I am unable to sign in to apple tv.

I am unable to sign in to apple tv. I am using the correct ID and password for sure because it's the same one that I needed to register for this forum as well as to access iTunes. All which of which I have been allowed to do. So why does my Apple TV tell

It's a straightforward port-forwarding issue.
You need to forward ports to the internal ip address of your apple tv as follows:
TCP 123
TCP 3689
UDP 5353
TCP 80
TCP 4343
TCP 53
This may also solve other problems you may have with homesharing...

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  • I am unable to sign in with apple icloud. showing server  error

    I am unable to sign in with apple icloud. showing server  error

    Hi niyamee,
    If you can't sign into your iCloud account at www.icloud.com, try the steps outlined in the resource below:
    iCloud: Account troubleshooting - Apple Support
    - Judy

  • Netflix unable to sign in on Apple TV (2nd gen)

    Hi, I am experiencing a problem that has never occurred with my Apple TV before.  Below is an iPhone photo I took of the screen that is giving me the error message of being "Unable to sign in."
    What seems weird is how the message below has HTML tags around it.  Seems very odd to me.
    Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this problem?  I logged into Netflix.ca, and it worked fine for me online with Safari.
    Thank you!

    I guess it was just a general Netflix issue, because it's working fine now.

  • IMessage and FaceTime unable to sign in with Apple ID

    The fail message is unable to sign in,check network connection.Every else works just fine (app store, iTunes,safari )

    Hello chivos3000,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime
    Best of luck,

  • TS3274 I am unable to sign in my apple ID with my new ipad on initial setup

    when I did the initial configuring of my ipad right after I press "Agree" to terms and conditions I get an error message " Could not sign In" , "Apple ID could not be created because of a server error. " This is confusing me because I dont need to create a new apple ID cause I already have one but it wont let me sign on with my old Apple ID.

    I fixed my own issue.
    I added the google dns to my list of dns.
    System Preferences > Network > Advanced....
    DNS button (tab)
    click the + button under DNS Servers and add and
    Now if only there was a solution that didn't require me to go through Google's creepy we-watch-everywhere-you-go DNS servers.
    Oh well, it works for now. 
    Here is some more info on those severs http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/

  • HT2534 Unable to sign in to Apple Store,

    While reviewing my account after signing in, I am not seeing any option called None for payment method and also even though i add the card details it says Contact for support www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/.  above the payment details field

    Have you done as the message says and contacted iTunes Support (these are user-to-user forums) ? If not then you can do so via this link and ask them why the message is appearing (we won't know why) : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • "unable to sign in to apple tv at this time" error msg

    I can access Netflix, but not my purchased show on apple tv.

    Hello, Barbara. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple support Communities. 
    Here are some troubleshooting steps that I would recommend when experiencing this issue.  Start with the section labeled If you are unable to access or play content while connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    Jason H. 

  • I am unable to sign activate my Apple ID for iMessage in Messages (beta).

    I enter my Apple ID and password and it just spins....forever....
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
    I have tried my wife's ID
    I turn the firewall off.
    I plugged the computer directly into the modem.
    I have deleted all the keychain entries I can find for messages.app
    Messages.app logs into my AIM and google talk accounts just fine. 
    I am running out of ideas.

    I fixed my own issue.
    I added the google dns to my list of dns.
    System Preferences > Network > Advanced....
    DNS button (tab)
    click the + button under DNS Servers and add and
    Now if only there was a solution that didn't require me to go through Google's creepy we-watch-everywhere-you-go DNS servers.
    Oh well, it works for now. 
    Here is some more info on those severs http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/

  • Unable to Sign In to iTunes from apple tv (1st Gen). GRRRRR!!!!

    Two days ago I was searching for movies to rent. So I casually went on to the Apple TV to browse all the HD movies. The #1 movie was Iron Man 2 (I watched the preview), #2 was Get Him to The Greek. I decided to opt for the comedy and rented Get Him to The Greek right from my Apple TV. I watched it and all was right with the world.
    The next night I decided that I'd rent Iron Man 2 (wife's out of town). So I go into the Apple TV to get it since I knew that it was the #1 top rental the previous night was Iron Man 2. Much to my surprise, Iron Man 2 was nowhere to be found in the iTunes store on the Apple TV. Not further down the top rentals list. Not in the alphabetical listing of all movies, not even in the search. "Well that's bizarre," I said to myself. "I wonder if I can find it in the regular iTunes store on my Mac Pro?" Well sure enough, iRon Man 2 was there. So I rented it on the Mac Pro. Curiously, it didn't show up on my Apple TV. I waited and waited. So I went back to iTunes and, oh silly me, I have to put it there in the iTunes sync dialog and then sync the Apple TV. I did that, and since it was late, I went to bed.
    Today, I finally got the kids to bed and cleaned up and decided to watch my rented Iron Man 2. Fire up the Apple TV, see that Iron Man 2 is right there at the front of the listed movies on my Apple TV. Sweet. Select, select play, settle in with a nice drink and ....
    Your Apple TV is not authorized to play this content.
    What the?!?!
    Hrm. That's weird. Well let me double check that I can play Toy Story (a movie I had downloaded and watched with my boy a while back). Yup, Toy Story works all right. So I decided to futz around a bit to see if I could figure out *** is wrong. Over to the settings list, hmm, maybe I should try the "Downloads" option? Click. Okay it says "Check for Downloads." Sure why not. Click. Enter your Apple ID. Yeah okay. Now enter your password. Done. And...
    Unable to Sign In.
    The Apple ID you entered couldn't be found or your password was incorrect. Please try again.
    What? Oh silly me, I must have made a mistake and entered the wrong email address or password. I'll just do it again, I'm sure it'll work this time. And...
    Unable to Sign In.
    The Apple ID you entered couldn't be found or your password was incorrect. Please try again.
    Um. Okay, third time's the charm. First let's go into iTunes on my Mac to make sure that I really am entering the right information. Yup, exactly what I thought I entered on the Apple TV. So back to the Apple TV to enter the username (and triple checking it) and the password (carefully inspecting each character as I do it). Still no luck.
    Well I guess I'll look up this error online. I found an Apple Support document that indicates there is a problem with aol.com email addresses to log onto iTunes from the Apple TV. That shouldn't be it, I'm using a gmail.com address. Then I found an Apple Discussions link from 2008 where people were flustered by this issue. A few had gotten their Apple TVs to work again by unplugging the Apple TV and deauthorizing and reauthorizing the computer the Apple TV is sync'd to, plugging the apple TV back in and syncing the Apple TV back to the computer.
    I gave that the old college try. I came back to try the Apple TV and still got that Iron Man 2 was not authorized on the Apple TV. I thought I'd try Toy Story just to make sure that it still worked. Now that movie said the Apple TV was not authorized to play that movie.
    I'm going backwards! Things that were working now aren't and I've spent my entire night trying to figure this crap out. Someone please help me make this "just work" so I don't have to go and smash it to pieces with a baseball bat. My stats as of right now:
    1) I can't log into my iTunes account from anywhere it asks for it on the Apple TV. I've tried settings>downloads, settings>general>itunes store, settings>general>network>test network.
    2) I can't log into my YouTube account. I've triple checked that my information is correct.
    3) I can't play any movies purchased through iTunes even if they were purchased from my Apple TV.
    4) I CAN play music and a music video that I purchased on my Apple TV and music I purchased from my Mac.
    5) I can play a TV season that I purchased some time ago on the Apple TV.
    6) I can log into my account in iTunes from both of my Macs.
    Oh also to get the easy questions out of the way: 1) Yes I'm 100% certain that I entered my username and password correctly. 2) I am completely up to date with my iTunes software on the Mac and my Apple TV software (as far as I can tell).
    I'm trying to stay calm and keep things light. But holy crap this is frustrating. I spent good money on the movies that I can't watch. I wasted hours and hours of my time troubleshooting and researching only to find myself going backwards and losing the ability to play things that I once had no problems playing. This just isn't working and I wasted my whole night on it. Someone please help!

    I cannot help you other than to say I have exactly the same problem and have been trying to resolve it for over an hour now with no luck.
    Besides unplugging and replugging in my ATV I have also tried:
    - resetting my password to the same thing
    - resetting my password to something else
    - creating a new Apple ID and trying to use it
    None of this works.
    At this point I am guessing that Apple's servers are hosed and the error message is just incorrect. Hopefully they will fix the problem at their end over the weekend.
    And yes. Holy crap this is frustrating is putting it mildly.
    It amazes me that just a few hours ago I was playing with FaceTime and thinking very positively of Apple, but now I'm just ****** at what is clearly a screw up on their part.

  • Screen says unable to sign in Apple TV can't connect to server at this time. Please try later. It has said this since last night

    Screen says unable to sign in. Apple TV can't connect to server at this time. Please try again.  It has said this since last night

    I was running into the same issue for the past few days and decided... Heck, just try the old fashioned way and unplug the thing.  Boom.  Fixed it.  Try unplugging it and doing the old reset and see how that goes.
    Good luck!

  • Why can,t i sign in to apple tv

    why can,t i sign in to apple tv

    Yes I am unable to sign in to Apple TV .it keeps saying the Apple ID you entered  couldn't be found or your password was incorrect please try again. Although I can sign into apple sites with it  I have changed it three or four times, I have disconnected all the leads ,reset the apple box and reset my router ,the apple box is within ten feet of the router HELP

  • Why am I unable to sign in to app store or iTunes store?

    I am unable to sign into my apple ID to use app store because it says the ID hasn't been used in ITunes store. But it won't let me do that either.

    Reset your iPad. You need to start all over again with setting up your ipad and use a real email address that's already created.

  • Unable to Sign In to Itunes Store

    I'm trying to set up Apple TV. I cannot connect to the Itunes store via ATV. Each time I try, I get an error saying:
    "Unable to Sign In - The Apple ID you entered couldn't be found or you password was incorrect. Please try again"
    I am also having difficulty accessing YouTube.
    I am able to connect to the itunes store via my macbook without any problems. I'm also able to download and view trailers and listen to music which have been synced.
    This is what I have done so far. I have done a reset, restored, unplugged and updated software. Still nothing. I'm connected to the internet using a Time Capsule without any added firewall software. Everything is apple and plug and play just isn't working.
    Any suggestions?

    I also have "accessing iTunes Store...." when I try sign in to my account....
    I can browse the store but not sign in.
    I have recently added a Netgear DGN2000 router.......... checked all settings to no avail
    If i swap the router for an alternative internet connection (a gsm modem - it works fine!)... maybe same problem?

  • Is anybody having trouble signing into their apple T.V.?

    We lost our power the other day and now when I try to use my apple tv I cannot log in.  I get a message titled, "unable to sign in, The Apple ID you entered couldn't be found or your password was incorrect.  Please try again."  I have verified both my username and password and still cannot log in.

    my ipod touch wont link to mine after updateing its firmware to the 4.3.5 but my pc's itunes finds it fine and its linking to it, but my ipod just wont it was linking fine before its update

  • Apple TV 2 Waiting for network services, unable to sign in to iTunes store

    Received my Apple TV yesterday.
    It is connected to my network (I have tried wired and wireless).
    I can view movie previews and Podcasts.
    I cannot sign in to the iTunes Store (therefore cant rent movies), cannot view Youtube videos (No content available), cannot use Netflix (Waiting for network services when I try).
    I spoke to Apple support, they couldn't help. They say the problem is with my network or my ISP.
    I have a Linksys WRT160N router, on which I have tried disabling the firewall.
    My ISP is Telus, I am on their Fibre Optic network in BC. I wonder if Telus are blocking Apple TV?
    Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I received my Apple TV yesterday.
    I am running cable internet with 10Mbps constant.
    So I connected it up and proceeded to issue after issue. I could not log into my Apple account. It was stating that my name or password was incorrect.
    When I would start the unit it would stay at the waiting for network connections screen for several minutes!
    I did all the tricks of turning the apple of and back on, NO FIX.
    I tried to update the software, and I recieved a message that stated I have the most updated software, so....NO FIX
    I did a full restore. The Apple TV downloaded the newest software and rebooted after about 7 minutes, NO FIX
    I logged into my router and opened all ports, added ports 80 and 123, NO FIX
    I also disabled my entire firewall on my router and turned off the WEP security feature...and what would you guess.....NO F I X!!
    So I logged back into my router and reset all my original settings...still NO FIX.
    SO here is the good part...Apparently the system has to connect to time.apple.com and get updated...it's sort of like a verification of the system.
    So after it updated everything worked great! No unable to sign into my account. NO waiting on network connections anymore.
    So the biggest advice I can give, especially after my 3 hours of gradually wasting my time until I almost threw the unit out my bedroom window, is connect it to your WIFI system and let it sit by itself for a few hours and let it connect to the Apple server.
    Hope this helps everyone that, at some point, has shared my pain and frustration.

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