I do not have Windows XP; I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. How do I set-up "Do Not Track", "Private Browsing", "Clear Recent History" and "Forget this Site." The email I got today from Firefox was how to install on XP. Thanks, Bill Hardin

I don't know any more to say about the subject. I am not a computer guru.

Hi Bill, your version of Windows depends on the age of your PC. If it's fairly recent, you may have Windows 7, and if it's a few years old, you may have Windows Vista. Windows XP was released in 2002, but it is still common on business machines. Based on the information in your post, you have Windows 7.
The features you are asking about are available in Firefox's menus. When you are running Firefox, you can access the Options dialog either of these ways:
orange Firefox button > Options
classic Tools menu > Options
Please refer to the instructions you have for the rest of the story.

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    When I open firefox at the start of a session the search engine 'CONDUIT' fires up.
    I don't understand how this outfit has imposed itself on my system ... unless it's all part of a firefox utility upgrade?
    If it is and I can't replace Conduit with Google UK ... then I'll move elsewhere.
    Can you advise whether this is a 'Firefox' preferred package and if I have thee option to remove it / replace it with Google ... and if, then How ???

    Try to reset your keyword,url settings, see:
    * https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Location%20bar%20search#w_domain-guessing
    instruction are locate at top of domain guessing section

  • I have a Macbook Pro and want to take the Hard drive back to as it was the day I purchased it.

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro and want to take the Hard drive back to as it was the day I purchased it, It came preloaded with Lion so no disk, how can I do this so I can sell it without any of my personal data on it.

    What operating system are you using?
    OS 10.7.2
    What model/vintage/year is it?
    Macbook Pro 17" 2011
    Do you have the original OS X install DVD disc that came with the computer?
    It came preloaded so no disk

  • I have Microsoft Office 2008 and only use Word and Excel. It takes 980 mb. I am considering replacing it with Apple iWorks 2013. If I do, can I delete Office, and still access and modify my Word and Excel documents?

    I have Microsoft Office 2008 and only use Word and Excel. It takes 980 mb. I am considering replacing it with Apple iWorks 2013. If I do, can I delete Office, and still access and modify my Word and Excel documents?
    I have a MacBook Air and OS 10.9.4

    Just adding to what CSound has said.
    Pages and Numbers will change Word and Excel documents when they open and close them.
    Sometimes the change is subtle and sometimes not. With the latest versions of Pages and Numbers, more likely not.
    So don't think you are going to work with MsOffice files without problems. You will always have something not right and in some cases really annoyingly not right. Like having all the text from Pages appear bold in MsWord, or page breaks in the wrong place or some objects and graphics not appearing in one or the other.
    If working between different Operating Systems and MsOffice files, I also recommend LibreOffice. It opens and saves nearly all file formats. Unfortunately not .pages or numbers. Yet. The folks at LibreOffice are busy adding to it all the time, and making sure it works in all Operating systems, Mac, Windows and Linux and they are promising iOS as well soon.

  • Why I got this email if I didn't schedule any storage plan ? This is the email I got;        On 10/07/2013 you are scheduled to be charged $20.00 for your 10 GB iCloud storage plan, but there is a problem with your payment information, Can someone help me

    Why I got this email if I didn't schedule any storage plan ? This is the email I got;       
    On 10/07/2013 you are scheduled to be charged $20.00 for your 10 GB iCloud storage plan, but there is a problem with your payment information, Can someone help me ? I don't want to be charge for something I don't want to buy.

    You may want to do couple things
    1. cancel auto renewal for icloud - instructions here -under downgrade storage
    2. change your payment info in itunes, to either none or other payment method - instructions here

  • Reinstalling Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 - OS 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium on Dell Inspiron

    To start at the begining....no, that's not fair, that goes all the way back to March 24th!
    My hard drive has been wiped clean twice now...First time was not by MY choice...the guy from India just talked me through it, with no warning of what was going to be the result.  What a nightmare! 
    This 2nd time when I have "retrieved" my files from my external hard drive...my documents are there....just can't open them!  
    Following messages when opening Word or Outlook:
    "Please wait...."etc. "Configuration in Progress Microsoft Office Home and Business".... which takes forever!
    "Your AutoCorrect file: c:\users\Tosi\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\MSO1033.acl, could not be saved.  the file may be read only, or you man not have permission to modify the file."
    "Word cannot open existing file (Normal)
    In tyring to open Outlook...
    Big Red cirlce with an X in it:  Could not install the custom actions.  The form Cache file c:\users\Tosi\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Forms\FRMCACHE>DAT is not valid.  Contact your administrator.
    The same message as Word  "Your AutoCorrcet....etc....MSO1033.acl ...etc. "
    I have tried to change permissions...no luck.  How to I get FULL control over my own computer?  Please!
    When I do finally get Outlook open, nothing is in there.  I looked for my Outlook Data folder and I see that my .pst data file is in 5 places, yet it is not connecting with Outlook.  No mail, address or calendar are in there. (to back
    track...the first time I retrieved my stuff off the hard drive everything worked)
    Microsoft has promissed numerous times to assit me to resolve these problems through very lovely emails but no one has called to follow up and help me.  I really need help and I am running out of patience. 
    Soon I will be saying "Goodbye Microsoft!  Goodbye Dell!  Hello Apple!" 
    Help please! 
    Thank you,

    As per your description, seems the installation of Office have got completely corrupted. I would suggest you to completely remove Office 2010 from your computer and then reinstall it.
    For how to remove/uninstall Office from your computer, I would suggest you to use Microsoft Fix It tool:
    After uninstalling Office, please restart your computer then try a reinstallation. If you don't have the Office 2010 installation source or DVD, please go to this website to get Office 2010 installation package: 
    http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/microsoft-office-2010-backup-FX101853122.aspx (you might need to provide the product key of Office 2010)
    Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for your patience.
    Ethan Hua CHN
    TechNet Community Support

  • How do i install microsoft office home and student 2010?

    i need help installing 2010 microsoftoffice on my macbook air

    rosie33 wrote:
    how do i install microsoft office home and student 2010?
    i need help installing 2010 microsoftoffice on my macbook air
    Just to be clear, Office 2010 is for Windows.  Office 2011 is for Mac.  If you actually are trying to install Office 2010, you'll need to have installed Windows on your Mac either through Boot Camp or in a virtual machine.

  • Why can't I download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 from my disk?

    I have recently purchased my new Imac and find that I can't download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 from my disk?  Why isn't this supported?

    Because it is a Windows version of MS Office. You will need a Mac version, such as listed below.

  • Upgraded to Lion.  Microsoft office home and student 2007 not compatible.  what do i need to do to be able to access files?

    Upgraded to Lion.  Microsoft office home and student 2007 not compatible.  what do i need to do to be able to access office files?

    RRFS is correct, however you are incorrect. There is no such thing as MS Office for Mac 2007, your software is probably MS Office for Mac 2004! You can upgrade to MS Office for Mac 2011 for as little as $97 at www.macsales.com or Amazon has it for $90.00.
    Once you have upgraded all of your Office data files can then be opened.

  • How to apply an Outlook 2013 Open license to a pre-installed Office Home and Business 2013 installation for Email Auto Archiving functionality

    We're deploying new Dell pc's.
    Unfortunately we have a large existing install base of Office Home and Business in the field due to customers buying Office bundled on Dell machines.  Buying Open License Outlook licenses is more cost effective than upgrading to Office Pro Plus for all
    these users and is our preferred path.  We aren’t sure how to apply these Open License Outlook licenses since the Home and Business installations work off a single license key for all the applications

    Isn't the Office bundled on Dell machines already activated?
    If it's the OEM version that has been installed on the machines and you want to use retail product keys to activate the Office, it's not possible. You will need to uninstall the OEM version and install the retail version.
    You can check the OEM licensing system here:
    To find more help about OEM depolyment, I should recommend you to get contact with the OEM Reseller Support System
    If I misunderstood anything, please feel free to post back.
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Hi there can anyone help as i am unable to contact Apple for support with my printer which will not print after recent software update? this is the email i tried to send to apple with no success, can anyone help please.......Dear Apple, I'm pulling my hai

    Hi there,
    Can anyone out there help, after a recent Apple software update my Epson Stylus Photo RX640 will no longer print, every other aspect of the printer works fine including the scanner but it just will not print, I sent an email to apple but all i got was an automated reply directing me to their support page, the email i sent is below this explains in full what the problem is & what i have done to try & fix this problem.
    Dear Apple,
    I'm pulling my hair out after a recent software update from apple, since this update my Epson Stylus Photo RX640 will not print, every other function of the printer including the scanner works fine,
    Please see attached file of the error message coming up in the print queue.
    I have spent days trying to fix this, i have been onto Epsons website & followed their resolution for this error message to no avail, after contacting them again with the results i got an email back saying : In response to your email, the RX640 will use an inbox or gutenprint driver on Mac OS X 10.6.8, it is not compatible with an Epson driver.
    I have also tried re-installing drivers from original Discs for the printer but it still will not print, obviously this error has been caused by Apple's latest software update, when are Apple going to fix this problem? i need my printer working ASAP.
    PS i obviously can't attach the error message so here it is:    Error:/Library/Printer/Epson/inkjetprinter 2/filter/rastertoescpll.app/contents/mac os/rastertoescpll/failed
    Thank You all in advance

    It is hardly Apple's fault that Epson can't/won't update their driver, but at least Epson suggest that you use the Gutenprint driver, which in any case is far better that what Epson offer.
    You can get it here:
    You can download the latest version from here:
    Have you downloaded the recent Apple update to Epson drivers?

  • I recently had my computer fixed. there was a million viruses in it, but when i got home and logged onto my second apple id, i found that bonjour was no longer installed. could someone please advise me on how to install bonjour onto my computer?thnx

    i recently had my computer fixed as it was loaded with viruses. Also I finally got my IPad 1 back from someone who had "borrowed" it for a year. It no longer worked, but in the case i had written down my old apple id. i had purchased 3 other ipad's since then and changed my id. i typed the old id and was delighted to see that i had over $1000 worth of dowmloaded media. i want to use this old acct number on one of my other IPads to avoid confusing two accts, but when i attempted transferring media onto computer it said i needed to first download bonjour. i have been trying to figure out how, but computer genius i am NOT. could someone please help me? i really appreciate any advice you could offer steering me in the right direction with this. thank you, stacey v

    Hey staceylynn261!
    Bonjour is a program that is installed on your computer along with iTunes, so you will want to first uninstall iTunes and all of its related components:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    You will then want to visit this link to download and install the latest version of iTunes:
    Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Have a good one!

  • TS2771 my ipod touch is frozen with the apple logo on the screen, won't turn off, have already reset it and it still sits the same...logo on screen.  Can anyone help me out?

    My IPOD TOUCH is frozen with the Apple logo sitting there on the screen.  I have already reset the ipod because it was freezing up so I reset it, but now it won't shut off or got o main screen it just sits with the logo on it.  I can't turn it off.  The screen will also flash as though it will turn off then goes back to the logo screen.  Does anyone know what the heck is going on with my IPOD?  It's reall frustrating me...ALOT!!! 

    - Try:
    iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - If not successful, let the battery fully drain. After charging for at least an hour try again
    - If still not successful, time for an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.

  • Hello I have a office home and students but I need outlook what can I do ??

    I bought a new MacBook pro with office students and home, but I need the outlook in my package I did not have, what can I do ?

    You are not required to subscribe to Office 365 either. Do keep your copy of Office for Mac 2011 updated via the included AutoUpdate.
    Unless it is a personal preference, why do you need Outlook versus Apple Mail? The latter enables you to connect to an Exchange Server, use the corporate Mail directory, and interoperates with meeting requests/replies from OWA, and other Outlook clients. I have used Apple Mail in place of Outlook for Mac, and never had an issue.

  • I have trouble connecting to internet explorer and with my office home and student 2010

    I cannot connect to my internet explorer and I have trouble with my microsoft office home and student 2010 and when I look for a site with https at the beginning it won't connect

    Hello popoos:
               Have you tried restoring your Inernet Explorer? Ooen open your internet Explorer click on tools tab and then click on Internet Options click on delete let it delete ever thing. This will delete temporary files. After that click on Advance tab and then click on reset. Close it out and then reopen it. Now goto Tools- tab then click managed add on in that list that appears enable the adobe software listed your anti virus software, Your printer if you use it on line Microsoft tool bars. I dissabled the search helpers because I personly don't want extra trash appairing on my screen. Also enable the replayer if you use it. I dissable all the the rest of toolbars you do not have to. I disable them because Because bing is safer. Now try Microsoft Office it should work now. Intetnet Explorer setting have been reset now.

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