I Cant insert all values to the table But only Default Values r inserted?

i can insert only default values to the database. Other values are not shown in DB.
Steps I have done so far:
I have created EO based on VO and VO has the query : select * from emp. Attached to AM.
That AM is attached to the Page. The page consists of employeed details and SAVE button.
Set controller for that page and CO-PR calls create method in AM .
Default values for who columns and SLNo also set through sequence.
In CO-PFR I call apply method which commits the data.
when i run the page and giving values it is not inserted into table but only default values are inserted.
I checked with System.out.println(getattribute("my attr").toString()). It send output correctly.
But y other values are not inserted.?
Anybody plz plz help me in this regard. I am struggling with this for last 1 week. I have to apply this to another realtime scenorio? Deadline is near.
Lakshmi Chandiran

Hai Prince,
Thanks for your immediate response. pls find my codes written in EO,AM,CO.
In VO i havent added anythig xcept the query.
The following fields are only getting inserted in the table.
My EOImpl code:
public void create(AttributeList attributeList) {
System.out.println("NOW I AM IN CREATE METHOD");
OADBTransaction transaction = getOADBTransaction();
Number EMP_ID = transaction.getSequenceValue("Employeeid");
select * from emp1
public void saveForm()
OAViewObjectImpl empvo = getEMP_VO();
System.out.println("NOW I AM IN AM SAVEFORM OF EMTS");
if ( !empvo.isPreparedForExecution())
empvo .executeQuery();
Row prow = empvo .createRow();
empvo .insertRow(prow);
prow.setNewRowState(Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED) ;
System.out.println("NOW I AM IN ROW CREATED");
public void commitdata()
System.out.println("commitMethod()") ;
public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
OAApplicationModule EMP_AM = pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject)EMP_AM.findViewObject("EMP_VO");
if ( pageContext.getParameter("BtnSave") != null )
s1 = (String)vo.first().getAttribute("Empname");
s12 = (String)vo.first().getAttribute("Emptype");
s3 = (String)vo.first().getAttribute("Emporg");
s4 = (String)vo.first().getAttribute("Empcity");
System.out.println(" values are " + s1+s2+s3+s4);
here i can get the values correctly printed in output as entered in the form.
I dont know where the problem is.
plz help me.
Thanks in advance,
Lakshmi Chandiran

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    P. S.
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    Hi Scott,
    The master database records all the system-level information for a SQL Server system, so best practise would be not to create any user-defined
    object within it.
    To change your default database(master by default) of your login to another, follow the next steps so that next time when connected you don't have to use "USE dbname" to switch database.
    Open SQL Server Management Studio
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    --> Extend "Security"
    --> Extend "Logins"
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    IF OBJECT_ID('master.dbo.Marvel') IS NOT NULL
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    What is the sys.all_objects? See
    If you have any question, feel free to let me know.
    Eric Zhang
    TechNet Community Support

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    with regards

    ssniazi does nothing but ask for contact information or recommend Oracle products.
    Based on this I consider it likely that this person is some sort of sales representative either directly or indirectly associated with Oracle.
    I personally wouldn't provide any contact information to this person. Nor would I accept any advice until this person starts to actually provide some solutions or at least correctly reveals any financial interests that they might have.
    In addition I believe ssniazi is in violation of the conduct code of this website because ssniazi is requesting information which will be used by a business entity without telling the users that it will be used in that way. And I expect that Oracle itself would frown on such activities.
    2.3 You agree that You will not use the Website to:...(g) collect or store personal data about other users unless specifically authorized by such users.

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    Available ,
    (SELECT time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    WHERE date_sk=20090509,20090510
    But it is giving the error like missing Expression.
    Could anyone please help to me.
    Thanks and Regards

    You can have either VALUES or SELECT not both
    INTO myschema.Fact_page_performance
    time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    Available ,
    SELECT time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    WHERE date_sk=20090509,20090510;

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    I have two nodes (TRIPS & AMOUNTS)in the context. How to bind these values into the table control?
    When i bind second one, first one is getting replaced.

    Hi Mog,
    Of course it is possible to create a table from attributes of more than one node, and in some cases this is still necessary, but you have to do this the hard (manual) way.
    If you have a table control, have a look at the properties and the elements belonging to it.
    First of all, there is the property "dataSource", which binds to a multiple node (let's name it TableRootNode). This means that for each element of THIS node, one row is created. In each row the data of exactly one element of this TableRootNode is displayed.
    Then you have columns in this table. Inside of the columns there is a header and an editor. The editor is the interesting part.
    Normally the primary property of this editor is bound to an attribute of the TableRootNode. Then everything works as expected. If it binds to an attribute of a subnode (SUB) of TableRootNode, then in row i the data of the subnode of the i-th element of TableRootNode is displayed. There is no need for SUB to be a multiple node, but it must not be a singleton.
    If you bind a property of the editor to an attribute, which does not lie in the subtree of TableRootNode, then you will see the same value in each row.
    Now it depends on the structure of your context. Take the node, which is relevant for the change in each row (I assume it is TRIPS) and bind the table to the node as you are used to. Then for each additional column, you have to create a new column in the tree, create a new header element with a title and a new editor (e.g. textview or inputfield) and then bind the right property of the editor to the corresponding attribute in node AMOUNTS).
    If these 2 nodes do not have parent-child-relationship, the tip to create a new node, which consists of the attributes of both nodes is the only solution.
    Ciao, Regina

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    Please help immideate basis.
    sp sahu

    I think you will have to build another database to read the value from specific table.
    Restore system to another server and check the table valaues.
    Good Luck,

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    Dear experts,
      I had created a table in development client and inserted the values when we transport the table to the production system ,wheather the table along with values are be trasported or it will transport only table without values
    thanks in advance

    You can transport the table contents only from customizing client but not from development client. After creating a table
    Go to customization client --> use T-Code SM30 (Table maintenance), enter table name --> create new  entries there --> save the records --> system will ask you for a new CR --> Create a new CR for table contents then an object with Program ID R3T3 and Object type TABU and table name will be added automatically in your CR. This will not work in case of development client.
    Note: maintenance generator should be created choosing Recording routine as Standard recording routine.
    While transporting, table should be transported from development client then the table contents should be transported from customizing client.

  • Exit in DP90 and how to get value in the table

    Hi all,
    My requirement is when execute DP90(create billing request), the amount in the table must be validated when I click the "Billing Request" button.
    Please tell me the user_exit, BADI or any other enhancement which can I use to validate the amount in that transaction.
    And how to get the amount(amount to be Billed, Amount rejected) value in the table after that??

    Hi Teja,
    Check the BADI (SE18) - BADI_SD_DPBP - Extensions in SD for DP90 with Billing Plan

  • Regd bulk update of values in the table..

    HI ,
    I have a search page.. Have used autocustomization to create it ..This page will be used to query data from a table and then we also need to update couple of results table fields and save them.
    THere is a results region . i have included the multiselect option of table which has got me a select column as the first column in the table. Also have included a tableaction and an upate button with that ..
    Next to the table actions , Update button , I need to have a field , where in i can enter value and it shud update the updatable fields of rows in the table as bulk .. with the same value in the field next to update..
    SOme what like batch update for the table with same values..
    Could you please tell me hw do we do this ?

    As the update button is clicked then :
    if(pageContext.getParameter("Update")!= null)
    // Grab the value of the field next to update button
    String value = pageContext.getParameter("<id of text input>");
    //then loop through the rows
    for ( int i=0;i<row.length;i++)
    // then set the value of Attribute which you want
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    When i will give the import of  the FM as VBELN"sales order number.
    I want to display all the line items for "PO Quantity in the out put of the FM.
    For this i thnk i have to pass the line item values in the table parameter of the FM.
    Can any body please tell me how to pass the values for the line items in the table parameter fo teh FM.
    Please give a example.

    Sub pLoopThroughPivotFields()
    Dim oItem As Excel.PivotItem
    Dim oField As Excel.PivotField
    Set oField = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").PivotTables("Pivot Table name").PivotFields("field name")
    For Each oItem In oField.PivotItems
    oField.CurrentPage = oItem.Name
    'Put your copy code here
    Next oItem
    End Sub
    Felipe Costa Gualberto - http://www.ambienteoffice.com.br

  • How to Maintain Values in the Table control?

    I'm Saikumar.
    I've done a table control program.
    When I click SAVE or ENTER Button, the values are getting saved into the database(This is working alright)......but when I click those buttons, The values entered in the table control are getting cleared.
    What should I do in order to have those values in the table control itself when I click SAVE/ENTER? (I need to create multiple records at a time)
    What I've done is:
    IF sy-ucomm = 'SAVE' OR sy-ucomm = 'ENTR'.
    INSERT into <database table> values wa_matgl.
    MODIFY it_matgl from wa_matgl INDEX tc1-current_line. "tc1 is the table control name.
    Refresh it_matgl.
    I tried many ways but the vales are getting cleared in the table control? (I need to create multiple records at a time).
    Please suggest a way to overcome it.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi ...
    Just to add...
    were there any values in the internal table it_matgl  initially in the PBO screen to be shown to the users ?
    <u>if the answer is no...then......</u>
    i came across the same coding in DEMO_DYNPRO_TABCONT_LOOP_AT.....
    here also in PAI..when we press enter..the values are not retained...
    MODIFY it_matgl from wa_matgl INDEX tc1-current_line. "tc1 is the table control name.
    <b>because i believe the modify statement is not working.coz the it_matgl is empty..pls check if sy-subrc = 0....after the modify statement....if it is not...then we need to insert the data into the it_matgl using an append statement</b>
    for this it_matgl needs to be with header line...
    Pls explore the following....
    data : it_matgl type table of XXXX with header line.
    in the section
    IF sy-ucomm = 'SAVE' OR sy-ucomm = 'ENTR'.
    INSERT into <database table> values wa_matgl.
    MODIFY it_matgl from wa_matgl INDEX tc1-current_line. "tc1 is the table control name.
    <i>if sy-subrc <> 0.
    move corresponding wa_matgl to it_matgl.
    append it_matgl.
    clear it_matgl.
    Pls check and revert

  • Send email when a value in the table reached a certain number

    I have a value in a table that when this value is equal or greater than a certain value, I want to send an email to alert. How do I accomplish this? Do I create a trigger? Do I write an o/s korn script and schedule to run continuosly and check for the value to send an email? Thanks.

    Hi, i think that the best form is create a trigger on the table, when insert o update the data send the email when the value accomplish the condition.
    Look the next code, it is a package that send emails,
    PACKAGE oracle_administrator.dbms_mail_server
    P_TO VARCHAR(50);
    PACKAGE BODY oracle_administrator.dbms_mail_server
    'FROM: ' ||P_FROM || UTL_TCP.CRLF||
    'TO: ' || P_TO || UTL_TCP.CRLF ||
    'MIME-VERSION: 1.0' ||CHR(13)|| CHR(10)||'CONTENT-TYPE: TEXT/HTML' || CHR(13)||CHR(10));
    Have a goof day.

  • Executed  Step outcome  value  from the table

       How to get the Step outcome  value  from the table for the executed workitem.

    Hi Rani,
    For database tables you can refer to tables:
    SWWLOGHIST -      History of a work item
    SWWORGTASK -      Assignment of WIs to Org.Units and Tasks
    SWWUSERWI -      Current Work Items Assigned to a User
    SWWWIHEAD -      Header Table for all Work Item Types
    SWWWIAGENT -      Gets agents assigned to a workitem
    You can you FMs like SAP_WAPI_GET_WORKITEM_DETAIL, SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST as per your requirement.
    Hope this helps!

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