I just got Pages for my iPad. I am learning Mac. I spent hours on a document last night. This morning the document is there but it is completely blank. Did I somehow delete content? If so! What did I do? Is there any way to retrieve this document????

I just got Pages for my iPad.  I am learning Mac. I spent hours on a document last night that has no content this morning.  The document is there but it is completely blank.  Did I accidentally delete the content?  If so, how?  Is there any way to retrieve this content?

I'm not sure what happned either but If you are doing this via iTunes, iTunes should have backed up the iPad first. It can take a good bit of time when you update with iTunes on your computer because iTunes downloads and installs the entire iOS all over again. If you are running iOS 5 on the iPad, and you will be now, you can update OTA via WiFi in the future and the process takes far less time since you will only be downloading an incremental update.
If you are syncing on a regular basis with iTunes, you should have a recent backup. In the worst case scenario, you should be able to restore from the backup. And as stated aboce, you can download all apps again and virtually all purchased content from iTunes (if you live in the U.S.) and you can always sync your iTunes library back to the iPad.
Let the update finish and see where you are then. Come back if you need help.

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