I can send event invitations from ical but can not receive them --invites go to another family member email

I am using Lion and everything was working fine -- until I got a new mac and set the older one up for my husband and put his user account on the old mac.
Now I can send ical invitations out and can get replies -- but if someone else originiates an invitation to me -- I don't get the invite on my new mac.  My husband gets it on the older mac I set up for him in his Ical.  We have totally different emails and when I click on the email name in the invite it is addressed to me and my email address but it comes on my husband's ical.
I can't figure it out???
If I originate the event invite I have no problem getting the replies -- but when someone else originates the invite -- it comes on my husband's ical (with my name and email address)
Please help -- this is driving me crazy!!

Hello. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I'm having the same one. My wife's iCal invitations are showing up in my iCal "Inbox" but are not coming to me via email. I discovered this while troubleshooting the issue just now...and saw that I had 10+ iCal invites for which I never received email notifications.
I never proactively check iCal, so definitely need to resolve this issue, as receiving emailed invitations is the only way they're filed into my iCal. Thanks for any insight!

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    e mail works both ways

    Did you already check the general troubleshooting for messages here?

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    I have my e-mail account with ATT Yahoo.
    I received an account verification notice yesterday from ATT and I responded and they said I was verified.
    However after I did that I could not send e-mails from my Imac desktop but I am receiving them.
    I spend 4 and a half hours, yes 41/2 hours with both Apple Care and ATT and they could not correct the problem. Both discussions were with upper tier support personnel.
    Here are some facts that make this an odd issue:
    I have other e-mail boxes from ATT and they can send and receive e-mails.
    MY laptop can still send and receive e-mails from the e-mail account that is only receiving with my Imac.
    All the settings are exactly the same and both Apple Care and ATT checked them.
    Is there anybody out there that may have an answer ?
    Both Apple Care and ATT blamed each other.
    My concern is that today I received another e-mail trying to verify my e-mail address for another e-mail address from ATT.
    I called ATT and they did not know why, I DID NOT open it up and trashed it.
    ATT has put a filter on my other e-mail accounts and hopefully that will end any problems with them.
    The account that has the issue is my main account and I cannot trust leaving it and am trying to avoid having to change it.

    Hi Rachel, For what it will be worth, I was like a dog with a bone about this, so I decided to give it another go. I have success on both boxes. Here is what I did, I warn you now it was a lengthy process. Before you begin download all the upgrade steps from X.5.0 to X.5.6 as single stages ( for me the combo's did not work) and have them ready to use.
    1st Backup all your mail to CD/DVD not on the box. Check for any unsent mails anywhere in the box and then throw out all of the mail bits that are anywhere on the system in any folder. 2nd Install & Archive, 3rd Start up from Install DVD and check/set permissions, reboot. Enter all your ISP details to mail, see if you can send a mail to yourself. If not dump all the mail you tried and the .plists, reboot and install next update in the series, enter all details as before, try and send etc. If this fails dump again and reboot install next update etc.
    I started at X.5.1 and got to vX.5.4 before I got a result in that sys asked me if this server will do, I said yes and I got mail out. The server name was different that was offered but when all was over it showed as the correct one that it should be on port 995. I must add that I had the spinning cog wheel for quite some minutes before anything happened. I continued on this way for the rest of the updates. 1x1 until v.6 was reached. That was only on the G4, I now had to do it all again on the MacPro. This one was not so co-operative in that I had to do it twice, but now it also has Mail running. It is funny though that I had to reach X.5.4 on both machines before it came right. On the G4 I was using a retail disc and on the Intel the supplied for discs.
    Others on here may have a better and quicker way, but for me this did work. I am sure that there is a problem in either the mail app itself or the production of the Master DVD's.
    Whatever, good luck.

  • Can send I messages from ipad but reply only goes to Iphone

    Can send I messages from my I Pad but reply only comes to my Iphone

    Your question is a bit confusing, but your iPad can only send messages to other iOS devices, such as other iPad users, iPhone users and iPod touch users who have iMessage enabled on their devices.  You can not send text messages from iPad to non-Apple devices, like Android phones........

  • Moto X not sending or receiving mms via native messenger app, occasionally sends them, but does not receive them via hangouts.

    I've had my moto x for roughly 3 weeks.  It worked perfectly fine until yesterday morning, when it stopped sending mms via the native messenger app.  Frustrated, I restarted my phone, only to discover that now the entire native messenger app not longer functioned.  I switched to hangouts which will send sms messages, but only occasionally sends mms and will not receive them.  I'm not sure what is going on.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

    Please make sure you have installed the update to 3.0, which recently came out... MANY bug mixes.

  • Error while testing sender SOAP scenario from XMLSpy-but can test from RWB

    I developed one scenario with sender SOAP adapter and Receiver side ABAP proxy.
    Now I want to test my scenario.
    I tested my scenario  successfully from RWB-->Integration server Integration Engine. ( it posted successfully and I can see checked flag in SXMB_MONI)
    But when I tried to test the scenario fro XML spy it is throwing HTTP error 500.
    When I type my URL in internet explores it is giving “Message Servlet is in Status OK”.
    I am not sure what is the difference between there two type of testing.
    What does it mean by successful from RWB and fails from XMLSpy?
    Why I am getting this error from XMLSpy?

    Dear Ashok,
    if RWB showing you successful then message in not in error.
    XML Spy giving error HTTP 500 not it is just server error.This might be due to large payload.
    here is the description of all error related with 500+
    5xx Server Error
    The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request.
    Response status codes beginning with the digit "5" indicate cases in which the server is aware that it has erred or is incapable of performing the request. Except when responding to a HEAD request, the server SHOULD include an entity containing an explanation of the error situation, and whether it is a temporary or permanent condition. User agents SHOULD display any included entity to the user. These response codes are applicable to any request method.
    500 Internal Server Error
    501 Not Implemented
    502 Bad Gateway
    503 Service Unavailable
    504 Gateway Timeout
    505 HTTP Version Not Supported
    506 Variant Also Negotiates (RFC 2295)
    507 Insufficient Storage (WebDAV) (RFC 4918)
    509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    This status code, while used by many servers, is not an official HTTP status code.
    510 Not Extended (RFC 2774)
    first ping your server
    Tcode for this is SM49>ping
    Then in additional parameter put the server IP and execute it will show you its reachability.
    if it is not reachable then contact the server vendor,
    Else if it is timeout problemthen
    you run Tcode SXMB_ADM>intregration engine configuration
    put category RUNTIME
    then click specific configuration
    Then change/increase HTTP timeout
    **PS: Reward points if useful**
    Sumit Gupta

  • Can see Windows PCs from Mac, but can't see (and access) Mac from PCs

    Yesterday, I ran into a strange problem which I'm not able to figure out.
    I share an office with some engineers, who have their computer environment (server, network), all running Windows (XP and Vista on the PCs, Windows 2003 for the server).
    Within that environment, I have 2 PCs (both XP) and an iBook G4 (Leopard 10.5.4.). I have also a printer (Epson Laser), which is connected to the office network, and an Airport Extreme Base Station.
    Until last week, I could connect from my PCs to my iBook (wirelessly), and from the iBook I could connect to my PCs, the server, and via the server print on my printer (again, all wirelessly).
    Over the weekend, I took out the Airport Extreme Base Station (to help with an issue at home - see my thread over at Printing), and yesterday I brought it back to the office and installed it again.
    And since I re-installed the Base Station, this is the problem:
    1. from PCs, I can't see the iBook (can't attach a PC drive letter - eg. I:\), and therefore can't access it
    2. from the iBook, I can't print to my printer - furthermore, when I select the Printing preference and click "Add Printer", no printers whatsoever show up (the list stays blank), whereas before the engineers' printer (some Minolta Bizhub with Bonjour) would show up as well
    3. I can, however, access the Windows server from my iBook
    Any ideas what's going on? I tried to solve this, but gave up quickly (no way I can possibly figure this out), plus I have this issue at home (can't print wirelessly to a printer attached via USB to a Time Capsule - I can, however, print to the same printer if I attach it to the previously used Airport Express!) - 2 problems and mounting headaches!
    I am thinking about re-installing the whole system (take off all data, do a complete wipe and start afresh…), but don't like to spend a whole day doing this…
    Again, thanks for any advice!

    You only need one computer to configure the Base Station - and since you can easily do this from your PC, you really don't need to be able to do it from your Mac as well. I suggest you stop worrying about this, leave your Base Station running with the current firmware version, and use your PC if you ever need to make a configuration change.
    Note that NO Base Station software needs to be installed on the Mac, for the Mac to be able to connect wirelessly to the Base Station. If your Mac is currently unable to establish a wireless connection to the Base Station, you have a different problem - and one that won't be solved by installing the Airport Admin Utility or downgrading firmware on the Base Station. Incidentally - what type of wireless security are you using on the Base Station - WEP or WPA? A base station configured to use WPA security will only be accessible by a Mac running at least MacOS 10.3.

  • I can send text messages within Australia but can not sent text messages internationally. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

    I can send text messages within Australia without difficulty but many of my international texts are not delivered. Has anyone had similiar problems.

    SMS text messages are handled by your cellular carrier.
    Check with them.

  • I am able to send text messages but im not receiving them

    So bought my phone today and Im not too sure if im missing something but I have had people texting me and not receiving any of them but they are getting my messages.  I have also received messages from telus so dont understand why im not getting messages from friends.  Can anyone help :-(

    Also take a look at this article:
    TS2755 iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    Under the section, If you still can't send or recieve SMS or MMS messages.
    Which also has a link to the iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant for Calls and Connection Issues:

  • HT3529 I can send messages to any phone, but I cannot receive messages from other iPhone users the messages go to my wife's phone instead of mine! Why?

    why is this happening? Please help!

    check your phone and her phone, settings, messages and the send and receive at addresses there.

  • Events shown in iCal - but are not in ics file

    I have until recently successfully been able to fetch data from the corestorage file of one of my calendars in Users/Library/Application Support/iCal/Sources...
    (I use the application Revolution Enterprise to make the scripts)
    I use mobileMe to sync my computers and my iPhone's calendars.
    When i look at the calendar in iCal all the events are there all right.
    But if I try to retrieve events from the ics-file, only a couple of the events are there.
    Are the events that are synced with mobileMe stored in another file?
    This is very strange to me.
    There seems to be very little documentation on getting information from the iCal data-files.
    best regards

    I am having the same problem. My events entered on my iPhone are appearing in Mobile Me but not iCal on my Mac. It's causing many problems, please help!

  • Can't text friend from iPad but can from iPhone?

    90+% of my texts and the responses to these texts show up on both my iPhone and iPad -why don't the others? When starting new text from iPad (to some friends) I can pick from address book but name is "red" and messages won't send?

    1. Messages on the iPad can only be sent to other iDevices
    2. The receiving party must also be registered with iMessage
    Note: The two above conditions must be met.

  • Can't sent mails from work but can from everywhere else

    Hi! i have an email account with my university server, i'm using my univeristy server for incoming mail and my bt (british telecom) for outgoing. there are no problems with my incoming mail at work (and nebver were until i've changed password) but i'm not able to send anything, untill i'm conected to other network? any ideas?
    Thanks Anna

    Assuming you also access an email account and SMTP server with the Mail.app that is provided by your employer, are you able to send messages with this account?
    Your employer or your employer's internet service provider is likely blocking the use of SMTP servers that are outside of their network so you need to check with your employer regarding the use of an SMTP server that is outside of the employer's network or not provided by the employer.

  • Mail is triggering from SOST but recipent not received mail

    The SOST  log showing that mails are sent successfully...but no mail is sent to the recipents.
    Could you please tell me, what might be the problem? is it anything with configuration?
    Edited by: [email protected] on May 19, 2011 6:08 PM

    I think you check to below process.
    1. Do you use "RSCONN01" program?
    2. which do you use FMs SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 or SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1. For example SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 not correct in our system.  SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 works healthy.
    3. Pleace check your user's master data for email.
    4. You may write test mail and send to smtp mail with SBWP tcode. And then run RSCONN01 programs.
    5. You check fill parameters of FM.
    Best Regards.

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