I need help installing flash player on my Mac OS 10..I I tried to follow the directions with no luck

I nee help installing Flash Player on my Mac OS 10. I tried to follow the directions, but had no luck,

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  • Need help Installing Flash player 10.3 for firefox. It stops at 50%

    So I have Windows Vista Basic Home, I tried updating my Flash version in firefox because it was out of date, but everytime it start downloading it , then I get the a message that says "Error " Appliation in use."  I uninstalled it and followed all the suggestions on the websites nothing is working. I even  uninstall google chrome thinking it was the problem but I'm still having that problem so I really don't know what to do because now the only place Flash player is installed seems to be Google chrome that I had to redoawload, but everywhere else tells me that I need to install it.

    Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 15:13:29 -0600
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    Subject: Need help Installing Flash player 10.3 for firefox. It stops at 50%
        Re: Need help Installing Flash player 10.3 for firefox. It stops at 50%
        created by Kpiebo in Installing Flash Player - View the full discussion
    I have been at it since yesterday and it's still not working.
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  • Need help installing Flash Player

    After following the Adobe trouble shooting procedures, I'm still unable to install Flash Player.  Can anyone help?  OS is Vista Home Premium.

    Thanks for your email.  I'm using Internet Explorer 8 and didn't get any error messages; however I believe the installation was unsuccessful because  I didn't see the movie used to confirm a successful installation. 
    I understand a pop-up blocker might be inhibiting the movie (TechNote tn_19091); however I still believe installation was unsuccessful because when browsing websites requiring Flash I'm prompted to install it.  (Fixing the potential pop up blocker problem requires messing with the Registry - something I'd rather not do - and doing so wouldn't fix my installation problem.)
    I followed all of the steps in Adobe "Troubleshoot Flash Player Installation for Windows" TechNote (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html#installwindowsvista) with no success.
    I then contacted Adobe Tech Support with no luck and their Tech Rep referred me to this forum.
    Some background:  I uninstalled Flash last year because I believed it was the cause of frequent IE freeze ups, and then reinstalled it earlier this year with no problems until it suddenly stopped working several weeks or so ago.  I can see the FlashUtil10 application version in the Flash folder.
    I Restored Windows to an earlier configuration - no luck - will try again as well as going thru the above trouble shooting procedures in the event I messed up.

  • Need help installing Flash Player 9

    I am trying to install Flash Player 9 on my Mac G5 OS10.3.9 I
    had it installed previously but son clicked on some sort of
    download while online and now it's not working. Yesterday it worked
    fine.I downloaded the FlasPlayer install and ran it but it always
    stops at "Items remaining to be installed -4" and just keeps
    running. I even left it go overnight to see if it finished, which
    it didn't. Please help me figure out why the remaining 4 items will
    not install. I usually use Safari 1.3.2 as my browser but I also
    have Internet Explorer 5.2.3 loaded on my computer.

    I have exactly the same problem on my G4 laptop running
    10.4.8. I hate Adobe. There isn't even a means of contacting them
    to register the problem. Apparently nobody there wants to hear from

  • Need help install flash player for IE

    HOw do I install flash player for IE.  Everytime I try, it gets to 50% and then stops.  A pop up says I must close IE, but it is not open.  How do I close IE to complete the install????  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How to close Internet Explorer and other programs running on Windows

  • Need help installing Flash Player 10.1 in PC

    When I go to the install Wizard, I get the prompts but do not get a "run" or "save" box. I currently have Flash Player 10.0 in my computer. I use Windows 7 in a HP PC.
    I'm also having problems using You Tube. Is this related?

    Moving this discussion to the  Installing Flash Player forum.

  • Need help installing Flash Player in Mac OSX 10.9.2

    I`ve tried everything, my computer is brand new, and it`s driving me crazy.  Tried installing, uninstalling, everything.  Was able to install a previous version by dragging the .pkg file to the desktop, but when i try to use safari, it disables the program because of security incompatibility.  Please if anyone has had the same problem and fixed it, let me know.  Exactly at 50% progress, it crashes and a message to close safari appears, but safari is already closed.

    Finally Got it!!!  Ok, here is what i did: it was a combination of two things i read in different forums.
    1st: Go to System Preferences>Security and Privacy and in the "allow apps downloaded from: " section, select "Anywhere".   There is a file in the installation bundle from adobe that is not recognized as coming from an "identified developer".   I then went back to the adobe page and re downloaded most recent flash player.  Tried to reinstall it, and again the same problem as before.  Stopped at 50% asking to close Safari.  So i did the following:
    2nd: This time instead of closing Safari by pressing the red button X, I pulled down the safari tab and clicked on exit safari command.  Clicked the retry button on the installation window and magic!!!! it worked.  
    Finally after 5 frustrating hours it worked....  I never thought i would run in to such a problem with a brand new Mac....  with the money i paid for it, would expect much easier performance in the upgrading process.... and compatibility with adobe.... an issue that should have been resolved long ago.  I guess its a problem on both sides....  some clearer instructions for upgrade would be greatly appreciated.

  • Need help installing flash player with firefox on vista

    I have tried continually to update my flash player version but can't get past step 3. I uninstalled all past versions thinking this would help with the problem but now I can't do anything. This is driving me crazy. help!!!!!!

    Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by clicking  the following link.  Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)
    Save the file - do not run it yet.
    Reboot. Then run the installer before opening any apps.

  • Help installing Flash Player on my mac book pro

    hello. What do I do next? I have worked with Apple Care to be sure all is well with my computer.  It is.  I have followed all instructions and Adobe Flash Player does not install.

    I installed the 11.1 one and it didnt work, then uninstalled this one and installed the beta one and it STILL did not work. This is what the window says then I run the test: http://cl.ly/3l231A3C3Q2k0V0z0637.
    I am using mozilla Firefox but it also didnt work with Safari or Opera....

  • Need helps installing flash player 9

    Stuck in Step 4. See below. I have no idea how to navigate to
    the proper directory for the installation. Thanks for helping out!
    Appreciate it!!
    : ) LG
    Step 1. Click the "Download .tar.gz" link. A dialog box will
    appear asking you where to save the file.
    Step 2. Save the .tar.gz file to your desktop and wait for
    the file to download completely.
    Step 3. Unpackage the file. A directory called
    install_flash_player_9_linux will be created.
    Step 4. In terminal, navigate to this directory and type
    ./flashplayer-installer to run the installer. Click Enter. The
    installer will instruct you to shut down your browser(s).

    I have exactly the same problem on my G4 laptop running
    10.4.8. I hate Adobe. There isn't even a means of contacting them
    to register the problem. Apparently nobody there wants to hear from

  • Need help installing flash player on Kindle Firefox

    I found the list and it says use version 2.3 but I cant even find it in the list.

    Try the following:
    download the FP uninstaller from http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html (save to disk);
    download the installer(s)
    for Internet Explorer http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_ax.exe (save to disk);
    for all other browsers http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player.exe
    close all browser windows, then run the downloaded uninstaller, followed by the installer(s).

  • Help needed installing Flash Player Update on Mac

    I am trying to install a flash player update on Mac - right now the one site I'm trying to use says flash is out of date.   Will not accept my adobe password, reset it through the adobe site and still will not work.  Tried Chat help and agent said to reset password through the Apple screen.  When  I try that it asks for apple id and password but there is only a place for the password.  Any suggestions.

    This is the OS (Apple) prompting for the password, not Flash Player, therefore, the password is your Apple password, not Adobe ID password.  Please see What userid & password do I need to install Flash Player?



    Please check this,

  • Trying to install flash player on a Mac. I keep getting an error message  that I need to close Safari to continue, when Safari isn't open at the time. How do get past this impediment?

    Trying to install flash player on a Mac. I keep getting an error message that I need to turn close Safari to continue. I don't have Safari open. How do I get past this impediment?

    What Pat said:
    Open Safari
    From the upper-left of the screen, choose Safari > Quit Safari
    You can now proceed with the installation.

  • Hi, I have tried repetedly to install flash player on my mac mini with no luck..... help please !

    Hi, I have tried repetedly to install flash player on my mac mini with no luck..... help please !

    How to perform a "clean install" of Flash Player in Mac OS X

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