I can't reset my PXI-6713.

I can't reset my PXI-6713. My os is Windows 2000 , LV 6.1 , Nidaq 6.8.0 . I have another card in the pxi chassis , a 6704 wich I can reset. Im using the Reset vi located in Daq AO . I know I have the right dev number as I can set the analog outputs to any level I choose.

Reset on the PXI6713. I found out the 6713 analog outputs won't respond to the Device Reset.VI because of the way the hardware is designed. I don't get an error code except 0 (ok )on the status output. I know the reset failed because I set the outputs to a voltage and they did not go to Zero. I also have a simulator analog card PXI6704 which would respond to the Reset.
Now I just send zero volts to the outputs and that solves the problem. I think doing a low level the STC Joint_reset_register (72) I could reset the 6713
thanks for all.
P.S I tried this with the CVI Init_ , it did not work either.

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  • Problem initializing DIO for PXI-6713

    Several years ago I wrote a very large RT program in LV 6.1 which has run without problems for 3 years.  While adding some new features, I decided to upgrade to LV 7.1 (it was too scary to take it all the way to LV 8.0).
    I am using 18 bits of DIO (6 groups of 3 bits) to drive some external divider circuitry, 12 bits from a PXI-6602 and 6 bits from the PXI-6713.  I am also using 6 counters from the 6602 and 6 Analog outs from the 6713.    After the upgrade, it will no longer initialize the digital output of the PXI-6713, even though it worked fine in LV 6.1
    Later in the program, I use each group of 3 bit DIO to determine the divisor of each circuit.  After power-up, I have to go into MAX and use the 6713 DIO test panel to "jump start" the DIO outputs, and then it works from there.  Luckily, we run continuously and power down only once every few months. 
    The problem is the same in 5 different PXI systems.
    Attached is a condensed version of the DIO inits for both cards.
    Thanks for any help I can get,
    DIO Init example.vi ‏98 KB

    Thanks for your reply,
    < When you say that it will not initialize the DO, do you mean that the power-up states are not what you expect? >
    After the initialization, the DO is all zeros, and the periodic updates do not create anything other than zeros.  I don't record any errors, but the DO updates do not respond to any commands.  Basically, the 1st 6 bits should be able to output in groups of 3 bits (typically 00_110_101 or 00_101_101.  The result is that the output of my divider circuit  is always divide by 1, rather than 60, 40, 30, 24, 20, or 15.
    Once I "jump start' in MAX, the outputs will update normally for months afterwards, until the system has to be powered up again.
    < Try using the Device Reset.vi (which can be found on the Calibration and Configuration palatte) before the Port Configure.vi>
    I won't be able to try anything until the next shutdown, which could be months from now, but I will be sure to try it then.
    < Also, did you upgrade your NI-DAQ driver when you upgraded from
    LabVIEW 6.1 to 7.1? >
    Yes, it's been upgraded to NI-DAQ 7.2.0
    I'm attaching an extract of the VI which updates the output, although it always works correctly once the initialization is good.
    Thanks again,
    Divider Outputs.llb ‏116 KB

  • How Do I Configure the PFI Lines as input in PXI 6713 module

    I have PXI 6713 module in my PXI 1044 chassis. I have configured PXI 6713 module to geneate certain analogue signals to my board.
    Board inturn process this analogue signal and responds back the status signals through a status register on the board. In my application,the status bits in status register of  the board are mapped to the PFI 0:3 bits on PXI 6713 module ( pins 11,10 , 42 and 43).
    My query is how do i configue the PFI lines as input in PXI 6713 module to read these status bits ??
    May be below explanation could give you little bit more information w.r.to my query.
    When i use NI USB - 6008    module to read the same bits , since this device has 12 digital I/O lines, i could able to read the status bits in to the last 4 digital lines by configuring the those digital lines as input.
    In PXI 6713  module i have only 8 digital lines. These 8 digital lines i have used to send the digital signals to the board. I am left with no digital I/O lines. Hence i couldn't use these digital lines. I am left with only one option to use. Theya re PFI lines. Moreover the status bits in the pin out of board are mapped such that the bits can be read through the PFI lines.
    I am wondering do we have any example code to use  inorder to read these status bits on the board using the PFI lines.
    Please let me know if you need additional information to help me out.
    Go to Solution.

    Hello There,
    When using the PFI pin as an input, you can individually configure each PFI for edge or level detection and for polarity selection.  This PFI information can be referenced in the DAQ Analog Output Series Manual on page 6-1 (http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/370735e.pdf).  Unfortunately, the PXI-6713 PFI lines are only capable of timing input and output signal for AI, AO, or counter/timer functions.  The option of creating static DI from the PFI lines is not available for the PXI-6713. However, some cards have this capability.  Newer National Instruments products with PFI lines have the option of setting PFI lines as:
    Static Digital Input 
    Static Digital Output
    Timing Input Signal for AI, AO, DI, DO, or counter/timer functions 
    Timing Output Signal from AI, AO, DI, DO, or counter/timer functions
    When set as static DIO, the PFI lines are assigned to a different port (eg. PFI0-7 is Port1).  More details about this can be referenced at:
    Roman Sandoval | National Instruments | RF Systems Engineer

  • Generating a square waveform of 100 KHz from one of the Anolog output channels of PXI-6713 ?

    I am trying to generate a square waveform from one of the anolog output channels of PXI 6713.
    I am developing my application in VC++
    My requirement is a continous 100 KHz square waveform with 90% duty cycle and 1.5 V amplitude.
    The following is the code i have used (i have removed error handling code):
    ***** code *******
    i16 deviceNumber = 6; // PXI 6713 Device Id as per NI-MAX
    i16 deviceNumberCode; // to be returned by Init_DA_Brds function
    i16 chan = 2; // DAC channel 2
    i16 numChans = 1; // only one channel is used for
    i16 chanVect[1] = {2}; // DAC Channel 2
    f64 gain = 1.0;
    i16 binArray[10] = {0};
    i16 group = 1; // default for most of the devices
    u32 count = 10; // 10 data points
    // 9 data points ON and 1 data point OFF constituting 90% duty cycle
    f64 voltArray[10] = {1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,0};
    u32 iterations = 0; // Repeat waveform indefinitely
    i16 mode = 0; // Disable FIFO mode / delay mode
    f64 rate = 100000; // 100,000 points / sec
    i16 units = 0; // points / sec
    i16 timebase;
    u32 updateInterval;
    i16 whichclock = 0; // update clock
    i16 operation = 1; // Start waveform initiation
    Init_DA_Brds (deviceNumber, &deviceNumberCode);
    WFM_Scale (deviceNumber, chan, count, gain, voltArray, binArray);
    WFM_Group_Setup (deviceNumber, numChans, chanVect, group);
    WFM_Load (deviceNumber, numChans, chanVect, binArray, count, iterations, mode);
    WFM_Rate (rate, units, &timebase, &updateInterval);
    WFM_ClockRate (deviceNumber, group, whichclock, timebase, updateInterval, mode);
    WFM_Group_Control (deviceNumber, group, operation);
    If I try to generate 10 KHz waveform with the same 90% duty cycle and 1.5 V amplitude, the waveform gets generated continously....
    But for 100 KHz, itz generating continously....but only few waveforms....
    Is there any hardware limitations ? I've tried changing the value of the timebase ( points / sec) and update interval etc...
    plz help me
    thanx in advance

    The best way to get started is to run one of the NI-DAQ shipping examples. You can find a good example at
    C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\VisualC\Ao. Take the one named WFMDoubleBuf.c.
    On that example, you will just need to change the data written to the buffer to met your application's pulse train requirement.
    Hope this helps.
    Filipe A.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Timebase synchronization issue with PXI 6713

    As indicated in another post, I need to use a common timebase to all cards within my PXI chassis to synchronize my acquisition/generation DAQmx tasks.
    I performed that successfully by setting timebases of all boards from the 20MHz timebase of a E-series DAQ board.
    I have another system setup where I do not have E-series DAQ boards but only M-series. In this case, I tried to synchronize all the cards with the 10MhzRefClock of a PXI 6254 board. It seemed to work correctly, until I looked at the analog output signal of one PXI 6713 board.
    This device has 8 analog outputs, I performed as for DAQ boards : I set its timebase to a 10Mhz clock. When I have at least two outputs with hardware timing I observe on scope really weird signal : nothing is visible when all outputs are left to zero volt, but when another voltage is set, the output toggles at very high frequency between 0V and the setting voltage. When two outputs are set to values different from zero, the output also toggles but between these two settings...
    I thought it was a board failure, but I checked with another PXI 6713 and the behavior is the same.
    When synchronizing with a 20MHz timebase, everything is fine, but 10MHz clearly shows this issue. I checked the 6713 documentation, and it seems possible to use a timebase different than 20MHz.
    I attached a VI that illustrates the problem : I create a DAQmx task containing 2 AOs, where 10MHz timebase is taken from a M-series DAQ board. A hardware timed single point timing is configured and outputs are updated in a while loop. If you connect a scope to the first analog output, you will see the phenomenon.
    Everyting is fine when you select a 20MHz clock as a timebase. 10MHz leads to this issue. I also tried to synchronize through PXI backplane clock (i.e. /6259_1/PXI_Clk10) but it leads to the same problem.
    Please note that using the same 10MHz synchronization on DAQ cards (PXI 6040E, 6071E, 6254, 6259...) for AO works perfectly. I only encountered this problem with PXI 6713 board.
    Message Edité par Inpriser le 08-18-2006 02:54 AM
    Synchro 10 MHz PXI AO.vi ‏34 KB

    You wanted to use the PXI 10MHz clock to synchronize to 6713s using the PXI capabilities. I’m afraid that since the AO series doesn't have a PLL, you won't be able to use the PXI 10 clock.
    I made a few search and found this:
     “Neither the 6713 nor any of the AO series support PLL synchronization. However, the M-Series does, though in that case you are limited to a smaller number of analog outputs. Regardless, the best option is using an Arb or other card that can use the Star Trigger, or an m-series device with PLL synchronization capabilities.”
    For more info’s about how to deal with PXI and PLL, please check this forum:
    I’m sorry to disappoint you, hoping you’ll manage to deal with that,
    BRAUD Jean-Philippe
    Field Sales Engineer - Nord et Centre France
    LabVIEW Certified Developper

  • PXI 6713

    Hi All
    I have been tasked with writing a LabView application to test the functionality of all the input and outputs of a PXI 6713 module. All was going well until I tried to get an output from the 'FREQ OUT' and 'EXT STROBE' pins. User manual briefly mentions these pins as outputs but when I try to configure in DAQmx they are not selectable as physical channels. Can someone please tell me how to configure them to give an output that I can measure.
    I'm using LabView 2011, MAX 5 .0 and DAQmx 9.3.5
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ian,
    If you consider the old usual manual, then there is a little more information on the two outputs you are referring to, that might prove useful:
    FREQ_OUT Signal
    This signal is available only as an output on the FREQ_OUT pin. The
    frequency generator for the 6711/6713 device outputs the FREQ_OUT pin.
    The frequency generator is a 4-bit counter that can divide its input clock by
    the numbers 1 through 16. The input clock of the frequency generator is
    software-selectable from the internal 10 MHz and 100 kHz timebases. The
    output polarity is software selectable. This output is set to tri-state at
    EXTSTROBE* Signal
    EXTSTROBE* is an output-only signal that is used for controlling SCXI
    There is also a table in this document specifying information about the inidividual inputs and outputs that could also prove useful. 
    Let me know how you get on, or if you require any further information. 
    Kind regards,
    Matt H
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments UK

  • Does PXI-6713 have a 50 ohm impedance and capability to go from 0-1 volt

    does PXI-6713 have a 50 ohm impedance and capability to go from 0-1 volt?

    According with the specification (the help file can be download on Analog Output Series Help (User Manual and Specifications))
    The Voltage Output Impedance is 0.1 Ohms
    The Output Range is +/- 10V or +/- AO ext ref.
    Best regards,
    Voltage Output Specifications.JPG ‏13 KB

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  • How to read and display a signal from my a miccrontroller (MCB1700) onto labview connected via a CAN port on a PXI machine

    How do you read and display a signal from my a miccrontroller (MCB1700) onto labview connected via a CAN port on a PXI machine?
    I tried using a DAQ Assistant but the CAN port is not included as one of the supported physical channels even though all its drivers are upto date.
    Please help..
    Go to Solution.

    Attached herewith is a print screen of what is showing on MAX
    The CAN ports are on NI PXI-8461
    Hopefully that clarrifies something.
    Untitled.png ‏212 KB
    Untitled.png ‏212 KB

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