I have one itunes account with two phones. when i phone one of the numbers both phones have started to ring, only when connected to wifi at home. How do i resolve this please?

I have one itunes account with two phones assigned to it, sons and daughters, (5s). When i phone one of the numbers both phones have started to ring, only when connected to wifi at home. The problem does not occur when not connected to wifi. How do i resolve this please? texting is fine it is only when ringing one of the numbers.

"To turn off iPhone Cellular Calls on a device, go to Settings > FaceTime and turn off iPhone Cellular Calls."

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  • How do i sync one itunes account with two iphones, one ipod touch, and a nano?

    I need help in how to sync the one itunes account we use as a family with the two iphones my wife and i have and an ipod touch that my son has and a nano that my daughter has. Please help.

    That article applies, as far as I can tell, to all things called iPod X where X can be nano, touch, classic etc.
    We don't have two iPhones in the family as yet but as I understand it each device can have separate settings for syncing calendars and contacts. For example my iPhone syncs these over the air with the Exchange server at work so if/when my wife gets an iPhone it would be easy to have hers sync to our computer
    To make sure your apps don't inadvertently merge turn off Automatically sync new apps from the apps tab when you connect your device.
    The Apple support document How to use multiple iPods with one computer suggests a number of ways for managing the media content. I use method two (Sync with selected playlists) with a slight twist. Rather than regular playlists I set the grouping field to indicate which users should receive which tracks and create smart playlists based on the content of this field.
    "Alice's Tracks" is "Grouping contains Alice" + "Kind contains audio"
    "Bob's Videos" is "Grouping contains Bob" + "Kind does not contain audio"
    Tracks that both Alice & Bob want on their iPods have the grouping set to "Alice/Bob"
    I currently manage our family's five iDevices using this system, each getting a different selection to suit their tastes and the capacity of their device. An advantage of using the grouping field is that it is stored in file tags (for non-wav audio files anyway) so that it is relatively easy to recreate the playlists should the iTunes library get trashed and need rebuilding. Also useful if you move files about manually as playlist membership is preserved when you delete & re-import the tracks.

  • Can I share one itunes account with two computers?

    I have an itunes account set up with one email address. It was originally set up on a PC and my two daughters have Ipods that are synched to this computer. I finally got my own ipod (yea!) and want to use it with my macbook. I tried to download songs using the same email and my purchased songs were not able to be played on the macbook. Can I share this account or do I need to set up a separate Itunes account for the macbook?

    You can authorize your iTunes account on up to 5 computers at a time.
    However, purchased music is downloaded to the first machine to download it, but these articles have more information on moving your music between authorized computers:
    This one is for moving all your music using an iPod as a storage drive
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • Sharing one itunes account with two computers

    I used to share my itunes account with my sister and our ipods were synched to one computer. We now have two new computers and would still like to continue to share that account. Is it possible to open the same account on two separate computers?

    Explain how you transfer content manually.
    Control-click or right-click it in iTunes, choose Get Info, locate the music files, move them to the other computer's hard disk as you would any other type of file, and then drag them into the open iTunes window. By default on a Mac, dragging them to the open iTunes window also copies them to the hard disk.

  • Can I use one itune account with two iphones

    I now have two iphones can you have one itune account and keep your contacts separate, I dont care about apps

    Yes you can, iTunes will identify your phone by serial number and phone number.
    Best if you can to set different name to your phone under SETTINGS/GENERAL/ABOUT/Name and to name like e.g. iphone3G and the other iPhone 4s.
    So everytime you sync, itunes will backup your phone's contents and data and you will be able to identify from the backup files correctly in future.

  • I already have an iTunes account but need to open a new one as I have many apple products but am limited to how many I can use my iTunes account on. How do I open a new one please. Thanks

    Hi I already have an itunes account registered to my address and email address.
    The problem is, I have many apple products but i'm limited to how many products I can use one itunes account for.
    How do I open a new itunes account for the same address please.
    Thanks for your help.

    Well, you can probably do it, but then you also have to buy the products again to use them from the other account since they cannot be transferred or shared between accounts.  So if you have 7 computers and want the same movie authorized on all of them, you'll have to buy the movie twice and then authorize some devices on one account and others on the other.
    Do you really have >5 devices, or is it just that you have a lot of devices authorized that no longer exist but are tying up authorization slots?  If that's the case, you can deauthorize things.
    iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1420 - and another helpful post: https://discussions.apple.com/message/17828050
    I have no idea how to do multiple accounts but you may need to create a new e-mail address (plenty of free ones out there).

  • I have two Ipods andwant t oset up two Itune accounts with two different libraries

    I have two Ipods and want to set up two Itune accounts with two different libraries.  Can this be done?

    You can, but switching iTunes libraries and store accounts is generally more hassle than it is worth. You can sync each device with selected purchases and if you have more than one iOS device disable the option to Automatically include new apps, then apps purchased on one device won't automatically load onto the other.

  • My wife and I share one itunes account with separate libraries. When I sync her iphone in her library, it adds all of my iphone contacts to her contact list. How can we void this?

    My wife and I share one itunes account with separate libraries. When I sync her iphone in her library, it adds all of my iphone contacts to her contact list. How can we avoid this?

    Make groups of contacts in your Address Book and select the option to sync only selected groups to each phone.
    This explains how to create groups:  Mac 101: Address Book, http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2486

  • HT204053 i have an itunes library with 1,000+ songs on a pc.  my daughter has a macbook air and i loaded my apple ID onto it.  how do i get the songs from my itunes account to show up?  This works fine on her iPhone, but having trouble on the new macbook

    i have an itunes library with 1,000+ songs on a pc.  my daughter has a macbook air and i loaded my apple ID onto it.  how do i get the songs from my itunes account to show up?  This works fine on her iPhone, but having trouble on the new macbook air

    Hey kbert73
    I would do a transfer of purchases from the phone and not sync. If you sync then it will want to start over and sync music that is on the MacBook Pro. If you want to transfer the music, check out the article below that will give you multiple options on how to move. I have also provided on how to sync with multiple computers.
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • If i already have an itunes account with my family can i open a new account to sync my old and new phone

    if I already have an iTunes account with my family can I open a new iTunes account to sync my old iphone 4 and new iphone 5?

    Hi Rileycarline,
    You can easily have an iCloud account that is separate from the Apple ID that is used for iTunes purchases. Take a look at the article below to walk you through that specific setup process of have an account for iCloud and one for Store purchases. 
    Set up your Apple ID for iCloud and iTunes
    Take it easy,
    -Norm G. 

  • I have accidently set up two itunes accounts with two different emails how do i combine them?

    I have accidently set up two itunes accounts with two different emails (however the same cc and password) how do i merge these two accounts?

    You can not combine them.

  • Set up itunes account with two different credit cards

    Is it possible to set up an existing iTunes Store Account with two different credit cards?
    I am currently registered with a personal card but wish to make one purchase for work (Lion OS) using a company credit card.
    many other sites let you choose what card to pay from, multiple addresses, etc. but I don't see any options from apple site.
    for this purchase I am considering:
    1. going into the "edit payment information".
    2. editing all the info related to the company card and address.
    3. completing the purchase and download
    4. going back to the payment info and putting back my original personal informaton.
    there must be an easier way -- or is this the only apple offering.
    any advice appeciated. TIA.

    the_0ne wrote:
    but this discussion is clearly for people that have multiple accounts because they have multiple credit cards.
    This is incorrect.
    It is very clearly for people with a single iTunes account and they want to use multiple credit cards for purchases on that single iTunes account.
    If I had one iTunes account with multiple credit cards registered (which again, is what this discussion is in reference to),
    Huh? You just wrote it was NOT that.
    I bought Lion through my company, which means I logged into the App Store with my company's credentials, of which I have my company credit card registered.
    You mean your company paid for it. You are simply the one who did the purchasing using company funds.
    I now have a new iMac of which I want to install Lion.  Apple allows you to install this same install multiple times on your own personal machines.  I had to remember which account I bought Lion on so that I logged into the App Store correctly.  If I would have logged into my new iMac with my personal account, I would have then bought Lion again, of which I didn't want to do.
    But you did not purchase Lion with your personal account. It was purchased on your business account.
    If you want Lion on your persona/home computers, you will need to purchase it.
    I also wanted to install iPhoto.  I bought iPhoto on my personal account.  I had to then log out of the app store from my company account and log back in using my personal account to install iPhoto or I would have just bought iPhoto with my company's credit card, of which I would have been in a good amount of trouble.
    Imagine if I bought 3 or 4 apps a week and these apps were scattered across my business account and my personal account.  Each time I wanted to install these apps on one of my multiple machines in my  house, I would have to remember which account I bought the app on. or go to my purchases or which there could possibly be dozens of apps in each account.
    I would hope that your company requires you to track purchases you have made with their money.
    And I would think that you would want to keep track of all business purchases so you can get reimbursed (for the purchases you made on their behalf). If/when you leave the company, they can get company owned software that you purchased with their funds.

  • How do I share one itunes account between two users on the same computer

    How do I share one itunes account between two users on the same computer without taking up twice as much space on my hard drive?

    You would need to move the itunes folder to a location that both users have permissions to access such as the Shared folder or any folder on the root level of the macintosh HD.
    You can find instructions here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1203 This method allows you to share the content without sharing the same library.

  • Replace one itunes account with another

    I have the itunes application downloaded on my laptop but i recently made another itunes account and i want the new one to be on the Itunes application. So i uninstalled the application thinking that if i downloaded it again it would ask me for an account. Except all it did was restore the old account. I am wondering if anyone knows how to replace one itunes account with another. If you know anything that can be useful comment.

    Store > Sign Out
    Store > Sign In
    All purchases remain tied to the account used to buy them, but you can authorize iTunes to multiple accounts and put protected content from up to five on your devices. Generally best to stick to one account if possible. More so once you get to iOS devices as managing app updates over multiple devices is a chore.

  • I already have an itunes account with my old iphone 3gs

    i have an itunes account with my old iphone 3gs, i am waiting delivery of a new iphone 3gs. Can i still continue to use my itunes account with the new phone? Or do i have to have a seprate account for that? 

    You can continue to use the same account, and if you want to you can copy the same apps and other purchased content onto it, or you can have different content

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    Itunes would extract the firmware (IOS 7) then try to put the phone into the restore process then the phone gets kicked back into recovery mode as if it cannot get the phone out of recovery mode. Any idea on how to fix this problem if there is a fix

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