I need help badly with my ibook and palm pilot

Good day. I recently fixed my ibook and my palm to sync with each other. I configured my palm to sync with entourage. I then realized that it would be much better that if I sync my palm pilot with the palm desktop. Gow do I now reverse this? How do i cancel entourage to sync with my pal pilot. please advise. need help badly on this. thanks... i just like to feep my files organized and i find it difficult using entourage...my palm pilot is a palm TX...

I also have a Palm handheld. I use iCal and Address Book more than Entourage. This is what I did:
At first, I tried to adapt to Palm Desktop. I didn't like it, so I looked for the *iSync Conduit*. I found it and installed it. Then, I ignored the Palm desktop software (except the HotSync utility) and have used iSync with iCal and Address Book since.
I know that doesn't answer the question about switching from Entourage, but Desktop isn't that great either. iSync is what I recommend.

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    I need help urgently.
    I installed Windows 7 on my macbook pro with OS X Lion. After installing Windows7, I accidently converted the basic volumes to dynamic volumes and now i can't even boot to OS X.
    Please help me how to recover my OS X Lion. If I have to delete Windows and bootcamp partitions, it is OK.
    I just want to get back my OS X bootable.

    thihaoo wrote:
    I can't even see the OS X partition when I hold down the "Option" key.
    I could see OS X and Windows partitions if I hold down Option key before changing the partitions to Dynamic partitions from Basic in Windows 7.
    Now can't see OS X partiton and only see Winodws partition but when I tried to boot onto Windows7 , I got BSOD and macbook pro restart.
    Please help
    The usual reason for the OSX partition to be invisible under these circumstances is that it has been trashed by Windows.
    Do you have a backup?


    I have an ibook 1.2 ghz and store everything (music,pics,etc.) on a Seagate USB 100 GB hard drive. Well, last night, the usb plug came out of the hard drive and now my ibook does not recognize my drive. When I plug in my drive, it says " THE DISK YOU INSERTED IS NOT READABLE BY THIS COMPUTER" and 3 choices INITIALIZE , IGNORE or EJECT. However, I downloaded a demo called Filesalvage, and it showed all of my files were still on my drive. Everything I own is on this drive 60 gigs of music, 15 gigs of photos. Can someone please shed some light on whats going on and how I can restore my drive back to normal?
    I do own Tech Tool Pro 4. Can I use Tech Tool without spending 90 bucks on File Salvage? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I opened Disc Utility and none of the repair option buttons are available. Is their maybe another repair utility? Here is the disc info:
    Name : ST910021 A Media
    Type : Disk
    Disk Identifier : disk1
    Media Name : ST910021 A Media
    Media Type : Generic
    Connection Bus : USB
    Connection Type : External
    USB Serial Number : CBA987786118
    Partition Type : FDiskpartitionscheme
    Writable : Yes
    Ejectable : Yes
    Mac OS 9 Drivers Installed : No
    Location : External
    Total Capacity : 93.2 GB (100,030,242,816 Bytes)
    S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported
    Disk Number : 1
    Partition Number : 0
    Disk Identifier : disk1s1
    Mount Point : Not mounted
    Connection Bus : USB
    Partition Type : WindowsFAT32
    Writable : Yes
    Capacity : 93.2 GB (100,027,597,824 Bytes)
    Owners Enabled : No
    Can Turn Owners Off : No
    Can Be Formatted : No
    Bootable : No
    Supports Journaling : No
    Journaled : No
    S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported
    Disk Number : 1
    Partition Number : 1

  • Badly Need help badly with my storm 2 9520

    hi all,
    i bought a storm 2 9520 from ebay with a broken digitizer cable where some1 replaced the lcd screen that was cracked...
    i got a new digitizer off ebay too, and carefully striped the phone and rebuilt it replacing all the sticky stips with thin very sticky double sided tape.
    when i was finished, the screen comes on nicely and the touch seems to work, but
    its completly random... and wild...
    when i hi lite K or any other letter, it will randomly hi lite all other letters around it 2 - 4 letter at a time... i tried landscap and portrate and its the same...
    problem is, the phone has a password (kimberly) from the owner before, which i do have but i am unable to enter it to remove it, as far as i got was Ki.
    i read something about ajusting the screws help, and making sure the call button section is securely stick down... which i have been trying.
    other thing too, when i try clicking the sceen, sometime it clicks once, but most other times it sounds like 20 or so clicks...
    can some1 please help... my mobile was stolen new year, and i needed a replacement blackberry that i could afford and im completly lost without it and now using a moto v3 til i fix this...
    could it be it needs touch screen configured? is there any other way of working or doing anything with the phone if i connected it o my laptop?

    note: when i installed the digitizer to the lcd, i did wipe the lcd and digitizer with window lean to remove all the figer prints and grease.... could this have something to do with it? i did make sure it was all dry and i only used it on the glass, not the whole unit dripping...

  • I Need Help Badly With my Creative

    I have recently bought a creative nomad jukebox zen 20gb. It worked fine 2 days ago and now it wont even switch on and when i plug the adapter in the screen comes up with
    CREATIVE copyright (c) 2002 and stil will not switch on. Can anyone please help.

    Try accessing the Cleanup option in recovery mode.

  • Need help badly! In Africa and need to know...

    if I can update, change or add to my iWeb from my laptop if I built the site on my home system. I'm shooting a documentary on my in-laws that are adopting two children from Africa. We just landed in Addis Ababa and I would like to continue the "blogg" page on my iWeb site (www.themarkjacobs.com). I have copied the site folder from my iDisk and have tried every combination and nothing seems to work. Can I edit, update, change or add via my mac book pro while on the road??? Someone help! The last thing I want to do is rebuild my site from Africa.
    Thanks in advance!

    You are out of luck unless you brought a copy of the Domain file with you, or can get one sent to you.

  • I really need help connect with my ipod and my itune??

    guys when i pluge my ipot to my computer and open itune it appear on the itune with my computer screen "iTune has detected an ipod that appear to be courrupted. you may need to restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes. you may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the ipod.
    i been try those step again again and again still would be same problem. is that mean my ipod is broken? and does the warrarty covered it to fix my ipod for free?

    i can't found any ASC in my area and can i took the
    ipod back to the stroe where i brought it? also that
    i live in californa LA
    If you take the iPod back to where you bought it they will probably send it to a ASC but if you want to do it yourself here are some ASC's in your area
    Q. What if I lost my receipt or proof of purchase?
    A. You should check with your reseller, who may be
    able to provide a duplicate receipt for you. If you
    purchased directly from Apple, go to:
    www.apple.com/support/store for a duplicate receipt.
    is that true?
    I'm not sure about individual store policy but if you bought it from Apple then there will be no error in when it was purchased because you bought it directly from them.
    Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1 GB Ram, Firewire/USB PCI card, Extra 2x 60GB HD

  • I need help badly with my dream phone. Help me please.

    I just bought my iPhone 4 today. As I charged it tonight it shut down. I tried to turn it on again (with the charger connected), it says "Connect to iTunes" with a picture of a USB cable and an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo. So itried to remove the charger and the phone went off again and it doesnt want to turn on without the charger connected. Please help me. Ive been dreanibg of this kind of phone since apple released its iphone 3g. and now that I have my own, this is what happened. Please help me. I'm begging all of u.

    Yes. I have read everything. Like I said sir, it does not want to turn on, it only turns on when the charger is connected. When I'm connecting it to my computer it only turns on for like 5 seconds then shuts down. so I won't be able to do any of those things that I missed if I don't get the phone to turn on. That's my biggest problem.

  • Please i really need help bad with installation

    I bought dreamweaver 8 long time ago worked on my other
    computer wit xp, i bought another computer vista in it and
    installed dreamweaver all it does is I see the logo and then it
    turns off the program, so i tried and downloaded a trial version of
    CS4, of course i uninstalled dreamweaver 8, cleaned my registry and
    hidden folders and installed it and the same deal i only see the
    logo and it shuts off the program, so i downloaded the CS3 same
    deal. could anybody plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help
    me out. whats going on?
    i hate frontpage.

    What version of Vista are you using?
    Also with CS4, if it is not working that is something that
    would be better suited for Adobe support since they do support CS4
    and Vista.

  • Need Help: Problem with iTunes 8 and artwork.....

    This is a weird issue. I'm trying to add album artwork for imported albums manually in itunes that it can't find or has incorrect. Every time I try (no matter which method) the artwork either doesn't take, iTunes freezes, or the album in question skips the first track until I delete the entire album and re-import. Any suggestions? I'm running 10.5.6. Any help would greatly appreciated

    Hope I can help. I had a similar problem. I could not update any information about the tracks album etc. I had checked permissions everything... finally I decided to go to ID3Tags and selected none and then the edits took. Strange don't know why, but in my case it has worked a number of times.

  • Need Help Badly With Network Printing

    Alright im very new to macs but have managed to catch on quickly, the only trouble im having is adding a network printer.
    I go to IP Printing in the Printer Browser then click more printers select Windows Printing then select my My Home Work Group which is what all the PC's in my house use and I click on the PC that has the printer conected to it usb and it asks for me to type in a name and password.
    Question is what name and password do i use i tryed using the user name of the user and there password but it doesnt work it gives me and error 256

    OK, then you may want to take this up in the Mac OS X Printing forum. You'll probably be more likely to get help there, since it's not a MacBook problem, per se.
    For starters, you may find this thread or this thread helpful.
    Good luck.

  • Hello, we have both Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud for teams. Can you help me with the difference and if i need to have both?

    Hello, we have both Creative Cloud membership and Creative Cloud for team. Can you help me with the difference and if i need to have both? We have 9 employees that are using it. Just not sure if i'm paying for something i don't need.
    Thank you

    Please refer to Creative Cloud Help | Creative Cloud / Common Questions
    CC is for retail use with 20 GB of storage space, CCT is where number of seats are purchased & assigned by one program admin where each seat gets 100GB of storage space.
    You can not have both the CC & team in one account as it will only provide you added storage space of 120 GB but you can activate the CC any of them or either of them twice as CC is based on Adobe ID.

  • Hello, can someone guide me on how to purchase ExportPDF please? i'm currently residing in South East Asia and it doesn't allow me to purchase the software that i need for my work. Please guide me. i need help badly.

    Hello, can someone guide me on how to purchase ExportPDF please? i'm currently residing in South East Asia and it doesn't allow me to purchase the software that i need for my work. Please guide me. i need help badly.

    Hi watanabei,
    Please see Countries where ExportPDF is available for purchase. - Adobe Community. It's necessary to have a credit card billing address in one of the countries listed in this document. If ExportPDF is unavailable to you, you may want to consider an Acrobat subscription, which would also allow you to convert PDF files to Word and other format. For more information, see www.adobe.com/products/acrobat.html.

  • I need help integrating Microsoft Office, Outlook and Calendar with my job and is it possible

    Ok guys I am new to the iphone 4s. I just dumped my Blackberry after 10 years. I need help integrating Microsoft Office, Outlook and Calendar with my job and is it possible? Also I need it to automatically push email and appointments to my phone? I will buy any app just need to know which is best for work environment. Here is what I am thinking about doing. http://www.groovypost.com/howto/apple/sync-iphone-or-ipod-touch-calendar-and-con tacts-with-google/ Is this the best way? For personal use I am using paid G whiz app

    I use Google Calendar Sync to sync my work Outlook calendar to a gmail account, then sync that to my iPhone.  It works well for me for the past couple of years.
    As far as mail itself, just ask your it folks for settings for remote access to your exchange account, and then set it up on the phone.
    As far as working with Office docs, to be able to actually edit them and such, look in the app store for DocsToGo or QuickOffice - they both are good but each has it's pros and cons, so on balance it's down to mere preference i think.

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    I have this problem with Portege M900. My laptop cannot read from the DVD drive.
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    Test if the dvd drive is seated correctly in the compuer, I had a computer the dvd drive did not work until I removed one of the on back of the laptop (machine was a Toshiba different model) and then I was able to seat the dvd drive correctly.

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    Hi, We are now in upgrade process of code remediation ( From 4.6c to EC6.0). We have created search helps instead of matchcode object table. This match code object table M_VMVLC has been deleted in EC6.0.  And search help VMVLC is available. In the p

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