I have purchased music from itunes on my iphone and it won't show up in my Ipod music library on my phone.  It shows up in my itunes library on my computer.  This is a recent glitch as up until this week purchased music downloads fine on phone.

I purchased music on itunes on my iphone and the songs won't show up in my music library on the phone.  They are on my computer itunes library but it won't let me transfer the purchases back to my phone (which I have never had to do before).  Never had this problem before this week when purchasing music on my iphone.
My Itunes library on my laptop is slightly different from my Iphone library so I don't want to erase and sync the entire library.

In iTunes, try signing out of your Apple ID & then back in: click on iTunes Store on the left sidebar of iTunes, click on your Apple ID on the top right, sign out, sign back in.  Then try to sync your purchased music to your phone again.

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