I just bought my MacBook Pro 13" and I tried to install an anti virus but then it went into a grey folder with a question mark I need help with restoring the iOS please

I need help taking out the grey folder with the question mark and I've try everything except the CD thing because my MacBook didn't come with one so I really need help please

What anti-virus software did you install? Although there's a lot of bad anti-virus software out there, no anti-virus software should cause such a problem. A gray screen with a flashing question mark on a folder means that no bootable system could be found, which means that the system was badly damaged or corrupt. Even installing bad software would not normally cause that, so either there was something badly wrong with the system already or the anti-virus software you tried to install was really, really bad!
As mende1 says, you need to reinstall the system at this point. After your system is back up and running, read my Mac Malware Guide. If, after reading that, you want anti-virus software, use one of the programms recommended in that guide.

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