I got my iphone 5 3 weeks ago and the battery life is very short. It drains out very fast. Does anyone know if it's a problem with the iOS or with my phone? Because I'm a bit concerned

I recieved my iPhone 5 3 weeks ago and the battery life completely *****! After doing a few things and maybe using it for about 30 minutes the phone start overheating like crazy then the battery starts dropping very fast. Does anyone know if it's a problem with the iOS or with my phone? And is anyone else expierenceing these problems?

It sounds like you have an app that is incorrectly continuously using data and power... from normal use the phone should NOT be getting that warm... only constant video playing via data like Netflix for example would result in that...
I'd say that you should remove all apps in the recent app tray... tunr phone off... then once you power back on...
Hold BOTH home and sleep wake buttons together until you see a white apple symbol... then release both buttons...
This will ensure you have no apps running...
I've experienced a hang up with mail while out and about that has resulted in this on my iPhone as well... Once I performed these steps it was fixed... it seemed like it got stuck and that's what caused the warm phone and battery drain...
I notived that when it gets stuck (mail app that is) I will see the text connecting at the bottom and it never changes to "updated" like it should... this is my trigger that it's gotten stuck.
Have not really figured out what causes mail app to get stuck yet...

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