I have an iPhone 5 and a PJ205 ipico Handheld LED Personal Projector for Apple iPhone 4. I bought the apple adapter but now need the app. Apple's App Store doesn't have it anymore, where can I get one?

I have an iPhone 5 and a PJ205 ipico Handheld LED Personal Projector for Apple iPhone 4. I bought the apple adapter but now need the app. Apple's App Store doesn't have it anymore, where can I get one?

Hi Chris.
It's asking you for my apple id password. not going to give that out, sorry.
However I did try this projector on my mother in laws iphone 4 and on my old iphone 3. ipico software isn't needed. plug and play any video through standard movie player or camera saved video.
I tried on my girls iphone 5 with the adapter. The ipico software and projector doesn't work on this phone.
Hope this helped you. Better to buy a used iphone 3 or 4 and use it for video storage.
I also found that the battery on these projectors are a joke (30-60mins max). I rigged a longer lasting battery on the outside and keep it plugged in while using. This doesn't charge the phone though so I replaced the battery in the old iphone 3 and now get at least a full length movie from it. Great in bed projected onto the ceiling.
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I have an iPhone 5 and a PJ205 ipico Handheld LED Personal Projector for Apple iPhone 4. I bought the apple adapter but now need the app. Apple's App Store doesn't have it anymore, where can I get one?
blackyam...thank you for the ipico software.  When I try to authorize my computer for it it says that I need to fill in the password for *******@yahoo.com.  I can't seem to get it to work with my email and password.  Do you know anything about this or do you know *******@yahoo.com's password?thx, Chris
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    Actually, this is how I do my projects   . . .  I pull together all the assets  (video clips, stills, graphics) and tag them in a database.  Then, I can pull them into various segments.   I learned the ctrl+m five years ago when it was suggested on the old forum by some guy named named Steve Grisetti.
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    This allows you to build it as you go.   So, as you start to compile a season end video, it's relatively simple to pull content.    Oops, you review the segments and see that one kid's hardly included... select the tag with their name and you can pull in a few more clips.   If you're documenting a season, you can see how the database is coming along and determine you need more footage of certain situations and then adjust the shooting priorities at the next couple games, etc.
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    If you live in the USA, try Craig's List.

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    i just got this:
    really excellent, am just getting in to it...

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    Thanks one again. I know you helped me the last to. I do have the Deja Vu font set in my folder. I downloaded and the last time. So I don't know if there is supposed to be more or not, but those were installed with Windows-XP after my reformat.
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    Thanks again.

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