I am using Telerik Web controls Q4 2006 and noticed linkbuttons inside an ajaxified radgrid do not allow Response.Redirects within the ItemCommand event. Is there a fix for this?

Technology Telerik radcontrols for asp.net Q4 2006
An ajaxified radgrid that is wrapped around a radpanel and radgrid has property of EnableAjax = true, Response.Redirects do not work. So basically our whole site is broken.
Is there a hot fix for this?

Hi Charlotte,
You don't say what your version of Windows you have. Assuming XP, go to Start | Run, type DXDIAG and click OK. Click the Sound tab and run the tests to eliminate a hardware problem first of all. If you don't hear anything, check your cables first of all. Also make sure "Mute" isn't checkmarked in your sound setup. You'll find that in Windows Control Panel.
Which browser do you use? If you have Firefox 4, sign up to the HTML5 trial @ http://www.youtube.com/html5
HTML5 is the latest video standard and doesn't require Flash player. Google is in the process of converting all its files to work with the new format. It may solve you problem. If you don't have Firefox 4, you can get it from here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/fx/
IE8 doesn't support HTML5.
To clean out your temp files, go to Start | Run, type: CLEANMGR and click OK. Click OK again to start the utility. Tick all the boxes except "Compress old files" because the latter takes too long, and then click OK. You can run this utility any time you wish by the way.
The above steps will hopefully fix your problem. If not, post here again please.

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