I cannot sign into iCloud on my iMac.  I have read all of the help information, but that isn't working.  I cannot do anything with my system preferences - like add a new printer - because it won't log me in, sign me out, forget password doesn't work, etc.

I have been unable to log in to iCloud on my iMac.  None of the hints online have worked.  I can't sign in (with any password), sign out, the forget password doesn't work, the support button doesn't work.  It's locked.  I can't find anyway to fix this - I need to add a new printer ASAP - help!!!

The "Mail, Contacts & Calendars" window popped up a couple of weeks ago and is asking for my Apple ID password, which it will not accept,  It won't sign me out (I am not logged in), the support or forgot password buttons won't work.  With this window stuck open, I cannot access anything on system preferences.  I can't find any way to make it go away.  I have tried both my current and old Apple ID passwords, tried using FaceTime to login with the newer password, etc.

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