I cant update to ios 7.1 problem verifying the update

its says because has been disconnected from internet.. but im connected

Temporarily disable any security software on the computer then try again.

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  • PPoint OWA there was a problem verifying the certificate

    Hi, I installed Lync 2013 FE, edge and ARR. Recently, with your help, I finally made it work for web based meetings. People have A/V/Whiteboard/ but they are unable to use Share screens and PPoint. 
    I read that I need Office Web Application Server in order to make PPoint work so I followed online tutorial and installed it. As a certificate I at first used self signed but later as I added owa as SAN, I exported it from edge server and imported it in
    OWA Server. I am not sure if this is the way to do that.
    Error for share screen is that it is due to the network issues,
    Error for PPoint is "There was a problem verifying the certificate". Remote user use web browser in order to access meeting, upload the file without any problem, and it says Loading ..... , on the other side I have domain machine with lync client
    that receives notification to accept meeting content, after which error appears.
    Any ideas? 

    Hi all and thanks for your reply. 
    I used this command to create farm (didn't define internal fqdn)
    New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -ExternalURL https://lynweb.domain.com -CertificateName "ExternalCert"
    Everything went smoothly, I can access 
    https://owa.domain.local/hosting/discovery (but cert is shown as unsecured since url is not the same as in cert (Lyncweb.domain.com).
    Because I have split DNS, in my DNS I created lyncweb for the domain.com CNAME entry and I can successfully open https://lyncweb.domain.com/hosting/discovery form LAN.
    I found several mistakes in my config (at least I think so):
    1. In LyncFE I had under discoveryURL domain.local path, so this is why cert error was showing. It was able to access but because of the different URLs name that didn't match certificate name, I was getting an ssl error. - I changed it to lyncweb.domain.com/.....
    2. I didn't have external DNS name for lyncweb.domain.com. In fiddler I saw that it is trying to access to this URL and since it wasn't defined- therefor not able to access. - I created A host record.
    3. Firewall, since lyncweb was defined in ARR I needed to craete FW rule to let access OWA Server. - I added FW rule.
    Current situation is this:
    -- When I access through meeting.domain.com/Lync Client and start PPoint, on the remote client (teleworker where I started PPoint) presentation pops up on teleworker, I can go through the slides, but inside the LAN (second participant) on Lync Client or
    via meet.domain.com I am just getting "Loading ...." and nothing appears. (I tried disabling Firewall but didn't help - so it is not about firewall, especially since OWA and LyncCLient are in the same subnet)
    -- On the other hand when teleworker starts presentation and guest joins (both outside LAN), both can see  presentation.
    I thought that it is because I didn't have internal URL, so I added
    -InternalURL: https://lyncweb.domain.com
    Now I have both internal and external URL that is the same. But it didn't change the situation.
    Any suggestions?

  • CA issue - Workstation signin "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server"

    We have issues with all workstations on our domain. I just recently setup Lync 2013 server on a windows 2012 OS. When I went to test sign-in, I received a message "There was
    a problem verifying the certificate from the server". To fix this issue, I had to download the cert and import it into Trust Root Certification Authorities on the local workstation. This will be impossible if I have to do this for multiple machines.
    Is there a way around  this? Why is it asking to do this?
    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    You can follow the instructions here to use Group Policy to install your root certificate to all your workstations.
    Or you could re-deploy your CA as an Enterprise CA.
    Hi Georg,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I did deploy my CA as an Enterprise CA..... Not sure why its still asking me to install on workstations?
    How can I confirm its an Enterprise CA?

  • There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server

    i can not sign in to my lync server in client user and the error message is "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server".
    i can sign in in my lync server by any account but i can not sign in in other pc clients.

    Just some additional info...
    Please go through the following old threads with the same error message
    Hope these helpful!
    Sharon Shen
    TechNet Community Support
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  • IOS 5.0 - Problems with the feature "Mail"

    I installed the new iOS 5.0 and suddenly two problems appeared in my "mail" featured. I have a google mail count in my iPhone:
    - Appeared 2 Inboxs for the same mail, and both inbosx received the same messages. I could not delete this second mail box.
    - The messages in my Inbox does not show "from", just "to" and I can not put the message to "unread" or change anything. The most strange that the messages that I received become messages that I can send to others.
    I tried to restart the mail in the configuration, I tried to restart all the iPhone to return to factory configuration and the software return to iOS 5.0 and with the same problem.
    Anyone have the same problem? Any toughts?
    Thanks for your kindly attention
    Gabriel Aleixo

    Im having the same issue. It didnt happen right after the update. I updated at 1pm and it happened at 9pm. My memory is still there for them when i plug it into iTunes but the memory is now under "other" instead of apps.

  • A lot of bug in ios 7 and problem with the iphone

    There is a problem with ios 7 when I delete history with my iphone 4s ...and only one month after that I've buy my iphone appared a problem with the wi-fi!!!!!!

    Try https://discussions.apple.com/message/23175298#23175298

  • All my Apply gears updated to IOS 5 without problem except the iPHONE ?!

    I update my MacAir, my iPad to IOS 5 without any problem.  When I tried to do it to the iPhone, -23 error is found.  I've done reset, change the cable, switching on and off the phone or the Mac of no avail (everything listed in the self-help page).  Whatelse I can do to update my phone ?

    in order to restore your songs and apps, you should just reconnect to itunes and sync your data. your phone ran a backup before it upgraded, and you can also do a restore. but the key is still to go to your itunes and sync back to your phone what you wanted there in the first place.

  • HT201210 I am having problems Verifying the update of IOS 7  on my iphone 5

    Having issues verifying IOS 7 installation with error message any help please?

    What is the error message you are getting? Is it an error code? If so you may find the answer in this article:
    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting

  • IOS 6.1 problem with the phone not ringing

    Anyone having a problem after updating to IOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4s. The phone no longer rings when a call comes in. I tried restarting the phone which I have seen on a few post on the Internet but that did not correct the issues. My wife and I both have an iPhone 4s 32gb with Verizon and we both ran the update last night. My phone was a little slow so I restarted the phone and that seemed to resolve the issue. However on my wife's phone it will not ring. You call the number and you can see the call coming in but the phone will not ring. We have tried restarting the phone with no success. Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to resolve.
    PS: I am also one of the Administrators for the Messaging team and I have had several of my users with iPhones call me regarding the same issue. Looking for a solution for myself and others.

    We definitely need to get to the bottom of this. Receiving calls, and being aware of them is totally important. Is it with every call? Did you check Alert Settings to ensure you have it set to Ring?
    There is a Setting called Interruptions; this may interfere with all notifications when an App is open. It's in Sound and Notification.
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  • Has iOS 6 given problems to the touchpad?

    I have found since installing iOS 6 that the touchpad isn't as responsive. Some places such as Words With Friends, the touchpad will only work in the horizontal aspect. Just touching the submit button for this question took four tries and required me to hold over the button. I never had this problem before. Any one else having this problem? Any ideas how to fix. FYI - I have turned the iPad completely off. Thanks for an help in advance.

    For the most part, I am not having anymore touchpad issues. I do have a new issue with ios6 which I will search out first. Thanks to those who stopped by to see if they could help.

  • While logon to lync it gives error " there was a problem verifying the certificate from the server "

    i already go through all threads related to my question. but not even one thread is satisfying my question  ok my problem is again the same it gives me error as i mentioned in title. client OS is XP. actually can somebody tell  me which certificate
    i should import in which name of certificate group.
    N ya why error has occur. help me 
    thanks in advance 
    jayesh rohit

    You'll want the CS root certificate in the trusted root certificate authorities area of the machine store (vs the user store).  If there are any subordinate CAs with intermediate certificates, put them in the intermediate certification authorities area. 
    Verify that the certificate has the correct SANs for you server.  Did you generate the certificate from the deployment wizard, did you check the box for the sip domains as you went through the wizard?  Is the certificate internally signed by your
    certificate authority?  Are you attempting to connect internally or externally when you see the issue? 
    Can you confirm that your SRV records for _sipinternaltls._tcp.domain.com have the correct port and hostname and that the hostname is also resolvable?  Can you do the same for _sip._tls.domain.com?
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    SWC Unified Communications

  • Office Communicator 2007 "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server" issue

    Last Friday is when this error first started. This is effecting all users. I am new to this position and am unfamiliar with how the Communicator server is setup. I am unsure as to where to look and where to start. We are using Office Communicator 2007 R2
    running on a VM with Server 2003 R2. This is the only application being used on this host. Any ideas on where to start looking?
    Thanks for the help

    Hi Jenebo,
    Looks like you did not install the CA install your client PC.
    Access you enterprise CA server, like
    http://dc.server.com/certsrv, download the certificate chain and intall it.
    If it still can not work, please check you use automatic configuration to login your ocs client and you can resolve the SRV record to correct srv hostname using Nslookup.
    If you use manual configuration, please do not use IP address of of FE.
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    I issued a certificate off of the server running OC 2007; I do not have a dedicated CA server. How would I pull the crtificate off of that server and install it on my clients (server name is SFBlackberry)?
    By the way, half of the clients worked after I renewed the CA on the server and the other half are the ones I am having problems with.
    Thanks for your help...as you can tell I am new to OC and really appreciate your help.

  • Problems verifying the HD

    Ok. So, I posted a thread earlier concerning my startup problem, and after consulting lots of different online sources, I've started trying to use single user mode to fix my problem. It's not working because of verification problems, it seems. I go into single user mode, type in the "fsck -fy" command and get "the volume Macintosh HD could not be verified comepletely". So then I go into Disk Utility to try and verify. Doesn't work. It stops after a while and says something to the effect of "verification stopped. The disk needs to be repaired." So then I try to repair and it stops in the middle and says something like "cannot repair, disk is not verified". Can anyone help me get out of the vicious cycle??? I'm dersperate. Please and thanks.

    Boot from your OS installer disk and run Repair Disk from Disk Utility. If DU cannot repair the disk then you need a stronger disk repair utility like DiskWarrior to rebuild the directory. Your other option may be to re-format the drive and reinstall the OS. That of course will erase everything on it so hopefully you have a backup.

  • Receiving error when signing into Lync 2013 Externally "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server"

    I have gone through multiple forums and just about everyone states install the Root CA on the machine trying to connect.
    I have installed the Root CA on this machine as it is not on the domain and is not inside the domain. It is installed in the Trusted Root CA folder.
    I run the test connectivity microsoft tester and this is what i receive:
    Testing remote connectivity to Microsoft Lync server through the Lync Access Edge server sip.netrixit.com on port 5061 to verify user [email protected] can connect remotely.
    Specified remote connectivity test(s) to Microsoft Lync server failed. See details below for specific failure reasons.
     <label for="testSelectWizard_ctl12_ctl06_ctl03_tmmArrow">Tell
    me more about this issue and how to resolve it</label>
    Additional Details
    Couldn't sign in. Error: Error Message: Unknown error (0x80131500).
    Error Type: TlsFailureException
    Any insight would be helpful.

    Here is certificate you have your edge server external interface for sip.netrixit.com
    Common name: *.netrixit.com
    SANs: *.netrixit.com, netrixit.com
    Valid from January 30, 2014 to January 30, 2015
    Issuer: Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority
    As per Wildcard certificate support in Lync Server 2013
    Server roles that are not support for WildCard Certificate 
    Internal server roles (including, but not limited to the Mediation Server, Archiving and Monitoring Server, Survivable Branch Appliance, or Survivable Branch Server)
    External Edge Server interfaces
    Internal Edge Server
    Please change the certificate on edge server external interface 
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    Regards Edwin Anthony Joseph

  • Lync 2010 Certificate Issue - "There was a problem verifying your certificate from the server"

    My Issue:
    Lync 2010 client does not connect to server;error displayed "Cannot sign into Lync. There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server."
    The client is running on my Windows 7 box, and my CA server is a Windows Server 2003 box. I have installed the hotfix on the Server 2003 box to update the Web Enrollment portion of CA to allow for newer clients (Vista and 7) to receive certificates from
    this server. 
    Lync server is running on Server 2008 R2 STD, installation was a success.
    The Windows 7 box is a part of the domain.
    I have manually exported the Root CA from my Enterprise CA server from
    Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificates and imported into the same location on my Windows 7 box. 
    If I look at the certification path on the Root CA, on my Windows 7 box,  it says "The certificate is OK." The same goes for the servers involved. 
    Still nothing.
    I have read the other forum posts on here about people having success once they manually import the Root CA from the Enterprise CA server, but this is not my case here. 
    All certificates are successfully assigned on the Lync server box; however, I did have to manually import the Root CA into Lync server's
    Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificates before I could successfully assign them. Had to do this on another deployment I completed, so I didn't think anything of it.
    To recap: it seems that even with my Root CA imported into my Windows 7 box I can still not connect to my Lync server with the client, and I get the error message "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server."

    Solution :  Export certificate from Lync Server Start > Administrative Tools > IIS > Server Certificate > Export >   abc.pfx   save it,  Copy and place the certificate where Ms Lync 2010 client is installed or getting certificate
    error.  Follow these steps on client machine to install certificate 
    Run > mmc > add or remove snap in > certificates > computer account > local computer >finish > ok > expand Certificate > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificate > All task > Import > copy abc.pfx certificate
    and delete unnecessary certificate from there.
    Restart Client machine and open microsoft Lync client 2010 and open option menu > Personal > Advanced > choose Auto Configuration > save ok

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