I have problems with activation, after delete mi Iphone from Icloud.

I have problems with activation, after delete mi Iphone from Icloud.

Hello Sikiz 21,
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For more information on this, take a look at:
iPhone: Troubleshooting activation issues
iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
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  • Hello Apple. Iphone6 ios8.0.2. I have problem with activation imsg and fctm. My number doesnt display on both apps. I can only use them with my apple ID. How can i fix this problem. Country:Azerbaijan. Number:  *********

    Hello Apple. Iphone6 ios8.0.2. I have problem with activation imsg and fctm. My number doesnt display on both apps. I can only use them with my apple ID. How can i fix this problem. Country:Azerbaijan. Number:  *******
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    Hello Khayalh,
    You should be able to link your phone number by following the steps in the article below. From your iPhone, sign out of FaceTime and iMessage and then sign back in and it should link. Check in the Start Conversation With and I Can Be Reached at section in iMessage and FaceTime respectively. 
    iOS and OS X: Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage
    -Norm G. 

  • Hi,i have problems with the battery of my iphone 4s

    hi,i have problems with the battery of my iphone 4s

    Turning of the auto index for events and other unnecessary items ; Switching off auto brightness. - These 2 things really increased the battery life of my iphone 4s with ios7.

  • Hey I've delet my iphone from icloud and I can not use it anymore. someone can help me please please ??

    hey I've delet my iphone from icloud and I can not use it anymore. someone can help me please please ??

    How did you delete it from iCloud?
    What happens when you try to use it?  Any error messages?

  • Problem with network after deleting NIC teaming.

    We have server HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 with Windows Server 2012.  Couple months ago I  created a team NIC Teaming (use 2 network interfaces, the other 2 are disable and not connected).  Also NLB (Network Load Balancing) feature was installed
    but not configure (I think it is important). IIS and MS SQL 2012 Express were installed too and anything else
    Now I need delete team NIC Teaming and use network interfaces separately (with different IPs but the same network When I delete team and configure IPv4 with static IP (we don't have DHCP) network does nor work. Because there is no default gateway
    in IPv4 properties. It is problem and I don't know how fix this. When I recover team NIC Teaming - all OK. I checked registry and Gateway is in Interfaces (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\<Adapter
    I uncheked NLB in network adapter's settings.
    I did
    netsh interface ip reset 
    I checked Route Print  - to is present in single copy.
    I reinstalled drivers network adapter - it fixed problem before restart. After restart the problem recovered :)
    I don't know what should do next.. I cannot resetup OS. Could you please help with this, please. And sorry for my English.
    Best regards,

    Hi ,
    After this please try to check the protocol which bounded properly .
    If it is normal and still can not access outside as you mentioned above  , please try to open the device manager -->
    view --> show hidden devices --> then try to remove all the devices under network adapters
    (I would recommend you to note the driver files' path in the properties of physical NIC in device manager --> tab
    driver --> driver details , try to delete the file after remove the NIC in device manage )
    Then restart your computer , install your NIC driver and retry .
    Best Regards
    Elton Ji
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    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    Well, I fixed problem finally. :) I deleted all network adapters in device manager with driver file. Than I restarted server and Windows Server setuped Microsoft driver. After that all work!  I tried to setup HP driver and problem comes back. I can
    conclude that the problem is in the driver manufacturer. Thanks for all and good luck.

  • Problems with graphics after Boot Camp upgrade (from 3.1 to 3.2)

    Right, today I upgraded Boot Camp (the first time I used iTunes on Windows so thats way I never did the upgrade before) from 3.1 to 3.2 and after the installation my screen went blank/black. After restarting iMac it the screen appeared but in 1024x768 resolution and without working graphic drivers.
    I tried many different options to update the ATI HD 4850 driver, but none of them worked. It always says that there is some problem with it, but it also is up to date every time I try to update it manually for the drivers which comes with 10.12 Catalyst.
    I spend several hours trying to solve it, but I just can't and I really don't know what to do next.

    Right, I managed to fix it by updating the software manually, but selecting to choose from the list and I had to install the mobility drivers.

  • Problems with masks after sending sequence back from SpeedGrade to Premiere (CC)

    I'm colour grading a clip in SpeedGrade  CC using the new direct link function. For the colour grading I used  different layers and also masks. Once I'm done I sent my sequence back  to Premiere Pro CC.
    I see, Premiere shows me exactly the colour correction I did in SpeedGrade except of one thing:
    The places where I used masks in SpeedGrade to light them for instance a bit up are now full of pixeled lines...
    I thought it's just a problem with the Preview, so I exported it. The pixeled lines stayed.
    Again: In SpeedGrade is everything fine, but when I'm sending the sequence back to Premiere there are these pixels.
    It's  really irritating because one day before it worked very good without  any problems and I was practically doing the same as now.
    Please help me, if you can! Thank You!

    Thank you but my masks are not animated. Premiere just can't reflect the colour correction I did for these masks. Here's an example...on the right edge I created a mask in SpeedGrade. And that's what Premiere is showing me when I send the sequence back from SpeedGrade to it:
    Does anybody know the solution?

  • Problem with partition after deleting a bootcamp partition

    Hi everyone !
    First, excuse my english, I'm from France.
    This morning, I've deleted the bootcamp partition I had created weeks ago. But when I've tried to extend the principal partition on the empty space left by bootcamp, the Disk Utilitaire says : "Partition failed : impossible to modify the partition map because the verification of the files system failed."
    I tried to extend the partition with the hided partition that we use when we can't boot on the main partition (I don't know how to say its name in english).
    If someone have a solution, it would be cool !

    Back everything up (preferably twice, 3 times for the really paranoid).  I would use Carbon Copy Cloner and/or SuperDuper to make bootable clones to external disks.
    Test the clone(s) by booting from them.
    Repartition the boot disk the way you want it.
    Restore your cloned system from the external disk.

  • Anyone have problems with reader after installing IE11

    I also have the flash issue. Chrome works fine.

    The only issue I know of with IE10 / IE11 is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2716529

  • Problems with activation after reset iphone!!!

    Good afternoon. I dropped my iphone 4 settings of the operating system of IOS 7
    and I can not activate it. APPLE ID registered on which he does not fit after a reset. but this device registered in My Support Profile In my apple ID
    iphone 4 - Serial number: 7U123C3XDZZ
    What am I doing wrong?
    Help me please!!!

    I am the first owner of the phone. I registered it. to your id

  • Problems with storage after failure of restore from TM back up.

    Okay, so I've become so frustrated over this that I've decided to see what is the issue. After a horrible incident where I inadvertedly removed the OS start up disk (I unsuccessfully installed Windows 8 without the proper drivers...long story really), etc I was forced to restore my hard drive back to stock through the Genius bar. They recommended that I restore my files with using "Users" from Time Machine because I had backed up everything. Unfortunately, the two times I've tried to restore from backup, it would always stop at 52% (I had about ~250gb to restore) so I just stopped trying and if I needed any files, I would manually transfer them. Anyway, my issue is that I just recently noticed (a month after trying to restore) that I have about ~200gb in my "other" category. In theory, that shouldn't be the case because there is barely anything on my computer. Barely. I've looked at so many websites and so far, no idea... Any ideas? Should I just wipe my hard drive clean again?...because this is getting ridiculous. Thanks in advance.

    First, empty the Trash if you haven't already done so.
    To locate large files, you can use Spotlight. That method may not find large folders that contain a lot of small files.
    You can more effectively use a tool such as OmniDiskSweeper (ODS) to explore your volume and find out what's taking up the space. You can also delete files with it, but don't do that unless you're sure that you know what you're deleting and that all data is safely backed up. That means you have multiple backups, not just one.
    Proceed further only if the problem isn't solved by the above steps.
    ODS can't see the whole filesystem when you run it just by double-clicking; it only sees files that you have permission to read. To see everything, you have to run it as root.
    Back up all data now.
    Install ODS in the Applications folder as usual. Quit it if it's running.
    Triple-click the line of text below to select it, then copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C):sudo /Applications/OmniDiskSweeper.app/Contents/MacOS/OmniDiskSweeper
    Launch the Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    Paste into the Terminal window (command-V). You'll be prompted for your login password, which won't be displayed when you type it. You may get a one-time warning not to screw up. If you see a message that your username "is not in the sudoers file," then you're not logged in as an administrator.
    The application window will open, eventually showing all files in all folders. It may take some minutes for ODS to list all the files.
    I don't recommend that you make a habit of doing this. Don't delete anything while running ODS as root. If something needs to be deleted, make sure you know what it is and how it got there, and then delete it by other, safer, means. When in doubt, leave it alone or ask for guidance.
    When you're done with ODS, quit it and also quit Terminal.

  • Problem with ID after upgraded of Iphone 4

    I had some issued with all the pics on my Iphone, and decided to updrage to the last version.
    After the upgrade, the IPhone with Itunes asked me for the ID. But I gave the wrong ID and now the Iphone is bloked.
    Even my ID is blocked and going to be deleted.
    How could I created a new one or updated the last one to activate again the Iphone.
    6 days without Iphone ....

    Most changes between Java versions have been backward compatible. There are a few that aren't, and they are documented in the release information for each version. The impact on applets is minimal, if any.
    Check out these applets and see how they run:
    Old 1.1 applets can run on all virtual machines, anything later needs the Sun Plug-in (ver 1.3.1_02 or later), or needs to be converted to run using Sun's vm.
    One problem is with XP not including a Java vm, that will stop you cold until a Sun Plug-in is installed and enabled.
    Need more detail for anything more...

  • Problems with sound after updating my iPhone 4s to iOS 7.0.6

    I have updated my iPhone 4s' software to IOS 7.0.6 and it is no longer sounding when the earphones are not plugged in. Any tips?

    HI guys!
    have the same problem since updating to iOS 7.0.6 - my speaker sound is gone for any apps. It appears ringers and alarms might be working.
    What I have noticed, that nobody else has mentioned, is when I use the ringer volume control buttons on the side of the phone is that it ajusts the Headphones volume, regardless of whether the headphones are plugged in or not. My phone things headphones are always plugged in, as far as I can tell, except when it comes to the ringer and alarms.
    Not sure that gets us any closer to a solution, but that's what I've observed. Are others seeing this too when they adjust theur volume?

  • I have problems with the update of my 3gs from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3.

    can't I carry out the update of 2-4-1 on 3-4-3 about itunes. the fault name "timeout" comes after the download? how do I come to an update still?

    Check if its a 3gs first. See here
    If its a 3g ios 4.2.1 is the furthest ios it can go up to and cannot be updated.
    If it is a 3gs then you can update to ios 6.

  • I have problem with power button on my iPhone 5, doesn't work.

    everything worked and suddenly button stopped working, they say it's a factory defect, bought in America live in Russia, can I put in for free repair to an authorized Apple store?

    Your iPhone warranty/support is only valid in the US. Thus, to obtain any service you will have to physically return the phone to the US...you can't mail it directly to Apple. You can send it to a friend/relative, in the US, and they can take it to Apple for you.
    You will not receice any authorized service, in Russia, for this phone.

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    Two issues here: #1 Today I updated my OSX 10.3.9 with the very latest updates. (I bought iLife '05 and the instructions recommended this). After this update I can no longer mount any DVD discs [data, (not even iLife '05 install) movie's, etc.] DVD's

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    With Apple's disgraceful treatment of iWeb/MobileMe users (they have bluntly refused to tell me whether they will continue developing iWeb or the hosting they currently do on MobileMe - surely they must have SOME idea???) does anybody have any recomm

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    Google Art Project allows to create custom gallery. Before I go ahead and think about the possibiity of creating a widget similar to Google Map, I just would like to ask you (with certainly more experience) if this is possible to do it within Muse. T

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