I have a sequence with 50+ clips, export each separately?

I have a sequence with 50+ clips, each separated by a small gap, can premiere 'scene detect' and export each as a separate file, or do I need to manually adjust the work bar to each each clip and then export?

You could do a project manage, set it to trim clips with no handles to a new location. You'll then end up with a folder full of clips, if you want those converted to a specific output format you can just do a batch export of this folder. It's a very autopilot way of achieving a result, but if there's any effects or re-sizing done to the clips this method would not work.

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    give it time to boot. the time depends on yr memory size n data. soon a process bar will appear indicating the boot process. if still this doesnt work. try formating the phone. but this ways u lose all data on the phone (unless u backed it). relax! the data on the memory card is safe.

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    Chris, I believe this link may have the information you're looking for. Welcome to discussions!

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  • Re-populating a sequence with transcoded clips

    I have made a sequence using the pluraleyes plugin and multiclip. This was done using the original HDV footage of 5 camera angles because my system will not cope with 5 streams of 422. I would now like to transcode the relevant clips to 422 to make the final sequence to output using compressor. Is there a way to repopulate the the original HDV sequence with the transcoded clips to avoid having to reconstruct the sequence from EDL data? I am using FCP 6.0.6

    Duplicate your sequence and then switch the Sequence Settings >> QuickTime Video Settings >> Compressor to Apple ProRes 422, then Export > Quicktime Movie w/Current Settings ... you have nothing to gain from transcoding your HDV clips into ProRes just to put them back into your timeline now its already cut.
    That said, if you are desperate to do this, then you can use the *Media Manager* tool's Recompress option to create a new Apple ProRes 422 copy of your sequence.

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    Well you need to understand the behavior of h-reap or what it's called now, FlexConnect. In this mode, the clients are still remembers on the WLC until the session timer/idle timer expires. So switching between SSID's in h-reap will not be the same when switching when the AP's are in local mode.
    Take a look at the client when connected in FlexConnect in the WLC GUI monitor tab. Thus will show you what ssid and vlan the client is on. Now switch to a different ssid and compare this. It's probably the same because the client has not timed out. Now go back to the other ssid and look again. Now on the WLC, remove or delete the client and then switch to the other ssid at the same time. Or switch SSID's and then remove the client. The client will join the new ssid and in the monitor tab, you should see the info.
    There is no need to have clients have multiple SSID's unless your testing. Devices should only have one ssid profile configured to eliminate any connectivity issues from the device wanting to switch SSID's.
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    Hi rscohan1,
    I'm sorry to hear that. Would you mind submitting your form to Adobe using the File Conversion Issue form?
    Adobe has been collecting files such as yours in an effort to improve the ExportPDF service. (Please note, however, that we can't promise to respond to each submission individually.)

  • Trimming tool problems with merged clips

    I'm trying to edit a filmstyle sequence with merged clips (created video and audio synched, then merged into new clips). This works fine, except when I try to trim edits in the sequence - the trim tool works, but the picture in the left and right trim windows jump to different parts of the clips being trimmed, and do not show the correct frames being trimmed. The trim tool works fine when used with unmerged clips, but somehow can't seem to work with the synched up clips
    The footage being edited was shot on RED and is in pro rez 4:4:4 format.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is this a bug, or is there a way around this? Thanks for any pointers...

    I created a new user account and trashed my preferences and I have the same problems. I created a new project, and new sequences. Same problems.
    It only happens with 23.98 (batch reverse telecined using Cinema Tools) NTSC DV clips that have been merged with separate 24-bit 48 khz Quicktime audio clips (converted from BWF using BWF2XML). Clips that were captured from the tape with audio and video simultaneously don't have this problem. The discrepancies between the actual amounts trimmed and the white numbers in the trim windows are consistent. If it's off by 6:10 on a clip, every time I try to trim that clip it will be off by the same amount. But the number varies from clip to clip. It's generally 5-8 seconds.
    If I try to trim only the audio, I don't have any trouble. If I trim the audio and video at the same time I don't have any trouble. It's only when I trim the video on its own. If I use the original video clip before it's merged with an audio track then it trims fine. If I cut the merged clip into a sequence then delete the audio track from the sequence the problem remains.

  • No Audio in Master Sequence with nested sequences

    I have tried searching for a solution but cant find anything the same as this.
    I have several sequences with multi track edits in them (not multi camera but on diffeent video and audio tracks)
    I have dropped these sequences into a master sequence, they line up perfectly, but when I play them, the video is fin, but there is no audio.  the individual sequences have audio without any probelm.
    I have not done any audio editing in the sequences yet, just assembled the visual edit with the orignial audio tracks attached.
    I klnow I must be missing a step or doing something wrong, but can't figure it out!

    Not muted. All plays well in Source Monitor but dragging from Source to Timeline only brings video. Same for dragging from Project to Timeline.
    This morning I tried "New sequence From Clip" on a sequence from the Project Window. This works but then requires an extra step of copying from the newly generated Sequence to my "Master" sequence. Intuitively it seems like the other methods should work. I should be able to Import project files containing all the required sequences and then from the Project window drag each of those sequences to a master timeline. Am I incorrect in my assumption on this workflow?

  • Rendering sequence with Warp Stablizer

    I'm getting ready to render out a sequence with multiple clips that have the Warp Stabilizer effect on them.  I noticed that this time after opening the project, many of the clips with WS on them want me to click "Analyze" again, even though I've done that previously.  I haven't deleted any rendered clips that I know of.
    Here's my main question:  Do I need to go through all my clips and click "Analyze" on each one before rendering out the final sequence, or will PP analyze it automatically when I render it out?  Thanks.

    You might want to post this in the Motion forum

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    Go onto all iPods, and turn on "Restrictions" and disable installing apps. The apps do auto download, and the only way around the messages problem is to make 3 Apple IDs. When installing apps, it will ask for a "restrictions" password, and you can enter that.

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    I'm using iTunes 9.

    It seems that you would just create your two separate libraries for the two iPods, library A for iPod A and B for B. Then, either don't connect iPod A to the computer when you have library B open or vice versa, but if you do, just select not to sync when the prompt appears.
    Alternatively, elect to manually manage the iPods.

  • Premerie Pro CC - have sound on timeline, yet when I export file i am missing sound in one tiny clip. Can I be related to working with Merged clips?

    Hello Premerie Pro CC community,
    I need help, I am working with merged clips (the video footage shoot with a DSLR and different audio recorders). I have a timeline in premerie with sound all finished. Everything was fine until I when and fine tuned some of the audio, just added key frames to correct and now when I export my sequence I am missing sound in one little clip of the entire mov.
    Does it have to do with sound and editing with a merged clip?
    I have tried to export in several different settings and still the same result, and when I look at my timeline the sound is all there.
    I have until the end of Monday to figure what I have done incorrect

    In case it is a phase problem, try adding fill left effect to the faulty clip.

  • "Current" Dimensions on Export not matching Sequence Settings or Clip

    I have been trying to export a Sequence using "QuickTime Conversion" with Dimensions set to "Current" but I have a problem. The video clips dimensions are 1920x1080, and the sequence is also set to 1920x1080, as you can see from the screen shots. For some reason, every time I try to export the Sequence with Dimensions set to "Current", it is saying the current dimension is "556x312", see screen shot.
    Can anyone tell me why it is doing this??? It is driving me crazy!
    One more thing, I was able to export a sequence earlier today that I had NOT sent to Color. The sequence I am now trying to export is one that I sent to Color for some corrections and it is now only letting me export with current dimensions of 56x312 as stated above.
    Thanks for your help!
    When I Try To Export:
    Actual Sequence Settings Showing It Is Set To 1920x1080:
    Actual Clip Settings Showing It Is An Actual 1920x1080 File:

    I need to do some compression, I need to reduce the file size. I was planning on use h.264. Its the dimensions of the video that I want to match the original/current footage.

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