I'm looking for customer references who are using Oracle IFS or OCM

Dear All,
I'm looking for customer references who are using Oracle IFS or OCM or Oracle Files for their document management systems. So, if anyone can support me i appreciate.

We have implemented a document management system using Oracle 9iFS 9.0.2
I would be happy to let you know of our experiences to date.
Niels Montanana
Technology Director
Practical Law Company
London, England

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  • I need customer references who are using Oracle Files

    Dear All,
    I'm looking for customer references who are using Oracle IFS or OCM or Oracle Files for their document management systems. So, if anyone can support me i appreciate.

    Please see:

  • Looking for Customer Collateralson Local Government for Financial Mgmt

    Hi. I am actually asssisting my manager to look for customer references particularly from eBusiness Suite which related to local government or municipal council. I am actually in CX, so I may not be familiar with the Financial Mgmt offering from EBZ. This opportunity I am currently covering is interested to know the solutions below which I have tried to map out with the products offered under EBZ
    Credit-to-Cash > Oracle Receivables
    Procure-to-Pay > Oracle Payables
    Financial Control and Reporting > Oracle General Ledger
    Financial Control and Reporting > Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
    Cash and Treasury Management > Oracle Cash Management
    Budgeting > Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting
    Procurement > Oracle Advanced Procurement
    Contracts > ???
    Project Accounting > Oracle Projects with Oracle Sub-ledger Accounting
    Investments > ???
    Most importantly, I am trying to find reference to local government who have used the products above. Appreciate if anyone can throw me some information/lead. Preferably around the ASEAN region primarily Malaysia and Singapore.

    You should contact the Oracle sales folks in your city / country - they should be able to get you connected with any references.

  • Looking for great people who love LabVIEW

    JKI is looking for great people who are passionate
    about LabVIEW and its community, want to do great work, and are looking
    for an environment that shares their values. See here, to find out more about the job opening and what we're looking for in potential team members. See here, for more info about JKI and where we're going.
    Thank you,

    Jon chu wrote:
    I have LabVIEW project experience and I do love it. So I want to join JKI when I graduate in September 2007.
    Thank you.
    [email protected]
    Please check out our openings, here.  To apply, please email us at jobs (at) jameskring (dot) com,
    attaching examples of your LabVIEW work and a current resume in HTML,
    Word, Plain Text or PDF format. In
    the body of the email, explain why you would be a good fit for this job.

  • Customer payment advice - where can I look up payment advice that are used

    Hi Guru,
    I use FEB3 to look for payment advices created and use them to apply for payment.  Once I use the particular payment advice,  I am unable to view that advice through FEB3 again.  If I need to view the advice again,  where can I do it??

    Hi Satish,
    On the initial screen of t-code F-26 (where you put in the posting date, bank account etc) you check on Pmnt advice no. in the "Additiional selections" in the lower right hand corner.  On the second screen, (where you put in the customer number)  you put in the relevant payment advice no at the bottom.
    If you are using t-code F-28,  you put the relevant payment advice no in the  "pmnt advice no" field in the lower left hand section " Open item selection" .

  • Looking for customer database template

    A buddy of mine just got an ipad and since I have an ipad as well he wants me to create a simple customer list for his small business, since he does everything with pencil and paper.  There is a template called Checklist and when you click on new form this paperclip looking page comes up that would be really nice to start out with but how to you create that folder with paperclip?  Also it will be like the rolldex style where it would file by last name and just have name, phone number, email and history. Really simple and can search by last name
    Any templates that would fit what I'm looking for?

    you can use every Excel / Numbers format document as a "template". Search on the web, e.g. Microsoft alone has thousands of ready made solutions on their office web portal. Everything you find on the web will open in numbers.app if you click on a xls,xlsx or .number file.
    If you look for pretty solutions that are especially made for the iOS versions, look in the app store - these of course be no "templates" ( you can't add or remove the ones that came with numbers.app ) , but  are apps that include pre-made spreadsheats that will then open inside your numbers.app . Most of these "apps" cost money, though. I would follow the web ressources. You can always customize spreadsheats or start with the blank one and thus create your own "template" ( again : these will never appaer in the template-chooser, but will be treated as a unique file. ).

  • Looking for some one who can help me in SUN IDM

    Hi Friends,
    I am looking for some one who can help me to learn sun IDM. Off couse I will pay for your time.
    I can be reached at [email protected]
    Please let me know if you have some time

    Hi Zebra,
    I really appreciate your reply. I would like to discuss out of this forum so that no one here annoyed with our newbie questions. Please send me email as I listed earlier to discuss best ways. I send email to Andy to join us.

  • Looking for new laptop what are the differences between pro and air? Besides size. Does the air preform like the pro?

    Looking for new laptop what are the differences between pro and air? Besides size. Does the air preform like the pro?

    The NEW macbook Pro and Air are EXTREMELY close in form factor
    The newest macbook Pro is essentially a larger macbook Air with Retina display and options for speed in increasing prices up to an independent graphics and quad core processor.
    both Air and new Pro now have PCIe SSD and permanent RAM.
    The Air is the lightweight portable form factor, fast to boot and shut down, but with longer battery life than any of the macbook pro in 13"
    Now the new macbook Pro and macbook Air are extremely close in form factor and nature.
    both have 802ac wifi
    both have permanent RAM, no superdrive
    both are slim profiles and SSD
    The only real differences now are (in the most expensive Pros) faster processors and quadcore processors and top end model autonomous graphics.
    ....and of course the retina display
    both are now "very good for travel"
    Other than features the form factor of the Air and Pro are VERY close now,....so now its merely a matter of features and price more than anything.
    You need an external HD regardless of what you get for backups etc.   Drop into an Apple store and handle both and make your choice based on features, such as Retina or non-retina, .... both at a distance now look like the same computer.
    The Pro weighs more, ....but nowhere near what it used to just a month ago on the older macbook Pros
    The NEW macbook Pro is a different creature entirely than the older macbook Pro, .....the new Pro is thicker than the Air, but id frankly call the NEWEST Pro a "macbook Air with Retina display" , or
    Maybe a “macbook Air PRO with Retina display” 
    Instead of Air VS Pro now,.....its really a smooth transition from Air to pro without comparing say, 2 different creatures, now its like contrasting a horse from a race horse.
    Either one in 8gig of RAM (preferably)... the 4gig upgrade costs very little,  the I7 you will notice only 15% faster on heavy applications over the I5, and NOTHING on most APPS.....I5 has longer battery life.
    As you see below, the non-Retina 13" AIR is 82% of the Macbook with Retina display in resolution
    there is no magical number of pixels per inch that automatically equates to Retina quality.
    http://www.cultofmac.com/168509/why-you-might-be-disappointed-by-the-resolution- of-those-new-retina-display-macs-feature/
    A huge internal SSD isnt a game changer for anything, you need an external HD anyway
    what you WONT READ on Apple.com etc. is that the larger SSD  are MUCH FASTER due to SSD density
    "The 512GB Samsung SSD found in our 13-inch model offers roughly a 400MB/s increase in write speeds over the 128GB SanDisk/Marvell SSD"
    http://blog.macsales.com/19008-performance-testing-not-all-2013-macbook-air-ssds -are-the-same
    Here is an excellent video comparison between the 11” I5 vs. I7 2013 Macbook Air.
    http://www.anandtech.com/show/7113/2013-macbook-air-core-i5-4250u-vs-core-i7-465 0u/2
    I5 vs. I7 performance 13” Macbook Air 2013
    Boot performance
    11.7 I5 ……11.4 I7
    1.1 I5….1.41 I7
    IMovie Import and Opt.
    6.69 I5….5.35 I7
      IMovie Export 
    10.33 I5…8.20 I7
    Final Cut Pro X
    21.47 I5…17.71 I7
      Adobe Lightroom 3 Export 
    25.8 I5….31.8 I7
    Adobe Photoshop CS5 Performance
    27.3 I5…22.6 I7
    Reviews of the newest Retina 2013 Macbook Pro
    Digital Trends (13") - http://www.digitaltrends.com/laptop-...h-2013-review/
    LaptopMag (13") - http://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/lap...play-2013.aspx
    Engadget (13") - http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/29/m...-13-inch-2013/
    The Verge (13") - http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/30/5...ay-review-2013
    CNet (13") - http://www.cnet.com/laptops/apple-ma...-35831098.html
    The Verge (15") - http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/24/5...w-15-inch-2013
    LaptopMag (15") - http://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/lap...inch-2013.aspx
    TechCrunch (15") - http://techcrunch.com/2013/10/25/lat...ok-pro-review/
    CNet (15") - http://www.cnet.com/apple-macbook-pro-with-retina-2013/
    PC Mag (15") - http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2426359,00.asp
    Arstechnica (15") - http://arstechnica.com/apple/2013/10...-pro-reviewed/
    Slashgear (15") - http://www.slashgear.com/macbook-pro...2013-26303163/

  • Which field in sales order lines for customer reference no.

    Dear Experts,
    Which field should I use for customer reference no. in sales order LINES?
    These values can not be duplicated in each sales order just like NumatCard in sales orders.

    Hi Gun Tae Kim...
    Select The User defined fields
    Select The Marketing Document and ADD THE REQUIRED FIELD IN THE ROW AND CHECK

  • Apple Watch ready for handicapt people who are sitting in a wheelchair?

    will the Apple Watch be ready for handicapt people, who are sitting in a wheelchair? I hope so.
    I´m pritty sure that nobody knows anything about it yet. I hope, that Apple engineers will read this, so that I can also benefit from those fitness features within my situation.
    Is there a direct way to inform Apple about my idea?
    Thanks in advance.
    Message was edited by: Hildenracer

    Apple will not read this .You have posted to a user too user trchnical support community where  Apple neither read nor respond

  • What solutions are there for Adobe Cloud subscribers/designers who are using/have been using Adobe s

    What solutions are there for Adobe Cloud subscribers/designers who are using/have been using Adobe software but have run into system requirement inadequacies etc. . . Basically, I have a new mac and CS6 runs fine. But my old macbook can only run CS5.5. Because I'm a subscriber my Adobe CS5.5  updated automatically. What happens when one day a year or two from now (or sooner) my MAC won't support the latest version of my CS subscription? Is there a way for cloud subscribers to subscribe to a legacy or an older version of CS?

    Hi Wildeboer420,
    Its my understanding that previous versions will still be acessible for users going forward, I copied the following from the FAQ
    I am a Creative Cloud member using the CS6 applications included in my membership. Will I lose access to CS6 when CS7 becomes available in Creative Cloud?
    No, if you have downloaded and installed the CS6 versions of the applications, you will continue to have access to them without interruption as long as your membership remains active. When the CS7 versions become available, you will have up to a year to download and install them and they will run on your machine along with CS6 versions.
    Hope that helps,

  • How to find user details o who are using bw reports

    Hi BW Experts,
    I want to know the details of users who are using bw reports.Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

        You can see it BW statistical reports. Once check 0BWTC* (3.5)  or 0TCT* (7.0) cubes are availble in your system or not ?
    Please check these links.
    Or else you can only get this information if the query/ workbook is enabled for statistics logging in transaction RSDDSTAT.
    If it is enabled you can goto table RSDDSTAT ( 3.5) or RSDDSTAT_OLAP( 7.0 ) to see the users who executed the query . These tables store all the information per query session and you will find more than one rows per session but you can find the information you want i.e. users executing a particular query.
    Also Tcode: SU01 will give you all the user lists in the server.

  • Looking for integration details of Kewill with Oracle Shipping execution

    Hello Folks,
    Has anyone done integration of Kewill (flagship) with Oracle Shipping 11i. Customer has plans to implement OTM later.
    please provide me some details or documentation.
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    Pl do not post duplicate threads - Looking for documentation of Kewill Integration with Oracle Shipping

  • Where to look for all value mappings being used in ID

    Hi All,
              Where to look for all value mappings being used in ID?

    Let me re-frame it, Do u want to know where all the value mappings(created in ID) is used in Mapping Program of IR, isn't it?
    If yes, then it's not possible( as far as  I know).

  • I am asking this for my friend, who was using iphone 4. He lost it one week back and couldnt find it so far. He is having his IMEA number of the phone. Could you please help me in tracing out this?

    I am asking this for my friend, who was using iphone 4. He lost it one week back and couldnt find it so far. He is having his IMEA number of the phone. Could you please help me in tracing out this?

    If he has not previously set up Find My iPhone, there is no way to
    track the iPhone. Apple does not and will not track phones.
    Immediately change all passwords. Hopefully he was using a passcode
    to get by the lock screen. If he was, his data is protected; if not, anyone
    who finds the iPhone can access anything that was on it.

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