I have a problem with my phone N97,

when I upgraded my phone Nokia N97, like every day I get stuck and have to close and it opens again in May I respond or not to touch screen commands. and I want to bring back older software that was updated phone and I do not know where you can take, nor how to upgrade the old software.

The only data you should backup is contacts, calendar and notes before a reset as if you do a full data back up and then restore it you my re-install whatever is causing your problem. I would suggest you re-install the latest software, then do the hard reset, then set up your phone manually, just re-installing the contacts etc. You should then have your phone working OK (store any apps you can on E Mass memory not C if you can avoid it !)
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  • I have a problem with my phone n73

    i have a problem with my phone n73
    my memory work good and i can see it from gallery but when i want to save some thing it save directelly in memory dont give me choise and when i want to sign ring tone for alert or ringtone or massege i dont see any thing i save in memory or phone i see only tones whice come with phone
    what can i do plz.

    you need to go to file manager scroll right to memory card
    find the tune you want as ringtone
    select options-copy to folder-choose phone memory-choose sounds-choose digital-choose tones-save it here-
    it will now apper in the tones selection
    you can directly save txts and mms to memory card via message settings
    i think if you do this bluetooth files recieved will be saved to memory card as well
    pics can be saved to memory card via camera settings and the same for video clips
    to save music use pc suite or even better a card reader
    hope that helps mate

  • I have a problem with my phone, It comes off and I tried to switched it on and didn't work, I don't know the problem?

    I have a problem with my phone, It comes off and I tried to switched it on and didn't work, I don't know the problem?

    Please get in touch with Viber's customer support.

  • I have a problem with the phone speaker

    I started yesterday to have a problem with the phone speaker, I cant hear anything when using the normal speacker, but its ok when using the loud speaker. I dont know what happened. its not working nether with phone calls nor calling apps such as viber

    If you have a docking station try putting it on there.  I lost my sounds, docked it and they came back immediately.

  • I have some problem with my phone(BSOD)

    Hello, I have a problem with phone.
    I bought 2 weeks ago and during the work with it, it reboots or gives out 'Blue Screen Of Death'
    Even when phone simply lies in a waiting mode can will reboot.
    The insertion 7.0.4 restoration doesn't help.

    Will u help me or not?

  • I have a problem with my phone, please help!

    I use a Nokia Asha 200, I tried to do a software update on my fone last week but after that my fone goes off by itself whenever I put it on. When the fone is off and I charge the battery, it shows battery charging like normal. But when i switch it on, it keep on coming on and off by itself even when the battery is full. Please I need solution because I have no other phone.

    Is it the same if you remove the SIMs and the Memory Card and switch the phone ON without any of them ...? If the problem doesn't appear.. insert one thing at a time and try to isolate what is causing the issue. One of the SIMs or the MC. If the problem reappears with one of the SIMs get that SIM replaced. If its the MC, back-up data from it on to your PC and Format it. Then try again .. 

  • Does anyone have a problem with speaker phone on their Iphone

    I notice when I am in the car and if I don't use my jawbone. And I go right to the speakerphone I cannot hear the person, I have to put the phone almost up to my ear in order to hear them. I know when I had the razor it was loud and clear.

    I have had the same problem, however, I find if I cup my hand down by the base of the iphone (where the mike and speaker are) the speaker phone is louder. With the speaker in this location you need to have some method of obtaining a "bounce" for the sound back up to your ear. However, I do not believe it is as clear, nor as loud as it should be.

  • When do you know you have a problem with your phone and dropped calls?

    My iphone 4 hasn't really been a problem but I've noticed and all the people who call me notice that my phone is dropping a lot of calls. It's almost dropping every other call, and that is awful should I go back to the store and take it back? I don't want to waste anyone's time or should I be angry. I try not to get ****** over a phone but my 3GS never did this.

    You have 30 days to decide. Albuquerque has good to moderate 3G coverage. It is possible that ATT has again been overloaded with a mass of new phones and may need to make adjustments to their service. I am lucky to live in S Florida where coverage is great. However, if your coverage was marginal to begin with you may have trouble. I would let it sort itself out by July 24 the 30 day mark for most and decide than. The only thing to be mad about is not being able to have the phone you want at this time. In spite of what appears to be a large vocal group on this forum, who are really have problems, most of the 1.7 million phones are not. Again see what plays out in your 30day trial and make your decision accordingly.

  • Hey..... i have a problem with my phone to use wifi ...first no WiFi appears to be in range and i just discovered that it only connects to wifi when im next to the router....the question is how can i get it to connect without being next to the router??


    Then it's likely that you have a hardware issue on your hands. Follow the three r's:
    1. Restart: Turn it off and then on again
    2. Reset: Hold down the home and power button until the apple logo appears
    3. Restore: Connect the device to iTunes and restore it as new. Test the issue and see if it persists.
    Don't forget to back up before you restore, so you can keep your data.
    If the three r's don't work to solve your issue, you will need to get your phone repaired. To do this, you can go into the apple store or call 1-800-275-2273.

  • I have a problem with my phone, it keeps crashing

    it will crash at a random point and will not work even after i hold down the sleep and home button, i have tried to restore and that did not work. my phone is now stuck on the connect to itunes page and i cant do anything.

    iloverockandroll wrote:
    I have been repeating those steps over and over and still nothing. ...
    Some users have reported that 8 or 9 attempts were necessary before success...
    Pay particular attention to steps 3 and 4.
    iloverockandroll wrote:
    ... should i just go in...
    If you prefer...


    HI I NEED to have a couple of quistions ansered about my phone

    Yes, no, no, no, yes, yes, but you would have to change your plan.

  • Hello community, I have a problem with my phone (iPhone 4), I hope someone here can help me to solve it.

    I activated the "voice read" from my iPhone, and now I cannot unlock it.  Can please anybody help?


  • Is there a phone number to call Adobe.  I go around an endless loop pressing their contact info tabs?  Maybe someone at this sight can help. I am new to digital photo - I have been a B&W film photographer for many years. I have a problem with a Macbook Ai

    Is there a phone number to call Adobe.  I go around an endless loop pressing their contact info tabs?  Maybe someone at this sight can help. I am new to digital photo - I have been a B&W film photographer for many years. I have a problem with a Macbook Air.  It was working fine - I was using LR and a message came on the screen that said something like the memory was dangerously low.  I stopped and tried to delete LR files.  I couldn't do it.  I closed the program and tried reopening and got the message that there is not enough memory available to open LR.  I contacted Apple.  They spent a half hour on the phone with me and eventually told me they didn't know how to help. The tech said that LR had gobbled up all the memory and said I should contact Adobe and ask where and how my photo files are stored and to delete them.  I have several back-ups.  Thanks - Arthur

    This sort of error message only comes up for Lightroom when your hard disk is full. Indeed this has nothing to do with internal memory as that will be intelligently be dealt with. If you have a mac Book Air that is not so surprising as the cheapest versions come with very small hard disks and if you shoot raw with any recent camera, you'll fill up your hard disk very quickly and you can probably only store a few months of pictures if you are a typical photographer. So the bottom line is that you need to create some room on your hard disk. You should move some of your originals to an external hard disk. You can also delete some of your backup copies of your catalog file that Lightroom automatically generates every few days and that quickly gobble up hard disk space. So first figure out how full your hard disk is. To see that, go to the apple menu, hit -> About this Mac -> More info->Storage. You should see your internal hard disk on top and you'll find that it is almost entirely full with photos. Now find your Lightroom catalog file using Finder. It is usually in a folder in the Pictures folder in your home directory. You should see a Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat file, a previews file and a folder called backups. Inside the backups folder, you'll find a lot of subfolders. They have names that show the dates the backups were created. If you have backups of your entire hard disk, you can delete these backups when they are older than a few months. I usually only keep the last 4 around. Just drag the folders into the trash can on the dock on the bottom of your screen and empty the trash. This will probably free up enough space that Lightroom will already run again. Now start thinking about where you will want to store older images. If you have a good USB3 or Thunderbolt hard disk that is probably the best option. There is a video here by Adobe that has some instructions on how to do this: Is Your Hard Drive Full? Here’s How to Move Images to Another Drive in Lightroom. « Julieanne Kost's Blog If that doesn't work because you don't have enough hard drive space to run Lightroom yet, here is another set of instructions to move your files using the finder to the other hard disk: How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is? - The Lightroom Queen. If you follow that, as soon as you confirm all your images are on the new hard disk, you can delete them from your internal one. She is not so clear about that part but if you don't delete the originals that you moved off you don't free up space. You should move the folder structure over to the new hard disk and then reconnect the folders in Lightroom. That should make it refind all your images.
    That said, if you are uncomfortable with the computer in itself, your best bet is to find a local photography club. There is invariably a Lightroom savvy person in there that could help you move your files. That might be your best bet if you are uncomfortable moving these yourself. A general mac savvy person like you would find at an Apple store or so generally will not be able to help you with this except when they are photographers themselves and know Lightroom. You might get lucky with that.

  • I have a problem with my iPhone 4s.  An Apple rep looked at the phone today and determined the phone will have to be replaced.  I am trying to back up my data on the phone to iTunes but I cannot get the phone to power up.

    I have a problem with my iPhone 4s.  An Apple rep looked at the phone tonight and determined I will need a new phone.  I am now trying to back up my data to iTunes but I cannot get the phone to turn on.  I have it plugged into my computer monitor but it just slowly flashes the Apple symbol. Any ideas on how I can get it to power up for the backup?

    Apple isnt here. this is a user based forum for technical questions. The solution is to restart, reset, and restore as new which is in the manual after that get it replaced for hard ware failure. if your within your one year warranty its replaced if it is out of the warranty then it is 199$

  • Hi every time I go to write a tx on my iPhone it asks for my apple I'd sign in like when I buy an app or something and you have to enter your password is there a way to stop it doing this or is there some kind of problem with the phone

    Hi every time I go to write a tx my phone asked for my sign in details like I have just bought something like an app of song ect I just press cancel and it goes away but still pretty annoying is there a way to stop this or is there a problem with the phone  ? Thanks

    If the login box keeps popping up either your acct is disabled or you are mistyping your pw.  
    Go here and try out your pw and reset if necessary:
    Click on Manage ID and go from there.

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