I have a dual 1.8 ghz pwer pc g5 and sometimes i put it in sleep mode and come home on my lunch break and the fan is running at full speed and the computer has frozen up...what is going on here?

and sometimes i put it in sleep mode and come home on my lunch break and the fan is running at full speed and the computer has frozen up...what is going on here? is it a virus or has my computer been hijacked? it cant be good for the computer...anyone ever had this problem..?

Your problem has been reported many times, but causes are as varied as individuals.
Can we assume that a hard shutdown allows a normal restart?
Can I assume that you have used Disk Utility from your OS X install disc to repair the hard drive directory? The freezes and hard shutdowns require that the drive be repaired (not permissions) or soon the machine won't boot at all.
If the root issue is software related, in Console (the application) under Logs, there should be loggings around the time of sleep and logs that tell you what process went wild and froze the machine.
Network activity is also a common casue.
Other info:
If hardware related, such as an external drive, other USB device (Wacom tablet) or USB PCI card, ejecting, disconnecting, removing, or in the case of the Wacom, updating drivers, are all potential remedies.

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  • MacBook Pro's fans start running at high speed when the computer is asleep. Normal?

    The other night, my MacBook Pro's fans started running at high speed when the computer was asleep. Loud enough to wake me up. And this just kept on going until I finally decided to turn the computer off. Is this normal? Is this anything to worry about?

    This is not normal.  See if a SMC reset solves the problem:

  • Fan runs at full speed all the time

    The fan on my brand new iMac 17" runs at full speed all the time, creating an unbearable amount of noise. The activity monitor shows 99% spare time, i.e. nothing much is running.
    I updated all software, checked the firmware version (it was the latest already) and performed an SMC reset. I also unplugged it for several hours, as some people have suggested.
    I downloaded smcFanControl and it says that the ODD fan is running at 5200 rpm all the time. The CPU and HDD fans seem to run at normal speeds. smcFanControl also reports a cool 39 deg.
    Does anyone have any idea of what to try to fix this problem?

    I don't have a solution but thought I'd add a computer that showed the same behaivor.
    A 20" iMac I was configuring for my company did the same thing, but just once so far. I used it briefly just out of the box and didn't have any problems. It's a stock install of OS X 10.4.8, no other software installed. Turned it on several days later and the fans ran during the 2 hours I used it to run Safari via Airport. I turned if off after it started to smell like hot electrical components. Activity monitor looks completely normal. After shutting it off for two hours, unplugging and re-plugging AC and keyboard, it came back on with no fans. I did not do the SMC reset or any updates between the power cycle.
    ps. Repairing permissions is Voodoo

  • Fans are running at full speed after hard drive upgrade. Used same brand drive.

    My Western Digital 500GB hard drive crashed. The date on it is Aug. 2010. I swapped it out for a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB. All plugs were identical including the temp sensor cable. My fans now run at full speed. What gives? BTW. This is th 3rd WD hard drive to fail at my office in multiple iMacs. I have a 21.5 iMac i3 3.06ghz. I have tried the SMC reset,.. no luck. Reset the PRAM,.. no luck. Hard drive and computer function perfectly, it just sounds like a loud annoying PC.

    After a little more research the only thing I found for 21.5" mid 2010 imac were three part numbers for three sensor cables which are a function of vendor:
    922-9215, Hitachi
    922-9216, Seagate
    922-9622, Western Digital
    The strange thing here is these are vendor specific and not model within vendor specific.  So you started with a WD drive and replaced it with different model, but still a WD drive.  So you would think it would require the same sensor cable. 
    Maybe the drives are different enough for this to matter.  Or maybe you should check the connections one more time.  Be it model of drive or connections, whichever it is, the sensor cable is the source of your problem.

  • My Pavilion a6417c The 'power button' light never illuminates. The fans all run at full.

    My Pavilion a6417c the 'power button' light never illuminates.  The fans all run at full. The only way to turn it off, is to unplug the Power Cable from the PSU.  The system does not boot.  If the PC is unplug for more than a week, it will boot.  But after 5 minutes it will turn off. 

    Try a SMC reset:
    What does it show in System Profiler (Information)>Hardware >Power>Battery:
    This is from mine.

  • G5 Dual 1.8 GHz fans gradually go to full speed and stay there

    My G5 Dual 1.8 GHz boots normally and quietly, with no freezes or panics. However, within a minute or so, I hear the fans begin to gradually gain speed. This continues for a couple of minutes until the fans reach maximum speed, making my room sound like a wind tunnel. This occurs with no programs running, just sitting idle at the Finder desktop.
    I've checked the CPU & system temperatures using the shareware utility "Temperature Monitor 2.5" and everything is running cool, barely above room ambient, so there is no thermal reason for the fans to "take-off" like this as the heat pipes are doing their jobs to cool the CPUs.
    There is no restriction on air flow around the case, and the acrylic side panel is installed. Interestingly, removing the side panel seems to have no effect on fan speed, whether installed or not ... maybe it's just the liquid cooled G5s, but isn't removing the side panel suppose to force the fans to full speed?
    I was wondering if this out of control fan speed is a known issue that can be resolved with either a firmware update or software patch? Does this indicate the need for a thermal recalibration?

    I've since answered my own question on this ... The reseller had installed OSX 10.3.2 as the boot OS. The (Late 2004) DP 1.8 GHz G5 requires 10.3.5 minimum, and with that update, the problem went away. The G5 now runs quietly.
    This was far simpler than I had expected. Thanks.

  • I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems with their imac fans being extremely loud when running at slow speeds?  When the computer heats up enough for the fans to run at higher speeds they quiet down. New HD fan was just installed.

    I have an imac that I've had for a couple years.  The fans have always been loud when running at the slower speeds.  When the computer heats up enough for the fans to run at a higher speed the fans quiet down.  I had installed SMC fan control after multiple attempts with Apple to get the fan issue resolved.  That seemed to keep the fans quiet enough.  I've never had a problem with overheating.  Recently the fans were becoming loud again even running at the slightly higher speeds so I took it to my local Apple store and they replaced the hard drive fan.  I got it back and it's now as loud or louder than ever!!  And, now SMC fan control won't "stick."  The fans will speed up, but then gradually go back to the lower "loud" levels.  I'm at a loss as to what to do next. 

    Thanks jared,
    I'm still dealing with this issue through Apple. Some time after I posted this, I contacted Apple again. They did start a case up for me, as I was experiencing the same behavior on two different machines, with two different versions of Windows.
    So far it remains unsolved. I've logged iClouds for Windows on my desktop, which is brand new, then logged for awhile after completely uninstalling Norton Security Suite, depending on the Microsoft security for some time, and finally logged after I uninstalled iCloud for Windows, restarted, installed a clean download, and connected using a completely different test account, which Apple set up for me. None of this made any difference. Looking at the logs, it seems every 10 minutes, iCloudServices.exe creates a new TCP connection to confirm I'm using less than 5GB on iCloud, (which I am by a good margin, using less than 2GB), it seems this connection is not closed, and when the next iteration rolls around 10 minutes later, a new TCP connection is created. I come very close to having 6 TCP connections created per hour, until I restart my computer. This works out to... 6 x 24 = 144/day.
    Perhaps the article you posted will shed some further light on this. I'm thinking seeing the state of the connection through netstats, at the least, could help.
    For the last week, I've been putting a hold on further logging, as Apple wants me to create a new user account on one of my computers, install iCloud for Windows there, and log it running in the other account. This however basically means I cannot use my computer for a fair number of hours, and I've been busy enough with work the past week that I haven't the time or energy to afford to set this up and run it. I've had need of my computers too much for the past week.

  • Fan running at full speed and all the time!

    I was wondering what could be the reason for my fan running on full speed at all times?
    It is pretty annoying especially when I am in a quiet room. This just started happening this morning and I thought it was just going to stop but it didn't so I restarted my MacBook and shut it down also and still no luck.
    My battery meter only says 1:45 after I just took it off the charger when it said it was fully charged and I had the green light on my charger.
    What could be the reasons for these two things?

    I reset the PMU and the fan is still going at full blast right when the MacBook starts up.
    Will I know that the PMU is reset or will it just fix the problem if it is?
    Does anyone know a solution?
    The computer is running fine but it's just the fan that is really loud and going at full speed and the battery life is extremely short for some reason.

  • 15 " MBP C2D fans running at full speed all the time

    just purchased new MBP C2D 15 inch, the fans are running all the time at full speed (or at least sound noisy).
    i know there were several updates on earlier machines but none for this one that i can see.
    SMC Version: 1.12f5.
    any idea's please.

    A very reasonable thought although it's clearly not DOA. Nor do we know whether it was bought as a CTO or not. The requirements for classing a system DOA are very clear and this system, while possibly not operating correctly, certainly is not a DOA.
    I would however make every effort to determine the cause of the problem. Potentially the issue can be caused through software and no fault of Apple. Being able to quantify an issue does go a long way to resolving it.

  • 2012 iMac fan sporadically running at full speed.

    I purchased a 21" iMac in October. In the last two weeks, the fan has started having issues. It will intermittintely run at full speed for anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds, and then shut off, only to max out again in a minute or so. The computer itself is cool to the touch, the only programs running are Finder and Google Chrome, and it's in a well ventilated and cool area. I've already reset the SMC and the PRAM, seeing if either of those solved the issue, but it is still occuring. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

    Could be a defective sensor. You can also try Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) and see if fixes it. If the computer is newly purchased, then take it to the Apple Store for repair. it's in warranty.

  • One of my MacBook Pro's fans is running at full speed

    Out of the blue today, my 2011 MacBook Pro started fans went mental when I awoke if from it's sleep. They started running at full speed, far louder than I've ever heard them before. I searched through other discussions and it suggested I try an SMC reset. I performed one of these with no success.
    I then opened smcFanControl and noticed that my leftside fan was running at 7000rpm+ and the rightside fan was running at normal speed 2000rpm. It randomly spools on and off high speed and I cannot find any fixes or similar problems online. Can anyone suggest a fix for this or should I be taking it to a repairer?
    FYI my logic board was only replaced in April under warranty so could it be faulty?

    Hi andyBall_uk
    SMC fan control measures temp also. Currently running at 47*C as you can see in the screenshot below. I tried overriding the fan speeds...works for the right fan but not the left one so it appears only the left fan has the fault.
    The weird thing is, when you press your finger down anywhere on the left speaker next to the built-in keyboard, the fan slows back down to normal speed, but when you let go it speeds back up again. I might open it up in the morning to see if any of the connections are loose, because it seems weird that this happens with a small amount of pressure applied to the body. Also of you tilt the macbook it sometimes slows back down to normal speed (but sometimes stays at high speed). I will let you know how I go. Thanks for your suggestion/s

  • Fans running at full speed and slow iMac

    I have a 2009 iMac that's used every day.
    More and more frequently, the fans decide to go up to full speed. I've also noted my iMac is struggling somewhat this past year with standard tasks like iPhoto and iTunes. It even crashed yesterday when adding name tags to iPhoto.
    After a reset the fans slowley go back to normal running speed.
    I'm all backed-up in two separate locations, (JIC).
    Any pointers on what I can look at?

    Ollie ...
    Your profile indicates your Mac has v10.5.7 installed. That's an outdated version of Leopard.
    Click Software Update from your () menu top left in your screen.
    Or, install the Mac OS X 10.5.8 Combo Update
    Either way, restart your Mac after the updates are installed.
    And how much free space on the startup disk?
    Control click the MacintoshHD icon on your desktop then click Get Info.
    You'll see Capacity & Available in the Get Info panel. Make sure there's at least 15% free disk space.
    Run Disk Utility to verify and if necessary, repair the startup disk.
    Launch Disk Utility located in HD > Applications > Utilities
    Select the startup disk on the left then select the First Aid tab.
    Click Verify Disk  (not Verify Disk Permisions)
    If repairs are necessary, help here >  Using Disk Utility to verify or repair disks
    More tips here >  Mac troubleshooting: What to do when your computer is too slow | Macworld

  • How do i get the CPU to run at full speed steadily?

    how may I get the S10's CPU to run at the full speed (near 1.6GHz) steadily?
    since the power scheme's fixed to be "Lenovo" and is only adjustable through its own energy management
    I'm not able to set the power scheme as "Always On" like how I may do with other laptops
    I tried changing every option possible and found no way I could stop the CPU from constantly reducing its speed to half
    it keeps going back and forth between 1.6 & 0.8 GHz 
    how may I possibly get this fixed up? 
    I'd like to have my CPU always run at the full speed when plugged in 
    thanks a lot

    eggimage wrote:
    but i've tried adjusting the frequency too
    it is set to the highest frequency by default and still isn't stable
    what program do u use? try cpuz, www.cpuid.com
    EDIT: i also want to ask, why do u want to lock the cpu to 1.6ghz? it will not make any noticable difference in performance, will just keep the vcore high, resulting in high temps, and louder fan..
    Message Edited by nagatyh on 04-05-2009 06:43 PM
    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T / 2xATI HD5770 CF / 8GB DDR3 / 4x500GB RAID-5 / Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Lenovo S10e Black / 2GB DDR2 / 160GB HDD / 6-cell battery / Win 7 Ultimate x86
    Motorola Xoom

  • X800 fan runs at full speed all the time. Help!

    Hi folks,
    Apologies if this has been answered before - I tried to use the search but to no avail!
    Anyway, I recently purchased an X800 and installed in my G5 1.8DP (OS X 10.4.9) with the intention of having something to drive my shiney new 30" Cinema display. All booted fine and, in glorious wide-o-vision, I spent the next 30 mins playing with all of this extra screen real-estate. At that point, I started to notice that things were not as quiet as I'd initially anticipated. In fact, the amount of fan noise was so high that I'm not going to be able to use the new card as the machine is part of a project recording studio installation. Doh! So, a quick trawl of the ATI web site lead me to the ROM updates claiming to address fan speed control. Update to the most recent version of the ROM and no change. Similarly, I've installed the most recent version of teh ATI control panel. Odd as other people seem to be saying that they're not experiencing the same problem. And strangely, the GFX card fan runs at a low "normal" speed in Safe Boot mode whilst installing the ROM updates.
    Any ideas what to do next? It would be great to get this working but I'm kinda stuck. Otherwise, it's to ebay with the X800 and time to find a 9600 which has passive cooling.
    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Yup, I'm starting to think this is just one of those things and I need to swap for something with passive cooling. The mac fans seem to be fine although there have been moments when they decide to have a mad minute or two. I think the card next to the graphics card (digidesign core card) is not going to help. Was previously pretty acceptable at normal monitoring levels with the 5200 Nvidia but now you can hear the machine over conversation levels which is tedious. Was thinking about moving the machine to another room or get a quiet rack to house everything but it might be easier to use the cash for a Magma chassic and use my Powerbook. Or stop using Protools and go for Logic? lol! .....
    So, anyone want to swap an X800 for a 9600? Ebay, here we come ...

  • Installed SSD, now the fan is running at top speed

    Thought I would be brave and install an SSD in my new June 2010 Mac Mini. I have done this for an older Mac Mini, and my iMac, without any problems. It boots fine, but the fan is now constantly whirling at top speed (iStat shows it topping out at around 5K revs). The only temp sensor I removed was the one attached to the HDD, which I reattached to the SSD. I am pretty sure I got the cable attached to the sensor correctly connected back to the logic board. Can one mis-installed/mis-aligned temp sensor cause the fan to max out as it appears to be doing?

    Seems the answer to my question is yes. Opened up the case again and checked all the connectors, and found one of the temp sensors unrelated to the HDD/SSD had been bumped, and was slightly loose. Made sure all the connectors/connections I could see were properly seated, and now the fan is back to being basically silent (iStat shows it spinning at 1800 revs).

Maybe you are looking for

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