I can not get itunes match to work with my ipad.  I am subscribed but when i go to turn it on it keeps telling me that i am not subscribed.  how do i fix this?

I subscribed to itunes match. I have it working on my iphone but can't get it to work on my ipad.  I did the same exact steps that I did for my iphone but when i try to turn it on it keeps telling me I am not subscribed and to subscribe through itunes on my PC.  I've already paid and subscribed to iTunes match and do not know why I keep getting this error message.  When I am in itunes on my PC I can see that my ipad is not authorized with that account and do not know if that is the problem.  If so how do I authorize my ipad?  I've used the store drop down box and choose authorize this computer but it keeps trying to authorize my PC and not my ipad.  I am running the most current version of the ipad and itunes.

Michael'sgot this one covered. He has detailed the process at the link below.

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