I have two .mac addresses; how does this work in iCloud?

This is not about consolidating Apple ID's... I think.
When I got my first .mac address, I thought I picked a good one at the time. Later on, due to the peculiar spelling, I opted for an additonal (paid) address which I use every day. Now the first one (which is an Apple ID) contains my calendars, contacts, etc. I never use the email portion of it, again because of challenging spelling. The second .mac address (also an Apple ID) is an email only account. This is the email account I use daily.
When I make the transition to iCloud, I intend to keep my original AppleID (from the pre-.mac days) as my iTunes store ID.
My question is, what happens with my two other accounts?
.mac #1 with the contacts and such would move to iCloud and sync everything there as it currently does with MobileMe. Since .mac #2 is an email only account, would I even need to bother moving it to iCloud (if that's even possible), or would I just keep using that as email only using the current mail settings on my iThingys and Mac? Does anyone know if .mac #2 will live on after MobileMe vanishes, or will I loose my daily and coveted .mac email at that time?
I'm sure Apple has a good reason for not allowing us to just consolidate everything in one place, but I know there are many out there with a similar situation to mine.
I've spent a good deal of time tonight searching the various threads and can't seem to find an answer to the two .mac email dilemma. My appologies if it's already been discussed.
To sum up, I have one Apple ID that I use for iTunes and intend to keep as such. I have two .mac addresses which are also Apple ID's; one that syncs with MobileMe and one that is email only. I would like to use iCloud to sync what is currently on MobileMe, AND continue to use the simpler email address that I've been using for years.
Am I screwed??
Thanks in advance for your help, and Happy Holidays to all!!

Migrate the account which contains your calendars, contacts etc. first, at http://me.com/move and set it up on your Mac and devices.
Now migrate the email-only account in the same way. On a Mac you can add it in System Preferences>Mail, Contacts & Calendars - it won't sync anything but will be added to the accounts in Mail where you can then use the email in the normal way.
I don't know what the equivalent process on an iOS device is; very likely you need to add it as an account in the Mail app.

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    An icloud account is designed to be used by one user.  That user can have all his/her devices synced with the same Apple data (email, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, etc.) .  When two people use the same account, then problems usually occur when one user edits data that the other user doesn't want changed on their device.  You can continue sharing the same ID for the itunes account in order to share the purchased music, apps, etc.  itunes accounts and icloud accounts are different.
    It's by far better that each user has his/her own icloud account.

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    Go to each mac and sign into the Mac app store with you apple ID. on the first one you will buy the app on the second one you will be able to just download it. Of course be sure to follow the licensing agreement.
    You don't need to reinstall the OS, you will want a clean install next month of the new OS which may mean re-downloading the FCPX software.

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    Honestly? In the US (I can't speak to other countries, though I doubt it works much differently in a lot of the world) The police took your report and filed it either in their computers or, on paper. They will now not think of this again. The only time it will cross anyones mind is if, in the course of entering information into evidence about items recovered or seized at a crime scene, the serial number of an iPhone that was found/seized happens to match yours, in which case you will be contacted.
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    I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

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    It should be added either to your iTunes account, or possibly to your credit card if the purchase was made on with it.
    How long ago did you get the email ? It may take 48 hours for it to appear - if it's been longer than that and you can't see it on your iTunes balance (and you've tried logging out and back into the account to see if the balance updates) nor on your credit card then try contacting Support again, and include your case number if you have one.

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    Hi Carlos ,
    Could you please share the screen shot of the error message so that we can check and troubleshoot accordingly .
    Is there any error number or code associated with the error message or it just says "unexpected error" ?
    I would recommend you to try and install the Acrobat DC trial referring the following links .You could choose any of the following .Also make sure you disable all the third party software before you commence the installation .
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    iTunes- How to share music between different user accounts on a single computer
    You cannot merge two separate libraries across user accounts. Photos does not have the function of merging different Photos.library files. If you have Aperture then you can merge the two before migrating over to Photos.

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    You need to ask the people who sold it to you. Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with Reader.
    However, you should be wary of devices that automatically try to open files when plugged in. They can also infect your computers with all kinds of viruses or malware.

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    Fantastic!  Didn't work at first so restarted App store and tried again.  This time it asked 'ignore update'.  All gone!

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    You need to transfer the iTunes Library from the most recent backup you made before the hard drive was replaced.
    You can't transfer the full iTunes Library from the iPad back to iTunes.
    There are third-party Windows applications that will transfer data from an iOS device, but they don't re-create the iTunes Library exactly as it was before.

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    This is not a complaint, but a confused sigh of admiration. I've got an email account at the university where I teach. When I got my iBook, it took me a while, and a few conversations with IT at the school, to get this account working in the Mail application. (Since I have a Verizon DSL at home, I had to include that SMTP as the outgoing server.) Anyway, I synched this mail account (along with my AOL and .Mac accounts) onto the iPhone, and it works perfectly, both incoming and outgoing. I didn't have to change any of the settings. I thought I was computer savvy, but I can't wrap my mind around this. It seems like magic. How does it work?

    The sync process with iTunes transfers the email account settings (for your chosen accounts via your iPhone sync preferences) from the Mail application on your Mac to the iPhone's email application.
    The iPhone is running OS X and the iPhone's email client can be considered a mobile version of the Mail application.

  • How does this work with multiple systems backing up with time machine

    I was wondering as Apple states that this will do multiple time machine backups as in multiple computers, how does this do this? I am assumng that it will require me to partition the srive in the unit as multiple partitions. 1 for each time computer with time machine running.

    I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure how to interpret your answer so I'll ask for clarification.
    Do you mean that the backup belonging to each user will be protected by filesystem perms? In other words Alice's backup will be owned by Alice and only readable by her, ditto for the hyperthetical Bill?
    I guess in other words, does Time Machine preserve file ownership perms?

  • The Daily Show Multi-Pass: how does this work?

    I subscribed to the Daily Show Multi-Pass. The store said it was busy and try again later. So I thought I'd do it later but meanwhile got an email saying I had the multi-pass and 9.99 has been deducted from my account!
    The email has a link to view account preferences. It says that 2 of the 16 episodes have been downloaded - nothing has been downloaded (and only one show is currently available).
    According to the email: "You will receive an email when future episodes of The Daily Show are available and the episodes will be downloaded automatically to the account listed above the next time you sign in to iTunes." What? When is that?
    It would be great if this worked with RSS like podcasts instead of some mysterious download time.
    Is this working for anyone?

    Okay here's what you have to do: Go to the Music
    Store, and click the button with your e-mail address
    at the top right (below "browse"). Then click "Sign
    out" in the popup. Then click where your e-mail
    address used to be to sign in again. Your episode
    will start downloading.
    This is a stupid way for Apple to do it, but at least
    it technically works so until they make it easier
    this is what we're going to have to do every day.
    Hmmm...when I did the above, it ran through the "Checking for purchases" before starting the download. So I wonder if doing the "Check for purchases..." selection under the Advanced menu would do the same thing without the hassle of logging out and in. I'll give it a try tomorrow...

  • I share an apple id with my family right now but I just got a MacBook Pro and want my own apple id. I don't want any music,etc to be lost for me or my family. How does this work?

    Thanks for any help with my apple id delima.

    You can set up an iCloud account which makes the iCloud email address you choose the Apple ID and thus the login for it:
    though I have to say I think it's more sensible if the ID is another address, both for security reasons (so people don't know what the login is) and as a contact address from Apple if the account were to stop working and they needed to contact you. So personally I would to to System Preferences, enter the GMail address which is an ID, and then choose a nerw @icloud.com address.
    If she has her own iCloud account she will need either her own computer or her own user account on your Mac to be able to make use of it. You should note that under Apple's terms of use Apple IDs are only available to children of 13 and over.
    As to purchasing apps, this is nothing to do with iCloud: it's iTunes, and the login can be different. So you can all sign into the same iTunes account but have different iCloud accounts. Or she can have her own iTunes account if she is of suitable age (credit card needed for purchasing apps).
    If you have other children you should be aware that any one Mac or device can create only three iCloud accounts - this is tied to the serial number, not the user account, and once reached cannot be bypassed. You can of course sign into an iCloud account created on another device.

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    I plugged it into my tv, and I can get the desktop on my tv.
    But I see only the desktop, no icons or windows etc. Do I have to setup something? Or change something in my system preferences?
    I don't really get it since there came no manual with the cable.

    it is possible that the output is not mirrored, but that you have two different desktops. The one on your TV does not have the menubar etc.
    But you should be able to move any open window from your iMacs screen to your TV (either over the left or right side of the screen).

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