I have an iphone4S when i first got it everything was fine, my husband accidentally erased my mail and contacts from apple account and now ive lost 500 or so contacts how do i retrieve my contacts step by step please.

Hi guys,
I bought a Ipad, Iphone and an Imac all at once, learning it is a bit overwhelming.  so in practicing my husband removed what he thought were defunct accounts that apple had automatically on the phone.  When he did so all the contacts from my iphone disappeared.  I do not know how to retrieve my accounts, nor to be able to restore my lost contacts, over 500. 
If you guys can help with restoring the lost accounts, that be great, and also step by step restore my contacts to my iphone.

thank you guys i have worked out this little number.  becausse i didnt want to lose any old data, i didnt ohoose to go through the steps to wipe Icloud.  I prayed the old data was still there and backed up my data from icloud.
In 30 mins or so, checked it and it was all there!
Many thanks for answering my queries.  you rock!

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