I cannot download adobe reader in order to download an item. can you call me Removed by Moderator

I cannot download adobe reader in order to download an item.  can you call me

What is your operating system & version?
Define "cannot" - what happens when you try?
Try downloading the offline installer from http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/
P.S. this is a user-to-user support forum; you can use paid support if you want telephone support: http://helpx.adobe.com/reader.html

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  • Do you have an Adobe Reader for Unix/Solaris?  If so, can you provide me the URL?

    Do you have an Adobe Reader for Unix/Solaris?  If so, can you provide me the URL?

    The last Reader version issued for Unix is 9.5.5; you can download the appropriate files from ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/unix/9.x/9.5.5/enu/

  • After install Adobe Reader all my files are switched to Adobe files.  After uninstalling Adobe Reader all is back to normal.  Can you help?  Thanks

    After installing Adobe Reader all my files are switched to Adobe files.  After uninstalling Adobe Reader all is back to normal.  Can you help?  Thanks.

    You may find this useful:  http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/application-file-icons-change-acrobat.html

  • Adobe Reader XI will not print PDFs. Can you please help

    Why can't Reader XI print PDF pages?

    Hello everyone:
    I have been totally frustrated as well and had to keep uninstalling the update and go back to my previous version of Adobe Reader  Now I did what Frank above said and it finally allowed me to print PDFs again in the 11.0.09 version!  You may need to do some of the other changes but the below changed everything for me!!!!!
    'View documents in PDF/A mode' to 'Never' Preferences .

  • TS1424 I am getting an error message #6034 and cannot download itunes.   Can you tell me why.

    I have tried to install the latest itunes upgrade and cannot down load.  Keep getting error #6034.  Why can't I download?

    Check the user tip below.

  • Cannot download flash player can you assist?

    I have been trying unsuccessfully for quite a time to download flash player but the system does not finish and it seems to go to download then stops how can I get this to download correctly?

    I'm having the same problem. I'm using Norton antivirus, so it's not caused by those vendors listed. I have Scripting Enabled in my IE options and my Information bar is turned on. I have no problem downloading other files, just the Flash update.
    I'm about to try removing flash and reinstalling it - again, as that was the solution for the last update.
    Rather annoying.

  • Cannot Delete Adobe Reader 9 Installer after failed download

    I tried to download Adobe Reader 9 and the installation froze around 83%.  After multiple attempts I tried downloading an older version (Adobe 8) and it worked but the installation folder for Adobe 9 is still on my desktop and it will not let me delete it. I have already tried using the Windows Install cleanup tool but it did not work. Any other ideas on how I can get rid of this installation program?

    Thanks.. I managed to find a way to make it work.. I had no Adobe Reader in my list of programs when I went to Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove..  I took a  chance and deleted Acrobat.com.. that allowed me to reload the latest v of Reader.  I hope it didn't mess anything else up.
    Bill, Healdsburg, CA
    Woodcarvings: www.picturetrail.com/chips
    Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 02:21:27 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Cannot Delete Adobe Reader 9 Installer after failed download
    I had same situation. Was able to delete by the following: (don't know why)
    In Windows Explorer dragged the Adobe AIR folder from Desktop to another folder (which
    removed it from the desk top display). Then just deleted it from the other folder.
    Hope it works for you.

  • I cannot get Adobe Reader 11 to work - what have I done wrong?

    I cannot get Adobe Reader 11 to work - what have I done wrong?

    Hi Pat,
    I usually don’t have trouble explaining my problems, but this one is confusing the heck out of me.  I just downloaded Reader 11.  It is installed, I believe.  This is the first time Reader has not worked for me after upgrading to a newer version.  I’ve been reading PDF files forever, but tonight when I went to read a pdf file that I received today, I clicked on the file, expecting Reader to open up and it never did.  Then I tried to read some older pdf files and nothing happened when I tried to open the file.  I’ve been using Acrobat Reader for years so that’s why I’m so confused.
    I downloaded the file from the adobe.com website. and everything seemed to be fine.  My question is indeed vague, but I don’t know any other way to explain what happened.  Should I uninstall and start over??
    Thanks, Elaine

  • Cannot open adobe reader at all

    I cannot open Adobe reader, even the icon on my desktop I mean. I have windows 7 and I could not open PDF file on web either. It will have a full blue bar telling me it is fully downloaded but the actual content never shows up. I tried uninstall and install for more than five times. Anyone could help?

    Sorry, it is not quite clear to me if you have Adobe Reader actually installed or not.
    I suggest that you uninstall it (again), then try installing with the full installer from http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

  • Cannot install adobe reader

    I cannot install adobe reader on window XP

    What exactly means "cannot"?
    Try running the cleaner tool http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/acrobatcleaner.html
    then download and run the installer from http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

  • Cannot Open Adobe Reader 9

    I have spent the better part of three days trying to follow the threads to fix my problem. Most of the suggestions invlove opening Reader 9 and do this and that. I am using Windows Vista ( which I detest) and I cannot even open Reader 9. I get a window that says "Windows has detected an internal error." No further instructions, no error number, no nothing.
    I have also gone to the Adobe Support site for Reader. Even tho I registered my application, I did not locate my PW. ID is my e-mail but when I go to the "forgot PW" page, and enter my ID, which it says is Step One, the page just keeps saying ID and PW do not match, which is WHY I am at THAT page to begin witrh. This is very frustrating. I am at that proverbial "Catch 22" situation and am pulling my hair out.
    I cannot open any e-mail attachment that is sent in Adobe ( which 95% of them are), cannot begin to fix the problem because I cannot open Reader 9 and cannot contact tech support because they do not allow me to retrieve my PW. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Denise,
    I am having the same exact problem as you are having. I am also using Windows Vista and am having problems with Adobe Reader 9.1 The download doesn't seem to fully complete. I also am an administrator and logged in as such on this computer. I had another user account that I created for others that might use this computer. I logged into that user account yesterday and I received notifications that updates were available for Adobe, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. I installed all the updates and got the problem with Adobe Reader. Could the problem have been created by me installing the update for Adobe Reader through the user account? Adobe Reader worked on the user account but then I logged off and logged into my main account (administrator account) and there was a problem with Adobe. I tried to uninstall Adobe Reader (through the control panel) and was unsuccessful (I figured I can uninstall it and then reinstall). I then just deleted the user account and arrived to where I am right now.
    I click on Adobe Reader's shortcut on my desktop and get a popup stating:
    "An internal error occurred."
    Then I close the popup and get the famous green bar from hell that is associated with Vista stating:
    "Adobe Reader 9.1 has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." blah blah blah
    I then click to close that window....windows returns a solution...to go to Adobe Incorporated....etc. and sends me to download Adobe Reader 9.1....I proceed to download
    First I get a popup window during the installation process stating:
    "Welcome to Setup for Adobe Reader 9.1 Adobe Reader 9.1 Setup is preparing to guide you through the program setup process. Please wait. Computing space requirements."
    Then the process gets interrupted with this popup:
    "Setup Completed Setup was interrupted before Adobe Reader 9.1 could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again. Click Finish to exit setup."
    Along with the previous window I also get an error message stating the following:
    "Adobe Reader 9.1 Installer Information Error 1606. Could not access network location %APPDATA%\."
    There is an Adobe Reader 9 Installer file on my desktop which includes the setup files. I open the setup file to complete the installation process and I get the same error messages.
    I believe this problem has to do with the registry.

  • "Cannot use adobe reader to view pdf in your web browser" error in Windows 7 and Acrobat pro 8.1.7

    I get the error "Cannot use adobe reader to view pdf in your web browser.  Reader will now exit.  Please exit your browser and try again" in Windows 7 x32 and Windows 7 x64 with Acrobat pro 8.1.7.  This happens when trying to open  a PDF file in Internet explorer 8.0.760 or when I open a PDF in Quickbooks 2008.  If I answer ok or cancel the file opens normally.  If I open acrobat 8 first then the pdf files open as expected.  I also tried a copy of Acrobat reader with no difference in the outcome.  Since this happens on two different computers one fresh copy of windows 7 x64 the other an upgrade to windows 7 x32 and they used to work before the change to windows 7, I assume there is some kind of incompatibility with windows 7 and acrobat.  Is this a known issue and will it be fixed in an update to acrobat in the near future?

    tvandersluijs - I'm sorry if that screwed up your machine however:
    1. What version of Adobe Reader are you using because as you can see the registry entry is for Adobe Reader 9, if ur using Adobe Reader 8 then u need to specify ur version as PAllens entry suggested - "E.g. "C:\Program files\Adobe\Acrobat [version]\Reader\AcroRd32.exe""
    2. I've used this solution significantly because I have come across this specific issue for multiple users.
    3. All the registry entry does is tell Windows what program to use by default to open/view PDF documents.
    My intention wasn't to screw up ur machine or anybody elses as I said I've used this solution many times however what I've should gave is the disclaimer to backup ur registry before u make mods so u can revert back in case. Also the ony other thing I can think of is that this solution was for Windows XP using registry editior 5, I'm noticing that the title of this thread is Windows 7.

  • I just bought and downloaded an embroidery file but Adobe Reader will not open it.  What can I do?

    I just bought and downloaded an embroidery file but Adobe Reader will not open it. What can I do?

    Is it actually a PDF file or something else.
    You haven't given us enough information to do anything other than throw random guesses your way.
    Version of Reader? File type? Downloaded and saved to your desktop or are you clicking a link?
    Opening in browser or using File>Open in Reader?
    More info is better.

  • Cannot sign documents with Adobe Reader 10.1.3 - 10.1.10, Can sign document with 10.1.2 and 11.0.07

    Cannot sign documents with Adobe Reader 10.1.3 - 10.1.10, Can sign document with 10.1.2 and 11.0.07
    In my environment, we have 10.1.2 that's currently packaged. Our CIO was able to sign documents via signature with no problem. Later he got updated to 10.1.9, no longer can sign.
    During testing I was able to confirm that 10.1.2 signed without problems, but anything that, it goes kaput, the Sign and options are not listed.
    Latest Adobe Reader can sign... any ideas?

    I'm having a similar problem.  What I'm trying to do is print a Microsoft Word 2010 document with paper size A4 to Adobe pdf document paper size A4.  I select "A4" for paper size in word and then print using Adobe print standard settings.  What I get is an Adobe document in 8.5 x 11.  This is an issue because these are patent documents for electronic filing in WIPO and they must be in A4 size.
    If I select other sizes in Word, such as A3, Tabloid, and Legal, the Adobe file is in the same paper size.
    If I print a Powerpoint document in A4 to Adobe, the Adobe file page size is A4.
    If I print an Adobe file in 8.5 x11 to Adobe A4, the second Adobe file is in A4.
    Any help? 

  • How do I "Launch" Adobe Reader in order to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to view PDF documents? ....Somers

    How do I "Launch" Adobe Reader in order to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to view PDF documents? ....Somers  I'm using a MAC with up to date software.

    Launching is just the normal word in Apple's word for "run an app". You can launch an app from the Applications folder, or in recent versions of Mac OS using the LaunchPad (rocket icon). You can't assume all your apps appear on the dock (bottom strip), it's only the ones Apple put there or you added.

Maybe you are looking for

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