I cant detect CTRL+any keys like a, c, v, x, Home, end key strokein mac

I have problem with mac internet explorer.
Problem: i cant get key event for the keys Home, End, CTRL+C, CTRL+V etc. if anybody having an idea abt this please help me. I am in hurry.
thanks in advance,

Couple questions:
1) Do you know how to do this type of thing in general ... that is one key and then the next ?
2) If you do, then I would suggest doing printlns on the KeyEvents that you get. Each key is assigned a value and you should be able to figure out which key constants you need.

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  • In the last few days, I've encountered a problem with scrolling with my up & down keys. The up & down keys seem to, now function as Home & End keys. MyPage Up & Page Down keys seem to do nothing. What is wrong?

    In the last few days, I've encountered a problem with scrolling with my up & down keys. The up & down keys seem to, now function as Home & End keys. MyPage Up & Page Down keys seem to do nothing. What is wrong?

    Hit the '''F7''' key, you probably have Caret browsing turned on.

  • How to Use Home+End Key on new short usb apple keyboard on XP

    How to Use Home+End Key on new short usb apple keyboard on XP
    now i use macbook and new short apple keyboard.
    it hasn't Home and End key. i try to use Fn + -> , Fn + <-
    it cann't do that. How can i set the Fn + <- be Home key
    and Fn + -> be End key like on my macbook keyboard
    thank you for answer

    Easy, no need to be harsh. I might not be a Level 9  Discussions user, but I’ve been an Apple Technician for more than a decade now. So believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Be it OS X Server or emptying the Trash. But even I come here from time to time to learn from others. Well, back to topic and being a little more specific:
    The 'My Info' setting always belongs to the first iCloud account you add to an iOS device. In this account you create at least 1 contact, the one you will be using for 'My Info'. You then do the same on your other iOS device using NOT the same iCloud account, of course. You only need to enable contacts syncing in iCloud preferences for these primary accounts. From here on you can use differing 'My Info' on your 2 iOS devices without a problem.
    But you may know that you can use more than one iCloud account at a time. Only the primary one will offer all iCloud options like Photostream. But what they all offer is contacts, calendars, etc. So if you intend (and I did) to share these 2 between your devices you can add them using a second iCloud account to both of your iOS devices. This makes it 3 accounts all in all. You could even go further and add another one just for 'Find my iPhone' if you like.
    I would’ve used the built-in sharing of Calendar.app instead, but Contacts.app does not (yet) offer sharing contacts with others. That’s why I went with the third iCloud account as a secondary account to both iOS devices.
    Apple of course recommends using just one Apple ID for everything to make it easier. But in some scenarios this just won’t cut it, which is even described in one of their support documents.
    I hope that now you have an idea what I’ve done…
    Good night
    PS: It would be nice if people did not insist on being right. They too can sometimes learn something!

  • FCE & MBP Where's the home/end keys?

    Got my new MBP and FCE installed. Going through COD's Training DVD, Tom mentions the "home" key. Come to think of it there isn't one on my MBP keyboard.
    I tried CMD + L arrow but that doesn't work. The up/down arrow keys will moce the scrub bar but only to the next clip, so to get it back to the beginning or end of the video, I have to keep hitting the L/R Arrow keys.
    Isn't there a keyboard command to equal the home/end keys?

    It appears there may not be one. Take a look at this correspondence:-
    .......... and if you don't mind risking blowing up your computer there is this:-
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  • Keyboard arrows, Home, End keys

    In a edit box, such as a search box, my keyboard arrows, Home, End keys do not work since I upgraded to FireFox 8

    ''my keyboard arrows, Home, End keys do not work...''
    That problem is caused by "caret cursor" and the way that Mozilla works with it. Press "F7" reply "No" to turn if off. F7 toggles the setting and you may or may not see the warning but if you do see "No" that would mean you have it on and "No" would turn it off. For a more complete resolution see
    * [http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#caret Caret Browsing] in<br>http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#caret
    See how you do with Adobe PDF files after fixing the above. You can have PDF files open by default without Firefox involved except to download them, but I expect you chose to view in your browser. You have a lot more control of reading PDF files outside of Firefox. The plug-in is what allows you to open them in a browser.

  • Home/End keys do not work in FCE4

    I'm on an Intel iMac with the iMac keyboard with numeric keypad, so I have dedicated Home and End keys, not the Fn keys. The keys work in other applications (such as this text box) but have no effect in FCE at all. Other keys, like alt-R to render and J, K, and L all work, just not Home and End ... so far.
    Any ideas?

    So I've done a lot of searching and found that people in other countries seem to have this issue a lot with FCP, but I find no mention of it with FCE. I'm in the US, btw, with US settings. In their cases the work around is to go into System Preferences->International and change the language to English before they launch FCP.
    I tinkered with that and never could get it to work.
    However, what I did find is that I apparently do have some sort foreign keyboard setting somewhere, because I appear to have some foreign mappings. My home and end key functionality is available as ctrl-home and ctrl-end. Further, zooming on the timeline does not work with the + and - keys unless I also hold command when I hit them. Weird.
    I'd still love a legitimate solution if anyone can figure it out.

  • Home/End Keys don't work

    Hi, all,
    I've started having a problem with my home and end keys... they just don't do anything at all. Another user works fine, but my main account doesn't like them for whatever reason. Any idea what I can do to troubleshoot this?

    Actually, to take the Top Case off is a breeze compared to older models. Its only some phillips head screws and it pops off with only one cable going from the top case to the logic board. You can probably pick one up on eBay or something for 50-80 bucks. Anyone who has taken apart both an iBook and a MB would probably agree with me that the disassembly of the MBs are by far and away easier. I paid about 60 with shipping for a new one.

  • Folders at Top in Finder and Home/End Keys

    As a recently converted former Windows user, I'm trying to get comfortable with the the Mac way of doing things. A lot I like, but two things I'd like to change: the sorting of folders alphabetically in Finder (instead of appearing before the files) and the changed use of the Home and End keys in documents (in Windows they take you to the beginning and end of the line of text you're editing).
    I've tried the modification to Finder in http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=208068 but can't get sufficient privileges to save the changes to the InfoPlist.strings file (and Mac support says that it can't be changed under any circumstances). I've completely struck out with the Home and End keys.
    Is there any way to configure things the way I'd like?

    Well, Mac support might have valid reasons for telling you that the procedure is not supported, and that things may go subtly wrong in other parts of the system if you make that change. However, this change seems to be pretty innocuous, and it's something that's been bugging me for a while now (so I'm glad I read this thread . I don't recommend changing system configurations lightly, so please be careful if you do decide to do this.
    I was able to generally follow the instructions and make the change, and it worked fine for me. However, I edited that file from the command line, which is a little different than written. Here's what I did:
    1. Open Terminal.
    2. From the Terminal, type
    cd /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/
    3. From the Terminal, type
    sudo vi InfoPlist.strings
    4. In the editor, change the line that says
    "Folder" = "Folder";
    to read
    "Folder" = "  Folder";
    5. Save the file.
    Step #3 is what gives you the correct permissions to make the change.


    My home and end key do not work on my MacBook Pro. However, on an extended keyboard on a G5 those keys transport you to the beginning and end of the timeline. Is there a way I can get them to work on my laptop? Thanks!
    MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.7) 1G RAM, 500G LaCie HD

    Isn't that because those keys don't exist on the laptop?
    You can map those commands to any key you want. They keyboard layout is completely customizable. TOOLS>KEYBOARD LAYOUT>CUSTOMIZE.

  • Mini 1030NR keyboard: no home/end keys

    I bought a Mini 1030NR and it is working just fine. Had a SamsungQ1 with touchscreen previously, just a little too small, but its keyboard (bought separately) had page up, page down, home, and end keys which you accessed with the Fn button. I see nothing like them on the keyboard of the HP Mini. I can do page up/ page down by customizing the touch pad settings. I see no way to program anything for the Home and End key functions. Can anyone help?

    As my mini 210 like at least  one review sample  I read about has a slightly misbehaving touchpad.I use one of the exquisite Logitech MX Revolution optical mice it comes with 7 extra buttons that can each readily have keystrokes "programmed " in (assigned) including Fn  plus the four arrow keys or the 11 function keys (I use F6 for Gadwin Prointscreen) using the most excellent Logitech Setpoint program. I am  currently putting the finishing touches fo a tutorial entitled 
    "The Logitech MX Revolution Optical Wireless Mouse Supplemented by the freeware program AutoHotKey"
    (Autohotkey as far as I can fathom out does not easily support the FN key
    I'll return in a couple of days with my tutorial URL

  • Home/End Keys in Mail

    why are the home and end keys in mail dont work?
    They dont bring me to the beginning/end of a line.

    Do you mean when writing an email? Try holding down the command key while pressing home or end.

  • Home end keys

      What key combination can I use to get the HOME and END keys within MS Word 2011 for Mac. Air 2011.

    Self reply -- here's the answer that works for me.
    Top of doc = command + home
    End of doc = command + end
    on MacAir, home = Fn + Left arrow, end = Fn + right arrow
    Command + Fn + left arrow = top of document
    Command + Fn + right arrow = end of document
    I found it at:
    http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/shortcuts-to-navigate-a-microsoft-word-for -mac-doc.html

  • TS2972 why cant i watch any thing on my apple tv? home sharing is currently on

    Home sharing doestn work on my apple tv....Please help

    Try a reboot of ATV, device and router.  Make sure all are on the same apple id and network too.

  • Arrows /home/end keys don't scroll

    As said barmalutka at this post:
    the problem is Acid Search, but I love this plugin, and have tried to deactivate the "find as you tipe" option, and the problem goes!
    No more problems, and AcidSearch runing

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Strange. I use AcidSearch and my scroll arrows on my G4 iBook work as intended for page scrolling (I'm traveling, so I don't have access to my G5 iMac/Keyboard.) I'm wondering if the problem is specific to Intel machines, since you and the referenced thread are both using this type of machine?
    In my AcidSearch options, only the "enabled" box is selected in the "Find as you type" section.
    Post back

  • Lenovo G450 no dedicated home/end keys?

    Can I get a confirmation on this..?
    Go to Solution.

    take a look at official site or use images.google.com and hit "g450 lenovo"

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