I have lost my previous itunes library and the content is no longer on my ipod touch.  How do I recover my previous itunes library?  I have already tried the backup but because the content was erased from my ipod that did not work.

I have lost my previous itunes library content after atempting to sync my ipod.  Is there any way that apple can provide me with a history restore for an itunes library?

if you have all the songs still on your ipod you can put them back on your computer from the ipod... just DONT LET ITUNES SYNC WITH YOU IPOD when you plug it back in. change the settings to manual control for syncing ipods or your itunes will delete all of them. i dont know what to do for the unchecked songs... i had a similar situation and i used a mac program to take the songs off of my ipod. hope this helps.. just google for an application that will let ya take songs off the ipod.

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