I need help understanding export options and optimizing for web

I have been using FCP X for a short while now and have a pretty good grasp on the editing capabilities. What I'm having a horrible time figuring out is the export/share options. The videos I create are typically approximately 1 minute in length and get posted to a web site (we have our own CMS and video player so I'm not using YouTube or Vimeo or anything like that). In order to post them I need them to be MP4s and then I have to create .webm and .ogv files. The source material I work with is generally great, high quality stuff, so I end up with very large output files from the initial FCP share master file options.
When I use MPEG Streamclip to make my MP4s I end up with files that are still quite large and I can't seem to ever get the file size manageable without losing tons of quality. I do not have Compressor, though if that will solve my problem I will put in for the expense of it. What I'm trying to understand is what sorts of settings I should be trying out to get my file sizes to be manageable without completely compromising my quality. And I know this can be done, because the company I work for pays for a great quantity of video work each year (from an outside production firm) and the clips provided are beautiful in quality and small in file size -- for example, I recently worked on a video and got it into the 40MB range before quality went to crap, working off the same material the production company we do work with had theirs down into the teens and looking beautiful!
To throw an even greater wrench in the works, I am working off a mac. But when my boss, on a pc, saves the mp4s I create (raw files -- not what is posted to the web) locally on his machine and views them from there the sound is always off a tad and the people in the videos look like they're lip synching.
Any advice on either of these is MUCH appreciated. I've been trying to figure this out properly for months, and only today decided to stop seeing if someone else had the same question and just post my own.

Thank you Karsten, this was helpful I have utilized the Quality slider and the frame size options before though with limited results. I've never messed with the Limit Date Rate option as I don't know what I'm doing with it, I see you put 5Mbps. Is that a typical setting that I could use?
Using stream info, here's info on my original source file:
Stream: Charles_0023_2.mov
Duration: 0:00:51
Data Size: 96.51 MB
Bit Rate: 15.77 Mbps
Video Tracks:
H.264, 1920 × 1080, 29.97 fps, 15.64 Mbps
Audio Tracks:
MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 48 kHz, 127 kbps
Stream Files:
Charles_0023_2.mov (96.51 MB)
As a comparison, here's the info on a similar clip that the company we sometimes use created:
Stream: Charles_0019_4.mp4
Duration: 0:00:49
Data Size: 4.66 MB
Bit Rate: 0.80 Mbps
Video Tracks:
JVT/AVC Coding, 710 × 400, 29.97 fps, 635 kbps
Audio Tracks:
MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 48 kHz, 162 kbps
Stream Files:
Charles_0019_4.mp4 (4.66 MB)
I'm fine with bringing the frame size down some and modifying the limit data rate, but sometimes I feel like I'm forcing my video into something it's not and the quality suffers -- this is where my understanding of video work breaks down LOL. Any suggestions of how I can get my .mov into something like the the .mp4 above?
Also have you had any experience with mp4s not playing back properly on pcs?
Again, thank you!

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    I'm working on replacing our old RDC component with the new Java SDK.
    I purchased Crystal Reports 2008 and downloaded the SDK.  Now I'm trying to run a simple example exporting a report to word.  I've built it off of the other export examples I've seen on the site.  None of them seem to give me an up to date example of how to set export options though.
    Exporting seems to work when I export using this:
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    I do have Microsoft Office 2003.  Maybe this is causing issues?

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    I need to export a couple partions for our Oracle 10g Data Warehouse, truncate the partions and re-import the data using the exported file. How can I do this?
    In summary here is what I need to do:
    1) Export partition P_SUB_1 of table1
    2) Export partition P_SUB2 of table2
    3) Truncate P_SUB1 partition of table1
    4) Truncate P_SUB2 partition of table2
    5) Rebuild indexes on table1 and table2
    6) Re-import data into each partition from export files.

    If you have enough free space it might be easier to keep these partition in the database and do an exchange.
    That means:
    create table tmp_sub1 as select * from table1 where 1=0;
    create table tmp_sub2 as select * from table2 where 1=0;
    alter table table1 exchange partition sub1 with table tmp_sub1;
    alter table table2 exchange partition sub2 with table tmp_sub2;After that your have the data of your original partitions in the tmp tables and the particular partitions in the partitioned table are empty and ready for the loading process.
    If the loading process fail and you need to restore the partitions just reverse the exchange statements and you are done.

  • Acrobat Flattening Form Fields and Optimizing for Web

    I'm trying to optimize a PDF for the web and flatten all the form fields. I also want to remove the purple dialogue box at the top when optimizing on the web. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've toiled around with it for some time and can't seem to figure it out. In the older version, I would simply save it as a file optimized for the web, which would then flatten all the form fields and remove the purple box at the top. Any help would be appreciated.

    Your question really belongs in one of the Acrobat forums. I flatten form fields (use the pre-flight tool) and then save for the web.

  • Need help creating smooth graphic with transparency for web use

    I have created a logo that is mostly white with white text and will appear over a textured background image. The logo contains text that I've converted to outlines. I've tried saving it as both a .gif and a .png, but when it's imported into iWeb, the outline of the graphic looks jagged and rastered. When viewed in Photoshop, it looks OK as a .png, but not great as the .gif.
    I've tried saving it out as RGB, indexed color and greyscale, using PhotoShops "save for web" function or just saving it as 72dpi myself. I don't know how to get the edges to remain smooth. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you J - here's the weird thing. I actually HAD saved it as a PNG24, and it looked fine on my machine. When I sent it to my client, who used it on his iWeb page, it looks jagged.
    After I got your answer, I went to his iWeb page and downloaded the same background image he's using and imported it into a Dreamweaver page on my machine, and placed the same PNG logo over top - it looks as crisp and clean as a whistle. I have to assume that something's happening when he imports it into iWeb. Since I know zero about iWeb, I guess I will have to post another question on their forum, unless anyone knows what could be causing this.

  • Need help understanding appending metadata and keywords

    It seems too good to be true--appending the copyright and keywords to multiple images at a time in Bridge. We started doing it on a server volume of images and it seems to work ... as long as you are logged on to the computer that appended the data as the user that appended the data. Log on to the server from another computer as another user and it's all gone. I thought the metadata was stored in the image when you append it. Why are the keywords and metadata user specific? Are we doing something wrong? It seems a huge waste of time, if the metadata isn't general to anyone searching the photo volume.
    Bridge CS3 on Mac OS 10.4x, working on a Windows server volume.

    There is a command to Build and Export the cache, I just don't remember offhand where it is in CS3. I'm working on CS4 right now and don't have time to quit and launch CS3. Hope you can find it.

  • Need help understanding how ipv4 and ipv6 co-exist

    I'm trying to understand something that happened in our network recently. Current, we're all ipv4 based, but a few machines here and there have ipv6 enabled by mistake. Everything has been working ok, but recently we had some dhcp issues. I'm trying to understand how exactly ipv6 and ipv4 work together.
    - if we have workstations with ipv6 enabled but no dhcpv6 servers, does the ff02::1:2 multicast address exist on the network? If something starts up a dhcpv6 server somewhere, would that explain why several workstations have started sending out dhcpv6 solicit messages?
    - If workstations attempt to get an address via dhcpv6 and get no response, will it try dhcp with ipv4, or will it just assign a 169.254.*.* address?

    Muse allows you to create websites without knowing HTML / CSS etc...
    If you can use Indesign you'll be able to use Muse.
    A site created in Muse can be published with just a couple of clicks to Business Catalyst.
    However Business Catalyst can do much more ~ it can allow you to create and manage the website of almost any kind of business.
    Here is a short blurb from the BC / FAQ:
    "Once your clients log in, they will have immediate access to their contact database, orders, web form submissions, products, catalogs, web pages, and email marketing campaigns from one central location — all built to work together."
    find out more here: http://www.adobe.com/products/business-catalyst/faq.html

  • Need help deciding between AI and EPS for use in XML

    I am using a non-Adobe XML editing package/publishing engine. The vendor who set it up suggested that we use native AI files for editing and creating images, then export EPS files for use in the XML (it doesn't work with AI). The challenge is to keep the AI and EPS files in sync throughout the revision process.
    My question is around whether we really need to keep the AI files or not. What are the actual elements we would be missing if we skipped the AI and just used the EPS files? Are EPS files less editable? I plan to test this, but I'm looking for issues to keep an eye on through testing.

    I'm not sure whether PDF would be compatible, but I would not be surprised if it was not. If I create an image in Illustrator and save it as a PDF, will I be able to edit the PDF like an AI later? More importantly, is there anything from the AI format that would be missing in the PDF file?
    Bottom line is, I don't want to have to store two files for each figure, but I don't want to compromise the editability or rendering quality.
    Thanks for the quick answer!

  • Need help with IPhone 4S and upgrade for IOS 7

    I upgraded my phone last night to IOS 7.0.2 and this morning I went through all the initial set up questions and my phone was working.   Once I walked away and it turned off, it is asking me for a passcode to get back into my phone.   I did NOT have a passcode before I upgraded do not know what passcode it would be asking me to enter.   I have tried a couple different passcodes and nothing is working now my phones says it is "DISABLED".   Can anyone help?

    The upgrade to iOS 7.0 automatically turns on Passcode Lock....whether you want it or not. You probably don't remember the passcode you entered when prompted, but regardless, one was setup on the phone. To fix, & remove the passcode, follow the directions here to force the phone into recovery mode & restore it:
    This will remove the passcode.

  • Need help asap about point and shoot for inside

    trying to take pictures for auction listings, don'thave a lot of experience.  have been told about canon powershot and panasonic lumix - could you tell me what will be the easiest for me to use and give me the best inside pictures of objects to list - thanks!!!!

    The key to getting a good picture is to make sure that you can control the light and less about the exact camera as long as you do not purchase any junk.
    For auction images, you should invest in a small light box setup with multiple strobes/flashes that illuminte the item properly.  In order to do this, then you should get an inexpensive SLR.  You should also get a small tripod and remote shutter release that will allow you to make correctly focus pictures.
    Currently, Nikon and Canon are head to head when it comes to image quality with Nikon edging out Canon since they have recently introduced some really great lenses.  Sony is doing OK, but remember Canon and Nikon own 90 % of the camera market and the other 10% is left to everyone else.  Sony is having some problems with ISO images that contain a lot more noise than Canon or Nikon.
    Check out www.dpreview.com and www.luminous-landscape.com for reviews by photographers.
    I do not work for Best Buy and am not affiliated with them in any way. I like HT and want to help people improve their HT experience. "There is a LOT more than just having a TV to make a home theater"

  • I need help regarding my microphone and playback for a VHF app just bought

    I have purchased the Royal Yachting Association VHF SRC App for my iMac and downloaded it.
    The programme asks me to test that my microphone is working and the playback is working.
    I have been to System Preferences and can record my voice to get text onto Word by pressing fn fn - so I know the mike is OK
    I have no idea whether the App does record my voice because when I press Playback nothing happens.
    My iTunes is working perfectly so I can listen to music and watch videos.
    Please help tell me what to do?

    Can we have more information on this.
    This problem might be because of:
    1. Wrong settings for kernel parameters
    2. Wrong environment variables
    3. Wrong access privileges to oracle database files and folders
    4. Improper shutting down or startup of database
    Please provide more information so that we can have some clues. As well, let us know which platform are you running the database on.

  • Re:I need help with App store and itunes for Iphone 3G

    When i try to download an app a message appears saying authorization failed. please connect to itunes, also in itunes says no account. I already set up an account. Help i have no clue what to do.

    Is your computer authorized in the Store menu in iTunes?
    If yes, try to deauthorize and authorize again.

  • Need help setting up rows and columns for a shop page in DW

    I sell my books and design tees on my site. I'm trying to set up a new page for a new site.
    For some reason I can't get my products in a row and column fashion.
    I have a attachment file so you can see what I actually mean. thanks to all that will give advice.

    Use a table for your product catalog.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

  • I need help understanding how the Apple components integrate to create a system across all my devices?

    I need help understanding how the Apple components connect to create a whole system across all my devices?
    Is there a resource that describes current system and associated functionality?
    For example:
    Buy A, B, C to achieve "X" 
    You will need:
    an internet provider which supports <specs>
    add D to achieve "Y"
    You will need:
    an internet provider which supports <specs>
    add "E" to achieve "Z"
    You will need:
    an internet provider which supports <specs>
    For example, I am looking at the Gen 6 Airport extreme.  For intended performance do I need broadband? if so what are the specs, or will basic internet service suffice?  Do I need the internet provider's modem or does the Airport extreme replace that?  And then I think, if I am doing this, I should also look at Apple TV....What do I need and Why?  Then I look at the New Desk top coming out in the fall, and I think well, if I wait and get this, what does this component do for the system, and what becomes redundant? What does this awesome desktop do for my ability to sit and use a new macbook air when I travel  or sit on the couch in my PJs?
    If there was a place that plainly stated "if you buy the new dektop you can configure a system including only these components and achieve <this result> and by adding <additional components> you will achieve this result.
    I have been to the genius store a few times, but I come out of there more confused unless I have SPECIFIC questions or already know what to buy. 
    A "System Configuration App" would be a really great sales tool--Just saying.

    I have no idea what "fully optimized" means.
    No Apple device will let you watch broadcast TV. The Apple TV is a good option for watching streaming TV from iTunes, NetFlix and Hulu. If you want to watch from other sources, you may need to look at other devices.
    Any Mac computer or iPad will allow you to surf the web.
    What business software?
    Time Capsule is a good option for back ups.
    Update what across all devices?
    For accessing documents from all devices, a service like Dropbox is your best bet.
    I have no idea what "step as far away from an internet provider as possible" means. If you want Internet access, you need an Internet provider.
    Lighting fast speed for what? Processor? The specs are listed for all devices in the Online Store. Internet? We're back to the service provider.
    Technology changes. The only way to keep pace with it beyond a couple of years is to buy new stuff.
    The bottom line is you need to look at the specs for devices availble and at your budget and decide what best meets your needs. If you are unable to do that on your own, there are lot of technology consultants out there who will, for a fee, look at your exact situation, make recommendations and even handle the purchase and set up. Perhaps that would be the best route for you.
    Best of luck.

  • Need help in export/import

    Hello All,
    I need help in export/import of an  internal table (based on deep structure) to/from desktop either in excel or XML file.
    I have an int table which has to be sent to desktop either in xls or xml file and then import back to an internal table(with deep structure).
    Ex :
    Int table is based on structure.
    Structure has fields
    f1 -
    f2 -
    f3 - table type
    Your help will be appreciated.

    Hi Nishant,
    Please put your question in below mention forum.
    SAP Business One SDK
    Mohammad Imran

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