I changed my wheel group properties to no access at top disk level.  I messed up, how can I change back in single user mode "command s" as I am now in Thailand and not able to access startup disks?

I messed up, I changed my "Wheel group" properties to No Access ( or something other than the default) at the top level of my startup disk "Macintosh HD".   Now my computer won't start up, I just get the spinning wheel of death.    I also am in Thailand right now, so I cannot go to a Genius at an apple store, nor do I have startup disks available.
So I was hoping there was a way to change back the properties of my disk (Volume) in single user mode (via Command +s) during startup, i.e. can I do a chmod command on the Macintosh HD listing under the Volume Directory.    Or where do i fix this?   Is it fixable without startup disks, etc...
If you could also please let me know you have an answer, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! 
thanks so much
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Thanks for the info on command-R, didn't know about that!!!
Yes I changed the sharing "Wheel Group" permissions on my hard drive via Get Info.    But that's all I did.    And then most of the apps wouldn't respond with anything.    So not knowing I did something stupid, I decided to re-boot, and then nothing but the Wheel of Death at startup.
I was trying to limit access to my computer on this network, changed my public folder settings, and then I thought why not the whole hard drive, but at that time I had no idea what the "Wheel Group" was... so I shouldn't have touched it, BUT IT DID ...... argggggg....
I managed to go to an internet cafe & research the problem yesterday.    I used the command +s single mode to get in, and then did the necessary steps to mount the drive so I could make changes.   I basically did this:
Boot into single-user mode (boot while holding down CMD-S)
Follow the on-screen instructions to mount the file system as read-write (a fsck command followed by a mount command)
Type the following: "chmod o+r /" followed by "chmod o+x /"
Type "exit" to leave single user mode and complete the boot sequence.
I found it at this link http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=416180
It worked... thank God!!!   Well so far so good.   
I was going to try my own fix by chmod on the Hard drive listed under Volumes directory, but that doesn't seem to match the info under Get Info Window.    So I just used the fix above.    I probably should now go and do "Disk Utility - repair permissions", however I am a little gun shy right now, so I will probably wait until I am back in the States so I can go to an Apple store if it messes up.   Right now I'm following the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" MOTTO...
So Thomas I just wanted to say THANKS for replying so quickly, and I really appreciate your help!!!
(yes I know I shouldn't have used my email addresses, but I WAS DESPERATE, but that's still no excuse)
Hopefully maybe this thread will help someone else out in the future....
Okay, thanks again!

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    This has continued today, the drive seems to be okay according to Disc Utility, Disk Warrior and TechTool - all of them showing no errors but the drive continues to behave very strangely. To be safe I am transferring everything to another drive as we speak.
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    I'm very perplexed as to how to really move the clips and event structure. Should I manually copy the clips and event folder structure outside of iMovie? I worry I will mess up iMovie's internal record keeping and folder structure information.
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    Ahh, Ok. I actually had to go to Lynda.com to watch a training video of this highly bassackwards maneuver, but now I have it. In other words, while the intuitive thing is to make a new event to hold the clip you want and then open the old event and drag the clip into it's new event, the only way to accomplish this maneuver is to NOT create a new event, but rather, go to the clip AFTER the one you want to move, select it and then Right-Click on it and select SPLIT EVENT BEFORE SELECTED CLIP (or go to FILE>SPLIT EVENT BEFORE SELECTED CLIP). Then you wait a few seconds while the program thinks a bit (no feedback it is doing this - just a pause) and then it automatically creates a new event with the clip you wanted. Now just double-click the new event and name it something meaningful.
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    Not really. The license that comes with pre-installed OS is only for that Mac.
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    (I shortened B.i. and B.ii.)

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    Is there a way to make Firefox show Bookmarks and Folders on the NTP instead ? Also, is there a way to make the Bookmarks bar show on the New Tab Page ONLY ?

    The about:newtab page shows pages that you have visited. So if you visit a page by clicking a bookmark then that bookmark will become a history item and will thus appear in one of the tiles on the about:newtab page.
    If you want then you can customize the tiles and drag bookmark (and history) items in a specific tile to pin that web page to that tile.
    You set the number of rows and columns that appear on the about:newtab page by modifying these prefs on the about:config page via a double-click.
    *browser.newtabpage.columns (3)
    *browser.newtabpage.rows (3)
    See also this article about the New Tab page (about:newtab):

Maybe you are looking for