I have a new computer. I installed iTunes. I have authorized the computer for my iPad. But, when I click Sync - it wants to erase the ipad

It is absolute garbage that I would need to erase this ipad. GARBAGE programing. Stupid, non-user friendly, dumb, idiotic (trying not to cuss here!)
There has to be a simplier way then transfer purchases (done), backup (done) then restore...any pray it all makes it back on the iPad?!
Why is it not as simple as authorizing computer, transfer purchases, and then click sync? What am I missing here?

Did you not bring all your important data over from your old computer? Do you have a backup of the iTunes library that you can restore? If not, then its not to late, just more work that it should be.
You should be able to:
Backup the device to the new installation
Transfer your purchases into a newly authorized library
Recover any other media using third party tools as suggested in this post from forum regular Zevoneer
Restore the device from the backup
This process should switch the association of the device to the new library, preserving the data and settings in your apps.
May also be prudent to attempt a backup to iCloud directly from the device before you start... Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > iCloud Backup > On. It won't save any media but it would preserve the general account settings and documents in case anything goes wrong while you are trying to extract your other data.
When you get it all fixed, make a backup!

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