I can't open pdf with adobe reader

I had to download Adobe reader to open a PDF.
Now I can't open the PDF and get a message that I must accept Adobe conditions forst which I did when installing it.
I notice that it is a problem across different platforms all with Adobe reader.
Any solutions?

Open a Finder window then from the menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
Type or copy paste the following:
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
Click Go.
If you see the:  AdobePDFViewer plugin in the Internet Plug-Ins folder, move it to the trash.
Restart your Mac and try opening a PDF file.

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  • Can't open pdf with Adobe reader 11.0

    2009 24" iMac G5 OSX 10.8.2
    After downloading pdfs, even Apple's iPhone manual and saving it to my hard drive, I cannot reopen it. The Adobe Reader error message says that the file is damaged and cannot be opened. I tried reinstalling 11.0 but to to no avail. The adobe site offered this link to their forum:
    Anybody with a similar problem. I'd greatly appreciate any ideas on how to resolve this.

    It sounds like that you downloaded the PDF in Safari and tried to open it later. The fix is to delete the Adobe plugins from your Library's Internet-Plugins folder or to use another browser, not Safari, to download your PDFs.

  • My free Acrobat trial expired and now I can't open PDFs with Adobe Reader

    I recently downloaded a free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro before purchasing the software.  I already have Adobe reader installed on my computer (Dell PC -- Windows 7).  I attempted to purchase Adobe Acrobat as the parent of a student and I was told I had to wait for verification, which could take 1-2 days.  In the mean time, EVERY time I try to open a PDF, it asks me to buy the software and reminds me my trial has expired.  How can I revert back to using the free Adobe Reader I have always used?  If I had known it would be this much trouble, I never would have tried the free trial!  Can anyone help me out?
    Thank you!!

    Open Adobe Reader | Edit | Preferences | General: use the Select Default PDF Handler to specify Adobe Reader instead of Acrobat.

  • Can't open pdfs with adobe reader 11

    I was directed to download adobe reader 11, but am now unable to open any pdfs. I am using OSX version 10.7.5 and using safari. Previously I had no problem with viewing pdfs. I tried downloading again, but get a message that it is already downloaded. Any suggestions?

    I face the same issue, tired downloading on both Mac and Ubuntu, but unable to open a pdf doc, it keep saying cannot find adobe reader, please help.
    Thank you
    Syed Ahmed

  • Can't open pdfs with Adobe Acrobat X

    I can't open pdfs with Adobe Acrobat X. I get this message:
      Warning: Distiller will not process .Log, .PDF or .JDF file extensions
    What do I need to do to be able to open .pdf files? I could open them previously.

    What are you getting the message in response to? Was this a creation of a PDF that resulted in the message? What are you using Distiller for? Distiller can only open PS and EPS files for processing to create a PDF.
    PDF files are opened in Acrobat. For opening PDFs, Distiller has nothing to do with the opening. So I really have no idea. It sounds like you may just be having a creation error since you mentioned a log file. If you were creating a PDF, have you checked the LOG file for the errors? The log file is usually located where you were going to create the PDF, but is created as Distiller processes the file (part of the general Acrobat creation process) and is deleted if successful.
    If you were trying to create, go back to the original application and print to file with the Adobe PDF printer. Then open that file in Distiller to create a PDF. Any errors will be shown in the window and an indication if the PDF was created or not.

  • Can not open pdfs w/adobe reader for android on archos 10i tablet?

    I can not open pdfs w/adobe reader for android on archos 10i tablet? How to fix it?

    Hi Dennis, thank you for the reply. I have Adobe Reader installed and open. When I click on the pdf documents an error message box opens and says "Error. The document cannot be opened beacause it is not a valid pdf document". Perhaps the pdf's on the USB memory stick are corrupted. I can't open them on the laptop either. I'll reload them and try again.

  • Firefox not opening PDF with Adobe Reader for Mac

    I can't open PDF in Firefox with Adobe Reader for Mac, what should i do?

    I have come across this problem, but i have solved my problem. The default PDF viewer with Firefox browser on Mac is Preview, so you can't use adobe reader to open PDF files, if you want to use Adobe Reader to open pdf with Firefox on mac, you need set adobe reader as your mac's default pdf viewer. Do as follows:
    1. Select any PDF file and choose File > Get Info.
    2. Choose Adobe Reader as your default PDF files viewer from the Browser in Download Action window.
    3. Click OK to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF files viewer.
    If you want to learn more, you can go to this website,
    http://www.downloadatoz.net/download/adobe-reader-for-mac/using-the-adobe-reader -plugin-with-firefox-on-mac_g.html

  • I have a pdf that i can not get to print and I can only open it with Adobe Reader.

    I have a pdf that will only open in Adobe Reader.  I need to print it but when I try, I keep getting the message "Before you can preform .....you must install a printer."  I have several printers networked to this machine.  They all have up to date drivers.  I've tried changed the default printer.  I must print this document and am getting very frustrated.  I am on a Windows 7 PC.

    In order to troubleshoot the Adobe Reader printing issues, please refer to the following link:- Troubleshoot PDF printing | Acrobat, Reader.

  • Can't open PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    I downloaded AR DC and cannot open PDFs while using Google Chrome.  I get a message that I have to accept the end user license but I can't find it.  If I switch to Firefox I can open the same PDF without a problem.  I am on MacBook Air Yosemite 10.10.3

    Chrome uses its own, built-in (and buggy) PDF viewer.
    Browser Troubleshooting
    "Can't view PDF on the web"
    "Display PDF in browser" 
    Be well...

  • Can not open .pdf using Adober Reader XI

    I downloaded Adobe Reader XI and now am having problems opening .pdf files.  Is there any way that I can revert back to Adobe Reader X?

    What problems would that be? Maybe we can help if you give us some details?

  • Can't open PDF with Adobe Reaer...

    I've downloaded Adobe Reader 9.3 and cannot open any documents using it.I get error message...I've removed it and downloaded again with no luck

    Hi -
    I was able to download the reader 9.3 version for about the third time and it seems to be working.  The document quality seems a bit fuzzy but at least I can read them!!
    Thanks very much for the help.

  • Can't open forms with Adobe Reader X

    I'm running Windows Vista Business and after installing Adobe reader X. It will no longer opens forms.  The program simply quits responding.  Tried installing it on a Windows 7 computer and it works fine.  Any help besides reverting back to Reader 9.4.1 

    I found an issue with the new security features in this version of Reader. If you go to Edit>Preferences>General and uncheck "Enable procted mode at startup." You will get a pop-up warning that you will need to manually restart Adobe Reader.  Restart the reader and the problem seems to be resolved "for now"

  • Can't print PDF with Adobe Reader 10.1.12 and Mac OS 10.7.5

    I can print other things from this computer to my printer but not PDFs. Have been able to for years but not now. "Print as image" works but print quality too low.
    Using HP Laser Jet P3005dn
    Very frustrating. Have not gotten anything from apple, HP, or adobe communities.

    Went back to HP.com and this time was able to see and download latest driver and firmware for HP LaserJet P3005dn  Installation of new firmware was done thru the HP Printer Utility application on my iMac OS 10.7.5
    I was able to choose my printer and then upload the firmware file from the iMac to the printer. This has completely solved the problem!
    Thank you ~graffiti Not sure why I was not able to access the driver and firmware earlier from the HP site but eventually I found it.

  • Hi! I've just downloaded my PDF file but when I open it with adobe reader for iPhone, the toolbar do

    Hi! I've just downloaded my PDF file but when I open it with adobe reader for iPhone, the toolbar doesn't show! Can please anybody tell me why?

    Hi Elena, you have to tap on screen of iPhone, toolbar will just slide in.

  • Can't open PDF with newest version of reader says it's not supported?

    Can't open PDF with new version says it's not supported?

    Since you don't answer my last question, all I can do is point you to https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/pdf-error-1015-11001-update.html

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