I bought 26 new songs under my work e-mail and now i can't copy them to my i-pod because it has another music library on it. How can i combine both user id's to the same purchased account

I have 2 user id's with apple, i bought 26 songs from my laptop recently using my work e-mail. I plug my i-pod to sync it and it says that my i-pod is tuned with another library. i don't want to erase the songs I have already because they are about 760 and the new ones are 26 only. how can I combine both user id's and consolidate all the music into one user id?
everytime i try to do something it asks me to reset the password. I have done it already 6 times.
there is no phone # to call.

Alright, please follow these steps in order to get it working properly again.
Please change your Apple ID back to your old email address (that you used as Apple ID before) here: http://appleid.apple.com
Then go to all your devices - iPhones, iPads, Mac etc. - ("Settings > iCloud") and delete your iCloud account from this devices (+ turn off Find My iPhone, but I guess it will ask you that anyway)
After that go back to http://appleid.apple.com sign in again, and now change your Apple ID again to your new email address.
Finally, set up your iCloud account on all your devices again.
Now, everything should working properly again.

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