I can't get my blade tool to work in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7

I can't get my blade tool to work in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.7. I magnify the clip to the highest zoom and when I select the blade tool, I see the icon but when I click on the clip to chop it.....nothing. The blade turns red and nothing happens. Please help.

If you are in fact in the active project window, try command B at the location of the skimmer and see whether it makes the edit.

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    Version of Adobe: Adobe ExportPDF (not Pro)
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    We need a lot more information to help you. Tell us exactly what you're doing and exactly what the results are. Screenshots are useful.
    In general, when answering questions on this forum, provide answers to the questions here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/961743

  • PSE9 Can't get the blur tool to work..

    I have a problem with PS elements 9.
    Basically .. In my last package I liked to use the manual blur tool, I see elements has one (a teardrop shaped tool from the bottom left)
    I have selected that blur tool and selected blur at 100% and it pretty much does nothing.
    The other two tools, sharpen and smudge work as expected I just can't get the blur tool to work.
    I want to be able to drag the blur tool across a part of the image and blur it.. but it does nothing!
    If I look at the pixel level then at 100% blur the tool is very slightly blurring the image but only very slightly, I want to be able to paint blurryness across parts of an image and it is not letting me.
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    Oh, that is a pain.
    I am used to using a manual blur tool and I like it.
    I can see that the select then filter blur does blur a lot more (as much as I would like) but I don't like the way the selection tool works it always seems to end up with blurs that look unnatural at the edges...
    I suppose I will have to find a way of using it or buy another package.
    Very dissapointed.

  • Hi there. Does anyone know how I will get my hands on English version of final cut pro x, when I have a French Apple account?

    Hi there. Does anyone know how I will get my hands on English version of final cut pro x, when I have a French Apple account?

    Hello everybody who joined in the other day/night!!
    I'm pleased to announce that Final Cut Pro X are available  (yes today in App store, yehaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!) in French, English, German & Japonese... Regardless of what country ones iTunes account is in....
    Great news!!!!! And can't wait tio get started!!!!!
    Have nice day y'all
    Luv Hanne S

  • How to I get a folder to open up in Final Cut Pro version 6 thats off my desktop?

    How do I get a folder to open up in Final Cut Pro version 6.  I'm on a MAC OS X Version 10.6.8.  The movie folders I imported on my desktop from a Lacie Rugged Triple external hard drive.   When I try to import the folder a pop up comes up that says, "ERROR: No translatin templates matching the selected XML file were found.  Unable to import this file."   When I try and drag the folder into Final Cut a pop up comes up that reads "Please choose a translation document file".  What should I do or what am I not doing? 

    YYou should ask this question on the Final Cut Studio forum.

  • Greetings, I am working in Final Cut Pro 7. In the timeline some clips show as offline. I tried going to sequence and reconnecting to media but it does not work. I can still see the video in the timeline and work with it. It just has the red box.

    Greetings, I am working in Final Cut Pro 7. In the timeline some clips show as offline. I tried going to sequence and reconnecting to media but it does not work. I can still see the video in the timeline and work with it. It just has the red box. Thanks! Olga

    If the clips are not actually missing, you could try to refresh the timeline by using cmd-0 and then going to the timeline options tab. Then select name only where it says "thumbnail display". Press ok to accept the change, then repeat the process to add thumbnails back to your timeline.

  • Can anyone give me a lit of ALL the final cut pro's in chronological order?

    Can anyone give me a lit of ALL the final cut pro's in chronological order?

    Everything you need is here:-

  • How do i get a copy of IDVD and will it work with final cut pro x.

    I have a new powerbook. I've purchased final cut pro x because express is no longer available. My Mac didn't come with iDVD and I can't find a suitable dvd authoring tool. Please... some suggestions for DVD authoring or how to get a copy of iDVD and will it even work with FCPx.

    Call Apple they will sent out iDVD at no charge.  (There are no realistic substitutes for iDVD.)
    If you are still within your 15 day return period,  nicely explain that you may return the computer without iDVD. That usually does the trick.  You MUST speak to a senior advisor to get a free copy. The first tier people cannot do it.
    If that doesn't work you can purchase iLife 11  (includes iDVD) on disk.
    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.

  • Where can I download Christmas generators / title cards compatible with Final Cut Pro X?

    I'm looking for title cards with holiday themes, snow, Christams trees, ornaments and the like. Where can I find these? A quick search online I found site that said they weren't compatible with Final Cut Pro X.
    I went to rippletraining.com and after downloading got this error message...and yet I am unable to find any applications in the App store that meet my needs.

    kristydrums wrote:
    Okay, this seems out of my league! …
    you haven't tried!
    you managed to handle FCPX, a highly professional edit-tool.
    What I suggested, is just 'basics':
    compose a few elements.
    Get inspired by other videos you notice around.
    To animate 'elements', use keyframes.
    To apply 'overlays', green-screen/color-key is a basic procedure…
    To prep stills, a designated pic-processor is of fundamental need… although, even MacOS built-in Preview.app allows creation of 'knock-outs'/transparency… in case, you're shy to invest a few $$ for Pixelmator.
    It looks maybe complicated - it isn't!
    Don't try it first time for some serious projcect… but creating your very own Xmas-scenery is a lot of fun… plus, you learn a lot about FCPX and its many hidden gems…
    Final word:
    Catch some nice, own pics with your cam! … snowy trees, 4 candles and some cookies, a frozen window, illuminations in the streets, that crazy neighbour with his 50.000Watts of garden decorations .... Just add a charming title - done. Simplicity rules!  …
    Merry Chistmas!

  • Why does my 4:3 miniDV video keep getting captured as 16:9? (Vidi/Final Cut Pro question)

    This is partially related to Final Cut Studio, although not necessarily.  I've been trying to back up dozens of my miniDV tapes on to my harddrive for several months now, racing against the clock as their video quality starts to degrade.  Since Final Cut Pro started giving me problems with the timecode breaks, I started using a capture program called Vidi instead (v0.4.7)  Everything was capturing well, considering, until just last week where several of my tapes, which were shot in 4:3, would capture as 16:9.  That is, the video files were clearly stretched to a 16:9 aspect ratio and appeared distorted.  Today I tried to go back to Final Cut (v6.0.6) to capture it the old way, and, lo and behold, the video was once again being stretched to 16:9.
    A few things:
    - I'm about as sure as I can be that these tapes were shot in 4:3.  I've watched them several times on my TV and they are played back in 4:3, with the black bars on the left and right.
    - I had actually captured video previously from one of these tapes a few years back and it recorded as a 4:3 video file, just as it should.
    - I definitely have "4:3" checked off in Vidi when I capture the video.  What's even more infuriating, is that BOTH Vidi and Final Cut show the video playing in its 4:3 aspect ration during apture.  It's only when I check the captured file that it's been stretched to 16:9
    - A tape I shot in 2008 captured perfectly with Vidi today - in it's 4:3 format.  That seems to imply that it's not a software setting issue.
    I'm starting to lose my mind with this, especially since I haven't found a single reference to this problem anywhere else.  All I want is to get the raw DV data off of these tapes to work with at a future date, and I'd like it to be exactly as it was originally shot, not distorted.  Maybe some bit of code on these tapes got messed up over time, resulting in capture software to think it was shot in 16:9?  These tapes aren't anywhere near my oldest ones - they're from 2010 and 2011.  Is there something obvious I'm missing when I capture these videos?  If there's no other solution, is it possible to squeeze them back to 4:3?  It might not look as good as if were captured in it's native format, but I'm out of ideas.

    Not sure if it makes any difference for archiving purposes, but dv files (dv streams) are not generally recommended for use in fcp.  .mov with the dv codec is how fcp captures SD video via firewire.  Someone a few months ago claimed that .dv was fine with fcp, but I seem to remember that audio will always need to be rendered and since I always use fcp for capture of DV material, it's not an issue for me. 
    You can use compressor to both convert to .mov with the dv codec and reset the anamorphic flag.  Not sure if there will be any loss of quality, so it might be worth testing this.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge will speak up regarding this or alternative methods of converting .dv to .mov
    What problems are you having capturing from within fcp?  Shouldn't be a problem.  I find that setting the easy setup correctly is crucial for successful capturing.  Even if all the individual elements that seem to compose the easy set up are correct, there can still be problems.  Perhaps you might want to start a new thread regarding your capture problems and we can see if we can solve the problem.

  • Can you export a Quick Time REFERENCE file from Final Cut Pro X?

    Used to be in FCP-7, you could export your timeline and at the bottom of the Export dialog box, there was a check box where you could check "Make the movie self-contained," which would export a full Quick Time .mov file, or you could UNCHECK that box and FCP would export a Quick Time REFERENCE file (referencing the source media used within the timeline), which you could then bring in to any one of a number of different encoding apps.
    I prefer to use Sorenson Squeeze to do my encoding, as it's much, much faster than Compressor and has infinitely more format options (Flash, Windows Media, Real, etc., etc.).
    But now, I don't see a way to export a Quick Time Reference file from the Final Cut Pro timeline, er, uh, storyline, er, uh, project.
    Anybody know if there's a way to export a Quick Time REFERENCE file (not a full Quick Time .mov)?

    R&B wrote:
     Anybody know if there's a way to export a Quick Time REFERENCE file (not a full Quick Time .mov)?
    I do the same thing with Final Cut Express, actually.  Only I then open the reference file up in QuickTime Pro and re-export it to an h.264 mp4.  I can do that multiple times in the background vs. getting caught up in Final Cut's pathetically non-threaded user interface when it's saving/exporting.
    I was going to ask the exact same question here, but you beat me to it.  And so far it sounds like the answer is "no" ... :-(

  • How can I export a file that may use in Final Cut Pro?

    Hello friends,
    May I know how to export a file that I can use it Final Cut Pro???

    If you are talking about rendering then just use any production codec that FCP supports. You have access to them all. Use the Render Cue or create a custom preset in the Adobe Media Encoder.
    If you want to do something like dynamic link with FCP, that does not exist. You can save a PPro project as a FCP XML but any PPro effects or PPro settings unique to PPro will not come across. If you turn an After Effects project into a FCP project by going through PPro as was suggested then you will NOT get any of the effects you applied to your composition or any of the animation or anything but the footage In and Out points, opacity, rotation and position because that is all that will be moved into PPro because After Effects plug-ins are not compatible with PPro. If there is a dynamic link to an AE project in your PPro project that will not move to FCP at all. You'll get nothing.
    So the long and short of it is if you want the work that you have done in AE to show up in FCP you must render the project. I use ProRez 444 10 bit for any work I do on FCP. You can make a custom Output Module preset to help speed up the workflow.
    If you are new to AE please read this on rendering: After Effects Help | Basics of rendering and exporting
    If you are really new please go through these three tutorials: Basic Workflow

  • How can I open a project made in 2000 on Final Cut Pro to migrate it to a new version?

    how can I open a project made in late 2000 on Final Cut Pro to migrate it to a new version to finish editing it? files, timeline and unfinished edit are all stored on hard drive since early 2001, with all the original miniDV tapes still in hand

    Do you still have legacy FCP? If you not you need to find someone who will open the project in FCP6.0.6 or later. Export an XML file of the project. Use 7toX to convert it to an XML format that works with FCPX. Import the converted XML file to FCP.

  • HELP!  How can I view a clip frame by frame in final cut pro?

    Hi, does anyone out there know how to view a clip in final cut pro frame by frame. I don't really want to use the jogging function as you cannot see each individual frame just all the frames snapped together. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    It is really time to open the manuals, do the tutorials, and learn the basics of how this application works. You'll be amazed at what you learn it can do!

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