Scan.  Please let me know if any of these steps resolved your issue, or if there is anything else I can do to help.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks, 

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    Known issue now for almost 9 months.
    Use Pages '09 if you have it.

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    iCloud Photo Library keeps all of your photos in the Cloud which you then can selectively download. So, unless you download the iPad photos, they are not going to be taking up any room on your iPhone:
    How does iCloud Photo Library save space on my device?
    If you turn on Optimize [device] Storage, iCloud Photo Library will automatically manage the size of your library on your iOS device, so you can make the most of your device's storage and access more photos than ever. iCloud Photo Library stores the original, high-resolution photos and videos in iCloud and can keep lightweight, device-optimized versions on each of your devices. As long as you have enough storage, recent photos and videos that you access the most will stay on your device at full resolution.
    You can turn on Optimize [device] Storage from Settings > iCloud > Photos or Settings > Photos & Camera > iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You need an Internet connection to access an original photo or video that’s stored only in iCloud.
    Here is a link to the FAQs page for iCloud Photo Library:
    iCloud Photo Library beta FAQ - Apple Support

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    == This happened ==
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    Check with your web mail service provider for help with that issue.

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    Dear group members
    _Vendor name printed but not the name i entered in Individual set_
    I followed Thread vendor name changed at the time of taking cheque printing
    I made the below Transaction
    1. I made the changes in vendor master under the head Payment transaction tab, in Alternative payer in document i selected check box of Individual entries
    2. Posted in FB60 vendor invoice under payment tab check box Individual payee is selected, i entered alternative name so that check is printed in this name
    3.In payment F-58 post & print i selected open item for payment after simulation i saved .The check is printed as per the
    Name in Vendor master data but not the name i entered in Individ.setin fb60
    I am not able to make to make payment, guide me 
    Your advice on this will be highly appreciated

    I entered the bank details in the individual payee while entering FB60, the name coming in indiviid .set
    In F-58 I made simulation Pk 50 QNB -Checks Payable & PK 25 vendor name, when i double click on the 2nd line item i found the name what mentioned in the Individ.set
    I saved the transaction but the check was printed in the name of vendor master but not in the name i entered in indiviid set
    Help me out to get the  check printed in the individ set

  • Why can't I open my RAW files from my Nikon D7000 ?? I can open RAW files from my old Nikon D70's but not my D7000...

    I can't open my RAW files from my Nikon D7000 on Elements 7. The files from my old Nikon D70s open but not my D7000... Any Idea why?

    Not sure what your version of PSE is but if it is PSE13 then you may need to update your product by going to
    Help >> Updates
    This ensures you get the latest updates to support all known cameras in the market.
    Old products may not have the latest updates so you need to use DNG converter for which there is a wonderful video that is self explanatory:
    Hope this helps.

  • How can I download books as PDFs from Google Books ?

    I used to be able to download books as PDFs from Google Books (Full View) until about 12 months ago. However, now when I click the PDF link, I get a dialog box that says "You have selected a PDF file (12 Kb), and it offers me options for download or opening. It's the Nitro PDF tool. If I do download a file it's always 12 Kb and it's not a valid PDF file. Most of the books, I'm looking at should be over 10 Mb, and all previously downloaded books were over 5 Mb.
    I'm using Windows XP and Firefox 3.5.19, and PDF Download from NitroPDF.
    Is there an add-on that will give me back the ability to download files ?
    or is there a conflict with something else that is preventing PDF Download from working ?
    I can't see anything on NitroPDF's site about the add-on.

    Uninstall/Disable NitroPDF.
    Troubleshooting extensions and themes
    * https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Troubleshooting%20extensions%20and%20themes
    Check and tell if its working when you try to download a PDF file using Firefox Safe Mode.

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    Trying to transfer pictures from device to BB desktop pictures but not connecting.
    seems i was able to back up.
    downloaded new software to desktop while BB was connected vis USA to computer.
    Go to Solution.

    Well the new Desktop Manager can ONLY sync up with a Media Card. You would need to download Desktop Manager 4 with Roxio Media Manager to access the device memory.
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