I cannot open a session file sent from another computer?

Hey all!  I just purchased AA 3.0 for home.  Thing is, when I send myself a session file from work (through email), when I open the file at home, there is nothing.  It shows the track, but there is no signal (on edit view).  It is flat as if nothing were recorded.  Any ideas?  I'm extremely new to AA 3.0 and appreciate any help whatsoever.  BTW, are there any tutorials out there that could help me get started?  I use AA primarily for voiceover recordings.  I really just need to learn (correctly) how to record, edit, enhance, and covert to mp3 my recordings.  Thanks so very much!  -matt c.

The session files only contain information on editing and no actual audio data.  The tracks you've recorded are in files (probably .wav) somewhere in the project folder or wherever you told AA to save them when you hit the record button...  So if you ever need to copy a session make sure to gather up all the files ascociated with it.
This little utility program might help when you need to gather those files... http://www.mediasweeper.com.au/sesbackup.htm
As for tuturials... Check out the audiomasters forum at www.audiomastersforum.net and do a quick search.  Your sure to find everything you need.

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    DNS translation issues?

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    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

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  • Opening Excel .xlsx files emailed from Windows computer

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    Considering you are the sender and receiver the solution should be easy. When you are getting ready to save the file on your MS Windows machine instead of saving do a "Save As" and you will see and option to save as .xls format. Once you do that your MS Windows 2004 version on your Mac will be able to read the file. However I think you're wise considering upgrading to Office 2011 on the Mac, that will be much simpler in the long term and you will have a version much more like your Windows version.
    While I never used Excel 2004 on my Mac's I did use Excel 2008 which I disliked. However I have since upgraded to Office 2011 and so far found that to be a really nice product.
    Best of luck,

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Try restarting the Apple TV, router and computer or de/re-authorising your computer

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     Can not open the HP Printer software program on my desktop. I have tried uninstall re-install, the Wizard, HP Print & Scan Doctor and nothing helps.
    Worked Ok in Windows 8. Upgraded to Windows 8.1 and that is when the problem occurred  Ican print,etc. but canot open to scan, fax ink levels etc.

    Hi there,
    Sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing since upgrading to Win 8.1.  Question for you, I know you said you uninstalled and re-installed, but when you re-installed, do you remember which driver you installed?  I ask because there are 2 versions:  full and basic.  The full driver should include all the functionality you are mentioning.  The basic driver would not.
    This support document shows how to download the full 8.1 driver for your printer (if you haven't already).
    **Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

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    If anyone is reading this still looking for what caused the issue and how to fix it here is what I discovered.
    The antivirus program our company uses, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, was causing some of the PDF files not to open. After troubleshooting the different modules and settings the culprit was..
    Scan SSL in Privacy Control Settings. Turning it OFF solved the problem and all the PDF files that previously would not open now open just fine. This issue has been sent to Bitdefender for them to review. If you use a different antivirus program and are having this issue try locating the Scan SSL setting and see if turning it off solves the problem.

  • I cannot open a pdf file with aole-mail. I can open pdf files from windows explorer. I have associated pdf with adobe reader. My operating system is window

    I cannot open a pdf file with aol e-mail. I went to preferences in Adobe Reader but did not know what to enter for Incoming IMAP and outgoing SMTP. I can open pdf files from windows explorer as  I have associated .pdf files with adobe reader. My operating system is windows 7.
    When I try to open the pdf file within aol e-mail I get a message: 'Your security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded'.  I have not changed my security settings (Tools, Internet Options, security).

    Or http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/pdf-browser-plugin-configuration.html

  • Cannot open my NEF files in Photoshop CS6 from my new Nikon D800 camera.

    That's it, I Cannot open my NEF files in Photoshop CS6 Camera Raw from my new Nikon D800 camera. What am I doing wrong or what is wrong? I have the plug-in Camera Raw 7. and can open TIFF files but not the NEF files.
    Charles Fennen

    Hi ssprengel,
    to explain the scenario, i am basically a D7000 user and I do post production with Windows computer. But for an assignment I have hired D800, they have provided me their SD memory card. I have used the same memory card while shooting.
    I have transferred the NEF files from the camera using Nikon software. The transfer was successful but i am not able to open the Raw NEF file with ACR. Even my plugins are updated till date.
    The NEF thumbnails are having small lock logo in the bottom left corner. I do not know what does that mean. Like this.
    Kindly let me know what would be the prob? if my RAW files are corrupted kindly let me know how will I recover them?
    Thank you.

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