I have a 2 x spot colour file in Illustrator CC and need to save it as a PDF for printing in spot colour....

I have a 2 x spot colour file in Illustrator CC and need to save it as a PDF for printing in spot colour, which option do I choose in the 'save as' menu?
and how do I check it?
The overprint panel is open and I can turn off the cmyk ( there are no separations for the cmyk anyway)
Have looked at the tutorials which tell me to print as PDF7 but that utility is disabled and has been for ages.
it is a simple need but can find no simple information so think I must be missing something!
Thanks in advance!

No magic required. You simply save it as PDF-X from AI. If the spot colors are based on correct swatches and tagged accordingly, they will appear as separate inks/ plates in the PDF, which you can verify in the ink manager in Acrobat. That's pretty much all there is to it and the print facility should handle this file correctly.

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