I can't see the group ripper in premiere pro after 2014.1 update, and 2014.2 did not fix.

Please someone help me fix this I am literally going crazy as I have to edit in my notebook and am constantly hooking it up to different monitors, which calls for a different workspace most of the time. Thanks in advance.
To be clear I can not see the group ripper and therefore have to reset my workspace every time I want to redock an undocked panel group.

Click on the name and drag.

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  • Can I change the fisheye look through premiere pro, from a GoPro camera?

    Can I change the fisheye look through premiere pro, from a GoPro camera?

    That depends, at least in part, on which platform you're. [That and the exact version of Premiere Pro you have are two data points that you should always include...]
    On Windows, Premiere has an effect called Lens Distortion.  I'm not sure what your options are on Mac. If someone else doesn't come along with suggestions for Mac, then Googling "'Premiere Pro" mac fisheye GoPro" yields some promising hits.

  • Aperture is asking to upgrade library every time I open the application, even after it has already been upgraded.  I just ran the update and it is still not fixed.  What can I do???

    Aperture is asking to upgrade library every time I open the application, even after it has already been upgraded.  I just ran the update and it is still not fixed.  What can I do???  My plug are asking me to re-register them too.  This is annoying.  Please help!!!!!

    How do you try to start the repair dialogue? By starting Aperture or by opening the Library?
    If you not already have tried it with directly opening the library: 
    reveal your Aperture Library in the Finder
    Whilst holding down Command(⌘)- option (⌥) double click on the Aperture Library.
    Select "repair library" from the dialogue.
    What about Frank Caggiano's questions above?
    It would be really helpful to know, how many libraries you have, and if this problem is restricted to one of them.

  • HT4623 Is there any way to recover my contacts after this last update?  I evidently did not do the cloud thing correctly, thought it backed up when charging.

    Is there any way to recover my photos and contacts after this last update?  Evidently I did not back up properly, I thought that your phone backed up while charging....  Not so?

    In order to recover something that info has to exist. Where is it? Tell us where your data is backed up and you will get your answer. Places where your contacts can be recovered from: Facebook app, emails like gmail or yahoo, windows contacts, Mac contacts/address book, outlook, exchange, iCloud backup, iCloud synced contacts(that one is unlikely, or you wouldn't be here), iTunes backup.

  • Please inform me where I can get the title template as the plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014?

    Dear Adobe Premiere friends,
    Previously I the user of Pinnacle Studio which I can easy use the Title style/template, now I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and difficult to have the Title style/template, can anyone inform me where i can download the free Title plugin/template.
    Tks & B/regards,

    Here is a link to download the additional templates for premiere pro: Library, title templates, template projects missing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore
    They are common for cs6, cc and cc 2014.
    Thank You

  • I am unable to change the preferences on my Premiere Pro CC 2014 program...Please help!

    Hello, I use Premiere Pro CC 2014 on my Mac Computer. I am unable to change the settings in the preference of Premiere Pro. When I change a setting and click "OK" Premiere doesn't respond. I can click cancel and the window closes, but when I click ok the window does not close. Since Premiere doesn't respond when I click ok, any setting that I have changed remains the same. I tried reinstalling the program, but after the installation I still have the same issues. Does anyone have a solution?

    What preferences exactly? Are you trying to change them under Premiere > Preferences? What OS are you on? Can you please attach a screenshot?

  • I downloaded the app for Pages to my iPhone 4s but I can't see the document on my MacBook Pro via iCloud

    I thought iCloud would sync documents done on Pages on the iPhone 4s to my laptop like it does with iPhoto, but I can't find the documents on my laptop or vice versa.  Help!!!

    make sure your documents setting on your iPhone is truned on for the iCloud. Go to settings, > iCloud > switch documents & data is on.

  • How can I see the Skype icon on my ipad after downloading and restarting?

    I downloaded Skype on my iPad and see that it is in settings under apps but I don't have the icon on the home page. I have restarted the iPad and nothing changed. Please help me.

    Typically, when you download a new app, it is loaded on the last page or screen - click your your home button and swipe right-to-left and look on each screen for your Skype Icon.

  • I can't see the 2145 unread messages that it says I have on email. Will they not load and can I clear the inbox at once some how?

    Can I load the messages it says are unread? I have pulled the inbox down and it's says updated but 2145 unread messages. I would just like the flag the go away on app icon

    That's the organizer? Sorry, but the Grab menu is in front in your screenshot.
    If so, go to your username>library>Application Support>Adobe/>Elements Organizer/11.0>organizer and delete status.dat.
    BTW, just for future reference, you don't need to bother with Grab for general screenshots. Cmd+shift+3 captures the whole screen, cmd+shift+4 and drag to capture part of it. Here are some other shortcuts (article is for 10.8 but they're the same in 10.9)

  • My iMac suddenly can't read the backup hard drive I've been using for Time Machine.  I did NOT just upgrade the OS or anything.  The external HD is an OWC Mercury Elite All Pro. It's worked fine since I got the iMac 4 years ago.`

    My iMac suddenly can't read the backup hard drive I've been using for Time Machine.  I tried unplugging the cord that connects the HD to the iMac and plugging it back in, but I still get "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" below which are buttons for Initialize, Ignore and Eject.  I was using a cord that went from larger square plug to larger square plug.  So then I tried one that went from smaller square plug to what I think is USB (thin rectangular plug) of the sort that connects the keyboard and mouse. It's the type that my printers and scanners use to connect to the iMac.  I did NOT just upgrade the OS or anything.  The external HD is an OWC Mercury Elite All Pro. It's worked fine since I got the iMac 4 years ago. What else can I try before just trying to initialize and

    Thanks, Michael!  I do hear it at times spooling up and running. Just after I bumped the thread I looked for troubleshooting for this drive online and found the manual which suggested using Disk Utility which I've seen before accidentally (if I hit Command Shift U instead of Shift U to type "Unit" on a new folder for a student's homework ) but had never really noticed.   Disk Utility does see it and also a sub-something (directory?) which might be the Time Machine archives on the disk, called disk1s2), sort of the way that my iMac's hard drive shows up as 640.14 GB Nitachi HDT7... and has a sub-something titled DB iMac, which is what I named my iMac's hard drive.
    Anyway the owner's manual just shows the image under the formatting section, not the troubleshooting section, but as soon as I saw it in the manual I remembered seeing it accidentally a few times, went to it, and am now verifying the disk.  Right now it's telling me that it will take 2 hours to complete the verification, so I guess I have a bigt of a wait.  :-) 
    Does that fact that Disk Utilities can see it mean it's not failed, or just that it hasn't completely failed? 
    I can see the virtue in having multiple redundant backups, or at least two backups. What do you suggest?  Two external hard drives?  I had this one linked by ethernet, and but I also have a cord that could link it by USB (like a printer), so if this one is reparable I could get a second one and link it by USB.  If this one is not reparable I could get two and do the same thing.  I do have an Airport so I suppose it's possible to get some sort of Wi-Fi hard drive (my new printer/scanner uses only the network and not a cable, although it has a cable that I used for the initial installation), but I'd suspect a Wi-Fi hard drive might have a higher price.
    What hard drives, if any, do you recommend? I seem to recall that when I was looking at external hard drives 4 years ago, Apple's were substantially more expensive, which is why I got the OWC Mercury Elite All Pro.

  • I can't pass the activation on my iPhone 4 after I've updated on iOS 7

    After I've up-to-date my iOS version to 7.0.4, my phone can't pass the activation as it requares appleID of the previous owner. Today I have no contact with this guy. This iPhone was purchased with the conclusion of a social contract. Serial number on the box coincides with serial in settings of the phone.
    Please help me with this unpleasantness.

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Unfortunately, you cannot do very much with your phone unless you get assistance from the previous owner, they should either provide you with the password to unlock it or remove their account from the phone entirely remotely through iCloud.com > Find My Phone.

  • Lesson files in the CD from Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 release (Classroom in a book) won't load.

    After copying all files from the CD on to my hard drive, the files won't work when I tried to open it in Premiere Pro. It says file missing or cannot be found.
    Could anyone please help me with this?

    I contacted Adobe customer service and they directed me here.
    They told me that they would transfer the chat to the appropriate group but ended up giving me this community forums link.

  • How do I fix the red screen on Premiere Pro CC 2014?

    Past few weeks, Premiere Pro has not been playing some of my video files properly. Here are the computer specs.
    Mac Pro (late 2013)
    3.5 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5
    32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC
    AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB
    Recorded on:
    Canon XF 300
    MXF files
    What is odd is the Premiere file has six different videos apart of a series and only one of the sessions is showing red screens on both the program and source monitor. The other five sessions are fine. The original MXF files run fine, it is only when they are in that certain sequence.
    Another variable is this happens on our other Mac Pro late 2013 but it is completely fine on our older machines (Mac Pro early 2008).
    How can I fix this issue? I know there have been red screen issues in the past, but Adobe was supposed to have fixed that.

    Hello konagirl64,
    It may help to put your iPad into recovery mode prior to restoring.
    If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • My volume suddenly stopped and doing reset did not fix the problem on mi Ipad

    The volume on my ipad 2 suddenly stopped working and doing a reset did not correct it.

    Try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

  • Inside the browser, right click on the mouse seems to be disabled. How can I enable the right click button? It works fine on toolbars and tab bar but not inside tabs or windows. I would like to be able to copy and paste and such. Thank you

    Right mouse button does not open any menu when clicked inside of tabs or windows. Works properly on the toolbars, in the address line, search bar...etc. but has no action on the page I'm browsing. I purchased a mouse recently and like the old one, the right button works in all other areas of my operating system. I would like to know if there is a setting in firefox that I can change to correct this.

    There are also websites that can disable the right-click context menu.
    See Tools > Options > Content : JavaScript > Advanced > Allow Scripts to:
    [ ] "Disable or replace context menus"
    There are other things that need attention:
    Your above posted system details show outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks that you should update.
    *Shockwave Flash 10.0 r42
    Update the [[Managing the Flash plugin|Flash]] plugin to the latest version.

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