I just changed the OS from Vista to Windows7.  I have a folder on the same computer with the old iTunes library.  I installed a new version of iTunes from scratch.  How do I move my music library, etc from that backed up folder into the new iTunes folder.

I need help with moving my music library. 
I recently upgraded the OS on my computer from Vista to Windows7.
During the process it copied my iTunes library to a folder on this same computer (marked it Windows.old)
Once the OS was done, I installed a new copy of iTunes on the Windows7 but it now has a blank library (folder)
How do I move my music from its current folder location (on this same computer) into the new iTunes library folder ???
There don't seem to be specific instructions on how to do this. 

Skydiver119 wrote:
My situation may be different from yours since all mu music is ripped from cd's not bought from iTunes, but I would think the premise is the same.
Doesn't matter what is in your library.
When I moved computers I literally dragged and dropped the music where I wanted it to be. THen when I opened iTunes I imported the files back into iTUnes
This creates a new library with all the same items but you lose a lot of info: Ratings, comments, date added, custom EQ, playlists, etc.
If you simply copy the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder, it is the exact same library, not a new library. No info is lost.

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