I have converted a pdf to word. How can I access the Word file from my online account?

I have converted a pdf to word. How can I access the Word file from my online account? When it says 'download the converted file' I choose a location on my PC and click, but nothing happens. It seems that it can only save the converted file to my online account. I went to my online account but I see no way to look for the file

Hey Fabrizio,
You might need to sign up at "https://cloud.acrobat.com/exportpdf" using your Adobe ID credentials to convert your PDF file to Word.
Do you get the 'download' prompt?
Also, you can find the converted files by clicking at the 'Files' tab. 
Please try the same using a different browser and check.
Hope to hear from you.

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    You're welcome, and thank you for the reply.
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    In Adobe Acrobat use File > Save

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    Dr. P,
    Song files are just files.  You can copy them the way you copy any other files, like photos or documents.
    If any of the files are not already in MP3 format, and you wish to create MP3 versions, then you can convert them using iTunes, by following this guide:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1550

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    You can download the 7.1 DNG converter to make copies of your canon raw files in the adobe dng format, which can then be opened in pse 9.
    As said above the the latest camera raw plugin 6.5 for pse 9 won't open those files directly, but will open the the converted dng files.

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    Hi all,
    I have a table which contains Company id, department id, and PositonId. For a particular Company and Department there may be multiple records.
    I have to pupulate a table which contains the position and other details that comes under a particular Department and Position based on the selection in the Three comboBoxes.
    Also I have to populate a select many Shuttle to add new postions and records under a particular Department.
    I created a query panel *(Search Region)* for the serch and a table to display the data. That is working fine.
    Now the issue is I am using a view criteria to populate the shuttle with two bind variables ie, DepartmentId and CompanyId.
    If the serach will return a resuktant set in the table it will also pupulate the correct records, otherwise ie, if the if the serch result is empty the corresponding iterator and the attribute is setting as null.
    SO I want to access the attribute values from the Search Region itsef to populate the shuttle.
    I don't know how can I access the data from the Search Region.
    Please Help.

    you could access the parameters entered in search region by the user as follows:
    You can get handle to the value entered by the user using queryListener method in af:query.
    You can intercept the values entered as described
    public void onQueryList(QueryEvent queryEvent) {
    // The generated QueryListener replaced by this method
    QueryDescriptor qdes = queryEvent.getDescriptor();
    //get the name of the QueryCriteria
    System.out.println("NAME "+qdes.getName());
    List<Criterion> searchList = qdes.getConjunctionCriterion().getCriterionList();
    for ( Criterion c : searchList) {
    if (c instanceof AttributeCriterion ) {
    AttributeCriterion a = (AttributeCriterion) c;
    for ( Object o : a.getValues()){
    //call default Query Event
    public void onQueryTable(QueryEvent queryEvent) {
    // The generated QueryListener replaced by this method
    QueryDescriptor qdes = queryEvent.getDescriptor();
    //get the name of the QueryCriteria
    System.out.println("NAME "+qdes.getName());
    private void invokeQueryEventMethodExpression(String expression, QueryEvent queryEvent){
    FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ELContext elctx = fctx.getELContext();
    ExpressionFactory efactory = fctx.getApplication().getExpressionFactory();
    MethodExpression me = efactory.createMethodExpression(elctx,expression, Object.class, new Class[]{QueryEvent.class});
    me.invoke(elctx, new Object[]{queryEvent});

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    Hi every one..
    we have two projects one is developed in ASP and one is developed in JSP both are running in two different locations.
    now i want to include a jsp file from one project to ASP file in the other project.
    please tell me how can i insert the JSP file in ASP application.
    thanx in advance.

    Wouldn't that be an ASP question for an ASP forum?

  • How can I access the Oracle CEP from the a simple java code

    I want to access the current values in coherence cache and show those in a screen. So for that I want to create a java class which can access the Coherence cache of the CEP application and get the current values in the Cache.
    Do anyone had any sample code for this, or any idea how to do this.

    As mentioned, you can use Spring to pass a reference to your cache to an event bean as shown below.
    Once you have a reference to the cache you can use whatever Coherence APIs you need.
    For example: get an object based on the key, perform an invoke, or a query to get the values that you want to display.
    Here's some sample code:
    IN EPN
    <wlevs:caching-system id="CoherenceCachingSystem" provider="coherence" />
    <wlevs:cache id="TransactionCache" caching-system="CoherenceCachingSystem"
              value-type="TransactionAmount" key-class="com.oracle.poc.event.TransactionAmountKey">                                   
    <wlevs:event-bean id="TransactionCacheQuery" class="com.oracle.cep.eventbeans.TransactionCacheQuery">
         <wlevs:listener ref="P1TotalChannel" />
         <wlevs:instance-property name="transactionCache" ref="TransactionCache" />
    import com.tangosol.net.NamedCache;
    import com.tangosol.util.aggregator.DoubleSum;
    import com.tangosol.util.filter.EqualsFilter;
    public class TransactionCacheQuery implements StreamSource, StreamSink {
         private StreamSender streamSender_;
         private Map transactionCache;     
         public void setTransactionCache(Map transactionCache) {
              this.transactionCache = transactionCache;
         public void setEventSender(StreamSender sender) {
              streamSender_ = sender;
         public void onInsertEvent(Object event) throws EventRejectedException {
              if (event != null){
                   if (event instanceof MyEvent){
                        MyEvent my = (MyEvent)event ;
                        NamedCache cache = (NamedCache)transactionCache ;
                        Object totalAmount = cache.aggregate(
                                  new EqualsFilter("getACCT_NUMBER", my.getACCT_NUMBER()),
                                  new DoubleSum("getAmount"));
                        double transactionsTotal = 0.00 ;
                        if (totalAmount instanceof Double){
                             transactionsTotal = ((Double)totalAmount).doubleValue();
                        // send new event to the processor

  • How can I stop the swf file from repeating on different web pages

    I have my entire website built and am using a flash
    navigation bar that also has a movie presentation attached to it. I
    uploaded it to every page in my site because it is required for
    navigation. My problem is that the movie plays every time you
    switch to a different page, I only want it to play once on the home
    page, and then just have the flash navigation work on the rest of
    them. I know that there is a way to use cookies to tell the
    computers IP address that is viewing the site not to replay the
    movie if it has already played within the specified time frame. But
    I am not very good with actually inputting code into flash, I am
    new to it. I have seen sample code on another website but I think
    it was referring to the wrong flash version, and it did not specify
    exactly where to put it in. Please help!

    Well I am actually using a template. And the flash video that
    was created is way beyond my ability. So I tried initially to
    separate the two, the intro video, and the navigation. But they are
    intertwined in a way that I do not understand. I do need to do the
    variable thing. I took a flash class in school, and my book does
    not touch anywhere close to this. I know its probably too
    complicated to explain through a forum, but can you recommend any
    resources online or books that would go more in depth with this
    sort if thing. If I can just see the way it works on another site,
    I know that I can do on mine.
    Thank you!!!

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    Since we still do not have the ability to share folders or perform a sync with ACC I'm betting this question is not answerable, but I'm hopeful. It would be really great if Bridge, and I'll use Lightroom if I must, could access the files within the Adobe Creative Cloud. OK, I understand that sync isn't going to happen, that the cloud is not meant to be sharing or collaborative in nature but rather a tool allow you to send a single file to another Cloud user to get their comments or have them download a JPG. OK, that's fine, a VW is never going to be a Cadillac, but is it possible to modify Adobe Bridge or even Lightroom to look in the users Creative Cloud folders and display thumbnails of the images? This way the user can see a file he wants to work on, allow Bridge or Lightroom to export the file to his PC, open it, work on it and save it. Is any of this even possible today?

    Which OS do you have? In case of using Mac OS X 10.7 and later or using Windows 7 (maybe working on Vista too, but tested on Win7), Adobe CloudConnection is out now. If you use Snow Leopard 10.6.8, like I do, you have a problem xDD

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    A few years ago I had copied my iTunes, ver:9.0.?, from my old laptop tom my external hard drive. The music on it was already loaded onto my other devices. My old computer crashed andI bought a new one, put iTunes on it and kept it updated. The problem is I forgot to keep the iTunes on my ecternal hatd drive updated. I tried to open the external hard drive iTunes but received a error with something to the effect that there was a newwerversion of iTune. I was hoping to either put the external Itunes music on my device. How can I go about that now?

    Type "move itunes library" into the google search bar.

  • How can i access my icloud files from the finder?

    I have tried dragging the icloud icon from the toolbar of safari to the toolbar of a finder window without success.  There are files from apps I would like to save on my cloud that do not natively support iCloud. 
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The Safari iCloud icon is for iCloud tabs which syncs all of your tabs in Safari between all of your iOS devices and Macs. So basically while you were dragging the iCloud icon into Finder, you were doing nothing. Also iCloud only saves information and files from certain applications such as Reminders, Notes, Messages, Safari, TextEdit, etc. If there are apps that do not natively support iCloud you cannot save their files to iCloud because Apple does not have a feature that can save any file from any app on your Mac. Sorry to tell you this.
    Hope this helps,
    - Daniel 

  • How can I erase the VAT number from an Adobe account?

    I don't want to buy the adobe product as a company, but as an individual. You can erase the company name but the VAT is still there and I don't know how to erase it.
    Thank you!

    Please contact Adobe support to get the VAT removed from your account.

  • How can I access my stored files from a previous backup?

    I recently had to restore my Macbook and I backed up my files on a Lacie hard drive. However, now when I try to access those files It says that I do not have permission. Is there any way to access important files without having to do a full restore of my computer because that is not an option. I am a student and one of those files was a very important document that I need. I am willing to download any software that may be necessary to recover these files.

    Then start here:
    A  whole  lot  about  Time  Machine for help with TM problems.  Also you can select Mac Help from the Finder's Help menu and search for "time machine" to locate articles on how to use TM.  See also Mac 101- Time Machine.

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    I need help entering my contact list

    The instructions are in the article that you were reading when you posted your question that ultimately led you to here. Take a look at the kb article again.
    After you set up the account, you have to select the items that you want to sync so go to Settings>Mail, contacts, calendars and tap the MSN email account. In the next screen you should be able to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders and you can choose how many days back to sync email.

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