I need help with my ipid, yes ipid

OKay.. i got the sad faced icon, so i restored my ipod (after trying to get my comp to recegnize it forever) and now it turns on everytime. BUT, when i plug it into my computer the only thing that happens is the noise saying i plugged my ipod in.. my comp wont recegnize it. Also i can hear a weird whirring noise coming from it when its trying to run. Should i try sending it in? How much you think that would cost?

well i just now got my ipod to work.. the remedy was switching the hold button on and then off, and then hitting it on my desk. Now my computer reads it and it plays music

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  • Need help with vomit spill (yes, really!!)

    Sad, but true. My son had his iBook on his bed with him when he vomitted. He said he didn't think he had gotten any inside, but it wouldn't turn on. I brought it to the Apple Store and they sent it out for repair. The tech person called me and said there was major spillage and since it involved bio-hazardous waste, they couldn't do anything with it. He said that we should buy a new machine, because, at the very least, we needed a new logic board, DC-In board,CD/DVD drive and hard drive. When we got the iBook back, I brought it home and figured I would open it up and see what I could do (I am a novice with Apple, but have worked on PCs for years.) When I pressed the power button, I was shocked (and very relieved) to see it start right up. I browsed the web, opened up some programs and everything seemed to work. But, I realized that the battery was not charging at all - it kept losing power gradually and would not charge. So I decided to open it up and clean it. I took the lower case off and there was quite a bit of residue. I cleaned the shield and removed it, and very carefully cleaned the logic baord and DC-In board with barely moist Q-tips and a soft dry brush. I thought I had done a good job. When I put it back together again, the battery successfully charged, but I have been able to start up the computer only once since then. I have since opened it 3 times to clean, even taking off the upper case once (but finding no eveidence of residue). I went back to the Apple Store and spoke to a "genius" who made a couple of suggestions, but none worked (OptionCommand+PR to reset the PRAM, and ShiftControl+OptionPower to reset something else - I forget what). Nothing worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think the logic board is fried because it did work after the spill(although I realize I could have damaged it while cleaning it). Thanks for any help.
    iBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.3)

    You didn't mention whether the keyboard got the spill but I would assume so. Anyway, The keyboard would need to be dissasembled (all keys removed etc.) in order to clean it. As a test, you could disconnect the keyboard and try booting it. If it gets to the login screen, the next step would be to either clean the keyboard, replace it or at least try an external USB keyboard.

  • Need help with a currently "in-use" form we want to switch to Adobes hosting service

    Hi, I am in desperate need of help with some issues concerning several forms which we currently use a paid third party (not Adobe) to host and "re-distribute through email"...Somehow I got charged $14.95 for YOUR service, (signed up for a trial, but never used it)..and now I am paying for a year of use of the similar service which Adobe is in control of.  I might want to port my form distribution through Adobe in the hopes of reducing the errors, problems and hassles my customers are experiencing when some of them push our  "submit button". (and I guess I am familiar with these somewhat from reading what IS available in here, and I also know that, Adobe is working to alleviate some of these " submit"  issues, so let's don't start by going backwards, here) I need solutions now for my issues or I can leave it as is, If Adobe's solution will be no better for my end users...
    We used FormsCentral to code these forms and it works for the most part (if the end-user can co-operate, and thats iffy, sometimes), but I need help with how to make it go through your servers (and not the third party folks we use now), Not being cruel or racist here, but your over the phone "support techs" are about horrible & I cannot understand them or work with any of them, so I would definitely need someone who speaks English and can understand the nuances of programming these forms, to please contact me back. (Sorry, but both those attributes will be required to be able to help me, so, no "newbie-interns" or first week trainees are gonna cut it).... If you have anyone who fits the bill on those items and would be willing to help us, please contact me back at your earliest convenience. If we have to communicate here, I will do that & I can submit whatever we need to & to whoever we need to.
    I need to get this right and working for the majority of my users and on any platform and OS.
    You may certainly call me to talk about this, and I have given my number numerous times to your (expletive deleted) time wasting - recording message thingy. So, If it's not available look it up under [email protected]
    (and you will probably get right to me, unlike my and I'm sure most other folks',  "Adobe phone-in experiences")
    Thank You,
    Michael Corman
    Phenix City, Alabama  36869

    Well, thanks for writing back...just so you know...I started using Adobe products in 1987, ...yeah...back then...like Illustrator 1 & 9" B&W Macs ...John Warnock's Helvetica's....stuff like that...8.5 x 11 LaserWriters...all that good stuff...I still have some of it working on a mac...much of it was stuff I bought. some stuff I did not...I'm not a big fan of this "cloud" thing Adobe has foisted upon the creatives of the world...which I'm sure you can tell...but the functionality and usefulness of your software can not be disputed, so feel free to do whatever we will continue to pay for, ...I am very impressed with CC PS on the 64 bit PC and perhaps I will end up paying you the stipend that you demand for the other services.
    So  I guess that brings us to our problem.. a few years back and at the height of the recession and near bankruptcy myself,  I was damn lucky and hit on something and began a small arts and crafts supply service to sell my products online to a very "niche market" ...I had a unique product and still sell that product (plus others) online...My website is www.vinylcouture.com...Strange? Yes...but there is a market it seems, for everything now, and this is the market I service...Catagorically, these are 99%+ women that use these "adhesive, sticky backed vinyl products"  to make different "craft items" that are just way too various and numerous to go into... generally older women, women who are computer illiterate for the most part...and all this is irrelevant to my problem, but I want you to have every bit of background on this and especially the demographic we are dealing with, so we can get right to the meat of the problem.
    OK...So about two years ago, I decided to offer a "plain sheet" product of a plain colored "stick back" vinyl... it is available in multiple quantities of packs ( like 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 15 pieces, in a packi  & so on)...and if you are still on my site.. go to any  "GO RIGHT TO OUR ORDER PAGE"  button, scroll down a little...and then to the "PLAIN VINYL" section...you will see the Weebly website order process.) You can back out from here, I think,..but, anyway this product is available in 63 colors + or - a few. So then the problem is,  how do they select their individual colors within that (whatever) pack?... .
    So my initial idea was to enable a "selection form" for these "colors" that would be transmitted to me via email as 'part" of the "order process".. We tried getting our customers to submit a  " a list" ( something my competitiors still do, lol, poor bastards)......but that..is just unbelievable..I can't even begin to tell you what a freakin' nightmare that was...these people cannot even count to 10, much less any higher... figuring out what colors to list and send me... well, lets just say, it wasn't working......I had to figure out a better way...Something had to be done.
    So after thinking this all out,  and yeah...due to my total ignorance, i figured that we could make a form with Live Cycle Designer (Now Forms Central)...(back then something that was bundled with Adobe Acrobat Pro), I believe, and thats what this thing was authored in... and it would be all good...LOL!
    Well not so simple...as you well know, Adobe Acrobat would NOT LET YOU EMAIL anything from itself.....it just wouldn't work (and I know why, and all that hooey), but not being one to take NO for answer,.I started looking for a way to make my little gizmo work.. So I found this company that said they can "hijack" (re-direct actually) the request to email, bypass the wah-wah, and re-transmit it to the proper parties.....for less than $100 a year,  I think...its called http://pdf-fillableforms.com/.
    A nice gentleman named Joseph Silva helped us program the thing to go to his servers and back out. Please dont hassle them...I need them...for now..it basically does work...try it...you should get back a copy of the form that you filled out...good luck however,  if you're on MAC OSX or similar...
    I have included a copy of both of our forms (and feel free to fill it out and play with it)...just put test somewhere on it...(and you must include YOUR email or it will balk)..they are supposed to be mostly identical, except one seems to be twice as large....generating a 1.7 meg file upon submission, while the other one only generates a 600K file or so...thats another issue for another day or maybe you can advise on that also...
    OK so far so good......In our shop, once Grandma buys a 10 pack (or whatever), Only then she gets to the link on her receipt page ro the relevant "selection form" ,(this prevents "Filling and Sending"  with "no order" and "no payment", another early problem we had)... which they can click on and it will usually download and open up on their device if all goes well...Then our little form is supposed to be fillable and is supposed to ADD UP all the quantities, so grandma knows how many she is buying and so forth right on the fly,  and even while she changes her mind..., and IT'S LARGE so grandma can see it, and then it TOTALS it all up for them, ( cause remember, they can NOT add)..,  except there is a programming bug (mouse-click should be a mouse-up probably or something..) which makes you click in the blank spaces to get to a correct TOTAL...about 70-80% of our customers can enable all these features and usually the process completes without problems for them especially on PC's running Windows OS and Acrobat Reader X or XI...at least for most... Unfortunately it is still not the "seamless process" I would like or had envisioned for the other folks out there that do have trouble using our form....  Many folks report to us the following issues that we know of.  First of all it takes too much time to load up...We know its HUGE...is there anyway that you can see, to streamline this thing? I would love for it to be more compact...this really helps on the phones and pads as I'm sure you well know.
    Some just tell us,"it WON'T work"....I believe this is because they are totally out of it and dont even have Adobe Reader on their machine, & don't know how to get it ( yes, we provide the links).....or it's some ancient version....no one can stop this one...
    It almost always generates some kind ( at least one time)  of "error message" which we do warn them about..., telling one,  basically that "Acrobat doesnt even like this happening at all, and it could be detrimental to ones computer files", blah-blah...(this freaks grandma out really bad)...& usually they end up not even trying to send it...  and then I get calls that even you wouldn't believe...& If they DO nut up and push the Red "Submit Form" button, it will usually send the thing to us (and also back to them at the "required email address" they furnished on the form, thats what the folks at the "fillable forms place" do) so, if it's performing it's functions, why it is having to complain?. What are we doing wrong?....and how can I fix it?...Will re-compiling it or saving it as a newer version of "FormsCentral" correct any of these problems ?
    Ok, so that should keep you busy for a minute and we can start out with those problems...but the next thing is, how can I take advantage of YOUR re-direct & hosting services?, And will it get rid of the error messages, and the slowness, and the iOS incompatibilities ? (amazingly,  the last iOS Reader version worked almost OK.. but the newest version doesnt seem to work with my form on my iphone4)  If it will enable any version of the iOS to send my form correctly and more transparently, then it might be worth the money...$14.95 a MONTH you say. hmmmmm...Better be good.
    Another problem is, that I really don't need 5000 forms a month submitted. I think its like 70-100 or less....Got any plans for that?  Maybe I'm just not BIG ENOUGH to use Adobe's services, however in this case, I really don't care whose I do use as long as the product works most correctly for my customers as well as us. Like I said, If I'm doing the best I can, I won't change anything, and still use the other third party, If Adobe has a better solution, then i'm all for that as well. In the meantime, Thanks for any help you can provide on this...
    Michael Corman
    (706) 326-7911

  • Need help with Berkeley XML DB Performance

    We need help with maximizing performance of our use of Berkeley XML DB. I am filling most of the 29 part question as listed by Oracle's BDB team.
    Berkeley DB XML Performance Questionnaire
    1. Describe the Performance area that you are measuring? What is the
    current performance? What are your performance goals you hope to
    We are measuring the performance while loading a document during
    web application startup. It is currently taking 10-12 seconds when
    only one user is on the system. We are trying to do some testing to
    get the load time when several users are on the system.
    We would like the load time to be 5 seconds or less.
    2. What Berkeley DB XML Version? Any optional configuration flags
    specified? Are you running with any special patches? Please specify?
    dbxml 2.4.13. No special patches.
    3. What Berkeley DB Version? Any optional configuration flags
    specified? Are you running with any special patches? Please Specify.
    bdb 4.6.21. No special patches.
    4. Processor name, speed and chipset?
    Intel Xeon CPU 5150 2.66GHz
    5. Operating System and Version?
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Relase 4 Update 6
    6. Disk Drive Type and speed?
    Don't have that information
    7. File System Type? (such as EXT2, NTFS, Reiser)
    8. Physical Memory Available?
    9. Are you using Replication (HA) with Berkeley DB XML? If so, please
    describe the network you are using, and the number of Replica’s.
    10. Are you using a Remote Filesystem (NFS) ? If so, for which
    Berkeley DB XML/DB files?
    11. What type of mutexes do you have configured? Did you specify
    –with-mutex=? Specify what you find inn your config.log, search
    for db_cv_mutex?
    None. Did not specify -with-mutex during bdb compilation
    12. Which API are you using (C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, other) ?
    Which compiler and version?
    Java 1.5
    13. If you are using an Application Server or Web Server, please
    provide the name and version?
    Oracle Appication Server
    14. Please provide your exact Environment Configuration Flags (include
    anything specified in you DB_CONFIG file)
    15. Please provide your Container Configuration Flags?
    final EnvironmentConfig envConf = new EnvironmentConfig();
    envConf.setAllowCreate(true); // If the environment does not
    // exist, create it.
    envConf.setInitializeCache(true); // Turn on the shared memory
    // region.
    envConf.setInitializeLocking(true); // Turn on the locking subsystem.
    envConf.setInitializeLogging(true); // Turn on the logging subsystem.
    envConf.setTransactional(true); // Turn on the transactional
    // subsystem.
    16. How many XML Containers do you have? For each one please specify:
    1. The Container Configuration Flags
              XmlContainerConfig xmlContainerConfig = new XmlContainerConfig();
    2. How many documents?
    Everytime the user logs in, the current xml document is loaded from
    a oracle database table and put it in the Berkeley XML DB.
    The documents get deleted from XML DB when the Oracle application
    server container is stopped.
    The number of documents should start with zero initially and it
    will grow with every login.
    3. What type (node or wholedoc)?
    4. Please indicate the minimum, maximum and average size of
    The minimum is about 2MB and the maximum could 20MB. The average
    mostly about 5MB.
    5. Are you using document data? If so please describe how?
    We are using document data only to save changes made
    to the application data in a web application. The final save goes
    to the relational database. Berkeley XML DB is just used to store
    temporary data since going to the relational database for each change
    will cause severe performance issues.
    17. Please describe the shape of one of your typical documents? Please
    do this by sending us a skeleton XML document.
    Due to the sensitive nature of the data, I can provide XML schema instead.
    18. What is the rate of document insertion/update required or
    expected? Are you doing partial node updates (via XmlModify) or
    replacing the document?
    The document is inserted during user login. Any change made to the application
    data grid or other data components gets saved in Berkeley DB. We also have
    an automatic save every two minutes. The final save from the application
    gets saved in a relational database.
    19. What is the query rate required/expected?
    Users will not be entering data rapidly. There will be lot of think time
    before the users enter/modify data in the web application. This is a pilot
    project but when we go live with this application, we will expect 25 users
    at the same time.
    20. XQuery -- supply some sample queries
    1. Please provide the Query Plan
    2. Are you using DBXML_INDEX_NODES?
    3. Display the indices you have defined for the specific query.
         XmlIndexSpecification spec = container.getIndexSpecification();
         // ids
         spec.addIndex("", "id", XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_NODE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ATTRIBUTE | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         spec.addIndex("", "idref", XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_NODE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ATTRIBUTE | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         // index to cover AttributeValue/Description
         spec.addIndex("", "Description", XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_EDGE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ELEMENT | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_SUBSTRING, XmlValue.STRING);
         // cover AttributeValue/@value
         spec.addIndex("", "value", XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_EDGE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ATTRIBUTE | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         // item attribute values
         spec.addIndex("", "type", XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_EDGE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ATTRIBUTE | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         // default index
         spec.addDefaultIndex(XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_NODE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ELEMENT | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         spec.addDefaultIndex(XmlIndexSpecification.PATH_NODE | XmlIndexSpecification.NODE_ATTRIBUTE | XmlIndexSpecification.KEY_EQUALITY, XmlValue.STRING);
         // save the spec to the container
         XmlUpdateContext uc = xmlManager.createUpdateContext();
         container.setIndexSpecification(spec, uc);
    4. If this is a large query, please consider sending a smaller
    query (and query plan) that demonstrates the problem.
    21. Are you running with Transactions? If so please provide any
    transactions flags you specify with any API calls.
    Yes. READ_UNCOMMITED in some and READ_COMMITTED in other transactions.
    22. If your application is transactional, are your log files stored on
    the same disk as your containers/databases?
    23. Do you use AUTO_COMMIT?
    24. Please list any non-transactional operations performed?
    25. How many threads of control are running? How many threads in read
    only mode? How many threads are updating?
    We use Berkeley XML DB within the context of a struts web application.
    Each user logged into the web application will be running a bdb transactoin
    within the context of a struts action thread.
    26. Please include a paragraph describing the performance measurements
    you have made. Please specifically list any Berkeley DB operations
    where the performance is currently insufficient.
    We are clocking 10-12 seconds of loading a document from dbd when
    five users are on the system.
    27. What performance level do you hope to achieve?
    We would like to get less than 5 seconds when 25 users are on the system.
    28. Please send us the output of the following db_stat utility commands
    after your application has been running under "normal" load for some
    period of time:
    % db_stat -h database environment -c
    % db_stat -h database environment -l
    % db_stat -h database environment -m
    % db_stat -h database environment -r
    % db_stat -h database environment -t
    (These commands require the db_stat utility access a shared database
    environment. If your application has a private environment, please
    remove the DB_PRIVATE flag used when the environment is created, so
    you can obtain these measurements. If removing the DB_PRIVATE flag
    is not possible, let us know and we can discuss alternatives with
    If your application has periods of "good" and "bad" performance,
    please run the above list of commands several times, during both
    good and bad periods, and additionally specify the -Z flags (so
    the output of each command isn't cumulative).
    When possible, please run basic system performance reporting tools
    during the time you are measuring the application's performance.
    For example, on UNIX systems, the vmstat and iostat utilities are
    good choices.
    Will give this information soon.
    29. Are there any other significant applications running on this
    system? Are you using Berkeley DB outside of Berkeley DB XML?
    Please describe the application?
    No to the first two questions.
    The web application is an online review of test questions. The users
    login and then review the items one by one. The relational database
    holds the data in xml. During application load, the application
    retrieves the xml and then saves it to bdb. While the user
    is making changes to the data in the application, it writes those
    changes to bdb. Finally when the user hits the SAVE button, the data
    gets saved to the relational database. We also have an automatic save
    every two minues, which saves bdb xml data and saves it to relational
    [email protected]

    Could it be that you simply do not have set up indexes to support your query? If so, you could do some basic testing using the dbxml shell:
    [email protected]:~/xpg > dbxml -h ~/dbenv
    Joined existing environment
    dbxml> setverbose 7 2
    dbxml> open tv.dbxml
    dbxml> listIndexes
    dbxml> query     { collection()[//@date-tip]/*[@chID = ('ard','zdf')] (: example :) }
    dbxml> queryplan { collection()[//@date-tip]/*[@chID = ('ard','zdf')] (: example :) }Verbosity will make the engine display some (rather cryptic) information on index usage. I can't remember where the output is explained; my feeling is that "V(...)" means the index is being used (which is good), but that observation may not be accurate. Note that some details in the setVerbose command could differ, as I'm using 2.4.16 while you're using 2.4.13.
    Also, take a look at the query plan. You can post it here and some people will be able to diagnose it.
    Michael Ludwig

  • Need help with a simple process with FTP Adapter and File Adapter

    I am trying out a simple BPEL process that gets a file in opaque mode from a FTP server using a FTP adapter and writes it to the local file system using a File Adapter. However, the file written is always empty (zero bytes). I then tried out the FTPDebatching sample using the same FTP server JNDI name and this work fine surprisingly. I also verified by looking at the FTP server logs that my process actually does hit the FTP server and seems to list the files based on the filtering condition - but it does not issue any GET or RETR commands to actually get the files. I am suspecting that the problem could be in the Receive, Assign or Invoke activities, but I am not able identify what it is.
    I can provide additional info such as the contents of my bpel and wsdl files if needed.
    Would appreciate if someone can help me with this at the earliest.

    persiandude wrote:
    Topic: Need help with if, else, and which statements and loops.
    How would I display 60 < temp. <= 85 in java
    System.out.println("60 < temp. <= 85 in java");
    another question is how do I ask a question like want to try again (y/n) after a output and asking that everytime I type in yes after a output and terminate when saying No.Sun's [basic Java tutorial|http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/]
    Sun's [New To Java Center|http://java.sun.com/learning/new2java/index.html].Includes an overview of what Java is, instructions for setting up Java, an intro to programming (that includes links to the above tutorial or to parts of it), quizzes, a list of resources, and info on certification and courses.
    [http://javaalmanac.com|http://javaalmanac.com]. A couple dozen code examples that supplement [The Java Developers Almanac|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0201752808?v=glance].
    jGuru. A general Java resource site. Includes FAQs, forums, courses, more.
    JavaRanch. To quote the tagline on their homepage: "a friendly place for Java greenhorns." FAQs, forums (moderated, I believe), sample code, all kinds of goodies for newbies. From what I've heard, they live up to the "friendly" claim.
    Bruce Eckel's [Thinking in Java|http://mindview.net/Books/DownloadSites] (Available online.)
    Joshua Bloch's [Effective Java|http://www.amazon.com/Effective-Java-2nd-Joshua-Bloch/dp/0321356683/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1214349768&sr=8-1]
    Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra's [Head First Java|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596004656?v=glance].
    James Gosling's [The Java Programming Language|http://www.bookpool.com/sm/0321349806].

  • Need help with my Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-115d. HLEP!!

    Hello i need help with my G4, i havent been useing it for a while and i started using it again. As i was trying to burn a DVD it didnt read my cd at all even if i put a DVD in there it dont read it just come right back out.. on my mac it shows that is there but not reading . what can i do????!!! i need help with this..
      Firmware Revision:          1.18
      Interconnect:          ATAPI
      Burn Support:          Yes (Vendor Supported Drive)
      Profile Path:          /Library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles/PatchBurn-pioneerdvdrwdvr115d.drprof ile
      Cache:          2000 KB
      Reads DVD:          Yes
      CD-Write:          -R, -RW
      DVD-Write:          -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
      Write Strategies:          CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
      Media:          Insert media and refresh to show available burn speeds
    this is what it say in the system profiler.
    Power PC Mac os x 10.5.8

    The new user account didn't work?
    Or, the firmware flash didn't work?
    I would try reconnecting the data ribbon. It is cramped and difficult to get to, but it may be some corrosion or a poor connection causing the issue.
    It's worth a try, as the DVR-115 is a good drive. They don't make them any more........
    You can find an optical drive installation video (on the following page) to help you with your efforts:

  • Need help with Installing Canon LBP 2900B on Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8

    I know this is going to sound silly, but really need help with this, URGENTLY!!!
    Bought a Canon LBP2900B printer more than a year ago, and was using it on my MacBook Pro with OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8) very well. My hard disk recently crashed and now I cannot reinstall the printer, nor can I find the driver for it anywhere for the Mac.
    Have searched all the forums and followed all discussion threads on the Apple Communities as well, but none of the solutions seem to work. Even went back to @Dexter's solution with trying to download the file from the link http://boolet.free.fr/CAPT.zip (this is what I had done when I bought the printer, and it worked perfectly) but the link doesn't exist anymore.
    Extremely grateful if anyone can put up a solution to this, or alternatively, IF ANYONE HAS THE OLD CAPT.ZIP FILE AND CAN UPLOAD IT.
    Thanks in advance. Look forward to your solutions.

    Depends on how the partitons are arranged. If they're exactly as quoted, then yes.
    Open Disk Utility and select the partition tab.
    In the diagram, the top partition needs to be the one you're booted from, and partition 2 the middle one.
    Select Partiton 2 so that it's highlighted, and click the '-' button below the diagram.
    Drag the bottom right corner of partition 1 down to meet partition 3.

  • Need help with the Vibrance adjustment in Photoshop CC 2014.

    Need help with the Vibrance adjustment in Photoshop CC 2014.
    Anytime I select Vibrance to adjust the color of an image. The whole image turns Pink in the highlights when the slider is moved from "0" to - or + in value.  Can the Vibrance tool be reset to prevent this from happening? When this happens I cn not make adjustments...just turns Pink.

    Thank you for your reply. 
    Yes, that does reset to “0” and the Pink does disappear.
    But as soon as I move the slider +1 or -1 or higher the image turns Pink in all of the highlights again, rather than adjusting the overall color.
    Guy Diehl  web: www.guydiehl.com | email: [email protected]

  • Need Help with Address Display

    I need help with APEX.
    Here's my situation:
    I have a report that displays brief employee information. Among the information displayed is the Address. Right now, it's display as:
    Mr X
    Employee Id
    Accounting Department
    Address 1
    Mr X
    Employee Id
    Accounting Department
    Address 2
    I would like it to display
    Mr X
    Employee Id
    Accounting Department
    Address 1
    Address 2
    1) I have thought of using the Break functionality; however, the function only allows break at column 1, 2, 3. As you can see Address starts at column 4. Also, Address has a few columns; Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Zipcode.
    2) Stragg functions - I'm not sure how to implement it since it has more than 1 columns.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    The example I gave you, using analytic functions is a simple one.
    Now, you are saying:
    1. some of the employees may have two adresses?
    2. if this is the case, your employee appears in the report twice?
    3. you don't want his name, employee id and accounting department to appear twice?
    4. only his address has to be displayed?
    If the answer to all the questions is yes, this kind of query will help you. I repeat:
              WHEN LAG (employee_id) OVER (ORDER BY employee_id) =
                 THEN NULL
              ELSE employee_name
           END employee_name,
              WHEN LAG (employee_id) OVER (ORDER BY employee_id) =
                 THEN NULL
              ELSE employee_id
           END employee_id,
              WHEN LAG (employee_id) OVER (ORDER BY employee_id) =
                 THEN NULL
              ELSE accounting_department
           END accounting_department,
           street, postal_code, city, state, country
      FROM your_employees_table;Give it a try.
    Denes Kubicek

  • [SOLVED] VIM - need help with keymapping

    As the header says, I need help with creating a key mapping in my vimrc. What I would like is a
    mapping to<F8> that would toggle between " :set paste and :set nopaste. " Any and all help
    would be appreciated
    Last edited by orphius1970 (2010-03-02 07:50:22)

    YES!!!!  Thank you! Exactly what I was hoping for. I am new to vim so all these config options
    are a little intimidating for now. Thank you again!!!!

  • Need help with a recordset

    I need some help with a recordset that selects a series of
    vehicle makes that then show models when a make is selected. The
    problem is when I select the make it shows a list of models like it
    should, some of the make lists have five models and some have ten
    or more. What I need help with is how to limit the list to just the
    models and not include the "null" values. This makes my drop down
    list have large empty spaces at the end of the options listed. The
    query is as follows:
    SELECT *
    FROM saa.vehicle_make
    WHERE make = '#FORM.select_make#'
    Question # 2:
    What can I add to this recordset so that I can search on just
    the make alone without the model included. The submit includes both
    of the make and model lists so that makes it tough to break up.
    Here is the recordset:
    SELECT make
    FROM saa.vehicle_make
    ORDER BY make ASC

    Sorry I guess I wasn't being clear. The lists work fine with
    the present recordsets but I was trying to clean them up just a
    little. I am using a table in mysql instead of an array for ease of
    maintenance due to the high number of makes and models I am working
    For question number one I was looking for sql that allows me
    to only show the models in the table for each make no matter how
    many are in the row. Currently when I use the existing recordset I
    get a long list of blank spaces as it is returning the "null"
    fields also. I would like it to just show the models and stop at
    the first null field.
    For the second question I wanted to be able to submit the
    form with just the make listed if someone wanted to see all Hondas
    lets say. Not I have to select the make also so it limits the
    Thanks for all of the input
    Here is the code I am using for the two dependent select
    <p align="center">Vehicle Search by
    <!--- store the selected make variable after the first
    select boxes submits itself --->
    <cfif isDefined('form.select_make')>
    <cfset page.select_make = form.select_make>
    <form name="DropDown" method="post">
    <!--- query DB for the first drop down list --->
    <cfquery name="get_make" datasource="saa">
    SELECT make FROM saa.vehicle_make ORDER BY make ASC
    <!--- first drop down list --->
    <!--- NOTICE the onChange javascript event in the select
    tag, this is what submits the form after the first selection
    <p align="center">Model:<select name="select_make"
    required="yes" onchange="this.form.submit()">
    <option>Select Make</option>
    <!--- dynamically populate the first drop down list based
    on the get_make query --->
    <cfloop query="get_make">
    <option value="#make#" <cfif
    isDefined('form.select_make')><cfif form.select_make eq
    <!--- if the first selection has been made, display the
    second drop down list with the appropriate results --->
    <cfif isDefined('form.select_make')>
    <!--- query DB for second drop down list, based on the
    selected item from the first list --->
    <cfquery name="get_model" datasource="saa">
    SELECT * FROM saa.vehicle_make WHERE make =
    <!--- second drop down list --->
    <form action="buyerModelSearchresults.cfm"
    <p align="center">Model: <select name="model"
    <option>Select Model</option>
    <!--- dynamically populate the second drop down list
    based on the get_make query --->
    <cfloop query="get_model">
    <option value="#model1#">#model1#</option>
    <option value="#model2#">#model2#</option>
    <option value="#model3#">#model3#</option>
    <option value="#model4#">#model4#</option>
    <option value="#model5#">#model5#</option>
    <option value="#model6#">#model6#</option>
    <option value="#model7#">#model7#</option>
    <option value="#model8#">#model8#</option>
    <option value="#model9#">#model9#</option>
    <option value="#model10#">#model10#</option>
    <option value="#model11#">#model11#</option>
    <option value="#model12#">#model12#</option>
    <option value="#model13#">#model13#</option>
    <option value="#model14#">#model14#</option>
    <option value="#model15#">#model15#</option>
    <option value="#model16#">#model16#</option>
    <option value="#model17#">#model17#</option>
    <option value="#model18#">#model18#</option>
    <option value="#model19#">#model19#</option>
    <option value="#model20#">#model20#</option>
    <option value="#model21#">#model21#</option>
    <option value="#model22#">#model22#</option>
    <option value="#model23#">#model23#</option>
    <option value="#model24#">#model24#</option>
    <option value="#model25#">#model25#</option>
    <p align="center">Search by Make/Model:</p>
    <p align="center"><input type="submit" name="Submit"

  • Need help with 1 thing

    I followed a tut and learned how to do everything I'll need.
    I'm a kid, so I don't need to be professional about anything.
    Anyways, the tutorial left out the last part. How to publish your
    website. It said to find a guide in the help from dreamweaver, but
    I didn't find it. If anybody could sum it up for me, simple or not,
    it would be greatly appreciated.

    > Would he be able to give it to me
    Yes - he would relay to you the FTP login information sent to
    him by his
    Alternatively, you could give him the files, and let him
    upload them using
    that same FTP information.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
    - Template Triage!
    - DW FAQs, Tutorials & Resources
    http://www.dwfaq.com - DW FAQs,
    Tutorials & Resources
    - Macromedia (MM) Technotes
    "afghanikiddo12" <[email protected]> wrote
    in message
    news:famu1v$bup$[email protected]..
    > Many thanks, but since I'm making the site for a friend,
    I'm not exactly
    > sure
    > how I would get FTP access... Would he be able to give
    it to me, or would
    > I
    > have to send him the files + give him a little tut on
    what to do?
    > Technically,
    > I've needed help with two things now, but you answered
    the first, so its
    > down
    > to 1, thank-you.

  • Need help with a simple program (should be simple anyway)

    I'm (starting to begin) writing a nice simple program that should be easy however I'm stuck on how to make the "New" button in the file menu clear all the fields. Any help? I'll attach the code below.
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Message extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
         public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
         text1.setText(" ");
         text2.setText("RE: ");
         text3.setText(" ");
         public Message() {
         super("Write a Message - by Kieran Hannigan");
         FlowLayout flo = new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.RIGHT);
         //Make the bar
         JMenuBar bar = new JMenuBar();
         //Make "File" on Menu
         JMenu File = new JMenu("File");
         JMenuItem f1 = new JMenuItem("New");f1.addActionListener(this);
         JMenuItem f2 = new JMenuItem("Open");
         JMenuItem f3 = new JMenuItem("Save");
         JMenuItem f4 = new JMenuItem("Save As");
         JMenuItem f5 = new JMenuItem("Exit");
         //Make "Edit" on menu
         JMenu Edit = new JMenu("Edit");
         JMenuItem e1 = new JMenuItem("Cut");
         JMenuItem e2 = new JMenuItem("Paste");
         JMenuItem e3 = new JMenuItem("Copy");
         JMenuItem e4 = new JMenuItem("Repeat");
         JMenuItem e5 = new JMenuItem("Undo");
         //Make "View" on menu
         JMenu View = new JMenu("View");
         JMenuItem v1 = new JMenuItem("Bold");
         JMenuItem v2 = new JMenuItem("Italic");
         JMenuItem v3 = new JMenuItem("Normal");
         JMenuItem v4 = new JMenuItem("Bold-Italic");
         //Make "Help" on menu
         JMenu Help = new JMenu("Help");
         JMenuItem h1 = new JMenuItem("Help Online");
         JMenuItem h2 = new JMenuItem("E-mail Programmer");
         //Make Contents of window.
         //Make "Subject" text field
         JPanel row2 = new JPanel();
         JLabel sublabel = new JLabel("Subject:");
         JTextField text2 = new JTextField("RE:",24);
         //Make "To" text field
         JPanel row1 = new JPanel();
         JLabel tolabel = new JLabel("To:");
         JTextField text1 = new JTextField(24);
         //Make "Message" text area
         JPanel row3 = new JPanel();
         JLabel Meslabel = new JLabel("Message:");
         JTextArea text3 = new JTextArea(6,22);
         JScrollPane scroll = new JScrollPane(text3,
         JPanel spaceline = new JPanel();
         JLabel spacer = new JLabel(" ");
         public static void main(String[] arguments) {
         Message Message = new Message();

    persiandude wrote:
    Topic: Need help with if, else, and which statements and loops.
    How would I display 60 < temp. <= 85 in java
    System.out.println("60 < temp. <= 85 in java");
    another question is how do I ask a question like want to try again (y/n) after a output and asking that everytime I type in yes after a output and terminate when saying No.Sun's [basic Java tutorial|http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/]
    Sun's [New To Java Center|http://java.sun.com/learning/new2java/index.html].Includes an overview of what Java is, instructions for setting up Java, an intro to programming (that includes links to the above tutorial or to parts of it), quizzes, a list of resources, and info on certification and courses.
    [http://javaalmanac.com|http://javaalmanac.com]. A couple dozen code examples that supplement [The Java Developers Almanac|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0201752808?v=glance].
    jGuru. A general Java resource site. Includes FAQs, forums, courses, more.
    JavaRanch. To quote the tagline on their homepage: "a friendly place for Java greenhorns." FAQs, forums (moderated, I believe), sample code, all kinds of goodies for newbies. From what I've heard, they live up to the "friendly" claim.
    Bruce Eckel's [Thinking in Java|http://mindview.net/Books/DownloadSites] (Available online.)
    Joshua Bloch's [Effective Java|http://www.amazon.com/Effective-Java-2nd-Joshua-Bloch/dp/0321356683/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1214349768&sr=8-1]
    Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra's [Head First Java|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596004656?v=glance].
    James Gosling's [The Java Programming Language|http://www.bookpool.com/sm/0321349806].

  • Need help with BARS 4.0.12 - 4.0.13 upgrade

    I'm a VoIP noob and need help with a BARS upgrade. To resolve a known problem (Bug #CSCsi32637) we need to upgrade BARS from 4.0.12 to 4.0.13. This is per TAC. However, no one in our company has done this before. I've reviewed the 4.0.12 Admin Guide since I was unable to find any admin docs for 4.0.13. However, I have several questions about this upgrade that hopefully someone here can help with:
    1) The install for 4.0.12 requires a reboot of the server. Is this the same for 4.0.13?
    2) CCM version is 4.1(3)sr6; any problems known with BARS 4.0.13 and this version of CCM? I didn't see
    anything in the Rel Notes or via the Bug Toolkit (figure it never hurts to ask).
    3) Will the previously input configuration settings (i.e., Data Source Servers, Storage Location, Schedule) be preserved or will I have to reinput these settings?
    4) Any known issues with performing this upgrade while controlling the server via VNC?
    5) The 4.0.12 docs state that "To successfully back up the Cisco Unified CallManager database, the backup server and backup targets must exist in the same cluster and have the same version of BARS installed". So BARS must be installed on my publisher (the Backup Server) AND my three subscribers? I'm not finding BARS on these subscribers now.
    Many Thanks for any input,
    Brian Read

    1) Yes, any version requires reboot after install
    2) not that i'm aware of
    4) you'll need to reconfigure it
    5) no
    6) although it's recommended there is no real need to backup any other server than the PUB which contains the master DB, any SUB only needs to pull the info from PUB in case of crash and reinstall
    if this helps, please rate

  • Need help with "Shield" on side scrolling shooter game

    I am horribly new to Flash, and I need lots of help with a lot of things, most notably a shield I'm trying to give the player in a side scrolling shooter game. I need help with:
    1. Making the ship change color when it's activated.
    2. Making it so enemies die on contact with the ship.
    3. Making the "shield" variable go down constantly while in use.
    If anyone could help, I would appreciate it a lot.

    I wouldn't want any of you to write this program for me because I want to learn it myself. Yes I'm a student and I have to write some game with my groupe for a telephone in java like language doja. We decided to let it be a chess game. However I'm looking for an already written game in java that preferebly has some comments above the program lines so I can see what they've done. Offcourse if nobody has anything like this, yes I'm looking for a way to make an algorithm that makes the cpu move each time the player makes it's move. I have no idea on how to do this. I was hoping it can be solved with for, while, if and genest for statements. Yes it wil be a game with graphics but I think we can manage that part ourselves. So main question is the algorithm for the cpu moves. Do I have to pre-program every game in the book or is there another way etc..
    I hope there's anybody that can and is willing to get me on my way since I know it maybee isn't the most simple question.

Maybe you are looking for