I can't find my snow leopard disc, How do i format my macbook pro without it?

I can't find my snow leopard disc, How do i format my macbook pro without it?

Call AppleCare (1-1800-APL-CARE) and give then the serial number.  They will send you a new copy of the two disks for shippingand handling of $16 each (I think $16 each).

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  • Starting fresh with a SSD and I cannot find my Snow Leopard disc...

    So I have a Mac Pro with OS X 10.6.8, 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8 GB ram, and I am trying to move my OS over to a Solid State Drive. I have the original instal disc for 10.5 but I cannot find my Snow Leopard disc.
    So I installed 10.5 on the SSD but can't figure out anyway to upgrade to 10.6, at which point I can purchase Mountain Lion or whatever, but you can't upgrade beyond Snow Leopard without first having Snow Leopard, right?
    I know I can "clone" my original SATA drive with Snow Leopard, but part of the reason I am doing this is to get rid of a bunch of the useless crap on that drive, so I'd like to avoid a full clone.
    I know it's only $20 to buy a fresh version of Snow Leopard, but on 10.5 there is no App Store, and there doesn't seem to be anyway to purchase it online as a download. So I would need to go to a real life store or have it shipped, right?
    So if there is some other way to upgrade or to clone JUST the OS without any of the other crap, that would be amazing!

    Why not download and look at its options? I recommended for that and other reasons.
    And yes you should move all your data to another drive. Keep what you have 'as is' and pull it as extra backup or in reserve.
    Before you clone, install TRIM Enabler!
    And after you clone, run Disk Utility's REPAIR DISK on the SSD -- just to be on the safest side.
    How to relocate system and user data to another drive:
    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4337http://chris.pirillo.com/how-to-move-the-home-folder-in-os-x-and-why/To successfully relocate your operating system, user accounts and data from one storage device to another, meet the following conditions: 
    The destination storage device (SSD drive or hard drive) you are migrating to should be physically located in the same computer.  Moving operating system files from one computer to another computer using software not specifically designed for that computer can cause issues due to software, hardware, and firmware version mismatches.
    Always back up your storage device with Time Machine or Disk Utility before you start.
    Using Cloning as a Backup Strategy
    Create an OS X Lion Install disc
    OS X Lion Install to Different Drive
    How to create an OS X Lion installation disc MacFixIt
    Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20080989-263/how-to-create-an-os-x-lion-ins tallation-disc
    http://www.coolestguyplanettech.com/how-to-make-a-bootable-osx-10-8-mountain-lio n-disc-or-drive-from-the-downloaded-mountain-lion-app/
    How to clone your system:
    http://www.macperformanceguide.com/blog/2012/20120711_2-MacPro-internal-clone-ba ckup.html
    SSD: Samsung 840 128GB (500GB $320)
    Sonnet Tempo Pro
    Icy Dock $15

  • Can I install Mac OS X 10.5 on a Powerbook G4 already running Mac OS X 10.6? I lost my disc of 10.6 and can only find my 10.5 disc as I'm selling my MacBook and wiping the hard drive for a complete reset.

    Can I install Mac OS X 10.5 on a Powerbook G4 already running Mac OS X 10.6? I lost my disc of 10.6 and can only find my 10.5 disc as I'm selling my MacBook, and wiping the hard drive for a complete reset.

    A PowerBook G4 can't run Snow Leopard OS 10.6, however, it can run Leopard OS 10.5. But you must use a retail (black) Leopard install DVD.
    What does the selling of your MacBook have to do with installing Leopard on your PowerBook?
     Cheers, Tom

  • Does OS Lion 10.7.5 support Airplay mirror of Apple TV 3? I can't find the option in Setting Display on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro.

    Does OS Lion 10.7.5 support Airplay mirror of Apple TV 3? I can't find the option in Setting>Display on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro.
    I've rebooted all 3 devices, still does not work. Both Apple TV and MBP are on the same wifi. And the Apple TV AirPlay option is on. Can someone help? Thank you.

    About AirPlay and Airplay Mirroring
    AirPlay Mirroring requires a second-generation Apple TV or later, and is supported on the following Mac models: iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer). For non-qualifying Macs you can try using Air Parrot.
    Several Apple Articles Regarding AirPlay
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen)- How to use AirPlay Mirroring
    How to set up and configure AirPort Express for AirPlay and iTunes
    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
    iTunes 10- About playing music with AirPlay
    Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
    Using AirPlay
    Thanks to the $15 Beamer, AirPlay streaming is still possible on Macs  that do not support Airplay and mirroring.
    Another solution is the Air Parrot.

  • Hard drive crashed. can i reinstall the snow leopard disc from before even though it was a single user?

    My hard drive crashed on my macbook about a year ago. I bought a brand new hard drive and brand new full install snow leopard discs single user to install on my empty hard drive. about a year later the hard drive crashed again, but it was still under warranty so i sent it out to get a new one. now when i try to install the same snow leopard disc, it says it can not be installed on this computer. I feel like I've been ripped off now, because i have no operating system on my computer and i already spent $129 on the snow leopard disc a year ago. Is there anything i can do to install this? I also have an iMac, I heard you can take the operating system from that or something? I just need my macbook back.

    Is there anything i can do to install this?
    Yes. Boot from the installation disc, select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu, select the internal drive, and partition it with the default options. Then run the Installer.

  • Can I transfer Device backups from an old laptop to a new Macbook Pro without deleting or losing the device backup?

    How can i transfer a device backup of an iPod from my old windows laptop to my new Macbook pro without losing or deleting the device backup? Is there a way to use and backup my device on my new macbook pro without losing or deleting the original device backup?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Where can I find the snow leopard upgrade.  I am currently running leopard 10.5.8

    I have been searching through the apple store to upgrade my current os - 10.5.8? To upgrade to lion, it appears I need to have snow leopard 10.6. However, I cannot find the upgrade in the apple store.

    Start by checking if you cn run Snow Leopard:
    Requirements for OS X 10.6 'Snow Leopard'
    Whilst Apple have withdrawn Snow Leopard from their stores, you can still get it from Apple by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE (if you are in the USA) and they will supply the SL DVD for $20 for a single user, or $30 for a family pack that covers up to 5 Macs.  You can also purchase the code to use to download Lion from the same number (Lion requires an Intel-based Mac with a Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor and 2GB of RAM, running the latest version of Snow Leopard), or you can purchase Mountain Lion from the App Store - if you can run that:
    If you are outside the US call your national Apple Helpline:
    If you're in the UK, use this number: 0871 508 4400
    When you have installed it, run Software Update to download and install the latest updates for Snow Leopard.

  • Can I install Snow Leopard on a new partition on a Macbook Pro (Late 2011)?

    I need to get Pro Tools 9 up and running again after I migrated from PC to Mac, but I know that Pro Tools 9 doesnt work with Lion.. I dont have the money to upgrade to PT10 so my thought was to go downgrade to Snow Leopard to get it working. But I dont want to leave Lion, so my question is if I can make a new partition and install Snow Leopard on the new partition and have both OSs bootable?
    The guy in the store I bought my mac from said Snow Leopard probably wouldnt play nice with the mac since its adapted to Lion but I dont trust people that get money for preaching about the constant need for "the latest". So I thought I'd ask the experts instead, so here I am! What do you guys think?

    theoretically, it should work - but the guy at the Apple Store is correct....computers that ship with the latest operating system do not support being downgraded.
    You might not get past the spinning beach ball & gray screen if you try to boot from the Snow Leopard install disc.
    It's worth a shot though if you want to try it. Just don't try to 'downgrade' the current Lion installation back to Snow Leopard. Try instead to create a new partition specifically for Snow Leopard. Disk Utility - select the top HD (probably reads Hitachi something)...select it, click on the Partition tab. Select the top partition, and you should then be able to see the + so you can add a new partition. I would probably make it about 20GB give or take depending on how much space you think you will need - but i believe the Snow Leopard installation by itself takes up around 8-10GB.
    Once this partition is created, insert your Snow Leopard installation disc, restart the computer and hold the C key down to start from the install disc. When it walks you through the steps for installation, select the newly created Snow Leopard partition. Install. Be sure to go through all the Software Updates (numerous times) after the installation is done.
    You can select which startup disc you want to boot from by holding the Option button down at startup until you see the gray startup manager that shows your Lion partition, Recovery Disc partiton, and your Snow Leopard partition.
    If for whatever reason this doesn't work, simply just erase the partition. It likely will not work but you should be able to just erase that newly created partition without any other problems.

  • Can I install snow leopard as a virtual machine on my Macbook Pro?

    Hi All,
    I have a Macbook Pro running 10.5, but I have also got Snow Leopard. I wanted to play with this first in a virtual machine before going ahead with the upgrade to have a play, but Parallels only supports OS X Server. Is there anything else I can use to achieve what I am after?
    Many thanks

    No, but you could install it on another drive or partition and boot from that.

  • Added Snow Leopard, now Safari doesn't work on MacBook Pro


    How did you add Snow Leopard?  Can you be more specific about what Safari is or isn't doing?

  • Snow Leopard won't boot (10.6.2, MacBook Pro)

    I recently did a fresh install of the retail DVD on my MacBook Pro.
    Last night before I shut it down, I repaired the disk permissions with the disk utility, it is maintenance that I have done regularly since Apple released OS X. I saw some error about FontInfo but unfortunately I did not pay much attention to it.
    It boots from the DVD. I tried verifying the permissions, and get a whole slew of errors of this type:
    Open error 5: "Input/output error" on System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/A TS.framework/Versions/A/Resources/FontInfo/ and the names of a bunch of fonts starting with "G".
    Geeza Pro Bold
    Georgia Bold
    These appear to be System fonts.
    I then tried to verify the disk and it failed! Gives an invalid key length for the catalog file. This is most unfortunate...

    The general approach at this time is to ask if you've checked for any problematic fonts (all languages) with Apple's Font Book (look in the Applications folder). Find and remove all duplicates also.
    Start there to be sure all fonts that are in play come out with a clean bill of health.
    Don't hesisate to perform wholesale deletion of old and/or little used fonts - be skeptical of anything that has come from Office 2008, including those related to an Equation Editor installation.
    By all means be sure any 3rd party apps AND plug-ins are Snow Leopard compatible.
    An additional measure is to clear the existing font caches:
    That said, 10.6.2 release notes have this to say about fonts:
    Fonts fixes provided for:
    • an issue with font spacing
    • an issue in which some Fonts are missing
    • font duplication issues
    • an issue with some PostScript Type 1 fonts not working properly
    Good luck in any case.
    Did you update via Software Update or did you download the combo? If you used Software Update, get the Combo updater instead and re-apply:

  • Where can I find a new Magsafe power adapter for my late 2008 Macbook Pro

    my magsafe adapter has failed and it appears apple no longer makes one for my MacBook Pro. Any ideas on where to find one?

    Apple Store online and off, any Apple reseller including AASPs.  Do a Google search. 

  • I am having a lot of issues with iPhoto. I recently upgraded my software to Snow Leopard from the original software on my Macbook Pro. I got the Mac in 2007. Everytime I try to open iPhoto is just shuts down! It also wont recongnize my iPhone. HELP!

    My iPhoto will not stay running. It opens for a minute and then quits unexpectedly. I get an error message and it says a report will be sent to apple. My computer will not recognize my iPhone either. I cannot figure out how to fix this issue or if there is any way to fix it!

    Try trash the com.apple.iPhoto.plist file from the HD/Users/ Your Name / library / preferences folder. (Remember you'll need to reset your User options afterwards. These include minor settings like the window colour and so on. Note: If you've moved your library you'll need to point iPhoto at it again.)
    What's the plist file?
    For new users: Every application on your Mac has an accompanying plist file. It records certain User choices. For instance, in your favourite Word Processor it remembers your choice of Default Font, on your Web Browser is remembers things like your choice of Home Page. It even recalls what windows you had open last if your app allows you to pick up from where you left off last. The iPhoto plist file remembers things like the location of the Library, your choice of background colour, whether you are running a Referenced or Managed Library, what preferences you have for autosplitting events and so on. Trashing the plist file forces the app to generate a new one on the next launch, and this restores things to the Factory Defaults. Hence, if you've changed any of these things you'll need to reset them. If you haven't, then no bother. Trashing the plist file is Mac troubleshooting 101.
    If that fails:
    Option 1
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup.
    If that fails:
    Option 2
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one. .

  • Where can I find the recalibration procedure for the battery in my older Macbook Pro 15"

    Would appreciate a link or description of the procedure.  Just replaced the battery and after full charge, I removed the power cord and
    the battery dropped to 14% after only a couple hours of use of just browsing and email. 

    About Batteries in Modern Apple Laptops
    Battery University
    Apple - Batteries - Notebooks
    Apple - Batteries
    Extending the Life of Your Laptop Battery
    MacBook and MacBook Pro- Mac reduces processor speed when battery is removed while operating from an A-C adaptor
    Apple Portables- Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance
    Mac notebooks- Determining battery cycle count

  • HT4527 how can i transfer my music from an old ipod onto my new macbook pro without the old laptop with the original itunes library?

    i have an old ipod 80GB which has a large amount of my music from an old laptop on it. i've just bought myself a macbook pro and want to put all of that music onto the new computer but i havent got the old laptop to change any settings on the ipod before i start transferring data. is there a way of doing this?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

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