I can't open old IMovie project done with ILife09

I can't open old IMovie project done with ILife09 on my new MacBook Pro Retina with Lion Mountain system.

you can't just move a project that way. It all needs to be contained properly. If you can find the original imovieHD project folder, you can start again.

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  • I can not open my iMovie project

    I can not open my iMovie project. Everytime I click on it, the spinning wheel keeps spinning and spinning until I force quite the iMovie. Please help?

    OK Let's take a step back.
    If you imported video clips from a camcorder there would be an Events folder in the Movies/iMovie Events/ folder.
    You have the option as you import from a camcorder to send your Event to an external drive instead. In this case, it would be in the iMovie Events folder at the top level of the external drive.
    If your project has no video clips, but only photos, there may be no events folder, only links to iPhoto.
    Similarly, if your camera imported your video clips to iPhoto, and you used the iPhoto event in iMovie, then your clips are in iPhoto, and there is no separate iMovie event.

  • Can I open an imovie project from an external hard drive on a different computer than my own? If so how?

    Can I open an imovie project from an external hard drive on a different computer other than my own? If so how?

    If you used the Finder to move the files, iMovie will have lost track of them. iMovie holds the locations of the Event files, and Project files contain references to those locations. If you move the files, iMovie has no way of knowing where they are.
    If you can, first move all the files back to their original locations. Plug in the external drive. Open iMovie and move the files in iMovie's interface (help explains how, but basically, just drag and drop in the event pane).
    Then you can connect the drive to the new computer, and iMovie will see them.

  • I can't open new imovie project

    I bought imac 3.2 Mac OS X 10.6.6 approximately 2 weeks ago.
    I can use all of software except imovie. I can't open new imovie project. Let's have a look what I did...
    - Open imovie
    - Click + for new project then project themes screen opened
    - Choose one of the project then click create
    I tried hundreds times...
    Can somebody help me please..

    elikness wrote:
    In the previous messages it's written out like this:
    Go to MacHD > Users > your home folder > Library > Preferences > com.apple.iMovieApp.plist (drag that to the trash)
    This method didn't work for me, I've created an alternate thread for mi case. I'd appreciate any other alternative.
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  • Opening old iMovie projects in new iMovie HD

    I have a few old iMovie projects from around 2001/2002 on an external hard disk. If I try to open them, they won't open in iMovie. Instead it would give a "Parse Error". The folder looks something like this:
    Is there a way I can open these projects? I can open the single clips by adding .dv as an extension, but then I'd have to rearrange/remix everything again which I don't want to do.
    Thanks and best regards,

    It seems as your external disk is not Mac-formatted (Mac OS Extended), but PC-formatted (FAT32).
    First copy your files over to a disk that is Mac-formatted (Mac OS Extended).
    Then you apply my file fixers a bit down on this page:

  • Opening Old iMovie Projects

    I have many, many old iMovie projects that I would like to open in iMovie HD. Is there any way to do this? The only thing I've been able to do is open a new iMovie HD and drag old media files to the clips pane.

    Hi Stephen,
    Your memory is probably better than mine but I would go as far to say that you can probably open them with iMovie HD 5 without much ado just not on your intel or any machine running 10.3.9 with QT 7 as things have changed considerably with that combination. If you have or have access to a computer running 10.3.9 or earlier with QT 6.5 or earlier you should be golden provided you didn't save anything while it was opened in 6..
    It's not that I am saying timing is my only problem though either. But It appears to be the cause of why things aren't working correctly and that iM keeps trashing files as nothing is making sense to the timeline anymore and projects created before the 3.9 & 7 combo had no clue what a graphics card even was and now that is the only way they are being processed. Don't get me wrong I do like my Intel but the PPC was a different beast altogether as it was capable of doing things the Intel never could and never will as it doesn't need to and can do what it does best allowing your graphics card to do what it does best as well. They just aren't in sync causing issues in any areas and not just iMovie.
    If you do not need to re-edit you may be able to open the timeline movie in iM6 instead of opening the project though I am not sure how this will work in the long run as it will only be a reference movie and require the original to work.
    Hope this helps. Please let us know how if it works out for you.
    Thank You.
    Sweet Polly

  • Cannot open old iMovie project

    I have an old iMovie project from 2008 that I cannot open.
    If I double-click it, terminal opens.
    Recommended applications are Textwrangler, Terminal.... not really the right thing to watch a movie.
    Final Cut Pro X cannot read the file, because it's in the "bundle" format. Quicktime is also grayed out.
    Is this some weird format that is no longer readable by anything? Or can I turn it into an .mp4 file?

    iMovie doesn't support importing one iMovie project to another. When we try, we get exactly the error you quoted.
    You can, however, import all the Timeline video and audio as a single clip to a new project. Or you can drag files from the Media folder of the project to the Timeline of a NEW project.
    In the Finder, Control-click on the project icon and choose Show Package Contents from the popUp menu. You'll see the movie "Timeline Movie.mov" in the window that opens. You want to import that movie to a new project, or import selected files in the Media folder.
    To import, drag the file to the Timeline of a NEW iMovie project. If importing the Timeline Movie, everything on the Timeline of the original project will arrive as a single clip in the new project.
    If the project failed on the external drive, it may be because the disk does not use the disk format required by iMovie. Use Disk Utility to check the disk format, which must be "Mac OS Extended". If it's not that format, use Disk Utility to reformat the drive. (Which will erase all the files on the drive, so make backups.)

  • Can't open old iMovie files

    Hi. This has probably been answered before, but I couldn't find any thread about it.
    Anyway, I'm trying to open a movie made and saved in an older iMovie program, and it doesn't work.
    It starts fair enough by asking if I want to convert it, and starts doing it until 50% has been converted.. But then iMovie always falls out/quits by itself.
    Is there anything I can do? Patches? Anything?
    And if not, does iMovie 6 fix this bug?

    does iMovie 6 fix this bug?
    I wouldn't assume it's a bug. There may some tool used to make the old iMovie project -- a third-party plug-in or a font perhaps -- that isn't installed for iMovie 5. (Even if installed, sometimes third-party plug-ins are incompatible with iMovie 5.)
    It's almost impossible to diagnose the problem so I wouldn't spend much time trying. Rather, you should continue editing the project with the version of iMovie that created it, or import its video to a new iMovie HD project. (Instead of converting the project.)
    The most recent versions of iMovie created a reference movie inside the project folder that you can import into a new iMovie 5 project. Look for the (small) QuickTime movie with the same name as your old project. Drag it into the iMovie 5 timeline and iMovie will import everything in the timeline of the old project to a new project as a single clip. (If that import fails, that suggests an underlying problem with the source video or audio.)

  • Opening old iMovie project

    Other than tracking down an old fruit colored iMac, is there any way I can open an iMovie project I made in 2004? (I'm assuming I was running the latest version back then -- iMovie 4?)
    What's the oldest iMovie I can run on an current Mac (Intel/Mountain Lion)?

    What's the oldest iMovie I can run on an current Mac (Intel/Mountain Lion)?
    iMovie 6. Earlier versions are incompatible with Mountain Lion.

  • Can I open an imovie project in Final cut pro?

    I have an imovie project that I want to open in final cut pro. It doesnt seem to want to let me. Any clues?

    Hi mattyme,
    It sounds like this thread might be answered, but I thought I'd offer a successful test case as my two cents. I just opened an iMovie project that one of our clients dropped off in FCP 5.1.4.
    As Da Nam mentioned, open FCP, choose File > Open, navigate to the iMovie Project file and open it. It should ask you to save the new FCP Project file, and perform the rest of the functions for you automatically. (as it just did for me; project, clips and all)
    Hopefully this offers a little reassurance.

  • Can't open my Imovie project

    I can see the icon in my Imovie Projects folder in my finder browser and have managed to copy and paste this file onto my desktop.  When I click on the file for this 12:00 fully edited Imovie project it opens up Imovie '11....but the project does not show up.  My project was deleted when Imovie unexpectadly quit about an hour ago and I had been working on it for the past several nights putting in many hours of editing.  I am now sleep deprived, extremely confused, and I would love ANY INSIGHT.  I still have all of the video footage in my Imovie library.....but to re-cut/copy and edit the video that I am trying to recover would take quite a while once again.....and time is precious.

    This file will not open unless it is in the Movies/iMovie Projects folder. iMovie will not open it from the desktop.
    I am confused. If your project is deleted, how did you copy and paste it?
    My suggestion would be to close iMovie and trash your Preferences file. It is possible that only your preferences file was corrupted and the project is OK. (But no promises.)
    To trash the preferences file, see this user tip. Let me know if you have questions. You may want to go to iMovie/Preferences and note your current settings. You will need to re-enter these after you trash your preferences.

  • Opening old iMovie projects in iDVD

    I'm relatively new to all this. I've made several iMovies and have burned them all through iDVD. But, when I look to re-open them on iDVD only a couple show up on my RECENT PROJECT list. The others do not. Is there a way to reopen those on iDVD? I've tried going through OPEN and IMPORT, but I can't seem to get it right. Thanks...

    Sorry, I interpreted "old projects" as having come from an older version of iMovie.
    I've tried going through OPEN and IMPORT, but I can't seem to get it right.
    Have you tried and failed with "Open Project" in iMovie as "Open Recent" only holds the most recent and holds none after a delete of preferences.
    Have you tried locating them in Finder and going within the Project folder, either to double click on the project file or using "Open with"

  • I can't open my iMovie project anymore

    I had made a great project, when I quit, because it automaticzlly saves, but then when I reopened it, it wasn't there anymore.
    I then searched for it in the top right search tool and found it, but when I try to open it, it just opens the last thing I was on.
    How do I get it back?
    Please help!

    Hi Marcha - "All my other files are ok so then I guess the disk should be fine?"
    Not necessarily. If your External drive is formatted for PC, then many small files may perform OK, but large projects like iMovie would certainly misbehave.
    Check the format by clicking its icon, then going Command+I (get information).
    There you will find the format. If it is not Mac OS Extended, then your drive would have to be re-formatted (you would need to store important files elsewhere during that process. Re-formatting is accomplished in Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility.

  • Old iMovie projects have purple background!!!

    This is a strange one...
    I recently upgraded from iMovie 4.01 to iMivie HD 6.03.
    I opened an old project from mu 4.01 version, and although all the data and edits are correct and identical, all the color is wrong. There is no moving video in this old iMovie, just photo's with transitions and heavy effects editing. Everything that is supposed to be black, even the background, is now a horrible purple and the images in my movie have this discoloration consistantly. Even without playback, the iMovie window is purple and not black. With new projects everything is fine, but this color issue seems only related to opening OLD iMovie projects. I looked in preferences for an option, but thereseemed to be no logical solution. Please help!

    Others have reported this problem too, with a variety
    of colors.
    I believe it helped when they changed their iMovie
    playback preferences. The Quality setting.
    Thankyou. That helped. Everthing looks normal, as it should. strange bug though, I dont understand how this could occur... weird. I just hope my output now looks normal as well, as when I 'Bounced' to Mpeg with the quality setting fo rplayback at 'highest', it was purple throughout the subsiquent movie file. Now, it saves as normal, but I wonder exactly what the 'Quality' preference really does???
    Having said that, Thank you karl, I can get back to work!
    Top advice!
    G4 1.2 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • Old Logic + a new Mac = can't open old projects anymore. De/re-install?

    Hi everybody,
    maybe someone can advise me with this problem:
    I bought a new Mac recently, did install a fresh OSX 10.5 and then used migration assistant to transfer my old user account from my old Mac (10.4), incl. all files. It did take a night, but it worked - or so I thought. Actually all applications work as they should, except for Logic. I had to re-authorize a few plug-ins, but then all seemed to be cool. I can open a new project, record audio, midi, add plug-ins, all cool. But I ended up with 3 problems, which are really annoying:
    1) EXS24 couldn't find most of the samples anymore. Most, not all. I have 4 internal HDs, one for the system, one for audio recordings, one for samples, one for "other stuff". 2 of these disks came from the old Mac, 2 new ones, content copied from old Mac. In the EXS prefs I set "search for samples" to "all volumes", but it still didn't work perfectly. Finally I bought EXSManager Pro and now it seems to work again. I didn't try ALL samples yet, but the +/- 20 EXS instruments I tried, did load all samples.
    2) Space Designer doesn't load impulse responses for the presets anymore. They're there and at the right place. I can load SD and import an existing impulse file, no problem. But the presets don't find the required files anymore.
    3) Now - and this is the worst one - I can't open old projects anymore. I just can't. It starts loading, I see the rainbow thing (don't know the right word), it turns black & white and that's it. You can watch this forever and nothing happens.
    Regarding all 3 issues:
    I don't get any error messages. Logic doesn't crash, I can't click 'apple-.' to stop loading/searching. It just doesn't open the file. I had a coffee, a pizza, I let it try for 2 hrs+, but neither did it load a SD preset or an old song file. All I can do is manually quit Logic.
    But when I open Logic with the CTRL-button down and click "no" to core audio I can open all songs. Of course I can not hear a tone then, but it's all there. Opening a song takes 3 secs then. I tried to safe a song then with a different name, re-started Logic with core audio but same result. It get's "stuck".
    Of course I checked user permissions and all the usual trouble shooting clicks, but still Logic has a mind of it's own. I installed a 2nd user with admin rights, though still the same, plus all the 3rd party plug-ins refusing to work.
    Now I was thinking, should I de-install Logic and re-install from the original CDs maybe. And if so, is there anything special I have to take care of? Like manually removing any prefs or cache files?
    Or completely re-install the whole Mac? (pleeease no....)...
    If anybody has any idea, it'd be highly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance and for the energy to read my little novel here,

    Ok, either my question was too long or nobody seems to have an answer. Sad, either way
    Here's something I found out in the meantime, maybe this is interesting for somebody or maybe - problem's not totally solved - enough info for any of you to give me further advice.
    When I start Logic Core Audio driver de-activated, I can open old songs. Then I save them in a new folder with all audio files and a new name. And I remove all EXS24 instruments as well as the Space Designer. I quit Logic, re-open with Core Audio activated and I can open the song.
    Problem no.1: EXS24 instruments don't find the appropriate samples, but EXSMananger Pro did help me with this. Same problem with Space Designer, which doesn't find the impulse responses, connected to a certain preset.
    Two questions, every idea would be great!
    - Is there any way to teach Space Designer Presets where to look for impulse respones. I can load IR samples directly and create a new preset, but I can't use my old ones.
    - Is it possible to install Logic from scratch over an existing version? Or how should I de-install everything connected with Logic and then install a fresh version from CD?
    Thank you again,

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