I have downloaded Fiefox 7 for my laptop running Windows 7. Now i cannot get any sound from web content. ( I can still get sound using Google Chrome !!) Any ideas ?

I downloaded Firefox 7 and now cannot get any sound when playing web content. I have reinstalled but still no joy. When I use Google Chrome for the same useage, it plays sound fine.
Any ideas ??

1. System Preferences > Other/ Flash Player > Advanced >  Delete  All
     Press the "Delete All" button
  2. Install Adobe Flash Player.
   Download it first.
   The next step is important.
   Click Safari in the menubar and select “Quit Safari”.
    Follow the prompts and install it.
    Restart computer. Relaunch Safari.
2.  Allow  Plug-ins  
    Safari > Preferences > Security
    Internet Plug-ins >  "Allow  plug-ins"
    Enable it.

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